Counterfeit moneyIf the United Democratic Party was not truly a party of the people, our democracy would be in trouble. The People’s United Party has plunged into the dimension of the obsoletes and undesirables. They are no longer a viable opposition and their inability to move a crowd is proof of that.

At the beginning of their Nomination Day parade, only a little over 100 people showed up at the Berger Field. This caused party executives to spring into emergency mode. Code Blue! It was time to show the money. A dark coloured Land Cruiser then showed up in the area and individuals from inside showed off several manila envelopes filled with money. They took out some to show onlookers. It was different denomination of Belize dollars. Many joined the parade after seeing the money.

By the time the parade reached Mahogany Street it was almost 400 strong. Unfortunately for the PUP, a few supporters got close enough to the Land Cruiser to see the money. They noticed that it looked funny. Several of them attacked the Land Cruiser after realizing that they had been hoodwinked. Police officers responded to the scene and approached the driver of the vehicle. It was Ashton Longsworth, former driver and right hand man of Godfrey Smith. PUP mouthpiece, Vaughn Gill, was also near the vehicle. The Police officers confiscated the counterfeit currency but no arrest was made. Some supporters separated from the group and were about to head home but were begged by PUP leaders to stay. They stayed after being assured that real money was available.

No report has been issued by the Belize Police Department as yet on whether Longsworth and company will be charged. Printing and issuing counterfeit currency is a serious offense.

While this incident was reported in Belize City, there are similar instances where this counterfeit currency was being circulated. In Orange Walk, similar reports are being made where fake hundred dollar bills were being given to people to participate in the parade. All to no avail since people were not supporting their move.

The Guardian