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Murder trial for Harrison 'Bin' Jacobs begins
Inquiry into the case of Harrison Jacobs, 22-year-old San Pedro resident was held on Tuesday, February 14th at the San Pedro Magistrate's Court. Jacobs appeared with his attorney in front of Magistrate Sharon Flowers where his case was committed to the April 19th session of the Supreme Court for hearing. On Thursday February 17th, 2011, Jacobs aka "Bin" appeared in the Magistrate's court in Belize City to answer to charges of murder for the death of 20 year old Francis Alexander Figuerroa Cardenas, which occurred on November 28, 2010. Official reports were that: "Sometime before 5:40AM on Sunday, November 28th, police were called to the corner of Seaweed and Sand Piper Streets in the San Juan area of San Pedro Town. There, Police observed a dark skinned person of Creole descent, leaning in a sitting position on a blue concrete fence with what appeared to be a single gunshot wound to the head. The man who was known to police as Bejon Wade was later identified as 20 year old Francis Alexander Figuerroa Cardenas. Mr. Cardenas is of a Belize City address, but was reportedly working on Ambergris Caye."

Preparing for the arrival of Prince Harry to Belize
The Government of Belize, through various departments, is making final preparation for The Royal Visit of Prince Harry. The visit is scheduled to take place on the 2nd and 3rd of March and the 'Happy Prince' is expected to be on Belizean soil for about a total of 23 � hours as a part of the celebration to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee. Queen Elizabeth chose the countries each member of The Royal Family would visit during her Diamond Jubilee Celebration. Prince Harry is known for his humanitarian heart and adventurous spirit, and Belize is perhaps the best destination. During his visit Prince Harry will be actively engaged with the Belizean populace, and focusing less on ceremonial activities. As part of his itinerary, Prince Harry will visit one of Belize's most frequented Maya Temples - Xunantunich, enjoy cultural activities, host a luncheon with children, attend a street party open to the Belizean public, visit the OAS Adjacency Zone in Western Belize and visit with both BATSUB and Belize Defense Force Soldiers before leaving.


Getting Ready for Carnaval: Friday Night in San Pedro, Belize
Wine De Vine always has a very popular Friday night event where people get together, sip (or guzzle) wine and eat cheese, pate and other goodies. Yesterday, it was a full blown Mardi Gras party with free masks and beads... And, if you wore green, purple or yellow, you received a free glass of wine. I think Maureen (on the right) won best dressed. Her dress was the perfect combination of all three. There was live music and a local dance troupe did a short cultural performance. They were really good and very festive. Carnaval in town starts tonight. Saturday, Feb 18th - the 3rd annual Carnaval Fiesta at Central Park with the Miss Carnaval Popularity Contest, Local Dances and Surprises and the band, Rompe Raja. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will be the comparsas and the painting. Get ready for it.

Walking in the Steps of Mayans at ATM (Actun Tunichil Muknal)
Today was my second and my Mom's first visit to ATM. It was tied for my favorite things to do in Belize when I visited in December 2010. Today I wasn't sure what to expect�would it be exactly the same?�would it be completely different?�what would be different? I was definitely not let down. We had an absolutely amazing day with Francisco from Pacz Tours. The hike there was EXCELLENT. It was pouring rain and I just love playing in the mud. The best part was we saw Jaguar tracks!!! One of the things I've been dying to see in Belize is a Jaguar in the wild. I know that my chances are slim to none given that many people have lived here their entire lives and not seen one in the wild (our guide included), but a girl can have dreams�right? To me seeing the tracks was the next best thing. Francisco wasn't too surprised because he had seen a dog up in the area the day before and assumed that the Jaguar was hunting.

Channel 7

Yolanda Schakron's Candidacy Rejected
All across Belize today, the ground shook as the major mass parties rolled out for nomination day. In Belize City, they rolled hardest because 10 divisions are concentrated in the cit...

Schakron's Attorneys Argue In Court
And our next news team was at court where a parallel action was being heard. Attorney Lisa Shoman's application for an injunction was based on the ground that there is a threat, via ...

Barrow Responds to Schakron
And so, after all that, the short-lived candidacy of Yolanda Schakron is finished. She was the PUP's Lake I Candidate for 11 fiery days. As you heard in her scathing exit interview, Y...

And Who's Out Of The Blue For The Lake?
But the important question right now - particularly for Lake Independence voters - is who will run for the PUP in that division that has gone from a sure seat to a veritable jack in the box....

PUP's Nomination Day Parade, Better, But Not The Best
After being outdone in terms of numbers, energy and mass appeal on the city council nomination day - the PUP had the pressure on them to make a recovery today for the general election ...

UDP Marched "Like A Tremendous Machine"
And while Musa is still willing to take the blame, UDP Party Leader Dean Barrow is ready to take all the credit for an unprecedentedly large showing by his party today. In terms o...

Man Says He Was Chopped Because Of Domestic Issues
23 year old Albert Nunez, a resident of Kelly Street, is tonight hospitalized at the KHMH after he was allegedly attacked with a machete by his girlfriend's baby's daddy. The incident...

Hideous Gang Rape Of Child Reported In San Ignacio
Tonight there is very disturbing news coming out of San Ignacio Town - about a 12 year old minor who was gang raped by 3 men. It happened around 4 yesterday afternoon. The child was ass...

Marlene Bailey Martinez Terminated For Insider Trading At SSB
Reports have been swirling since Tuesday that Merlene Bailey Martinez, the CEO of Social Security Board, was terminated. Today the Amandala confirmed that chairman Lois young has conf...

Castro Says He Gave His Green Card A Red Light
According to reports, today an objection was filed against Edmund Castro's candidacy in Belize Rural North - presumably on the basis that he is a dual national. But is he? Well, you heard...

"Rapidito" Bail For Remanded Cop
Last night we told you about Special Branch Corporal Gino Peck who, after a 3 week tug-and-war within the police department, was arraigned for illegal ammunition, which was found in a raid...

Insect Found For the First Time In Belize
In Belize we always knew we held hidden wonders, however small. One such wonder was found in the tropical rainforests of southern Belize. Scientists from the University of Illinois recentl...

River Race, A Warm Up for Ruta Maya
The lead-up to the upcoming double Elections of 2012 scheduled for March 7th is already becoming a spectacle. But there's no greater spectacle than the event that's scheduled only a couple ...


Orlando Burns Nomination In Question
Does Orlando Burns the U.D.P Standard Bearer for Orange Walk East Standard Bearer hold a dual citizenship? We'll reports are that he does and based on that information Sylvia Gillett a registered voter of Orange Walk East objected to Burn's nomination today. Now, this is certainly a bomb for the U.D.P who has been criticizing Yolanda Shakron all along. At 2:00 this afternoon Gillett visited the Sandy Hunter Library where she handed over the objection letter to the returning officer for the Orange Walk East Electoral Division. The objection letter states and we quote "I hereby object to the nomination of Orlando Landy Burns for nomination as a candidate for the United Democratic Party for the Orange Walk East Electoral Division for the General Elections to be held on March 7th 2012, on the ground that the said Orlando Landy Burns does not qualify as a candidate because I am informed and I verily believe that he is, by virtue of his own act, a citizen of a foreign state." End of quote.

Shakron's Nomination Reject But Another Shakron Nominated For Lake I
In Belize City, Nomination Day started with Yolanda Galvez-Shakron and her attorney Lisa Shoman learning officially that her nomination as the PUP standard bearer for the Lake Independence Division was objected to by the UDP and that the Returning Officer Mrs. Noreen Fairweather could not enter her name as a candidate. By the end of Nomination Day however, another Galvez emerged as the PUP Candidate for Lake I, Shakron's brother Martin Galvez. Yolanda Shakron, Belizean activist and PUP supporter, offered herself as a candidate for the PUP Lake Independence division after long time PUP representative Cordel Hyde resigned as the Party's Standard Bearer. Shakron, whose candidacy was announced at a PUP Press Conference on Monday February 6TH, immediately started her campaign in the Lake Independence Division. Many Party insiders felt that Shakron was a strong candidate and with the support of the Lake I executive committee would win the division. But shortly after Shakron started her work in Lake I it was revealed that in addition to being a Belizean, she also was a US Citizen.

PUP Corozal Standard Bearers Officially Nominated For General Elections
Further in the North, Corozalenos put up with the heat of the sun as they wore their blue and white t-shirts in support to the People's United Party and their four Standard Bearers. We first take a look at how nomination day went for P.U.P Standard Bearer for Corozal North Valdemar Castillo and P.U.P Standard bearer for Corozal Bay Gregorio Papas Garcia. Reporter Hipolito Novelo and Cameraman Kenric Simpson filed the following report. Party supporters were definitely not afraid to express their support for Corozal North P.U.P Standard Bearer Valdemar Castillo. As the seasoned politician, along with voters of Corozal North, marched towards the Corozal Community College, where he would be officially nominated, the blue and white flags waved in the air. At CCC Castillo, as is required by the law, was nominated by six registered voters. And after the process was completed Castillo walked out of the CCC building where he was greeted with the ever famous P.U.P all the way. Just as his supporters Castillo was excited about his nomination.

PUP Standard Bearer Offers Free Clinic
Back in the days when the economy was striving, seeing a doctor was not that expensive but with today's frightening economic times seeing a doctor has become nearly financially impossible. With that in mind CTV3 News that on Sunday Doctor Marco Tulio Mendez along with other medical doctors will be offering free medical services to residents of Orange Walk East. The free clinic will be held at the Evangelical Church located at the corner of Savannah Street in the Louisiana Area. Specialist will include a gynecologist, pediatrician, radiologist, general surgeon and internist. All residents of Orange Walk East and surrounding areas are asked to take advantage of the free medical clinic.

PUP Orange Walk Candidates Officially Nominated
Today was nomination day for General Elections across the jewel. It was the day that political nominees of every colour and affiliation formally register as candidates for the 31 available seats in the House of Representatives. The actual nomination of a candidate is a pretty straightforward process but the day on the other hand has taken on a life of its own. It is now more about a show of numbers - and an opportunity for the mass parties to flex their muscle and machinery. And that is just what happened today in Orange Walk. The first set of candidates to be registered this morning was those of the People's United Party. And of course with the political momentum already on their side the P.U.P once again proved this morning that the wind of change is blowing in their direction. Just as the heat of the scourging sun, supporters of the Peoples Untied Party were fired up this morning as they gathered in front of the offices of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association. The P.U.P brought out hundreds of supporters from Orange Walk East, North, South and Central. And among the wave of blue were the four P.U.P standard Bearers who would soon become the official candidates for the March 7th General Elections.

CWU Advises SSB Workers Not To Sign Petition
The fate of suspended Chief Executive Officer of the Social Security Board, Merlene Bailey-Martinez and Internal Auditor, Denise Mahler has drawn major controversy. And while the board of directors wants Bailey to be dismissed, the Chair Louise Young has opposing feelings. After a meeting on Tuesday with Bailey, CTV3 News understands that managers were persuaded to advise staff members to sign a petition advocating that Bailey be retained. While some staff members have signed the petition in fear of losing their job, others are strongly resisting. Today, the Christian Workers Union fired off a press release in which it expresses its utmost dismay and dissatisfaction with the maneuvering of managers and other entities coercing their members to sign the petition. The President of Christian Worker's Union, Antonio Gonzalez, says that the union has no problem when it comes to Bailey's dismissal.

Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage To Hold a People's Referendum
Oceana gave it their all in order for a national referendum to ban off shore drilling to take place on March 7th, the same day that Municipal and General Elections will be held. Over twenty thousand signatures were collected and over eight thousand were rejected by the Elections and Boundaries Department! But according to the Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage the fight is not over and plan B has been set into motion. The Coalition, we understand, will be holding a People's Referendum on February 24th in order to give registered voters and opportunity to express their view when it comes to offshore drilling. "On the 24th of February, the Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage will be holding a national referendum which we are dubbing the people's referendum, it is going to give all registered voters the opportunity to vote on one issue and that issue is whether or not we should have oil exploration or drilling in Belize offshore."