What to do with Belize’s superbond
This year’s renewed euphoria over emerging markets has bypassed some places. One such corner is Belize, a country sandwiched between Mexico and Guatemala, which many fear is gearing up for a debt default. There is a chance this will happen as early as next week Belize is a small country with just 330,000 people but back in 2007, it issued a $550 million bond on international markets. Known locally as a superbond for its large size (relative to the country’s economy), the issue earned Belize a spot on JP Morgan’s EMBI Global index of emerging market bonds. As this index is used by 80 percent of fund managers who invest in emerging debt, many of them will have allocated some cash to hold the Belize bond in their portfolios. These folk will be waiting anxiously to see if Belize pays a $23 million coupon due on Feb. 20.

A Fundraising Night At Captain Morgan's Casino
Last night, Captain Morgan's hosted a Valentine's fundraiser for the SAGA Humane Society in San Pedro. It seemed like a pretty good deal...$20bzd donation for the fundraiser and you received a $10USD ticket to use at the casino, a rose and champagne, live music outside and free drinks while you were gambling. I am by no means a gambler, the idea of feeding money into slot machines sends me into a comatose state, but I'd never been to the casino and hey...it was a good time to get the scoop on the only good sized one on the island. My friend Bonnie was my Valentine's date and an avid casino fan so...off we go.

Dental volunteers at the Otto Rodriguez PolyClinic II
For the third straight year, volunteer dentists have arrived at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez PolyClinic II offering free dental services to around 75 students from the San Pedro RC School and surrounding primary schools. The volunteers are from Ontario, Canada and are offering their services from Monday, February 13th through Wednesday, February 15, 2012. The Smile Center at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez PolyClinic II is an extension of the Smile Center located at the Holy Cross Anglican School in San Mateo. The clinic came into existence some three years ago when retired medical practitioner Dr. Louis Lam saw students from the RC school for the first time. He then recommended that the volunteers at the PolyClinic II continue to focus on reaching the RC School students as he noticed a need for the service.

Meet your Candidates – Badillo, Nuńez & Nuńez
With the municipal elections right around the corner, The San Pedro Sun takes this opportunity to present the Councilor Candidates to the San Pedro public. Five questions were issued to twelve candidates from both parties (PUP/UDP) on Friday January 20th. It was requested that all responses to these questions be submitted by Thursday January 26th. At the due date, only eight responses were received. In our effort to be fair to all that submitted their responses in a timely manner, The San Pedro Sun regrets to inform that responses submitted after the deadline will not be printed.

A Beach Walk, Belize Port Authority, Dinner & The Bachelor at Lola's
Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day for a walk into town. As I walked past Caribbean Villas, I noticed the Belize Port Authority with hammers, nails and new signs. They are posting this sign on every dock down the beach. Good work guys! Maybe a bit over cautious but that is MUCH better than no sign at all. I stopped in to meet a friend at Sailaway Cafe and had a delicious cappucino (I haven't had one in ages). I wonder why I don't stop into this place more often...right in the center of town across the street from Fido's. It's a good spot to watch the town drive by.

Before and After in Belize: Testing a Marine Reserve
Help learn whether a key Caribbean species is being protected by recent changes in environmental management policies. As a participant on this project you'll have the rare opportunity to help Earthwatch scientists see if changes in ecosystem management based, in part, on their previous research are having the desired effect and protecting the habitat of the queen conch, a large sea snail. This second phase of research and assessment offers the opportunity to spend days snorkeling in turquoise Caribbean waters, often under sunny skies, to survey, monitor, and tag queen conchs in critical coral island (cayes) areas within the Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve. Note: If you want to take part in the diving parts of the research*, you MUST be scuba certified (PADI Advance or equivalent) and have at least 20 logged dives, and have recent diving experience. You will also be required to bring your dive logbook and all scuba/ snorkel kit with you, except for weights, which are provided on site.

New Zip Line in Stann Creek, Belize
Bocawina Adventures has just opened the longest zip line tour in Belize with over a mile of zip. The final run is long and quite the rush...and you do not have to worry about the cruise ship hoards! Check them out at http://www.bocawinaadventures.com

The skeleton of an eighteen year old girl lies legs akimbo on the cave floor, two of her vertebrae crushed. She is known as the Crystal Maiden, and after a thousand years, she has a new found celebrity. Discovered in 1989, this jungle cave in the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve is accessible via an hours Jeep ride from San Ignacio, Belize and a walk for another hour across shallow rivers and through jungle. Here one arrives at the Actun Tunichil Muknal or "ATM" cave mouth. To gain access to the cave one must swim into the cave and then wade up the cave river for another kilometer. Walking a further kilometer and a half in the cave, past huge boulders and cavernous rooms (one known as "The Cathedral") to the back of the cave system, it is here one will find the skeletons of the ritual sacrifices made by the Maya to their Gods, more than a thousand years ago.

Most Romantic Hotels in Central America - Blancaneux Lodge in Cayo makes the list
Honeymoons, anniversaries, engagements, make-ups — there are plenty of reasons to be amorous. Find love in all the right places with this list of romantic destinations throughout Central America. Where: San Ignacio What's to Love: Francis Ford Coppola converted a gorgeous family vacation home in the Mayan mountains into a serene and romantic hideaway with waterfalls, magical walking trails, and a great spa. Good to Know: You'll be tempted not to leave, but do. The hotel can arrange horseback riding, canoeing in caves, and trips to the Tikal ruins.

Be Kind Belize at Holy Cross
Watch the amazing kids of Standard 2 as they show off their kindness in their graduation plays & awards ceremony

Monster humorous synopsis of Bachelor... A small propeller plane flies in over scenic waterfalls and ruins in Belize, and then Ben is touting the virtues of the island lifestyle in Ambergris Caye, as if what he's experiencing filming a television show where he's stringing along six women has anything to do with real life. He says it's crazy to think he's a week away from meeting some of these women's families. And now the women are flying in, and Nicki gets the eye-rolling job of telling us, as we are told at the beginning of the show each week from Week 2 on in, that this is the most crucial week they've had so far. All the women by this point are complaining about having to share Ben with other women, to which I'd like to point out that a) it's interesting that this becomes a bigger issue as the show moves along, when there are actually fewer and fewer women making out with him, so just health-wise, things are less risky than they've ever been, and b) YEAH THAT'S THE POINT OF THE SHOW.

Belize government pans word of oil discovery
The Belize Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment has refuted the claim of an oil discovery by Treaty Energy Corp., New Orleans, at Treaty’s San Juan-2 exploratory well in southern Belize. The ministry termed “false and misleading” a press release the company issued on Jan. 30, 2012. The release said that drilling had “defined the producing zone to be 1,235-90 ft.” Treaty Energy said cuttings from San Juan-2, near Independence Village in the Stann Creek District and its first well in Belize, had “characteristics … similar to some of the great oil producing zones in Texas, specifically the Ellenburger Lime, Hope Lime, Caddo Lime, Edwards Lime, etc.” The company said it planned to cement 4-1/2-in. tubing, perforate, and bring the well on line. The ministry said, “An inspection conducted on the mudlog and rock cuttings from the well, by the Geology and Petroleum Department, confirmed only minute traces of tar which is commonly observed in rock formations in many wells previously drilled in Belize that were not commercial.” No live oil in large amounts was observed in the cuttings, the ministry said. “The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment assures the general public that all confirmation of oil discoveries will be declared by the Government of Belize after proper testing and appraisal. The government did not endorse the declaration by Treaty Energy and therefore its press release was unauthorized.” Independence Village is about 75 miles southeast of the Spanish Lookout area, where Belize Natural Energy Ltd. made the country’s first commercial oil discovery in 2006

Attention All Chocolate Lovers: Belize Is Calling
Mast Brothers Chocolate hosts the ultimate weeklong chocolate getaway in Belize. There is any number of reasons at any given time to book a trip to Belize. But right now, there is an amazing, totally irresistible, mouthwatering, and desperate reason to book a trip to Belize for April 14 to 21 — namely, the Mast Brothers Chocolate Week in Belize. (It is the kind of trip that makes people stop and say, "Are you kidding me?") Mast Brothers Chocolate is a Brooklyn-based chocolate company that produces high-quality dark chocolates mixed with delicious flavorings like dried cranberries, almonds and sea salt, and pecan maple in cool, delicately illustrated packaging. The company is fond of hosting special events, tastings, and factory tours, but this Belize trip takes things to the next level. This trip will do more than satisfy chocolate cravings — it also includes activities like farm tours followed by great dinners, and kayaking followed by snorkeling, horseback riding, and tours of Mayan ruins. People who can organize a week this fantastic are sure to make great travel buddies, too.

New Ownership for Five Sisters Lodge & Tours
Daniel Lighter, owner of Matachica Resort and Spa on Ambergris Caye, Belize is delighted to announce the acquisition of Five Sisters Lodge & Tours located in the stunning Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve in the Cayo District of southern central Belize. Set on the banks of the white-water Privassion River, Five Sisters Lodge offers sanctuary and peace in a remarkable setting surrounded by the five majestic waterfalls that inspired its name. Imposing mountains provide a dramatic backdrop to Mayan ruins, dense rainforest, stalactite caverns and some of the most diverse wildlife on earth. Five Sisters Lodge & Tours offers a wide range of activities including archeological tours of Mayan sites such as Caracol & Xunantunich, horseback jungle treks, Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave exploration (described by National Geographic Magazine as the most spectacular cave in this part of the world) and mountain biking, zip line and cave tubing, all at our doorstep.

LogicBoxes Partners with .BZ Registry
LogicBoxes, a Registrar software and consulting company, today announced that it has partnered with the .BZ Registry, University Management Ltd. to provide business automation solutions to its in-house Registrar arm, BelizeNic. .BZ is the country code top-level domain for Belize. Prior to partnering with LogicBoxes, BelizeNic was using a legacy system to sell .BZ domains. The Registry was looking to migrate to a stable and flexible platform that would allow it to expand its product suite and deliver better customer experience.

This afternoon the Samuel Haynes Institute of Excellence received a handsome donation of fifteen laptops. The good gesture came from the Potter’s House of the US, represented by Pastor Guynes, who is the Executive director of MegaCARE, which is a humanitarian organization formed by famous Bishop T D Jakes. According to Director of the Samuel Haynes Institute, Barbara Elrington, the gift will significantly aid the Institute in its role to educate its high school students. Elrington says that the Institute became beneficiaries of the gift following a visit last year. The Samuel Haynes Institute of Learning started out three years ago and depends on local and international communities to keep its doors open. Aside from the educational setting, the Institute also offers adult computer programs and a series of skills training for out-of-school people. Meanwhile, Pastor Guynes will also conduct a youth conference tonight at the Lake Independence Baptist Church on Mahogany Street to help the participants find their calling in life.

Belize is for the first time, hosting a regional anti-doping conference and training at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel. The meeting which is a joint effort between the ministry of sports, Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association features various regional representatives from across the Caribbean coming together to discuss anti-doping in the region. Acting Director of the National Sports Council and Director of the National Anti-doping Organization in Belize, Patrick Henry says that doping is the abuse of substance and in this case performance enhancing drugs in the sporting world. Patrick Henry – Acting Director, National Sports Council “This meeting as the yearly meetings are to discuss ways how as a region, in this case the Central American region, how we have implemented the world anti doping program. It is a historic meeting. Since last October we have been completely compliant, the government of Belize ratified UNESCO’s Convention so we are now numbered amongst 150 countries throughout the world that has ratified UNESCO’s Convention on anti doping in sports.

A family is left homeless following a fire that destroyed their three-bedroom house on Monday in Dangriga. The family is asking for your help to rebuild. Harry Arzu reporting… “According to Norma Valerio she and her five children were asleep when about three o’clock on Monday morning she was awakened by the smell of smoke inside the house. Valerio said the fire spread so quickly she could only save her five children. Norma Valerio – Fire victim "I was suddenly awakened by the smell of smoke in my house, me and my sister tried to out the fire with buckets of water but it was spreading rapidly we couldn’t out it. We were not able to save anything in the house.

Forty-five year old Patrick August, a boat captain residing at number five corner First Street and Saint Peter Street, was sentenced to six years today in the number one magistrates court after he was found guilty of three counts of aggravated assault of an indecent nature upon a female minor. Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, who imposed the sentences, gave August three years for each count with the stipulation that the first and third count should run consecutive to each and concurrent to the second. August was also found guilty of using threatening words but he was reprimanded and discharged of that charged. The complainant, who was a thirteen year old primary school student at the time, testified in camera that August sexually assaulted her in December 2010, in January 2011 and in April 2011. August testified and denied he committed the offences. He claimed that he was framed. August was not represented by an attorney. August threatened the girl by telling her that if she told anybody, he will kill her.

A press release from the Ministry of Agriculture issued this afternoon in direct response to the story said that the Toledo Agriculture Department has consistently supported rice farmers of that district in land preparation and harvesting through it machinery division. The official release says that for the crop year 2011, the department assisted in land preparation of six hundred acres and followed by assistance in harvesting the same amount of acreage. The Ministry of Agriculture release goes on to say that the Agriculture department provided machinery service to rice farmed based upon request; but that the Rice, Corn and Beans Association, headed by Dennis Usher did not make any such request for machinery service from the Agriculture Department for the last crop season. As for allegations that government failed the rice farmers, the Ministry of Agriculture puts the blame for any losses suffered by the producers squarely on their doorsteps, saying that it was the rice farmers who over produced and exceeded the national demand. Statistics provided in the official government response notes that the national demand for rice is approximately sixteen million pounds; but the rice farmers actually produced twenty seven million pounds of rice during the 2009-20010 crop year. That is a surplus of eleven million pounds of rice. A further break down provided by the Ministry of Agriculture asserts that the Blue Creek Rice Farmers produced seventy eight percent of the total production for 2009 and 66% of the total production for the year 2010.

Rice farmers in the north and south have come out swinging against the Barrow administration. The two groups met recently in Punta Gorda town. Paul Mahung reporting… “During the meeting the well known local rice producers from Blue Creek Orange Walk famous Uncle John’s Rice was represented by owners John Peters and Peter Dyck who spoke of the meeting. Peter Dyck- Rice Producer “We just want to tell the nation of Belize that we stand in solidarity with the farmers in the South. This UDP Government has certainly failed all rice farmers in this country and we feel not only failed, but the whole country of Belize has been failed because rice is a staple in this country and we farmers have a conscience and a passion about growing rice and being misled and failed by a Government is a very serious thing. We are hoping that Government will be changing on March 7 and we are looking forward with optimism that things will change for the better and not for the worse.”

Whither Goest Thou, Merlene?
Last night the Social Security Board of Directors met until 7:30 to review and consider an audit of the of the mortgage write-off programme and - more immediately - to consider the positi

Schakron Loses Passport, Goes To US Embassy In Belmopan
And the other woman making headlines tonight is Yolanda Schakron. The PUP Candidate for Lake I has been thrust into the headlines after 7news broke the story that she is a Belizean who

Down With the King?
And in political news of far lesser significance, a man caught stealing political signs was taken to court today. In the political season, it's the kind of thing that happens all the ti

The GSU Not Afraid Of "Ghost"
Last week Thursday, we told you about the disturbing home invasion on Dean Street, where four badly beaten men alleged that members of the Gang Suppression Unit brutalized them with bats a

Man Goes To Jail For Fondling Child
45 year-old Patrick August, a Belize City boat captain, was convicted of indecent assault in the court room of Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith today. He was charged with 3 counts of inde

Joshua Abraham's Memory fuels Community Effort To Fix Up Park
September 21st. 2011 - all of us have our own memories of that day - but few remember it as the day when 9 year old Joshua Abraham was gunned down - one more child casualty of a war be

Prince Harry at Belmopan Streetfest
Prince Harry's visit to Belize is all set for March second and third. He will be n Belize for just 23 and a half hours - but according to the Foreign Affairs protocol office - it shou

Anti-Doping Experts Meet In Belize
The World Anti-Doping Agency oversees drug testing in sport all over the world, including Belize. As a matter of fact, Belize is fully compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code - and, t

Crocodile Sanctuary Feature Of US Documentary
When you hear our next story is going to be about Simon Cowell - your first thought would probably be that it's about Simon of American Idol fame. But no, this is another Simon Cowell.

The Craft Of Kite-Making
March is around the corner - and while all eyes are focused on the election - those of us who have taken wing with kites, and watched them soar and swing against a sky of cerulean bl

Taiwanese Experts Try To Wrap Their Head Around Belize City
A team of experts from Taiwan are in the country to carry out a 4 day workshop as a part of the Belize City Rejuvenation Project. In 2010, the Government of Belize received a grant from t

Table Tennis Makes Strides In City Schools
The Belize Table Tennis Association is trying to introduce table tennis - or what you might call "ping-pong" in Primary Schools. And making a great leap forward, today the Association delive

Mom Needs Help With Missing Girls
14 year old Alyiah Lanza is tonight being reported missing by her mother. The first form student of Anglican Cathedral Collage - left home on Saturday along with her 10 year old sister -to

Bachelor In Belize
Last night Belize made its primetime appearance on ABC's hit reality dating show "The Bachelor" which started filming in the country around October of last year. More than 10 million viewers tuned in to check out firsthand what is considered to be one of the world's most romantic destinations. Last night's show - which gave Belize's attractions prominent primetime placement. A repeat of the entire show will be airing on Channel 7 on Thursday.

Police brutality victims to sue ComPol and AG!
Dean Street residents say police invaded their homes and beat them in their beds... Four residents of an apartment complex at the corner of Dean and Plues Streets, reputedly in the heart of the territory of the George Street gang, are preparing to make a formal complaint to the Internal Affairs Division of the Belize Police Department, and say they will sue the Commissioner of Police and the Attorney General over an apparent home invasion by masked men alleged to be members of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU), early in the morning of Thursday, February 9, 2012.

Elmer “Vinny” Hamilton dead
In another fatal traffic accident, this one at Mile 42 on the Hummingbird Highway, Elmer Elvis “Vinny” Hamilton, 32, a father of six children and a boat captain of Belize City, lost his life about 10 hours after losing control of his motorcycle on the slippery road on Saturday evening, February 11.

O.W. taxi man found stabbed to death
The last time Antonio Cowo, 60, a taxi operator of Orange Walk Town, was seen alive by his family was on Friday, February 10, at around 12:00 noon when he came home for lunch.

Another human trafficking conviction; 12 months for Yolanda Garcia, 41
Honduran national Yolanda Garcia, 41, was convicted on Friday of trafficking in persons, the second such conviction in a span of two weeks following a verdict handed down on January 31 in San Ignacio Town against Santa Elena resident Narcisa Orellana, 54.

Rhett Fuller applies for bail ahead of Court of Appeal hearing
Government objects for first time, urging caution; decision February 21... This afternoon before Justice Adolph Lucas, businessman and murder suspect in the United States, Rhett Fuller, 42, appeared with attorney Eamon Courtenay, SC, seeking bail for the third time as he begins his 14th year fighting extradition to the U.S. to be tried for the murder of Larry Miller, which took place in Miami, Florida, in 1990.

Stephen “DJ Scorpio” Hall dies in cycle accident
Belizeans from near and far spread the shocking news, through different mediums, that Stephen Alex Hall, 35, also known due to his profession as a disc jockey as “DJ Scorpio,” had died as a result of a horrific 4-man motorcycle crash on the Boom Road, on Saturday, February 11, 2012, shortly after 8:00 a.m.

Ricardo Cak, on the run after brother’s shooting, turns self in
Punta Gorda Police have confirmed that Ricardo Cak, 25, wanted for questioning in the shooting death of his younger brother, Cesar Cak, 18, during an apparent hunting accident, turned himself in on New Year’s Eve, December 31.

Semipro football returns, Premier League kicks off Week 1
The Premier League of Belize opened its 2012 tournament over the weekend with two games on Saturday night and four on Sunday afternoon.

Byron Pope (Elite) and Kaya Cattouse (Women) win 17th Annual Valentine’s Digicell Classic
42 riders started, and 25 finished the 80-mile Elite category race on Sunday in the 2012 Valentine’s Digicell Classic, which started from Mile 2, Leslie’s Imports outside Belize City, travelled to the Northern Highway junction at Data Pro, then took the Boom-Hattieville road and on to Mile 30, La Democracia, returning to finish at Mile 2, Leslie’s Imports. Byron Pope (Benny’s Megabytes) won the two-man sprint to the finish, to take 1st place ahead of Edward Reyes (D&D Cycling), both clocking 3 hrs 20 minutes 23 seconds (3:20:23) for an average of 23.95 miles per hour. Two D&D Cycling teammates then followed, with 3rd place going to Kyne Gentle and 4th Richard Vera, both in 3:20:50. 5th was Luigi Urbina (C-Ray Masters) ahead of 6th place Gregory Lovell (Santino’s), both finishing in 3:22:11. A few minutes later, a group of 3 raced in, with 7th place going to Mark Staine (Benny’s Megabytes), 8th Quinton “The Baddest” Hamilton (Santino’s), and 9th George Abraham, Jr. (unattached), all in a time of 3:26:01. Rounding out the top 10 was Allen Castillo (Benny’s Megabytes) in 3:27:05.

IAAF reps arrive Tuesday to settle BAAA dispute
Mr. Deon Sutherland, Vice-President of the Belize Amateur Athletic Association (BAAA), forwarded a letter received from International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) regional representative Neville “Teddy” McCook, President of the North American Central American and Caribbean (NACAC) branch of the IAAF. BAAA President Ian Gray has been at odds with the rest of his executive for some months now, and the IAAF and NACAC will be looking to see the dispute settled. See the text of McCook’s letter, dated Thursday, February 9, to Sutherland below:

Machine politics
As a media industry, Kremandala is not in the business of dreams where electoral politics is concerned. We support the concepts and the personalities of the so-called independents, but we are not in a position to finance those political candidates who are independent of the PUDP. Such independents would have to raise serious financing in order to be successful, because electoral politics, when you enter the final few hours on election day, is all about the party machines.

S.S.B. Board meets suspended S.S.B. C.E.O. and Auditor
The situation with the Social Security Board (S.S.B.) senior team has already been used in advertisements against the Barrow administration. C.E.O. Merlene Bailey Martinez has been vilified in ads with horns and a hefty salary package. In mid January, the Board of Directors suspended the C.E.O. and SSB’s internal auditor Denise Mahler. The S.S.B. Board ...

US Citizen Schakron visits Uncle Sam
As Belizeans as rice and beans, that’s how Yolanda Schakron described herself at a People’s United Party (P.U.P.) Press Conference on Monday. Her Guatemalan birth was not of her own design, but her United States citizenship was as American as McDonalds. Section fifty-eight (one) of the constitution says, “No person shall be qualified to be ...

GSU’s door busters
Officers of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) allegedly beat up several residents of the Plues Street area last week. The GSU had refuted the claims, however, the attorney for the men say that they will sue the Commissioner of Police and the Attorney General, Bernard Q. Pitts. The Prime Minister had indicated on Monday that ...

Prince coming to Belize
They say if you kiss a frog, it may turn into a prince. Belize has plenty frogs but so far none has elevated to a royal status. But in a few weeks, a bonafide member of the royal family will be in the Jewel. The second child of Prince Charles and Lady Diana is coming ...

Finnegan wakes to color Mesopotamia red
When looking at the percentages in the last General Elections, the best statistical win was by Mesopotamia Area Representative Michael Finnegan. Pundits believe that Finnegan has the safest seat in the country. But that doesn’t mean Finnegan is making any less effort to attain votes. Normally, politicians are caught on the campaign trail with a ...

Would you vote for Government with failed promises?
Tonight’s question is: Would you vote for the government if it has not kept the majority of its manifesto promises? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at channel5belize.com. You can also send an email with your comments to [email protected]

George Price Biography on Top 10 List
George Price: A Life Revealed, the autobiography of the Father of the Nation, has been launched locally and in London and has been well received. In the region, the publication has made it onto the long list of ten books up for the 2012 One Caribbean Media Bocas Prize for Caribbean Literature. The biography, authored ...

Croc Dundees get into rehab
The American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) has been under the lens of renowned U.K wildlife filmmaker, Simon Cowell, not the American Idol creator. Cowell, is a British television presenter who hosts the Animal Planet documentary series called Wildlife S.O.S. For a week now, the U.K. team has been working with ACES to highlight their work ...

$11 Million for IDB Rejuvenation Project
Crocodiles are getting a fresh start on life and some engineers intend to do the same for the paint deprived and pot holed, old capital. The Belize City Master Plan is an urban rejuvenation project, which boasts a complete infrastructural facelift for the country’s commercial hub. The idea is to incorporate existing buildings and open ...

My Refuge Radio’s Independent Candidate
Earlier in the newscast, you heard from the U.D.P.’s Michael Finnegan. In addition to the big red, the list of independent candidates making a bid in the upcoming general elections continues to grow and there’s another name being added today. He is Richard Smith, the Director of My Refuge Radio and he is no stranger ...

Cologne steals politician’s paraphernalia
And while independent candidate, Richard Smith is just getting started, in the Lake Independence Division, the U.D.P.’s Mark King has been campaigning for months. But his campaign suffered a setback when materials worth a thousand dollars were stolen and his billboards were damaged over the weekend. Political mischief is a part of every election, but ...

Captain landlocked 6 years for Assault
Meanwhile in the courtroom of Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, a forty-five year old boat captain was convicted of molesting a thirteen-year-old girl. But Patrick August claims that the teenager framed him. The minor told the court that he touched her inappropriately on three occasions; in December 2010, June 2011 and April 2011. The minor ...

Dim robber pulls knife on karate teachers
And while that minor did not have the skills to defend herself, in the following case, it seems that an assailant found that his potential victims were too much for him to handle. The House of Shotokan is known for its competitions with other karate federations in Mexico. In addition to kata and kumite, it ...

Seasoned Hunter goes Independent in Rural North
Seasoned politician Fred Hunter Senior, who has served as a member of the House of Representatives under the leadership of the late George Cadle Price, has decided to toss his hat into the ring as an independent candidate for Belize Rural Central. Hunter, a resident of that constituency since the late 1940s, told News Five ...

Belize Table Tennis Association gives generously
Three of six Belize City primary schools were today the recipients of table tennis equipment including balls, rackets and tables as part of an initiative spearheaded by the Belize Table Tennis Association to introduce and develop the sport among children. This morning, handing over ceremonies were held at Wesley, Trinity Methodist and Saint Mary primary ...

On the Campaign Trail in Corozal South East
There are thirty-one constituencies, sixty-two candidates from the big blue and big red and about eight independent and third party candidates; that makes the final count no less than seventy individuals who intend to run for public office on nomination day. And though we are unable to feature all of them, our reporters are rocketing ...

Early morning fire destroys Dangriga home
An early morning fire in Dangriga Town yesterday, completely destroyed a wooden structure. The incident took place ...

Alleged victims of police brutality expected to file suit
The Gang Suppression Unit has been accused of yet another case of police brutality. This came after an alleged hous...

New church in Belize City extends public invitation
Harvest Ministries held its inaugural service this past Sunday at the Princess Hotel. It was their first service fo...

UB holds 8th annual Opportunities Fair
The University of Belize today held its annual opportunities fair at the university’s Central Campus Belmopan. The ...

Graduates complete BELTRAIDE program training
The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) held its third graduation and presentation of certi...

Yolanda Schakron spotted at the US Embassy
It was reported in the media on Friday that Yolanda Schakron held dual nationality. Yesterday, we showed you clips ...

Nomination dates Municipal and General Elections announced
Elections will be held on March 7th; both elections: municipal and general. Nominations will not be held on the sam...

Patrick August sentenced to 6 years for child molestation
45 year old Patrick August has been sentenced to serve 6 of 9 years for aggravated assault of an indecent nature up...

DUI suspect in road accident granted bail
A police officer is out on bail after allegedly crashing a police mobile while he was under the influence of alcoho......

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