A business place on the outskirts of Punta Gorda was totally destroyed by
fire this morning.

Paul Mahung reporting…
The Wildlife Wonders Cool Spot is located one and a half mile out Punta
Gorda on the Cerro Road also known as New Road. The owner of the business
place Edzell Lopez was asleep in his nearby home when he was awakened.

Edzell Lopez – Fire Victim
“Approximately about four o’clock I was asleep when I heard my thatch house
like fire was on it and I got up and tried to out the fire. I called the
Fire Station about three times. The whole building burnt down, the whole
bar, and wel ost everything.”

Lopez also spoke of how he felt about the suspected cause of the fire.

Edzell Lopez – Fire Victim
“I don’t think it is electrical, I think somebody set it because if it was
electrical my next house is nearby. The wire is not burnt.”

Edzell Lopez is self employed as owner of the Wildlife Wonders Cool Spot.
He commented that his estimated lost is $7000 and with the total
destruction of his business he would appreciate any assistance to get back
into his regular business operation. Interested persons who would like to
help in anyway can contact Edzell Lopez at phone number 634-4556.