This delicious, sweet fruit is about the size of a tomato. It is one of Belize's little super fruits I like to call them. Tiny delicious snacks that are jam packed with all kinds of good stuff for your body. I had to research what this little fruit is good for and I am amazed. I found this amazing fruit is good for fighting Colon Cancer, hemorroids, constipation, hemoraging, strengthens bones, improves eye quality, and get this ladies it helps our skin look younger. :)

This fruit has the texture of a necterine and kinda taste like a cinnamon apple, brown sugar mix and for the most part this fruit isn't seedy. It has 1 maybe 2 or 3 seeds in it, well that i have ever seen. One website said that it has 13 seeds per fruit but I dunno about that one, all the times i've eaten this fruit i've found maybe 3 the most in it. the seeds are black and shiny and are easy to plant.

Some more fun facts about Sapadilli is that the latex that comes out of the bark as used by the Aztecs as a base for chicle.  And there is another species of Sapadilli that the latex is used to make "Balata" which is then used to make rubber boots, mechanical belts and other industrial rubber products, Crazy!!!

The vitamins and minerals found in this fruit are 25% of your RDA (Recommended Daily amount) of Vitamin C. It has Vitamin A, copper, iron, potassium, high in sucrose and glucose, folate niacin, & pantothenic acid.

Now enough about how good it is for us and on to how we eat this baby.  One way is to do as i had done in this picture and thats just slice it up and eat it. you can make a juice, smoothie, ice cream, cheesecake, pie out of this. The list is long. I like to think whatever I can do with a peach i can do with this. I had the idea of making a cobbler but decided that for today's recipe i'm gonna go a lil bit simpler so we can get to eating this faster :).

Sapodilla Pudding


1 cup Honey Nut Cheerio's (pulverized in a blender/food processor)

4tbsp melted butter

1 pack Vanilla jello Pudding

2 cups cold Milk

2 Sapodilla

1 Banana

Cinnamon (optional)


1. Take cheerios and put in a blender until it's all crumbs. Then place crumbs at the bottom of 6 ramekins.

2. Melt butter. Spoon butter into each ramekin and mix in with the crumbs to make a firm crust bottom. Place ramekins in freezer.

3. Take the 2 sapodilla and cut in half and spoon out the meat (without the seed) into the blender with the power from the jello pack and the 2 cups of cold milk. Blend until thick.

4. spoon pudding into ramkins, slice up the banana's place on the top and sprinkle with cinnamon and put in freezer for about 45 mins. after that eat up!


Cheerio crumbs.

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