In 2008 when the Peoples United Party was in Government options were being looked into, to get the Soy Bean Plant located in the Village of Yo Creek working. One prospect was to sell the plant to the Mennonite Community among other groups who had expressed interest in the Soy Bean Plant to produce animal feed, extract soy bean oil and generate other by-products. But that negotiation never went through because of the 2008 General Elections. As we all know Belizeans elected a U.D.P Government and with that any possibility of converting the Soy Bean Industry into another income earner, at least for the northern part of Belize, was washed away.

In their four years of reign the U.D.P Administration and the Minister of Agriculture Rene Montero never once showed any interest or even considered the possibility of putting the Soy Bean Plant into use thus creating a vibrant industry that would generate hundreds of jobs for Northenos.

In fact, instead of thinking outside the box and follow-up on a project that the P.U.P got underway, with the aim of boosting the Agricultural Industry, this is what the Barrow Administration is now doing to the Soy Bean Plant. They are cannibalizing the building.

As observed in this footage, part's of the plant and machinery are being dismantled and sold to interested parties. Today when we visited the Soy Bean Plant we spoke to a male individual who refused to give us his name and simply told us that he was in charge of the plant. When we questioned why the building was being dismantled and who had given the authorization, the person told us that he received a letter from the Ministry of Finance stating that a group of people would be arriving at the plant to pick up parts of the building and machinery and that he, as the administrator, should facilitate their entrance. When we asked to see the letter the individual told us he was not authorized to do so and ended the conversation. In hope of getting some answers we contacted the Ministry of Finance which is under the Prime Ministers Portfolio but were informed that no one was available for comment not even Financial Secretary Joe Waight.