The lead-up to the upcoming double Elections of 2012 scheduled for March 7th is already becoming a spectacle. But there's no greater spectacle than the event that's scheduled only a couple days after.

That is the Ruta Maya River challenge that has reached epic proportions in drawing wide appeal both nationally and internationally. Tomorrow, dozens of Belize's best paddlers will take advantage of the last opportunity available to size up their competitors, in the Boom to the City Canoe Challenge.

The event, says John Searle Jr., is a precursor to the upcoming Ruta Maya Challenge.

John Searle Jr.
"This is the third time that Guiness has been sponsoring the race. It's the last big race before the Ruta Maya event, and it's a great time for all the competitors to come out and feel out the competition. It's also a great time for all the fans to come out and see all the paddlers out there. And this year, we are having some stiff competition with Belize Bank, the Zip Rider, NICH, and a couple of the other teams. They are all about a few seconds apart, so it's a going to be a good race. The entrance fee is a $100 per team. You get tee shirts for the paddlers, and you get a nice juicy Riverside burger with fries for paddlers and one support crew. Guiness is sponsoring, as I mentioned earlier on, and we start in Boom at 9 o'clock in the morning. There is pre-registration between 8 and 8:45. The race starts at 9, and we finish at the Riverside Tavern somewhere around 12 o'clock."

Jim McFadzean
"How important are these types of warm-up races just before the Ruta Maya?"

John Searle Jr.
"I think very important because a lot of people go out and train and you don't really get to train with a lot of other boats. And to become race-ready, and to feel what it's like to be out there, and to get the Adrenaline pump, I think it's very important."

For more details about tomorrow's race, you can call Searle at 610-0840 or 223-5505.

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