The Premier League kicks off this weekend with match commissioners apparently appointed by the FFB; and, despite the grassroots cry for change in football administration, it seems quite likely that it will be four more years of the same crowd in charge of the sport.

It has been an accepted fact that, with the incumbent FFB President controlling the votes from Toledo, Corozal, Belmopan and perhaps even Belize District, it is absolutely essential for any slate of challengers to have unity among their ranks and include the support of the new Premier League.

There have been two major slates of candidates preparing to challenge Dr. Chimilio’s slate in the upcoming FFB elections. One slate was led by Ruperto Vicente, and the other by Gerald “Speedy” Henry. And it was agreed that a compromise needed to be negotiated.

One group made the first gesture, offering for one of their own to step down, to accommodate one from the other slate. It was time for a counter offer, so that negotiations could progress. A meeting was called for this past Monday in Belmopan, to be hosted by the League.

From what we have gathered, somebody got smart, and rushed the others to an election contest instead, with one slate winning a narrow but overwhelming victory, “first past the post” style. And now there are some very hurt feelings that need to mend.

The important election was not held on Monday; that will be on March 15. If the delegates did not leave Belmopan unified and motivated, then the exercise was a failure; perhaps there is still time to try again. If you have not garnered the respect and support of enough members of the other group, then you have not won anything but an “NFAB style” exercise.

There is a time for battle; that is on March 15. And there is a time for rapprochement, brainstorming, soul searching and honest negotiation; that time is before March 15.

A good leader knows when there is a need to develop consensus, and is skilled in the art of compromise. You can’t have it all, or you might end up with nothing instead.

The way it looks right now, sad to say, Bertie will win again.