The Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) H.E. David Wu and President of the University of Belize, Dr. Cary Fraser today at the Taiwan’s Embassy office in Belize City signed a “Letter of Intent on the Designation of Taiwan Academy Contact Points and Bilateral Cooperation”. The signing seeks to strengthen bilateral exchange in the areas of culture, education and academia, in particular those topics related to Taiwan, and Mainland China. Ambassador David Wu shares more.

David Wu, Ambassador to Belize
Today we are very honored to have the Hon. Patrick Faber to be a witness to the signing of a 'Letter of Intent' between the University of Belize and Taiwan Academy. The University of Belize will become the contacting point of Taiwan Academy. Taiwan Academy is a platform between Taiwan and Belize which will become a platform for the University of Belize to set up cooperation between the universities in Taiwan and the University of Belize. After the signing of the 'Letter of Intent', the University of Belize will have free access to the Taiwan Universities; we have about one-hundred sixteen universities in Taiwan.

As the Contact Point, the University of Belize will disseminate information regarding scholarship opportunities under the Taiwan Scholarships and Fellowships (TAFS) program.

Dr. Cary Frazer, President, University of Belize
I think it is an important step in the evolution of the University of Belize, because the university is looking to build its international relationships to find ways to further its institutional developments. However, more importantly, I think it is very interesting that Taiwan as a relatively small society, has shown ways in which the investment in education and human capital can have an enormous impact on the future of a society. For Belize and for the University of Belize, it is an example that is worthwhile thinking about and studying. In that context, this collaboration between the University of Belize and universities in Taiwan may help us to build our institutional strengths and help to increase the level of human capital and in some very interesting ways expand the presence of Belize in educational circles outside of Belize. Again I thank the Ambassador for this opportunity.

Minister of Education and Youth, Hon. Patrick Faber was also present to witness the signing on behalf of the Government of Belize.

Hon. Patrick Faber, Minister of Education and Youth
Indeed it is a great pleasure to be here and to witness this very historic occasion. I have often commented that the true mark of friendship with our neighbors and with our global partners is what they given us in terms of education. I am always very pleased to point out that Taiwan is among the very best of our friends in terms of what they give us in education – a gift that can never be taken back. They are certainly among the best friends, if not the best friends that we have in terms of gifts in education. As President Frazer pointed out, Taiwan’s example of sharing and caring for its friendly country is a good example that can always be used. The development that has happened in Taiwan since the 1950’s is a model for all developing countries and we certainly take our hats off to them and we appreciate them sharing this with us.

The TAFS program has provided approximately 1,250 grants annually to undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers worldwide to study or conduct advanced research in Taiwan.