Just wanted to announce that my latest book, Adapter Kit: Belize, is now out.

It covers living, retiring and investing in Belize. I tried to pack in as much information as I could on the details of living, working, and buying property in Belize. A lot of the ideas in it came from questions and comments I've received from folks on the Internet.

There's a chapter in the book on Ambergris Caye.

I'm pleased with the layout and design of the book -- Avalon (they also publish the Moon Handbooks and the Through the Back Door series) did a great job. Marty Casado and Fran Dwight contributed some photos, and a number of folks in Belize were kind enough to submit to interviews for the book. (Where possible I'm sending these individuals a complimentary copy of the book.)

Anyway, hope you'll buy several copies. They make great door stops, too.

Adapter Kit: Belize, by Lan Sluder, 262 pp., many photos & maps, published by Avalon Travel Publications, US$17.95. Shipping now from Amazon.com and soon to be available at most bookstores including Borders and Barnes & Noble.

--Lan Sluder
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