Dancehall artist, Charlie Black, touched down this morning in Belize City. It is his second time in Belize and the hot newcomer to the dancehall scene - told us, he isn't just here to put on a show - he is also here to shoot his music video called - House Party. 7news caught up with the dancehall superstar today.

Charley Black - Artist
"It's a very splendid vibe as usual, because I always feel at home when I am in Belize, and as usual, at the same spot, as you see."

Monica Bodden
"What's your purpose here for this trip?"

Charley Black
"For this trip, we are really doing a pool-side party Saturday night in Princess. On Thursday, we are shooting a video for a song called, 'House Party'. It's going to be directed by Celeb, Everfilms Company. The song is a brand new song, It hasn't even released as yet. I heard that it would be a first-time that a Jamaican artist shoots a video here. So it's like a big thing for me, as well as the director, at the end of the day. It's a song called 'House Party' so there are going to be girls, and - you already know what a house party is like. I've never done a video like this, so it's very interesting and intriguing."

Omar Aldana - Promoter
"This is my fourth Video with Charley Black, and me being in Belize, it was a must that we actually did one here. He's been in here before, but this is my first time bringing here, and we are doing Princess Pool-side along with a lot of the new artists that I am breaking in to Belize. If people have seen G Star and Instruments of Love, known as Third World Kings, this is an opportunity to fuse all my projects from 2011, and there is no other place to do it rather than at home, right here in Belize."

Charley Black will be hitting the stage in San Pedro on Friday night and on Saturday night he will be at the Princess Poolside.

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