Many of you living here in Orange Walk may have heard of a man known as "Mad house". He was constantly seen around town selling pepitos among other things. That mans real name is Eduardo Garcia and tonight we report that his body was found floating in the waters of the Rio Hondo River near the community of Blue Creek. Up to news time police have not been able to ascertain whether Garcia drowned or was murdered.

At the time of his death Garcia lived with his common-law-wife Margaret Burgess, in the Village of Guinea Grass. When we spoke to Burgess this afternoon she told us that around 3:00pm yesterday she spoke to Garcia over the phone. He told her that he was hanging out at the Villages football field. Two hours later Garcia called Burgess informing her that he was heading out of the village and would be back in half and hour. That was the last time she spoke to her common-law-husband.

Margaret Burgess, Common-Law-wife

"When I start to call the phone and no answer until this morning and I call the police station at Guinea Grass the phone no the ring two time ring, that was on Monday, after that I call the Orange Walk police station about after eight and ask them if they have one Eduardo Garcia in custody and they told me that they don't have no Eduardo Garcia in custody so I tell them ok thank you, so I said maybe he is at Guinea Grass and they haven't care him yet, so about twelve I call back again at the police station at Orange Walk, so I am finding out if they have any Eduardo Garcia in custody and they said no and I said ok, so I said well what else I can do because I can't get any contact on the phone, the police say they no have him in custody so what I could do, so I say well the only place left me is to call hospital."

It was not until this morning that Burgess was informed about Garcia's death.

Margaret Burgess, Common-Law-wife

"Margaret you hear anything about Eduardo but by the time they come they said I understand they find the body by Blue Creek floating, so I said well, I can't say nothing more than afterwards the same young lady Duly, she come and she told me that Madhouse, they don't know him as Eduardo Garcia, she said that she pick him up and when she come she thought he was going to stay here because he already have the bread and the hot dog, so he say no I going with you and she care him and she said ok when you go where they will have the game you could stop off by the game, so she told me that when he got there he told her no he is going to continue go so when he got at the cross there by Union Madhouse tell her he no going with you I will stay right here and he stayed by a board there and she gone cross but Madhouse never gone cross by Union he stayed over this side and when she come back she said that she looked and she never saw Madhouse."

For the family of the 58 year old, tonight there are more questions than answers surrounding the death of their loved one.

Margaret Burgess, Common-Law-wife

"He called me five o'clock in the evening which is Sunday evening and this morning he done float, so I can't say that it is not three days."

Hipolito Novelo-Reporter

"We know that Madhouse have a vibrant personality and aggressive by personality and so you as a family member don't suspect any foul play?"

Margaret Burgess, Common-Law-wife

"It is hard to say but what I am thinking about why the body float so quickly because the last call was at five o'clock on his phone he called me and from five until nine this morning that they saw his body float I don't think it is three days, usually when you drown it takes three days before you float."

CTV3 News understands that so far police are investigating the incident. Garcia's body now awaits a post mortem examination. Eduardo "Mad house" Garcia leaves behind two children.