Caribbean Cave Tubing in Belize: A Serious Family Adventure

Your entire family will relish floating down this legendary subterranean waterway on your Caribbean cave tubing excursion.

What does the family that wants a little history and archeology mixed in with their adventure, relaxation, and water, do when they're on holiday in the Caribbean? They go Caribbean cave tubing through the underground Sibun Reserve in Belize!

On the Way to Cave Tubing

The perfect combination of history and excitement

This is a unique opportunity to go on a guided tour through some of the areas impressive caves - where you'll see ancient Mayan artifacts that date as far back as 400 AD as well as the amazing cave formations and crystals that adorn the ceilings and walls of these alien-looking caves - all from the comfort of an intertube floating down a brisk subterranean river.

In and Out of the Caves

There are several companies that offer guided cave tubing in Belize. Most of them include additional options to add to your tubing escapade. These additional adventures can include, driving ATVs through the jungle, zip-lining through the rain forest, or exploring dry caves and cave waterfalls. If you choose to add another adventure onto your tubing voyage, you'll soon be ready to hit the water!

Zip Lining is Part of the Adventure!

...And So Are the Mayan Ruins!

Get going on your Caribbean cave tubing day

The Caves Branch Archeological Reserve is just a brief drive from the main tourist area of Belize. Once you arrive, you'll enjoy a quick 30 minute hike through the rain forest to the underground Sibun Reserve (most tour guides will show their courtesy right away and help carry intertubes for the women in the group that wish it), which is where you'll hop on your tube equipped with your life vest, head lamp, and water bottle, and head down the Cave Branch River.

Preparing the Kids for cave Tubing

Throughout this 4 hour Caribbean cave tubing journey, the guides will give you floating commentary on the importance of each area as well as an overall history of Belize and the river cave system. For the ancient Maya, caves were a significant location for ceremonial centers. Because of this, you can still see many of their markings and artifacts throughout the caves. The crystals you'll see hanging down from the caves' ceilings are over 5 million years old and are a seriously astonishing site to marvel at as you drift down the river.

Entering the Caves

Experience the Caribbean like you never expected

Your Caribbean cave tubing experience will cost anywhere from $45 to $95, depending on which company you choose, as well as various other factors. Remember to bring your waterproof cameras and sunblock (you're not in the caves the entire time) and this adventure will be something your family reminisces about for a while. You'll receive a great education on one of the Caribbean's most celebrated islands and have a remarkable journey whizzing down one of the world's most renowned underground river systems!