Super "BIG THUMBS UP" for the Japan Culture Day In Belize City.

The Embassy of Japan and the Japan Foundation hosted a Japanese cultural event at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts in Belize City, Sunday night and it was FREE FA ALL WE (I like freedom and free stuff).

Fantastic drummers Kenny Endo and Miles Endo shook the house with their drums and soothed the mind, body and soul with organized and synchronized drumming and various flute and such. Belize's Pantempers Steel Orchestra are in their 20th year (I think) and were simply fantastic. They'll put a smile on anyone’s face with the fun they have playing musica.

One of the best multicultural events I have witnessed, which is one of the things I love about this place – we all the peeps together. The Ambassador from Japan, Japan Foundation, Belize NICH, Belize Friends of Japan, JICA, and some other organizations were all there. I think I saw the Taiwanese ambassador and a former Belize PM there too. Very cool to see all Belizean peeps (Mayan, Creole, Garifuna, Hispanic, European, North American, and Asian cultures breaking bread at lunch and then playing musica for our ears in the evening. Pics and details on my blog later by Tuesday. Big up to all involved!

Dr Walkabout Buzzard