And another public opinion survey of note was held on Friday. As we had told you, Derek Aikman staged his call - in mock election where he called a sample of voters from each division and asked who they think will win the election.

We were unable to find out how many persons were sampled - but the results show that there are 16 sure or likely seats for the UDP, 2 for the PUP and 13 are still undecided or too close to call. Of the paltry PUP projected wins, PUP party leader, Francis Fonseca, was not one of them, and he wasn't in the undecided either. The poll projected a marginal victory to Lee Mark Chang - the UDP candidate.

According to the poll, the only divisions the PUP was comfortable in are Belize Rural North and Orange Walk Central, notably omitting Fort George which, right now, is considered, statistically, the party's safest seat.

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