February 9, 2012

Satellite Internet in Belize
Some quick responses to using a Satellite connection in Belize for accessing the Internet. "...Is anyone on the forums using satellite internet and how is it working? It looks like Hughesnet is about the only choice. Is there any other option? Thanks for any feedback..."

Ancient Maya Center Saved from Destruction
If you want to save an ancient archaeological site from impending destruction, here is one way to do it: Buy it. That is exactly what happened in 2011 as the monumental remains of a Classic period Maya kingdom located in northwestern Belize faced destruction from bulldozing....

Jaguars, Jaguar Pictures, Jaguar Facts - National Geographic
Belize is a strong hold for these magnificent creatures. "...Learn all you wanted to know about jaguars with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic..."

Mexico - Belize Border Crossing
What to know what the border crossing is like between Mexico and Belize? Here is one take on it.

Mama Vilma's Family Home - Thank You Letter and Financial Report
Mama Vilma's Family Home thanks the San Pedro Community for the outpouring of support for our 2nd Annual Fashion Show! Close to 200 supporters came to the San Pedro Fitness/Tennis Club for a night of food, fun and fashion. The venue was beautiful, the lighting spectacular and the 22 models were gorgeous in their swimwear, casual wear and evening wear. Eight local boutiques provided the models with fashions that were enjoyed by all. Thank you to Top Notch, Love Belize, Sarai, Mambo Chill, Island Gear, Marlin's, Caribe Creations and 4:20 Men's Wear.

Teenagers and Politics - Emilie Interviews San Pedro Mayoral Candidates
We are constantly being told that the Children of today are the Future of tomorrow, then how is it that the politicians keep us in mind when election time comes around as well as after they are elected? These are the questions we ask, what are they doing for us? They are still responsible for all under age children's welfare. Teens are interested to know what is being done or planned to do for our better future. So who better to answer our questions than the candidates themselves?

Taxi Man Succumbs To Head Injury in San Pedro
San Pedro Police is investigating the death of a taxi driver which occurred this past Sunday, February 5, 2012. According to police investigations, 46-year-old Manuel Marroquin, Belizean taxi driver of Escalante Subdivision was socializing with friends at a mechanic shop in the Escalante Subdivision on Friday, February 3, 2012, when he fell and hit his head.

Hot Mama's Sweet Pepper Sauce Wins Prestigious Gourmet Product Awards
Hot Mama's Belize recently won an award for being a top of the line product that earns its way to international recognition at the 1st Annual Gourmet Product Awards, which was held in Los Angeles, California. Hot Mama's Sweet Pepper Sauce was awarded the 2011 Gourmet Award Winner of the 'Condiment' category for its unique and inspirational taste.

Telemedia and Belize Electricity Limited: the economics of ...
The proposed Ninth Constitutional Amendment, whether it is legally or constitutionally valid or not, must be looked at in the context of Belize's ...

Party like there's no tomorrow: Celebrate the end of the world with the Mayans
The end is near, allegedly. And if it is, why not have a front-row seat at the impending global detonation - doom with a view, if you will. According to certain interpretations of the Maya Long Count calendar, Dec. 21, 2012, will mark the end of the world. Experts point out that not a single archaeologist or Mayan studies scholar has put any stock in the doomsday prediction, but it's as good an excuse as any to visit the countries that make up the Mundo Maya region in southern Mexico and northern Central America. Apocalypse or no, the area offers wide-ranging experiences from the flatlands of the Yucatan Peninsula and the lush coastal jungles of Belize to the highland regions of Guatemala.

A Belize Valentine - Chaa Creek, Chocolates and Cupid
Chocolate, long referred to in Belize as "the food of the gods", is also known as the food of love, and features prominently during Chaa Creek's Valentine's Month of Love celebrations, according to the eco resort's food and beverage manager Bryony Fleming. "Chocolate is an iconic Belizean staple, having been grown, processed and consumed in Belize for thousands of years and known as 'the food of the gods', and people won't be surprised to hear that chocolate's reputation as the food of love also stretches back through history," Ms Fleming said.

No time for wedding jitters!
I explained to her that I would like to try to make some earrings for our wedding ceremony and she offered to help me. Traditionally the groom gifts his bride gold earrings rather than a wedding ring and as I looked around after learning this fact I saw that most women wore the same gold earrings. Similar to a claddagh with a heart held by two birds forming the loop. The lady showed me how to weave and sew a dried leaf into an earring and attached the clasps for me. 4 other ladies gathered around and watched as I struggled with the needle.

VIDEO: My Back Yaad -Caye Caulker
Belize Travel Show. Showing you the Best in Belize for local Travelers.

Belize, the New Capital of Reggaeton
Just when the world of Reggaeton had been losing ground on the charts Franxel y Chami-Ka sparked it big last summer with their hot hit "Feel Your Love (San Pedro)". The genre had begun struggling as industry leaders like Ivy Queen have turned their focus towards acting and other ventures. The Belize natives refused to let the genre take a beating and fired it back up by charting with "Yo Te Quiero Ver".

For the June, 2012 edition of Roots and Reef, Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development's environmental newspaper,

Here are the articles in this issue:

  • Sitting On The Beach - Watching The Waves
  • Big Creek Dredging Threatens Placencia Lagoon
  • We Won! PCSD won top prize in the marine environment category at the 2011 Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards
  • Antillean Cage Fishing Banned by Fisheries
  • Elizabeth Simpson PCSD Volunteer
  • Alexandra Cousteau and the Blue Legacy
  • A Day In The Life: David Torres
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan
  • Update on our Water and Oil Exploration in Independence
  • Festival del Mar: Forum on Environmental Law and Water
  • Ministry of Natural Resources re-futes claim of Oil Discovery in Southern Belize
  • Manatees Return!
  • Here's What We Know About Treaty Energy
  • New Fishing Regulations
  • Off-Shore Oil Disasters in Belize
  • New Species of Hamlet Fish Discovered in Belize
  • Coral Reef Early Warning System Installed in Belize
  • Belize Protected Areas Boosting Predatory Fish Populations
  • They Don't Care
  • 66 Foot Reserve
  • What's New at PCSD?
  • Peninsula 2020: What You Think Is Best for Our Home
  • Martin Moreira: "I am blind, but I've got thinking brains. I can't see, but in my mind, I see "

Twenty five year old Orvin Ferguson, one of four persons charged with drug trafficking, was fined $10,000. today after he pleaded guilty to the charge. The others charged were 20 year old Tracy Ford, Fergusons common-law wife, 21 year old Sherman Rodney and 25 year old Eric Gilharry.

Three persons were charged with kept firearm without a gun license today when they appeared in court. They are 20 year old Stanley Moore, a fisherman of Faber's Road; 18 year old Adam Joseph, a student of St. Jude Street; and 18 year old Clifford Lorenzo, a student of mile 2 � on the Western Highway.

Salvadoran national 22 year old Marcos Antonio Moriera , a member of MS13, was fined $1,000. 00 today after he pleaded guilty to failure to comply with conditions of his visitor's permit

The Belize Film Commission and NICH, via the film and media arts unit of the Institute of Creative arts is holding a Film Industry Stakeholders' Consultation tomorrow morning from nine thirty to eleven thirty at the House of Culture in Belize City. Today, facilitator of the Belize Film Commission Suzette Zaiden further informed Love News about the meeting.

The Protected Areas Conservation Trust has approved just under a half a million dollars worth of grant funding for community initiatives around the country. According to a statement from PACT, the organization has awarded five organizations for projects in eight protected areas. Grant recipients include the Community Baboon Sanctuary, the Adaptive Management in the Southern Belize Reef Complex, the Bladen nature Reserve and the Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.

Orange Walk Police are investigating the death of Eduardo Garcia better known as Mad House of Guinea Grass village Orange Walk. Reports are that the body was seen floating in the Rio Hondo River near Blue Creek Village around 7o'clock yesterday morning.

Over seven thousand dollars of tools and electrical items were stolen from a container. Businessman Phillip Lee reported to Police that sometime between December 2011 and January 2012 a forty foot container which was inside the Crustacean Ltd. Compound on Savannah Road was burglarized.

An elderly woman was held up and robbed on Tuesday in Belize City.74 year old Neri Acevedo told Police she was walking on New Road when she was approached by a fair complexioned man in his late teens. Acevedo said the youth held her up with a silver handgun and took away her bag containing her keys, medication, Social Security Card, $90.00 cash and other personal documents. He then rode off.

OCEANA Belize has encountered yet another setback in their quest for a referendum on off shore drilling. As we reported on Tuesday, Governor General Sir Colville Young has turned down a request in which OCEANA Belize asked him to investigate the decision of the Chief Elections officer to reject over eight thousand signatures on the petition for the referendum.

A shooting incident on Tuesday night has left three men injured and one hospitalized. Police reports are they went to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw 20 year old Gilbert Wade with a gunshot wound to the right thigh

A man from the Maya Mopan area of Belmopan is in police custody after it is alleged that he sexually assaulted a thirteen year old girl. The details are sketchy at this time, but Love News understands that the teenage girl is claiming that the man, whose name has not been release by the police, had sexual intercourse with her against her will.

Orange Walk East Representative Marcel Cardona has endorsed the People's United Party's candidate for the division for the upcoming elections. Cardona who was elected in 2008 under a UDP banner has had his fair share of run-ins with members of the UDP and today at a press conference Cardona rehashed some of the indignities he said he was forced to endure over the past four years. Cardona described the Barrow led Government as a reign of terror and used his prepared speech to lash out at the Prime Minister. Cardona said based on what he has gone through he and his committee has decided on a way forward.

Homeless Man Shot As Bullets Fly In Heart OF City
There was a shooting last night on Albert Street. It happened in the very heart of the downtown area in front of the Battlefield Park. According to police, around 10:55 last night...

Once Elected, Twice Shy: Marcel Cardona Won't Run
Whatever happens in the next election, there's no arguing that former UDP Orange Walk East Representative Marcel Cardona made history during his term. The firebrand backbencher la...

Herman Longsworth Ready To Re-take Albert
And while Cardona says he needs a break from politics, UDP hopeful in the Albert Herman Longsworth is hoping he gets a break! With incumbent Mark Espat announcing on Monday that he w...

Gay Rights Activist Caleb Stoned With Beer Pint
President of UNIBAM and gay rights activist Caleb Orozco was physically assaulted this evening. The incident happened around 4:30 in the George Street area. After shouting gay slurs at...

Slow Going In First Trial Without Jury
On Monday, we told you about the attempted murder trial which was supposed to start in the court room of the Chief Justice. The accused, Ricky Valencia and Akeem Thurton, are being ...

Conservation Group Questions Rosewood Survey
For much of the latter part of last year, the issues surrounding Rosewood logging have featured prominently in the news. Well, it has followed us into the new year with one conservati...

One Pleads Guilty, But No Break For Others Accused OF Drug Traffic
4 people are on remand after they were arraigned in the court room of Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart for drug trafficking. They are 21 year-old Sherman Rodney, 25 year-old Ervin Fergus...

GSU Again!
Around 11:40 this morning, the Gang Suppression Unit searched the apartment room of Marvin Foreman - at 4314 Louise Bevans street. Foreman was not present at the time, but the se...

Alleged Tacos Vendor Robbers to Court, But No Robbery Charge
Last night, 7news reported on the three armed young men caught by GSU in the progress of robbing a tacos vendor. Today, they were arraigned in the court room of Magistrate Robert Ord...

Independent Candidate Rejects BUA, Forms UBP
Last week, we showed you the launch of the Belize Unity Alliance, an umbrella group for independent candidates who are form the VIP, the PNP or who are non-aligned. They only had nine ca...

Who Would Rob a 74 Year Old Lady?
A 74 year old woman was robbed at gunpoint yesterday in Belize City. Ms Neri Acevedo, a domestic of West Landivar in Belize city, was walking on New Road when a young man confronted her. ...

Belizean dies In Rio Hondo, Found On Mexican Side
The body of a Belizean national was found floating in the Rio Hondo River yesterday, near the Mexican border village of La Union. The Mexican newspaper, Diario de Quintana Roo, in its Wed...

Rebels For Real: A Look Back At Mark And Cordel
In Belize's modern political history - where most politicians confine themselves to staid, worshipful remarks about their party and its leaders, Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde were a radical ...

Marcel and Marcotulio; former U.D.P. endorses P.U.P.
On the heels of recent resignations, today the opposition got a boost when former U.D.P. area representative, Marcel Cardona threw his weight behind the P.U.P. candidate in Orange Walk East. Things between the U.D.P. and Cardona went downhill early in the administration of Dean Barrow over a NICH contract. Cardona was sent to the back ...

Marcel freed of section fifty-nine to oppose government
Cardona explained that the dissolution of the National Assembly last Friday has freed him from the restrictions of Section Fifty-Nine of the Belize Constitution which effectively prevented him from voting against government in the House of Representatives. Marcel Cardona "Since the Prime Minister announced the holding of early General Elections simultaneously with the holding of ...

Cardona lashes out on U.D.P. nepotism and cronyism
Cardona, in quoting PM Dean Barrow prior to taking office in 2008, recalled that the U.D.P.'s position on nepotism and corruption was one of zero tolerance; however, he said, Barrow has since reneged on that commitment to the people of Belize. Cardona then went on to cite numerous instances of purported nepotism and cronyism within ...

Lead UNIBAM male attacked
There's a developing story tonight, concerning Caleb Orosco, the president of UNIBAM, who is seeking to have section fifty-three of the criminal code declared unconstitutional. Orosco was assaulted this afternoon at the corner of Dean and West Streets in Belize City. Someone hurled a bottle at Orosco, breaking two of his teeth. Orosco has made ...

4 men shot on Albert Street
Five expended shells were found at the scene of a shooting on Tuesday night. Four men were injured, one remains hospitalized. Police don't have much to go by and those at the Battlefield Park are too scared to speak. From what we gather, two assailants opened fire at the men as they changed a tire ...

On the Campaign Trail with P.U.P.'s Lake I
Long before this week, Yolanda Schakron had become a household name. She is a founding member of Belizeans for Justice, an NGO that was birthed by grieving mothers and families affected by the crime wave. Schakron gained name recognition as a fearless advocate. She briefly put her name up as a mayoral candidate and on ...

Carlos Perdomo reflects on accomplishments
And one Minister who we won't be following on the campaign trail for this election is Carlos Perdomo, Minister of Defence & Immigration. Perdomo, last year, stepped down from Caribbean Shores and was replaced by Santino Castillo. On Friday News Five spoke with Perdomo where he shared some of his achievements and told us that ...

P.G. Child botched health care and needs help
The family of an eight year old boy from Laguna Village claims that medication he was prescribed sent in a coma. Frumencio Chub pulled out of the coma but his life has changed dramatically. The humble family is need of help. News Five's Jose Sanchez reports. Jose Sanchez, Reporting A couple from Punta Gorda came ...

Attempted Murder of Rodwell Williams case adjourned again
Another adjournment was today granted by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin in the high profile case of attorney Rodwell Williams, who was shot near the parking lot of his law firm, Barrow & Williams, in June 2010. This morning the two accused men, Akeem Thurton and Ricky Valencia, appeared in the Supreme Court where Thurton's mother ...

Honduran national gets fined for overtime
A twenty-two year old Honduran national, Marcos Antonio Moreno, came to Belize on November ninth, 2011 with a visitor's permit that expired on January sixth. Moreno never left and was living illegally in the country until he was caught on February sixth. This morning, Moreno, who spoke fluent English, represented himself in court as he ...

Belizean man's body floats in Mexico
The body of a Belizean man was found floating on the Mexican side of the Rio Hondo on Tuesday morning. According to the Quintana Roo Journal, forty-five year old Victor Moses Diaz of La Union Village spotted something floating in the water at around six a.m. Diaz alerted the police and the body was recovered. ...

Conservation Trust talks about Rosewood
The illegal extraction of rosewood remains on the front burner. On the heels of reports that a highly connected company from the north was exporting the rosewood, on January twenty-fourth Cabinet decided that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will be conducting a stock survey and evaluation to verify the numbers of the remaining ...

Alleged questionable housing write-offs
On Tuesday night we reported that Corozal resident, Jorge Escalante, had received a letter from the Housing & Planning Department stating that a loan he had paid off years ago was written off in the recent house mortgage write-offs. Since that news, a number of other reports and letters have surfaced from persons who never ...

Highlights from KTV Latino, the Hottest Show
KTV Latino Season Three kicked off on Tuesday with the first round of live performances at the Bliss. It was a packed show with twenty-two singers taking the stage and giving the judges a tough job of choosing fourteen to move on. But that's just the start of their journey and their fates will now ...

One Man Detained for Monday Nights Robbery And Arson
Corozal police say one of the men they believe participated in Monday night's heartrending home invasion and arson that took place in the Village of Libertad is now in custody of the Belize Police Department. The male individual who is said to be from Belize City will be handed over to Corozal Police for questioning tomorrow.

Fifteen Year Old Gone Missing
Tonight a mother from the Village of Trail Farm here in the Orange Walk District is pleading to the community for assistance in locating her 15 year old daughter. Yesterday Maria Melina Sanchez reported to police that on the 6th of February her daughter Diana Samira Burke left home around 4:00pm and has not returned since. The 15 year old is said to be of clear complexion, five feet in height, has long black straight hair, brown eyes and weighs about one hundred and fifteen pounds. Anyone who has information on Burke's whereabouts is asked to call the nearest Police Station.

Marcel Cardona Lashes Against His Own U.D.P Government
He was ousted from Cabinet as the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture; he was banished to a seat on the opposition side and during the sitting of the House on July fourth, a member of the gallery, an avid supporter of the ruling United Democratic Party, hurled an object at him as he left his unaffiliated opposition seat. Know who we are talking about? It's no other than Orange Walk East Area Representative Marcel Cardona who was also stripped of his ministerial vehicle and even asked to resign from the United Democratic Party after he did not support Governments last budget.

Potato Producers Unable to Sell Product On The Local Market
Last year there was an onion crisis here in the north which saw onion producers losing millions of dollars. It soon became a blame game between the Chairman of the Belize Marketing and Development Corporation, Roque Mai and the producers but at the end of the day no assistance was given to those most affected. Today, those same onion producers are facing yet another problem. Early this morning we visited potato producers in the Village of San Carlos, who told us that if they don't speak out, hundreds of pounds of harvested potatoes will rot in the fields.

Road From Indian Church To San Carlos Upgraded By P.U.P O/W South Standard Bearer Jose Mai
Since last year, PUP Orange Walk South Standard Bearer Jose Abelardo Mai has been gaining political ground by listening to the residents of Orange Walk South and assisting in all ways possible. From education to agriculture Mai has been there for the people and this morning he proved once more that he is willing to work for the benefit of the Orange Walk South constituency by assisting in the upgrading of the road from Indian Church to San Carlos.

Objection Case Adjourned For 28th February
On Thursday February 2nd, P.U.P Orange Walk Central Standard Bearer John Briceno accompanied by his attorneys Dickie Bradley and Anthony Sylvester appeared before the Orange Walk Magistrates Court to object to 109 names that are on the provisional voters list. According to Attorney Dickie Bradley there is enough evidence to prove that if not all, majority of the people were registered under a fraudulent address. For context here is clip of what Bradley told us on the day the case went before the courts.

P.U.P Orange Walk Town Council Candidates Holds 4th Neighborhood Meeting
With just about four weeks before the Municipal and General Elections the P.U.P Town Council Candidates in the Orange Walk division are wasting no time in ensuring Orange Walkenos that their team comprised of 6 vibrant males and one female will bring change to the community.

Don. Hector Silva talks politics
Almost a year ago Don Hector Silva who served under the Peoples United Party in various capacities announced that h...

Independent Marcel Bedran enters electorial race in Cayo North
As the March 7th General Elections draw nearer, the major political parties; the Peoples United Party and the Unite...

Host of political aspirants visit Rise and Shine
Lamp-post and yards are decked with flags and signs from all political parties and independent candidates country c...

Yolanda Schkron kicks off campaign in Lake I
Earlier this week we reported to you that Yolanda Schkron was sworn in by the PUP National executive to be the new ...

Multiple shooting in Belize City leaves four injured
Last night at around 10:45 a group of three men were in downtown Belize City - at the battlefield park - when a veh...

Hit and run accident claims man's life
A hit and run accident has claimed the life of 30 year old Isaias Castillo, a resident of Concepcion Village in the...

Body found in Rio Hondo River
Also in News from Orange Walk, Yesterday at 9:30am, acting upon information received, Police visited Rio Hondo Rive...

Police investigating house fire in the south
In news from the South, Yesterday, February 7 at about 4:10am, acting upon information received Punta Gorda Town Po...

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