With all the political fanfare and controversy of last week Friday, we shorted you a story, even though the newscast was lengthy.

That story involves the Belize Amateur Athletic Association or BAAA as it is better known.

From as early as September of last year, the BAAA had been having some internal turmoil at the executive level of management.

The duly elected President, Ian Gray, was at odds with 6 members of the committee of management, whom he suspended for 6 months.

This suspension came after he was accused of financial misconduct, usurping the authority of the members and making decisions without their notice or approval. They then sought to remove Grey from office.

The dispute caught the attention of the International Association of Athletics Federation, which governs athletics in this region.

As a result, representatives of the IAAF came to Belize last week, and they met with members of the BAAA for a first-hand accounting of the situation.

On Friday, 7News caught up with IAAF Representative, Neville Teddy McCook, before he left Belize to report back to headquarters.

Here's what he had to say on those proceedings:

Neville Teddy McCook - Representative, IAAF
"There has been a slight problem in the operations of the Belize Amateur Athletic Association, and we are representing the IAAF to see how best we can solve this problem. We met with all parties concerned. We have taken the necessary information, and we will report this to the IAAF, who will make adjudication on the matter. If there are problems with individual members, they have to work that out themselves. What we have done here is that we have had discussions with the duly elected president and other members of the duly elected association that was elected in 2010. We are satisfied with the information that we have had, which we will forward to Monaco."

When we asked for confirmation of some of on the reports to the media, McCook told us that he was not in a position to get into detail with them.

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