February 14, 2012

The San Pedro Diabetes Association holds Fundraiser
The San Pedro Chapter of the Belize Diabetes Association, formed on November 15th, 2011 held their first fundraiser on Sunday February 12th at the Lion’s Den. The fashion show fundraiser marks the first in its kind, going towards a Dialysis Center for the Island. The San Pedro Sun spoke with Pablo Sosa, Chairperson for the SPDA; “We have many things in plan right now. Our priority is to get this dialysis center opened here on the island. As you are aware right now only Belize City and Cayo have dialysis machines, so it’s very costly and hard for us people here in San Pedro to get the service. There are many people here in San Pedro that are diabetic and they need to get treatment. It’s very expensive to travel and some people have to do it twice a week.”

Valid Time: Monday, Feb. 13, 2012 until Monday, Feb. 20, 2012
A ridge of High Pressure moving slowly ENE over the western Atlantic off the US Central coast, will keep a steady and drier easterly to north-easterly airflow over Belize. This pattern will prevail during most of this working week.
A cold front will make its way SE across the Gulf of Mexico later this week, reaching the NW Caribbean and Belize by early Monday of next week, as a major continental High Pressure system tracks ESE across the eastern USA.
We can therefore expect generally mild and sunny weather across Belize during most of this working week. Showers will be isolated over most places from Monday through Saturday of this week. An increase in showers and some thunderstorms is expected on Sunday as a pre-frontal trough moves over Yucatan and Belize ahead of the approaching cold front.
Daily rainfall totals will be minimal, ranging from 0.01-0.10 of-an-inch on Monday through Saturday. Rainfall totals will increase later on Saturday through Monday, with daily totals in the range of 0.25-0.50 of-an-inch over most districts and coastal waters.
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On Not Understanding in Belize-English vs Kriol
Yu no taim hyaa weh Ai di chrai tel yu: On Not Understanding in Belize. English vs. Kriol in Belize. "...I’ve been working in Belize (on and off) since 2007, when I came here for the first time to conduct research for my MA and MPH degrees. There was then (and continues to be) a small part of me that wished I was working elsewhere in the region, mostly so that I could continue to learn Spanish. I guess I would say it was sort of an intellectual disappointment to be conducting my research in English. Over time, I have come to discover that that disappointment is somewhat misplaced..."

Brighter Smiles for SP Children
One thing is for sure San Pedro has beautiful and friendly children, and they always greet you with a smile. The children have beautiful and bright smiles thanks to all the dental volunteers who come to the island and work on brightening the smiles of these children. The Standard IV students of San Pedro R.C. School were in for a treat this week as two volunteers were at the Smile Center at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez Poly Clinic rendering dental services. Dr. Laurie Houston and Cassandra PeaceHall (Dental Hygienist) of Ontario, Canada are volunteering their time to assist these children for the next two days. This is their first visit to Belize and they are extremely happy to be helping out the children of San Pedro.

History of Immigration to Ambergris Caye (Part Five)
A review of the history of immigration to San Pedro shows the Mayas setting foot here around 1000 to 1200 followed by the small immigration of the Mestizos in 1848 when the village was first founded. San Pedro remained predominantly a Mestizo community for just over 100 years until late 1970 when Benqueñas (girls from Benque) were encouraged to come in San Pedro to be a part of the workforce at the fishing cooperative where they processed conch, fish and lobster for export to the United States of America. This was the apex of our fishing industry when our fishing cooperative was exporting about 180,000 pounds of fresh rock frozen lobster tails abroad. After this first immigration of Belizeans from other districts, the word quickly went around that there were job opportunities in San Pedro. I will categorically say, however, that very few if any came to San Pedro to engage in the fishing industry. That job remained solely for Sanpedranos all the way into the 1980’s when the marine produce went into a gradual but fairly rapid decline. However by this time tourism was also showing a rapid growth, so the Sanpedrano fishermen turned into tourist guiding. This tourism industry also opened job opportunities for carpenters, masons, and other tradesmen, hotel and restaurant jobs, craftsmen, among others. By the same token there were new and numerous white collar jobs openings in gift shops, stores, business offices, government departments, airlines, insurance, and banking among many others specialized services.

Carnaval Back In The 1970's
There is so much history and colorful memories in this flashback pic. The carnival dance is one organized by Jose Pacifico better known today as Spanish, and is wife Maggie behind the guitar. They were mostly gringo dancers who enjoyed Carnival. Why not? But look at San Pedro High School right in the center of town, I mean the village. There is no Spindrift building, no Pier Lounge, no Atlantic Bank, so you can see right through to the police station. Just ahead is something like a Town clock at Central Park, but it is the bell tower for the Catholic Church and the village itself. The R.C. Church is incomplete so you can see a piece of Sea Breeze owned by Seferino Paz and a piece Ambergris Lodge owned by George Stefanco in the background. But to the very end you see a big coconut plantation surrounding the recently built Paradise Hotel belonging to Jerry McDermott. San Pedro High School stood strong from this building from 1971 to 1987 when it moved to its own building. And then the face of San Pedro started its transformation with the expansion of tourism.

Mystery disease kills thousands in Central America
A mysterious epidemic is devastating the Pacific coast of Central America, killing more than 24,000 people in El Salvador and Nicaragua since 2000 and striking thousands of others with chronic kidney disease at rates unseen virtually anywhere else. Scientists say they have received reports of the phenomenon as far north as southern Mexico and as far south as Panama. Last year it reached the point where El Salvador's health minister, Dr. Maria Isabel Rodriguez, appealed for international help, saying the epidemic was undermining health systems.

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Many of the poems seem to take place when seafaring men jump out of their boats with sword in hand, ready to conquer the enemy with the clash of weapons and political demise. Someone has to lose but it is not the verse. These poems are similar to a Keith Jarret Concert. They can rip your heart out and leave the reader defenseless. So we have the ancients and the jazz musician combo:

A police constable who allegedly crashed a police pickup truck whilst under the influence of alcohol was charged with two traffic offences when he appeared in court today. He is Luis Quixah, a resident of Chan Chen, Corozal District. Quixah was charged with drove motor vehicle without due care and attention and drove motor vehicle with alcohol concentration above the prescribed limit. Quixah pleaded not guilty to the charges. He was offered a bail of $1,000.00 and his case was adjourned until April 24. The incident occurred on Sunday, February 12 at Lucky Strike Village. It is alleged that Quixah was driving a police pickup truck when he ran off the road and crashed. Quixah was unhurt. Another police officer who was beside him sustained minor injuries.

He is an independent candidate for the general election in the Cayo North Constituency. And today, Marcel Bedran is on the defensive following a query of his citizenship status. During the Love FM Morning Show today a listener in a question posed to the Prime Minister suggested that Mr. Bedran holds dual citizenship which would bar him from holding elected office in Belize. This afternoon, Bedran spoke with Love News and explained that he is a Belizean and a Belizean only. Marcel Bedran – Independent candidate “In 1976 I got a green card and I served the United States military for 8 years. In 1993 when President Clinton became president, he took all green cards away from people that weren’t living in the United States. I had already come home and got married and just went back and forth so I lost my green card in 1993. From then until now I have what you call a mulitple visa.”

A Belize City school has been burglarized and thousands of dollars worth of property stolen. Francisco Lacayo, Principal of the Hope Preparatory School on Maskall Street in Belize City, reported to police that sometime between six o’clock on Friday evening midday on Saturday, the school was broken into. The thief or thieves made off with two Computers valued at five thousand dollars. Police investigations continue.

A common law couple 26-year-old special constable Jose Haylock and 27-year-old waitress Coreen Martinez, were charged with one count of kept firearm without a gun licence and two count s of kept ammunition without a gun licence when they appeared in court today. They pleaded not guilty to the charges. Magistrate Roberto Ordonez explained to them that the court cannot offer them bail because of the nature of the offences. He remanded them into custody until March 15. The incident occurred on Saturday, February 11. The police reported that when they searched a house on Louise Bevans Street they found one point 22 revolver, 10 rounds of point 22 caliber ammunition and 11 rounds of nine millimetre calibre ammunition. Haylock was present at the house when the firearm and ammunition were found.

A shooting incident on Friday night has left a Belize City teenager hospitalized. Eighteen year old Deron Sanchez was wounded in the chest and back, reportedly in a ride-by attack. Reports are that Sanchez was at a neighbor’s house on Iguana Street around seven thirty on Friday night when a man of dark complexion rode up on a bicycle and fired several shots hitting Sanchez. Police say the gunman then made good his escape by riding off.

Corozal Police are yet to make an arrest for the murder of 61 year old Fernando Antonio Cowo. Cowo, an Orange Walk Taxi Driver was found lying in a pool of blood in the back seat of a green ford escort car parked in the bushes some 200 yards off the San Andres Road in Corozal. Cowo was found with a stab wound to the chest and a cut wound to the throat. Police have detained two Hispanic men for questioning and yet to establish the motive of the murder.

The Election and Boundaries Department today released the list of places where candidates vying for the general elections will be going to get nominated. Nomination day for the March seventh general election is Friday of this week between the hours of ten o’clock in the morning and four o’clock in the afternoon. In Belize City, the Charles Bartlett Hyde Building in Mahogany Street is the nomination centre for Fort George, Pickstock, Caribbean Shores, Freetown, Albert, Port Loyola, Mesopotamia, Collet, Lake Independence and Queen Square constituencies. In Belize Rural North, the nomination centre is at the Methodist Protestant School in Sand Hill Village. In Belize Rural South, nomination will take place at the Town Hall in San Pedro Town. For Belize Rural Centre, candidates will go to the Ladyville Roman Catholic School to get nominated.

The Governments of Belize and Taiwan have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a project on inland Aquaculture Production. The MOU was signed by the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Rene Montero and Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize, David Wu during a ceremony this morning at the Taiwanese embassy in Belize City. Speaking at the signing ceremony, Ambassador Wu said that in 2009 the Republic of China agreed to assist Belize in promoting the Tilapia Aquaculture. After appraisals by two delegations on the development of freshwater aquaculture they concluded that Belize has great potential for the aquaculture project. The terms of the project were explained by Ambassador Wu. David Wu – Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize “This project will be divided into three phases within five years. The first phase will be the construction of a hatchery center in Central Farm which can be completed in 2012. The second phase the project will focus on the raising production of tilapia in the country, it is countrywide and the third phase will be concentrating to facilitate the marketing mechanism. By the end of this five year project we expect that we will have the production of one million fingerlings of tilapia. This will not only help provide protein to the people of Belize but will also increase the market mechanism for domestic consumption or exportation.” Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Rene Montero said that the demand for Tilapia is increasing and he expressed gratitude for the assistance from the Republic of China.

PUP Lake Independence Standard Bearer, Yolanda Schakron has responded to reports of her holding dual citizenship. Barrow said that while Schakron has some questions to answer, no one in his party holds dual citizenship. For her part Schakron responded this afternoon. Yolanda Schakron – PUP candidate, Lake I “That I have absolutely no problem in giving up my citizenship. I, Yolanda Schakron tell you the media and the Belizean people that I am a Belizean as rice and beans. I want the people out there, the people of Lake I to know that Yolanda will not be moved, she will stand strong. At the age of 15 I got my papers through my parents who were residents of the United States at that time, I am a Belizean and I will continue to fight for the people of Belize." The dual citizenship is one that the PUP Leader, Francis Fonseca, affirmed that the party knew about.

With respect to the recent downgrade by Standard and Poors’ of Belize, Barrow says that because Belize does not borrow on the commercial market so the Standard and Poors’ downgrade is “of no practical consequence to us”. Prime Minister Dean Barrow “Remember that the downgrade does not in any wise affect us domestically, I have made the point already that these rating agencies and the rankings they assign are important for those who are operating on the capital markets, who are borrowing commercially, depending on your ranking your borrowing costs either increase or decrease. We don’t borrow on the commercial market so the ratings are of no practical consequence to us.” Barrow did admit, however, that there will have to be a restructuring of the super bond payments.

Maya village leaders met at the weekend to discuss the current rosewood harvesting situation in the Toledo district. Paul Mahung reporting... “The Saturday morning meeting in Punta Gorda was coordinated by the Toledo Alcaldes Association under the leadership of Chairman Alfonso Cal. Alfonso Cal – Chairman “The objective of this meeting with alcaldes and village chairpersons, they are raising their concern that what is happening in the Toledo District. In the Toledo District with the rosewood you know that as a Maya people we always think of our future generation to come and now it is the awareness that we are trying to come together what can we do as a leader to try and correct the wrongdoing, how they were harvesting our rosewood because the rosewood is very important to us, it is indigenous because the Maya people use it and so we are collecting some ideas with our leaders, what can we do next." The attendance sheet indicated that those at the meeting were from 23 Mayan communities in Toledo and the 55 participants included Village Alcaldes, Mayan Village Council leaders as well as representatives of the Maya Leaders Alliance, Toledo District Association of Village Councils, TIDE, Satim and Xa'che.

A road traffic accident on Saturday morning on the Boom-Hattieville claimed the life of disc jockey, and cycling official Stephen Hall, also known as DJ Scorpio. According to reports, Hall was driving a motorcycle towards the end of a cycle race on a curve near the road leading to the Bacab Eco Park facility, around eight o’clock on Saturday morning, when he lost control of the bike and crashed. Love News understands that Hall was not wearing a safety helmet at the time of the crash, and he reportedly died from the impact when he was flung from the motorcycle. Today the National Institute of Culture and History sent out a press release in which they express their deepest condolences to the family of Steven Hall. Love News spoke with Theater Director at the Bliss Institute of performing arts, Karen Vernon, who told us more about who Steven was for the Bliss family and what the institute is doing in his honor.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow says that the process of preparing the budget for the next fiscal year is well underway. The Prime Minister was a guest today on the Love FM Morning Show. He explained to the nation that contrary to what is being said in certain section of the media, government finances are in order so that there will be no tax increases in the next budget. Prime Minister Dean Barrow “We are recording a recurrent surplus of almost 100 million dollars, we are 20 odd million dollars over budget, our primary balance is almost 3% of GDP and the overall deficit is under 1% of GDP, fantastic numbers; caused primarily by the significant, huge increase in oil revenues that we got from the export of petroleum because of course of the high international prices. I am saying that you use that sort of a windfall which we expect to see continue into the upcoming fiscal year because of the uncertain situation with Iran, threats of closing the Strait, of what is happening with Syria also an oil producer, it is a double edged sword because we in turn import the refined petroleum products and then the prices at the pump pressure our people but in terms of the exports of our crude, we expect to do well again in the upcoming budget year and you make sure that you take the extra revenue that you had not budgeted for in the case of the current fiscal year and you pour it into the pro poor programs. Going forward we are going to budget a little more optimistically than we did last year because it seems more likely than not that like I said there is going to be this phenomenon of continuing high oil prices for our exports so there will not be a difficulty at all.”

The Bachelor Recap: Kill Shot!!!
Courtney, after her temple-climbing one-on-one date with Ben in Belize. Minus 29. "I don't want to get cocky though," she added. No, of course not.

'The Bachelor' recap: Gossipy Girls
We open on the beautiful coastline of Belize, where Ben -- who has managed to find the ugliest of all Ugly American tank tops ever manufactured -- is reflecting on the remaining six women. "My heart is captivated and captured, the feelings of love are there -- I'm not ready to tell anybody that, but when the time is right," he muses. With one week left until hometown dates, he adds, "There's a lot on the line this week."

Importance of corals to fish studied
The locations large fish choose for shelter in coral reefs could significantly influence their ability to cope with climate change, Australian researchers say. Scientists at James Cook University said they're attempting to understand the process of fish population decline when coral reefs sustain major damage. Their research found that large reef fish like coral trout, snapper and sweetlips show a marked preference for sheltering under large, flat table corals, as opposed to branching corals or massive corals known as bommies. "Like human beings, fish have strong preferences on where they like to hang out -- and it appears that they much prefer to shelter under overhanging table corals," researcher James Kerry said. This is significant in terms of climate change impacts of different type of reef corals, the researchers said.

PUP Lake I Candidate, Yolanda Schakron, Is A Dual Citizen
On Friday night we told you about the credible report that Yolanda Schakron is a dual national; specifically, a Belizean with a US passport. Well, tonight we can confirm that she is ...

UDP Comment on Schakron's Dual Citizenship
Schakron's opponent Mark King is one man who seems hardly excited about the disclosure of the fact that his opponent is a Guatemalan-born Belizean-American. We spoke to him on the campaig...

Schakron's Brother, Mario Galvez, Campaigns For Her Opponent
And if King seems hardly perturbed it may be because he's got Yolanda Schakron's brother campaigning with him. That's right, Mario Galvez has suddenly switched camps. Last week, we saw him...

PUP Leader: There are Dual Citizenship Holders In UDP Also
And now that the matter of dual citizenship is a live one - PUP Leader Francis Fonseca says he's glad because he feels there are dual citizens in the mix of UDP candidates as well. He sai...

Teenager Shot In The City
And taking a break now from politics, we turn to crime. On Friday night in Belize City, an 18 year old was shot. At around 7:30, Deron Sanchez a student of #3 Iguana Street was at a frie...

Taxi Driver Murdered in Orange Walk
And to follow up on a story we first reported on Friday night, the family of 60 year old taxi man Fernando Antonio Cowo says they do not know why he was killed. As we reported, he was fou...

Well Known DJ Killed In Motorcycle Accident
Everyone who's ever been in a bicycle race will know that there's also a motorcycle race involved in the background. That happened when the motorcycle riders race to the finish line -...

Police Officer Charged for Allegedly Driving Drunk And Crashing Mobile
Tonight the Ladyville police station is seriously incapacitated - as the regular police have no mobile - after a drunken spree by cops turned into a traffic disaster. It happened ye...

PM Barrow Says He Suspects that GSU Was Involved in GSG Beatdown
Last week we told you about a bizarre home invasion when a group of men - allegedly the GSU stormed into a home on Dean Street and brutalized the residents beating them with bats and clubs. ...

Attorney Phillip Palacio: George Street Wants to Sue
And while incumbent area representative Michael Finnegan is particularly outspoken - his PUP opponent Phillip Palacio - who is an attorney - has gone one step further: he's taken on the case...

Another Police Officer Busted With Unlicensed Firearm
Exactly 4 weeks ago, 7News reported on the story of Corporal Gino Peck and his wife, Loretta, who were busted by the Gang Suppression Unit with an unlicensed firearm and ammunition. ...

Steve Williams, Busted With Cocaine, Allegedly Assaults Police Officer
51 year-old Steve Williams, a construction worker of a Pelican Street address, was arraigned before Magistrate Robert Ordonez today. He is charged with drug trafficking, assaulting a polic...

Another Well-Known City Resident Killed in Motorcycle Accident
In our last segment we told you about the motorcycle death of Steven Hall on Saturday morning - well, by Saturday evening, there would be another fatal motorcycle accident. It happened...

New PUP Women's Party Agenda
The PUP held a press conference today - and as you saw, the Yolanda Schakron issue consumed the spotlight. But really, it was about launching the party's women's Agenda. Themed "Forging Partnerships, Impacting Lives" - the policy document shows up the party's four female candidates in the upcoming general elections and as one of those veteran candidates said, it's not the first time her party is doing this:

PM Barrow Responds To S&P Downgrade
Last week we reported that Standard and Poors has downgraded Belize's rating which sent the price of the superbond tumbling down to between forty and forty three dollars. You might think that's bad news but two international analysts have come forward to say it might be a good thing, after all. One of them form the Nomura group even outlines a scenario where a bondholders should prepare for a superbond 2.0 - which would fetch a decent yield.

VOIP Plans In The Making
But the way ahead for VOIP - voice over internet - is not as clear as the superbond. Barrow explained that they are looking to start opening up bandwidth to voip users.. Prime Minister Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize "The chairman of Telemedia has convened a working group, comprised of members of the board and members of staff, and they are very busy forming up the proposal which - as I understand - will see a limited implementation of VOIP in two phases, intiallly with respect to fixed lines and thereafter, of course, with respect to cell phones."

PM responds to Standard & Poors’ downgrade
We start the news tonight with news on the financial front following a downgrade of Belize’s credit rating by Standard and Poor’s. The downgrade came after Prime Minister Dean Barrow said in his election date announcement that he was going back to the electorate to “ask for your clear instructions to drive the naysayers back; ...

Police wrong to beat Dean Street residents
The Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) has made its mark on the western and central sections of the country with drug, ammunition and gun busts. But its presence is hardly welcome in certain neighborhoods and occasionally the GSU sparks controversy over alleged physical abuse of the persons it arrests. Last week Thursday, the GSU allegedly went ...

Victims will sue police and B.Q. Pitts
Prime Minister Barrow is not the only person who found it unacceptable. The alleged victims believed they had a strong case and sought legal advice. Philip Palacio, attorney and P.U.P. politician for Mesopotamia took the case. Palacio and some of the victims went to the police station today to make a report. But instead of ...

Cycle accidents claim 2 lives
The well-known DJ, Scorpio, was killed on Saturday in a deadly traffic accident involving four motorbikes near the Burrell Boom cut-off. Scorpio died before he could reach the hospital but three other cycling officials who were following a race in preparation for the upcoming Holy Saturday Cross Country, were more fortunate. The race, according to ...

PM muses at P.U.P. Dual Citizen Quagmire
Yolanda Schakron, the founder of Belizeans for Justice, has left the tear-stained back rooms of the social justice movement to enter the political arena. As a replacement for Cordel Hyde, Schakron appeared to have made a seamless transition into what was considered a P.U.P. safe seat in Lake Independence. It seems, however, that the originally ...

Schakron: Belizean, Guatemalan or American?
But the P.U.P. Lake I candidate, Yolanda Schakron, gave a fiery statement on her citizenship status. Schakron, holds a US passport, but was born in Guatemala. At a press conference at Independence Hall this afternoon where the party’s United Women’s Group launched its Women’s Agenda 2012, Schakron told the media that she is as Belizean ...

VoIP in limited format someday
Internet based phone services such as Net2phone, Viber, Skype, and Vonage have driven phone costs down internationally since they provide a certain quality without using regular providers. In Belize these services would only be a fraction of what is charged by SMART and Telemedia, and businesses will tell you that VOIP programs are the future ...

Taxi man brutally murdered on Corozal road
The latest murder victim is a taxi driver from Orange Walk Town. On Friday after-noon sometime after one-thirty, Fernando Antonio Cowo was chartered by two passengers for a trip to Corozal but he never made it back home. His body was found in his car on the outskirts of Corozal Town. News Five’s Andrea Polanco ...

Friday night shooting hits 18 year old
Meanwhile in the city, an eighteen year old barely survived a shooting on Iguana Street. According to police, at around a quarter to eight on Friday night, Deron Sanchez was on the verandah of a neighbor’s house with friends. A lone gunman dressed in dark clothing approached on bicycle and fired several shots at the ...

Special Constable busted with unlicensed gun
A special constable is behind bars tonight for the possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammo. Jose Adolph Haylock, and his common-law-wife, Corrine Diana Martinez, were arraigned this morning in the court of Magistrate Roberto Ordonez for keeping a point twenty-two firearm and twenty-one live rounds of ammunition without a license. They were both remanded ...

Slippery fisherman crashes into boat
A fisherman was also before the courts on charges relating to an accident on the river in the Conch Shell Bay area. Fifty-six year old Glenford Young reportedly crashed his twenty-five foot vessel into another boat parked in the area on January fourteenth. No one was injured, but Young was today charged for Proceeding on ...

Belize City woman and brother getting evicted from Belama
A Belize City woman and her brother are being evicted from the Belama Phase Four area. Maria Valle says she and her brother were given adjacent lots on which to build their houses, but now that her house is fully constructed, she’s been told by Minister of Works, Anthony “Boots” Martinez, that they both have ...

Massive P.U.P. Rally
The March seventh municipal and general elections are drawing closer. Up north in Orange Walk, the P.U.P. staged its biggest rally. The numbers were impressive as a sea of blue washed through the streets of the town ending up at Banquitas Park. News Five’s Delahnie Bain reports. Delahnie Bain, Reporting Thousands of supporters turned out ...

James Adderley’s Mind-blowing Sports Update
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday. The premier football league of Belize kicked off its inaugural season with matches spread out across the nation over the weekend. At the MCC Grounds yesterday, FC Belize opened against World FC of Cayo and in the opening minutes Jaime Brooks of World FC misplays ...

One Person Detained For Thursday Night's Deadly Traffic Accident
On Thursday February 9th a traffic accident in the Village of San Andres in the Corozal District claimed the life of 25 year old Aurelia Blanco. Blanco and her four year old daughter were heading to a party when they were knocked down by a gold Ford Explorer with Corozal license plate traveling from the direction of San Andres Village to Xaibe. While Blanco died on the spot, four year old Luzelly Tun who sustained injuries to her head and a broken arm, is presently at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital under coma.

PUP Supporters From The North Come Out In Masses
Five thousand plus, that’s the amount of people from across the north that came out yesterday in support of the Peoples United Party during there pre-election rally held here in Orange Walk. With elections only 25 days away yesterday’s rally was very important for the P.U.P. It was an opportunity to show how united and strong the party was here in the north especially in the Orange Walk

PUP Corozal North Standard Bearer Meets With Residents Of The Area
On Friday February 10th the People’s United Party held a rally in the Village of Cristo Rey in the Corozal District where the four standard bearers for Corozal along side former Party Leader Honorable John Briceno addressed the crowd and informed residents about the party’s plans to move the country forward. Here are some highlights of the event.

Well Known Orange Walk Taxi Driver Found Dead In Corozal
It was breaking news on Friday night; the dead body of a male taxi driver from the Orange Walk District was found inside a green Ford Escort with Orange Walk license plate D-00206 parked inside some bushes approximately 200 yards off the San Andres Road in the Corozal District. At around 4:30pm the dead body of 60 year old Fernando Antonio Cowo of a Tangerine Street address in

Prime Minister Says Standards And Poor Down-Grade Will Not Affect The Country
Last week Tuesday Standards and Poor, an international Rating Agency in the U.S., downgraded Belize’s financial Status from a B- to a CCC+ meaning that there are signs that the Belizean government is becoming less willing to service its external commercial debt. The present rating places Belize on the non-investment grade also known as junk bonds. The announcement came amidst low economic growth, a weak investment outlook, increased levels of crime, and limited ability to raise government revenue. But according to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, contrary to what economist have been saying, the downgrade in no way will affect the country.

Nomination Centers announced
The Election and Boundaries Department has issued a list of nomination centres in advance of Nomination Day on Friday. Love TV’s Patrick Jones has a run down of the list.

Motorcycle accident claims the life of DJ Scorpio
A road traffic accident on Saturday morning on the Boom-Hattieville road has claimed the life of a cycling official and left another hospitalized. The victim of the fatal incident has been identified at disc jockey, and cycling official Stephen Hall, also known as DJ Scorpio. According to reports, Hall was driving a motorcycle towards the end of a cycle race around eight o’clock on Saturday morning, when he lost control of the bike and crashed. Three other motorcycles were involved in the fatal crash, which happened on a curve near the road leading to the Bacab Eco Park facility. Another cycling official identified as Andrew Ordonez sustained multiple broken bones and is receiving treatment at a hospital in Belize City. Only minor injuries were sustained by other motorcyclists involved in the Saturday morning crash. Love News understands that Hall was not wearing a safety helmet at the time of the crash, and he reportedly died from the impact when he was flung from the motorcycle. According to information to the RSV News Centre, the C-Ray’s Cycling club was the sponsor of the Saturday morning road race as part of the team’s preparation for the upcoming Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic. The race did not finish as the riders all stopped at the scene when they came upon the accident scene. Tributes for the fallen Disc Jockey and cycling official have been pouring in. Today, the National Institute of Culture and History expressed their deepest condolences to Hall’s family. Karen Vernon is the Theater Director at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts where Hall worked for a number of years.

Two new independent candidates declare their candidacy for general elections
There are two more independent candidates who are adding their names on the ballot come March seventh. Alburn Rivero told Love News today that he is vying for political office in the Belize Rural Central division. Rivero now goes up against the UDP’s incumbent, Michael Hutchinson and the PUP’s Dolores Balderamos Garcia. He says the time has come for a change and he is that person. With less than a month left before Decision 2012, Rivero, who manages his own business, says that he is funding his own campaign. The other new Independent Candidate is Mateo Thomas Polanco. He was endorsed on Sunday as the candidate for the Toledo-based People’s National Party. Polanco is a candidate for the Dangriga constituency. And with the record number of independent and third party candidates entering the electoral race this year, Love News asked Prime Minister Barrow for his take on this phenomenon.

George Street residents suing the police and Attorney General
There was reportedly another incident involving the Gang Suppression Unit and residents of the George Street area late last week. Reports are that elements of the GSU used excessive force during the incident. Prime Minister Barrow said that there will be no tolerance for abuse of power as he goes into discussion with the Minister of Police and Acting Commissioner of Police, David Henderson on this issue. Prime Minister Barrow did not say exactly what course of action the Police Department or Ministry will take on the alleged police brutality on the George Street residents, but four of the men are not wasting time in taking their course of action. This afternoon, through their attorney, Phillip Palacio, the men indicated that they are suing the Police Department and the Attorney General. The men, who show obvious signs of abuse, did not want to appear on camera for fear of further alleged attacks, but they were intent on making the law work for them. These were videos taken shortly after their attorney spoke with us.

Shackron says she is giving up her US citizenship
Since emerging as the PUP's replacement candidate for Lake Independence, Yolanda Shackron has come under pressure b...

Family seeks help after child is knocked down
Five year old Damion Flowers was knocked down on January 26th while crossing a pedestrian crossing in Santa Elena. ...

Hon. Hulse discusses achievements of his terms in office
Hon. Melvin Hulse is the United Democratic Party’s representative for Stann Creek West. Hulse appeared on Rise and ...

Belize endorses new sport
As far as the Belizean Sport world goes, fencing can be arguably considered the least known in Belize. Fencing is a...

PUP Women's Group launches Women's Agenda 2012
The People’s United Party, United Women’s Group launched the Women’s Agenda 2012. The Press Conference was to prese...

Attempted burglary at St. Edmund Campion RC School
An attempted burglary took place over the weekend at St. Edmund Campion Roman Catholic School in Teakettle. Plus ne...

San Ignacio celebrates ground breaking ceremony for new Welcome Center
Ground breaking ceremonies were held for a Welcome Center in San Ignacio back in August of last year. At that cerem...

Separate motorcycle accidents claim two lives
A fatal road traffic accident has claimed the life of a cycling official. On Saturday morning, a cycle race was pas...

Police constable arrested for unlicensed firearm
Another police officer has been arrested for possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition. Police say they were ...

Teen injured in Belize City shooting
A teenager was shot in Belize City on Friday. 18 year old Deron Sanchez, was shot to his chest and back. According ...

Rose’s Grill and Bar received International Catering Award from Trade Leader’s Club in Spain
Eduardo Arceo, Owner of Rose’s Grill and Bar in Caye Caulker traveled to Madrid, Spain to receive his award/trophy at the 37th International Award for Tourist, Hotel and Catering Industry on January 18th, 2012. Rose’s Grill and Bar from Caye Caulker was awarded along with more than twenty-five companies worldwide. This prize was created by the Editorial Office through the Trade Leaders’ Club and is granted to all those enterprises and organizations outstanding due to their excellent work in the tourism and catering field.

What You NEED To See Tonight
The Bachelor on ABC at 8pm EST. NOW WAIT! Before you click off this post, give me one moment to explain why you should watch it. I know all the reasons why you don't want to...it's mindless drivel, it's totally phony, it's the worst way in the world to find romance, Ben the current bachelor is not only ugly but drippy and annoying. And you are right about all of that.

Participate In Shark Research Along The Belize Barrier Reef. Join the research team in Belize and you’ll join a decade-long research project comparing shark and grouper populations at Southwater Caye, a new marine reserve, Glover’s Reef Atoll, a well established reserve, and at Turneffe Atoll, a heavily-fished, unprotected site. The data you help collect will demonstrate whether and how reserves actually help protect various shark and other marine species.

Mayan hojas from Cahal Pech discovered in Downtown San Ignacio
A collection of mayan vessals and human remains have been discovered during the development of a 2.7 million dollar building project in San Ignacio. The discovery was made whilst a contractor, who was doing some excavation work to lay underground pipes, stumbled across a huge hand-made vase. Discoveries of this nature are relatively common in the region and work continued until more vases were unearthed, some of which are pre-classic and dating from before the birth of Christ. The vases are called hojas (spanish) and the form is representative of the late pre-classic period 300 BC to as far back as 2000 years old. The Belize Institute of Archaeology explained that the artefacts indicate households, not elite, not of nobility, but of the indeginious population that would have lived in the suburbs of the ancient site of Cahal Pech. In addition, archaeologists unearthed several human bones believed to be that of ancient Mayans.

How a £1.50 chocolate bar saved a Mayan community from destruction
It is, quite literally, the poor man's Green & Black's - organic cacao from the forests of Belize, fermented, dried, roasted on a comal (a circular iron hot plate over a wood fire), shelled, then ground by hand in a machine similar to a household mincer. 'It's half a day's work,' says Cyrila Cho, the stout, broad-faced woman who has welcomed me into her home in San Felipe to see how brigadeiros are made. She warms the cacao with condensed milk, adding allspice, black pepper and tzibik (wild vanilla) plucked from a vine at the top of a tree by her 21-year-old daughter Anna-Marie.

It is the season for Breadfruit in Belize
Yes, it sure is the season for Breadfruit in Belize. What is a Breadfruit, you may ask? Well, simply put, the Breadfruit is a remarkable food source. The Breadfruit has long been a staple in the diets of the Pacific Islanders, but was introduced into the Caribbean in the late 18th-century when the Bristish slave masters were looking for a very cheap food source alternative that was very high in nutrients to introduce into the diets of their slaves. This is the period the Breadfruit was introduced to the Caribbean.

Stewed Chicken with Rice and Beans in Belize
One of my missions for this trip to Belize was to enjoy more traditional food. I started with the most logical option…finding the best Belizean Stewed Chicken with Rice and Beans. In the first week of my stay in Belize I probably ate WAY MORE Stewed Chicken with Rice and Beans than any human should, but it was for a good reason…right? Special note: Rice and Beans are mixed together…Beans and Rice are separate. It’s important to know this…they serve both and when you are asked ‘Do you want Rice and Beans or Beans and Rice?” they’ll definitely know you are a tourist if you hesitate…but it doesn’t matter anyway since Belizeans seem to love tourists.

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