Valid Time: Monday, Feb. 20, 2012 until Monday, Feb. 27, 2012

It will be a seasonally dry and breezy week. Evidence of the 2012 Dry Season is noticeable across Belize. The Dry Season could become more intense later in March, April and early May.

The feature of interest this working week will be a seasonally drier and stable East to South-easterly airflow over the NW Caribbean and Belize, generated by a weakening Atlantic High Pressure system and a broad, frontal low pressure system moving over and to the north of Texas during the next 24 to 48 hours.

A cold front will make its way slowly south-eastward across the Gulf of Mexico by early Friday, reaching a position from the Florida Keys to southern Yucatan by Saturday evening. The approach of this front could trigger off some localized thunderstorms over inland Belize on Saturday afternoon and evening. This frontal zone is likely to become diffused over Belize on Sunday, and will then dissipate.

The weather will be seasonally sunny and dry during most of this working week, with a fresh East to South-easterly breeze prevailing. The proximity of the cold front on Saturday evening and Sunday could provoke some afternoon and evening thunderstorms especially in the interior and north. Some showers and rain could affect most districts and coastal waters on Sunday. The rains will die away later on Monday and Tuesday.

Daily rainfall accumulations will be minimal from Monday through Saturday morning, ranging from a mere 0.01 to 0.10 of-an-inch. Daily rainfall totals will increase later on Saturday through Monday, with totals ranging from 0.25-0.50 of-an-inch over most districts and coastal waters.

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The San Pedro Sun

Vive Y Goze La Tradicion – San Pedro Carnaval 2012
The annual celebration of San Juan Carnaval, under the theme “Vive y Goze la Tradicion”, commenced on Saturday night, February 18th. The festival commenced with a block party at Central park with various dance presentations by the San Pedro Dance Company. Following the dance presentations, it was time for the crowning of Miss Carnaval 2012-2013. With initially three young ladies vying for the title – the competition was cut when two stepped down, leaving one individual representing. Shortly after 9PM, reigning Miss Carnaval 2011-2012, Miss Ileny Aguilar, took to the stage for the official crowning of Miss Carnaval 2012-2013, Miss Miriam Rodriguez. Bayside Bar and Gril - Best Decorated Booth at Carnaval 2012 As part of the block party celebration, booths also competed for three categories: best decorated, best carnaval platter and best carnaval drink. In the category for the best decorated booth; Bayside Bar and Grill took the prize, with their carnaval theme and colorful decorations. Best Carnaval platter went to the Blue Hole Restaurant for their Pork Pibil and best carnaval drink went to Nicti-Ha, with their concoction, dubbed the “Blue Sacrifice”, a delicious combination of Vodka, lime, sugar and Gatorade.

Inmate dies in SP Police Custody
Sometime around 11pm Monday night, acting upon complaints received, SP Police detained one Miguel Martinez, 32, of a San Pedrito Area address. Martinez was detained and brought to the SP Police Station and placed in a cell with four other inmates. According to reports, Martinez was acting disorderly and apparently under the influence of alcohol. When Police made checks sometime around 5am Tuesday, they observed what appeared to be the motionless body of Martinez on the floor of the cell. After attempts at reviving him, and receiving no response, Dr. Javier Zuniga was called. Zuniga certified him dead shortly after. San Pedro Police is conducting an investigation following the death of a detainee at the police station. While there has been no official release, the department confirmed to The San Pedro Sun that sometime around 8:00AM on Tuesday February 21st, 32 year old Miguel Martinez was found dead inside his cell. He was found by an on duty officer after he was alerted by other detainees that Martinez was motionless. In speaking to stepfather of the deceased, Emmanuel Diego, The San Pedro Sun found out that Martinez was detained on the beach following a report. “According to Police he was detained after he was walking with a machete in his hand. The police got a call from a hotel saying that Martinez was with a machete on the beach giving trouble. The security guys from the hotel handcuff him and handed him over to the police; that was around one in the morning. They brought him here (at the station) and according to the police, they put him in a cell along with other inmates that were in there. According to them [Police], it seems that Martinez was giving trouble and was put in another cell by himself. By this morning, he [Martinez] was dead.”

Tourists injured in boat accident
There was a boat accident near San Pedro Town sometime around 3:10PM today, Tuesday, February 21st. The Belize Port Authority (BPA) has confirmed that the two vessels, namely Thanks A lot Two owned by a local dive company and another vessel 18 Degrees North owned by Robert Shiltz collided at sea in front of the San Pedro Belize Tourism Board office. While the extent of damage to the boats is unknown at this time, the collision injured two of the four American tourists on board 18 Degrees North. The injured people were taken to the Los Pinos Clinic for medical attention. According to the BPA, one female passenger sustained injuries to the face and three of her teeth were knocked out as a result of the impact. Her husband, on the other hand, received injuries to the knee and hip. When The San Pedro Sun arrived at the clinic, the injured woman was seen wearing a neck brace when leaving the clinic.

Ambergris Today

SPJC Places 4th at ATLIB Basketball Nationals
On Saturday, February 18, 2012, the ATLIB Basketball Nationals took place in San Ignacio at Falcon Field. There were four male teams and four female teams. The two Female teams from the Northern Region were St. Johns Junior College and Wesley Junior College and the two male teams were San Pedro Junior College and Wesley Junior College. The two female teams in the Southern Region were University of Belize and Ecumenical Junior College and male teams were Galen University and University of Belize.
If there is any indication of how crazy Carnaval will be tonight, it has to be the crazy amount of painting that was taking place yesterday, the second day of the San Pedro Carnaval Festivities. Herds of Carnaval revelers took to the street to enjoy painting each other and there was paint and eggs flying all around the place. What was great to see last night was the amount of Comparsas that took to street dancing; there were actually seven groups that livened up the town with their great musical compositions and dance routines. Coming out with Comparsa groups on Tuesday, February 20, 2012, were: * The San Pedro AIDS Commission: with a rendition of the Belizean Mennonites and their produce * Doña Flora's Group: that dressed up as the Belizean Garifuna and celebrated their culture with authentic dresses, headbands and accessories * Pablo's Girls: always entertaining with a tribute to Don Juan Carnaval * Isla Bonita Elementary School: had their version of Don Juan Carnaval dancing with his bevy of beautiful girls * Isla Bonita Elementary School: (Group 2) danced to “Hey Mickey” to raise funds for the Miss Isla Bonita Elementary Pageant *Ambergris Caye Elementary School: (ACES) stepped out with a comparsa dancing to Lambada and Shakira’s Waka Waka * The Dynamic Dancers: performed a comparsa of “Los Negritos”

Inmate’s Death at SP Police Station Raises Concerns
There was quite a commotion at the San Pedro Police Station as an inmate was found dead this morning, Tuesday, February 21, 2012. Friends and relatives of the deceased gathered outside the Police Station waiting to see their loved one and to get some questions answered in regards to his death. According the Belize Public Relations Officer, Mr. Rafael Martinez, San Pedro Police received a call from the Phoenix Resort stating that a male person with a machete was acting in a disorderly manner and disrupting the peace in the area. The male person, Miguel Martinez, was apprehended by the resorts security guards and then handed over the San Pedro Police Station on Tuesday, February 21, 2012, at about 5:00a.m.


Belize Birding: Chance To See Over 540 Bird Species
Belize is a sanctuary for over 540 bird species and a popular destination for bird-watchers from all over the world. It is possible to see as many as 400 different birds on a single guided bird-watching tour through the beautiful land of Belize. Due to the dedication and hard work of many people throughout the years, Belize has managed to become a premier destination for those who love birds and want to see the colors and interactions of these fine creatures in their natural habitat. Protected as part of Belize’s heritage, conservation efforts have preserved the land, area and birds themselves. The Belize National Parks System Act (1981) initiated the establishment of protected areas that have long been maintained for the preservation of the birds, wildlife, land, and heritage. From colorful parrots to tiny hummingbirds, Belize has a diversity in birds that is unique from anywhere else in the world, and below you will find some info on a handful of the birds you can expect to see while visiting Belize.

Sunday Afternoons Mean BBQ and Live Music in San Pedro
The town is hopping right now. With Presidents Day and schools' spring breaks, these next few weeks tend to be some of the busiest of the year. Sunday afternoon in San Pedro is always a great day to go out, have a few cold beers and listen to some music. Last Sunday, I stopped by a few on my way into town. It was a beautiful day. My first stop was the Catamaran Bar at Caribbean Villas Resort. They have a full bar, a BBQ going, live music by Tull starting at around 2:30pm and sailing races all morning. There were lots of people sitting and eating.

Vandalism or Just Good, Traditional Fun? Carnaval In San Pedro, Belize
Yesterday, I posted the fun side of Carnaval. Like this picture... But a local businessman posted something this morning that made me go out and take a second look. He wrote (allow me to paraphrase a bit): "Carnaval...promotes the destruction and defacing of private property and makes our town look like a dump" and "Anyone who is for the continuation of this vandalism is simply not affected by the vandalism of their property. I would be happy to come over to your house and pour 5 gallons of paint in your yard and your vehicles..." and "hanging people in the town square was also something people did some time ago and yet most civil societies have decided that it now makes no sense". When I was out Sunday night there were certainly not police or parents supervising any of the painting. Many business owners and even the town put up plastic tarps to protect their property from paint and eggs. But was it enough? Is this teaching kids that defacing property is "something fun" and should have no consequences? Here are the pictures that I took this morning. This is what is left over from days one and three (today) is just getting started and day three is usually the one that brings the most paint. Should this holiday practise continue? Is it a charming island tradition or just destruction? You be the judge.

Photo Blog: A week on Tobacco Caye
There are about 450 sandy islands on the Belize Barrier Reef off the caribbean coast of Belize. Belizeans call them ‘cayes’. We have a steady relationship with the two big ones, and I’d say that we’re on Ambergris Caye or Caye Caulker almost every other week. While those two are our steady cayes, we had a one week fling with another one – Tobacco Caye – last christmas. And we loved it. Watching the sunset from the bar - click to enlarge Tobacco Caye is tiny, at a size of only 400 by 200 feet you can walk around it in 5 minutes and across in a lot less. It’s intimate with about 20 permanent residents and 5 little lodges with 3-10 rooms each. The daily routines are mainly dictated by food (you eat at your lodge and at a given time when the bell or triangle calls you to the communal picnic tables) and the generator (there’s light usually until 9 or 10 – then it’s you and your headlamp). When we got to Tobacco Caye, I was worried that I was looking at going out of my OCD workaholic mind within hours. I had a list of projects lined up before I even set foot on this oasis of nothingness. I didn’t do any of them. Handing over daily routines to the meal bell, the hammock and falling asleep whenever you felt like it became our life for the duration of our stay and I left Tobacco Caye so utterly relaxed that I couldn’t even remember when I had last been this grounded and recharged.

Photo blog: Flying through the Air in Belize
Belize has a multitude of little sand islands, called cayes along its coast. The smaller cayes are nothing more than a pile of sand on some coral while the biggest one (Ambergris Caye) spans 40 by 1.6 km in size. Ambergris Caye is the most developed tourism destination in Belize with a big expat community enjoying fishing, scuba diving and hanging out at the pool. Last week, I was fortunate enough to have to attend a training on Ambergris Caye. One of the perks of working in tourism is that you get to visit a lot of tourism destinations and nifty hotels. On the way back (flying in a 9 seat Cessna) I took a couple of pictures of my commute from work:

Photo: Paul Nabor
One of the highlights of my trip to Belize was spending some time with local guitar legend and Garifuna spiritual healer, Paul Nabor. At 80 years old, he’s no longer a world traveler, but still plays guitar most days. I was lucky enough to be an audience of one for a private concert. To watch the video and hear it yourself, check out the piece I wrote for Big World Magazine. Oh, and if you find yourself in Punta Gorda, remember that Mr. Nabor prefers his beer warm.

Dukunu recipe – Mayan tamales!
One of the wonderful things (among many) about having an island resort in Belize is discovering the food of Belize. Many years ago I discovered a wonderful Belizean dish: Dukunu. We don’t serve it on the island because it is too labor intensive : ( But at a locals Belize City restaurant, like Ceni’s, you can sometimes find it. Dukunu is a fabulous dish! And you can make these marvelous corn packets at home using this recipe. Residents of New Mexico will be particularly interested as it is similar to, but also very different from tamales, a staple in New Mexico. Dukunu is usually vegetarian, which is one of the reasons I love them since I don’t eat meat. It is not made of masa, but of roasted and ground corn kernals. Also, it uses coconut milk. This corn mixture steamed in corn husks was a favorite of the ancient Mayans of Belize.

Adventure, food and fun in Belize
Adventure, food and fun are all to be found in the Central American country of Belize… at least according to today’s interviewees. We speak with Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons and Lebawit Lily Girma about the time they’ve spent in what seems to be a marvelous country. Lily Girma set out to try every adventure sport and adventure tour in Belize over three months, and reckon’s she’s failed! That’s a whole lot of adventure for what many people imagine is a small country given over to diving. It’s true that Belize has one of the world’s largest ocean reefs, and diving abounds, but she also discovered lush forests; caving, canyoning and rapelling treks; and an ability to tie this into Mayan and Garifuna culture.

VIDEO: Altun Ha Maya Ruin in Belize
This is the location where the prized jewel of Belize and famous Maya Jade Head of the Maya Sun God, Kinich Ahau originated from.

VIDEO: "Sweet Gial" Awaits Your Arrival
Guest Services Team aboard "Sweet Gial" headed to San Pedo to greet and transport arriving guest back to their villa at La Perla Del Caribe. Ambergris Caye, Belize, CA

Channel 7

Man Dies In Custody Of San Pedro Police
The police department is under pressure tonight after a police officer shot a man in the face last night and then today a young man died in custody. We headline tonight's news with

Police Sergeant Shoots A Man In OW Bar
Last night just before ten, an ambulance rushed into the city from Orange Walk Town. Inside, Orange Walk resident, Jorge Celis was hoping he didn't lose his eye after he had been shot by

PUP's Manifesto Promises "Deliverance" But Not Much Else
And turning now from crime to politics – the PUP launched its 2012 to 2016 manifesto today. Now, you might be saying 2012 – 2016? But that's only four years – why not to

A Tale Of Two Leaders And One Superbond
And whoever has the manifesto that appeals more strongly to voters will form the next government – and one of the first things they'll have to deal with is the Superbond. A 33.5 milli

Merlene Resigned
Merlene Bailey-Martinez has resigned as CEO of the Social Security Board. After weeks of stony silence, the Social Security Board today issued a release saying that she resigned on

Rhett fuller Denied Bail
One of the last attempts to get 40 year old Rhett Fuller a breath of fresh air, was rejected outright today by the Supreme Court. Fuller who is fighting deportation to the United St

Alleged Armed Robber Remanded
22 year-old Mark Ramdas, who pleaded guilty to drug trafficking, has been remanded for allegedly committing armed robbery after he appeared in Magistrates Court. According to police, t

Senior Citizen Jailed For Fondling
61 year-old Godfrey Mortis, a taxi driver of Amara Avenue, has been sentenced to 2 years in prison for fondling an 8 year-old female child. According to the child, who testified in came

Mother Pleads For Missing Teen To Return Home
Tonight, the Mother of another missing teenager is pleading for her safe return. Lisa Bradley, the mother of 15 year old Wesley College student, Lianie Baptist, says her daughter left

What A Lot Of Weed!
Last night we told you about Jason Gilharry, a 20 year-old UB student charged with Unlawful Cultivation of Marijuana Plants. Well tonight we have the pictures to accompany the story,

Police Descend On Hopkins For Drugs
Last week Friday, the Anti drug unit descended on Hopkins Village. They searched several houses in the area, and as a result, arrested 9 people for charges ranging from drug trafficking to

Junior Jaguar's Birthday Bash
He turned 5 today, and keeping with tradition, the World's Best Little Zoo threw a lavish party befitting one of their most celebrated attractions. Junior Buddy was the Jaguar cub b...

Channel 5

S.S.B. C.E.O. Merlene Bailey Martinez resigns
Merlene Bailey-Martinez has resigned as C.E.O. of the Social Security weeks after reports of insider trading became public. The Social Security Board decided since early last week to terminate Bailey-Martinez so when she turned up to work on Monday, it raised a number of questions. Bailey-Martinez had been placed on administrative leave since January eleventh, ...

Fuel prices go up again before elections
There was another hike in fuel prices over the weekend, the second in two weeks. The price increase for premium gasoline was the smallest, going up by five cents to eleven dollars and sixty-three cents. Regular, however, is up eighteen cents and is now selling for eleven dollars and thirty cents per gallon. The biggest ...

P.U.P. Manifesto of Price, Peace and Revolution
On Monday, the People’s United Party released its manifesto for the Belize City Council elections. This afternoon, it launched its platform for the general elections. The manifesto is dedicated to the memory of George Price, who passed away last September, and is entitled Deliverance for Belize. As a matter of priority, the P.U.P. promises job ...

Facing extradition: Rhett Fuller denied bail
In the United States, Rhett Fuller is wanted in connection with the murder of US National Larry Miller. Fuller moved back to Belize following the incident and for over a decade, he has been in and out of court fighting extradition to the US. The Minister of Foreign Affairs on September twentieth, 2011 decided to ...

Do you believe government deserves a 2nd term?
Tonight’s question is: Would you believe the current government deserves a second term in office? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to [email protected]

Found dead in San Pedro Prison Cell
There are three deaths to report tonight. We start first with the baffling death of a San Pedro resident, who died this morning in a holding cell at the island’s police station. On Monday night Miguel Martinez, who was recently released from prison, was taken into custody. The family is suspicious because Martinez was only ...

Missing Stann Creek man was murdered
While the circumstances of Martinez’ death are suspicious, the demise of forty-one year old Ignacio Ical is conclusive. Seven days ago, Ical went into the jungle in the Canada Hill Area in the Stann Creek District to harvest a fruit called ‘pakaia’. His family grew concerned when he didn’t return home because Ical frequented that ...

Orange Walk’s Abel Robinson murdered
In the north, another missing man was found murdered. Days after he disappeared, a search party on Monday discovered the body of twenty-one year old Abel Robinson from Orange Walk Town. The badly decomposed body was lying under a tree off a picado road in the Palmar area. Abel left home on Friday and when ...

Cop detained after shooting incident at Picame Bar
There’s another incident in Orange Walk Town where a police sergeant shot Jorge Celis in the eye and it is under investigation. The police version is that on Monday Sergeant Roberto Novelo, who is attached to the Belize City Crimes Investigations Branch, and his brother, Moises Novelo were at the Picame Bar in Orange Walk ...

B.T.I.A. supports People’s Referendum
A people’s referendum will be held next week Wednesday. The Belize Tourism Industry Association, which chairs the Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage called on member organizations to support the referendum. After almost eight thousand signatures were rejected, preventing a referendum, the Coalition decided to execute an independent poll. So next week, country-wide people ...

2 escaped convicts recaptured
Last Friday two inmates escaped from the Belize Central Prison in Hattieville. Security at the facility managed by the Kolbe Foundation was breached in daylight by Luis Urbina, a high profile and dangerous convict along with David Burgos. Burgos was believed to be heading north to see his wife in the Finca Solana area of ...

Cab driver, accused of fondling and biting minor, convicted
A Belize City taxi driver, who has been in prison for the past seven months, was today convicted of Aggravated Assault of an Indecent Nature. The victim was only eight years old when sixty-one year old Godfrey Mortis molested her at his house. In court, Mortis denied the allegations, during the trial which ended this ...

Move over GSU, GST Unit busts tax dodgers
A businessman was also found guilty this morning, but for unpaid general sales tax. Phillip Waight of CSVW Engineering and Construction Company was to appear before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer on eleven counts of Failure to File GST Returns for the period of December 2010 to October 2011. But Waight was not present this morning ...

Marijuana fields go up in smoke
An operation by the Anti-Drug Unit led to the discovery and destruction of two marijuana plantations over the weekend. Twenty year old Jason Gilharry was arrested on Sunday when the ADU caught him on a farm with twenty-three thousand marijuana plants in Corozalito Village near Maskall. The ADU first came across a field with twenty ...

Unemployed man now an entrepreneur
Unemployment is hovering at twenty-three point five percent; that puts a large number of bread winners out of the work force. Meet Bryant Peters, who has discovered that there are opportunities if you can foster an entrepreneurial spirit. Along with a group of other jobless persons, he has started a business. News Five’s Jose Sanchez ...

KTV Latino; Live, Lustrous and Only on 5
The results are in for last week’s singers and first elimination by votes for KTV Latino will be announced tonight. Group A had its debut performances last Tuesday and now it’s time for the performers in Group B to show what they can do in the second round of live competition at the Bliss. Latin ...


Marion Ali reporting… “The eight-page document, dubbed “Deliverance for Belize” is dedicated, says the PUP Leader, Francis Fonseca, to the memory of the party’s legendary icon, George Price. Francis Fonseca, Leader, PUP “Every page of this manifesto reflects our reaffirmation as a party to the philosophy and principles of George Price and our deep and unwavering commitment to serve the Belizean people.” And with that, the party’s standard bearers, eleven of them, read through the pledges that the PUP hopes to deliver between 2012 and 2016 if they are elected on March seventh. The PUP also pledges to “establish an Andy Palacio Annual Prize for music, establish a George Gabb Annual Prize for visual art and establish a Beverly Smith Lopez Annual prize for performing arts”. And for people who play games of chances, the PUP also proposes to end the monopoly control of the lottery and boledo business and to open up the sale of lottery and boledo to more people.

61-year-old taxi driver Godfrey Mortis, charged with aggravated assault of an indecent nature upon an eight year old girl, was sentenced to two years today by Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, after he was found guilty of the charge. The child testified in camera that shortly after nine p.m. on June 5, 2011, Mortis asked her to buy water and she went to a Chinese shop and purchased the water. She said when she returned Mortis grabbed her and put bite marks on both sides of her neck then touched her on her private parts. The girl’s mother who was with her daughter at the house of a friend who is Mortis’ neighbour testified that she saw when her daughter went to buy the water but she did not see her daughter return. The mother also testified that the following day she saw the love bites on her daughter’s neck and when she asked her daughter who did it her daughter told her it was Mortis. As a result, the mother said she took her daughter to the police station and a report was made. Mortis testified and denied he committed the offence but Chief Magistrate Smith did not believe him and she found him guilty.

18-year-old Keron Swasey a construction worker of Kraal Road was charged with two counts of burglary and two counts of handling stolen goods when he appeared in court today. Swasey pleaded not guilty to the charges. He was denied bail and was remanded into custody until March 29. The first burglary occurred on February 13. The complainant, Cyril McFoy a resident of Faber’s Road reported to the Police that his home was burglarized and the items that were stolen included four aluminium windows, one washing machine, one double door refrigerator, a metal table with three chairs and a dog cage. The second burglary occurred on February 17 at the house of Emily Stanley. Stanley reported that the items that were stolen included six aluminum windows and one bathroom basin. The police reported that they recovered all the stolen items from Stanley.

An application for bail for Belize City businessman Rhett Fuller who is to be extradited to the U.S. for a charge of murder was denied today by Justice Adolph Lucas. Justice Lucas said he denied the appeal because Fuller has exhausted all his legal appeals and there is the possibility that he might flee. Fuller’s attorney, Eamon Courtenay said that Fuller is appealing the decision of Justice Awich who had dismissed his challenge and he is asking Belize Court of Appeal to being the matter to an end. Fuller’s final court of appeal is the Caribbean Court of Justice.

Maria Novelo reporting… “The motionless body of 27-year-old Miguel Martinez, a resident of San Pedro Town was discovered sometime after five thirty this morning in a prison cell in which he was detained by officers in the San Pedro Police Station. Officials here have been tight-lipped about the incident; but area representative Manuel Heredia was briefed by officer commanding the police station. Heredia spoke to Love News shortly after and informed us of the incident. Manuel Heredia – Area Representative “Early this morning Mr. Arceo called about five this morning that this guy was with a machete giving trouble in the area and the Police went over there and the buy had left and right in front of Phoenix and Ecological Divers the two security, one from each one detained the guy with the machete, called the police and he was escorted to the station whereby when they checked later on the guy was dead. They called the doctor and the doctor pronounced that he was dead. According to the police they have allowed the family to look at the body that there is no physical sign of brutality or so.” Dr. Javier Zuniga pronounced him dead around eight thirty this morning. Zuniga says Martinez was seen lying down with handcuffs in the cell with no apparent wound. Zuniga mentioned that Martinez showed signs of psychotic behaviour when he was admitted sometime last week. Manuel Heredia – Area Representative “They called from the Poly Clinic that this guy was behaving in a disrespectful manner, even getting naked. They locked him up, the doctor gave him a injection that day. I don’t know if it was tranquilizer but he did cool off, wake up in a normal manner and was released.” Just after midday, Martinez' body was removed from the cell and transported via boat to the KHMH. Family members who spoke with Love News, say they are baffled at the news of the death of their loved one. They mentioned however that while Martinez was not an angel, he was not known to have had any illnesses. In addition, police reported that no visible signs of physical abuse was seen on the body and are looking at several angles into this incident.

Dalila Ical reporting… “A police sergeant has been arrested pending investigations into a brawl at a bar in Orange Walk Town which ended in bloodshed. The incident played out shortly after six last night at Picame Bar where according to police reports a fight broke out among thirty-six year old Sergeant Roberto Novelo, one Jorge Celiz, and a third person. It was during the altercation that three shots were fired from a weapon belonging to Sergeant Novelo. One of the bullets found its mark on Celiz’ left eye. Thirty two year old Jorge Celiz was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital where he was later transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City. In the meantime, police detained Sergeant Novelo. However, shortly after the incident a member of Celiz’s family told Love News that she was dissatisfied at the way the police handled the situation. Family member “We went to the Police Station to find out what has happened with the Police, the Police Officer is right out there like nothing happened, he is under the influence of liquor. We are demanding that they do a blood test and they refused but I believe that justice should be served, let them find out what happened and then deal with the matter but he is out there like nothing.” Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Police formation, Superintendent Joseph Myvett says that all procedures were followed during Sergeants Novelo’s arrest. Joseph Myvett – Officer in Charge, Orange Walk “At this point in time we are still continuing our investigation, the officer in question is being questioned and is detained as we speak. All the necessary procedures were followed, the weapon was taken in and he was taken to the hospital where a blood sample was extracted.” According to Superintendent Myvett, police recovered a nine millimeter pistol which is Sergeant Novelo’s personal licensed firearm. According to police, Sergeant Novelo, who is attached to the Belize City police was off duty at the time and was socializing with his brother. Police investigations also show that the firearm was not directly pointed at Celiz when he was injured. Joseph Myvett – Officer in Charge, Orange Walk “According to the officers’ report, while struggling for his firearm, three shots were discharged into the ground, at no time did he point his firearm to him.” Love News understands that Celiz is listed in a critical but stable condition at the KHMH.

The embattled Chief Executive Officer of the Belize Social Security Board Merlene Bailey Martinez employment with SSB is over. According to a statement from the Board, Bailey Martinez tendered her resignation on Monday. The official statement says that the reason for Bailey Martinez’s decision to resign was due to negative public criticism and its impact to her family and her Christian community as well as to protect the SSB from negative publicity. Bailey Martinez and internal auditor Denise Mahler were placed on suspension to facilitate a special investigation into whether or not there was any wrong doing committed in the government’s housing mortgage debt write off scheme. The investigation, carried out by the accounting firm of Panel Kerr Foster Belize certified that no member of management and staff who made additional payments to reduce their housing mortgage balance below the fifty thousand dollars threshold after September thirtieth, 2011 benefitted from the SSB Housing Loans write off. The PKF-Belize investigators emphasized that the Internal Auditor is responsible to the Board of Directors and not to the CEO, hence the suspension of Denise Mahler, who manages SSB’s internal audit services was lifted and she returned to work on Monday. With the departure of Merlene Bailey Martinez, Leticia Vega continues to act as Chief Executive Officer of the Belize Social Security Board.


Orange Walk South Shows Massive Support For Abelardo Mai
On March 7th residents of Orange Walk South will go to the polls and vote for Jose Abelardo Mai. That’s the message that resounded on Saturday night during a rally held in the village of San Felipe once considered a strong hold of the U.D.P. But all indications are that after four years of oppression residents of San Felipe and other constituents of Orange Walk South, including the Blue Creek Community, are ready to make a positive change. During Saturday nights massive rally the support for Jose Mai was more than obvious as residents of the south took over the rostrum and expressed their discontent with the Dean Barrow Administration. For the farmers of Blue Creek it was their first time on the podium but that did not stop them from speaking out against an administration who they say will take the country to ruins if given another five years to govern Belize.

Thomas Robinson Laid To Rest Today
Yesterday afternoon the badly decomposed body of 21 year old Abel Arturo Robinson was found in some bushes in the Palmar Area. Due to the advance state of decomposition the body could not be moved and subsequently remained on site up until this morning when a post mortem examination was conducted by Doctor Mario Estradaban. The post mortem reveled that Robinson received a gunshot wound to the head and his throat was slashed. This morning as family members prepared to lay their loved one to rest; our news team went back to the scene of the incident and filed the following report. Early this morning family members returned to the scene where 21 year old Abel Arturo Robinson was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head and a laceration to the throat. As the scenes of crime personnel combed the area for evidence that would lead them to Robinson’s murderer his family watched as his body was placed in a casket ready for burial.

CIB Sergeant Accused Of Shooting Civilian On The Right Eye Detained By Police
Tonight a member of the Belize Police Department attached to the CIB Branch in Belize City is in the hot seat after being accused of shooting a civilian on the right eye. Yesterday between the hours of 5:00pm and 6:00pm, the ecstasy that filled the atmosphere inside “Picame Bar” was overshadowed by screams, shouts and three gunshots! Reports suggest that 32 year old Jorge Celiz was at the bar drinking with some friends when 36 year old Sergeant Roberto Novelo, who was off duty at the time, entered the establishment accompanied by a friend. A short while after an altercation ensued between Celiz and Novelo which ended up with Celiz being shot on the eye by a bullet fired from Novelo’s licensed 9mm pistol.

Fire In August Pine Ridge Leaves Family of Four Homeless
A fire in Village of August Pine Ridge has left a family of four homeless after their house was completely burnt down. The incident happened at around 8:00 yesterday morning while the family was not at home. Reporter Janine Ayuso and Cameraman Kenric Simpson traveled to the village of August Pine Ridge this morning and filed the following report. This is what was left of the two bedroom concrete house belonging to the Cordova family after it was devoured by flames. At the time of the incident Manuel Cordova, his wife and two children were not at home. The first to witness the tragedy was the family’s neighbor Darleny Cordova. Thinking that Manuel and his family were inside the burning home, Cordova quickly alerted the neighbors who came to family’s aid. But there was little that neighbors could do to save the house.

Merlene Bailey Martinez No Longer CEO Of SSB
Merlene Bailey Martinez sat high on her throne as the CEO of the Social Security Board. But Bailey’s days of reign are over because tonight news is that the resigned from her post as CEO. Martinez was thrown into hot water after allegations surfaced that she was part of an insider trading scheme whereby workers would have benefited from the government mortgage write off program. In mid January, due to intense media pressure, Bailey and Internal Auditor Denise Mahler were placed on administrative leave. Immediately after; an internal audit was initiated by the Panel Kerr Foster Accounting firm. After reviewing the results, representatives of both the Union and Private Sector on the SSB’s board and at least one of four government representatives voted for Bailey’s termination.

Rotary Donates Wheel Chairs To Much Needy Orange Walkenos
With over 33,000 clubs in more than 200 countries, Rotary International has been able to reach out to people across the globe assisting them in various ways and forms; from contribution for polio eradication to scholarships and emergency aid. In Orange Walk, the Rotary Club has for many years been accomplishing their goal which is to, “Serve the Community”. And this past Saturday the club continued assisting the community as they donated 18 wheel chairs to disabled residents of Orange Walk Town.

PUP O/W Town Council Candidates Launch Manifesto
On Friday February 17th the P.U.P Orange Walk Town Council Candidates launched their manifesto 2012/2015 titled Change Is Here on the Despierta Belice Show. According to Mayoral Candidate Kevin Bernard, the Manifesto, which serves as a social contract to the people, is fixated on solutions and not promises. "It is a manifesto not of promises mainly a contract of solutions and what we are highlighting there are several key things that we want to address for the people of Orange Walk, imminently in terms of the manifesto we want to start off with the key thing which is financial management, we need to bring stability to our town’s finances in order for us to do the other plans that we have which are streets and infrastructure, parks and play grounds, youth and sport activities, the other areas of our cemetery, women affairs and also the entire social aspect of our manifesto partnership with the people, working with the police department, the citizen on patrol and these things that we want to do will require that us be able to manage the affairs and put back finances in the way it needs to be done, I think we have a team that is committed to work on these areas and I am very confident that the manifesto, the people will take a look at it, read it and will see that we are not making any promise out of the sky but it is real solution that we are offering the people of Orange Walk.”

The New Life Presbyterian School Promotes Environmental Awareness
Today the standard one, two and three students of the New Life Presbyterian School in the Orange Walk District were roaming around town with the aim of creating an environmental awareness in the community. The idea was derived from current issues affecting Belize. In an attempt to further educate the students the school’s management contacted the Association of Protected Areas Management Organization (APAMO) to assist them in passing on the message to the enthused students. “Today we call it Environmental Awareness Day whereby we are studying this unit on conservation and to culminate this unit we are taking the middle division of our school on a nature walk where we are sensitizing the community on environmental issues affecting our society and our country as a whole even globally, what we are doing today is that children have made bird feeders so that they could attract bird to come in because we have seen that there is a scarcity of wildlife and the more trees we plant the more birds will come and it is just this sense of creating a good environment for our animals as well as for our people and most importantly is keeping our environment clean so we can see the children with garbage bags also they are picking up garbage in their way and also they have their placards there that says pollution the causes and effects our land, our air and our waters, so that’s basically what we are portraying.”


Political parties express concerns over revised voting process in Belmopan
The Peoples United Party Candidate for the Belmopan Constituency, Dr. Amin Hegar, along with independent candidate ...

People's United Party launches party manifesto
The Peoples United Party launched its Manifesto today. With over a hundred pledges, leader of the peoples united pa...

Cayo Northeast nominations for General Elections
Nomination for General Elections took place on Friday of last week; the country was abuzz with political parties an...

31 year old found dead in police holding cell
An investigation is ongoing in San Pedro after 31 year old Miguel Martinez was found dead inside the holding ell of...

PUP’s Lake I Executive Committee steps down
The PUP’s Lake Independence Executive Committee says it will not be working with the new standard bearer Martin Gal...

Skiing accident takes the life of young businessman Andrew Blades
33 year old businessman Andrew Blades - of Blades Ice-cream Parlor- died of accident related injuries. Blades passe...

UB student charged with cultivating marijuana
20 year-old Jason Gilharry, A UB student of Corozalito Village, was arraigned in court yesterday for unlawful culti...

SSB's Merlene Bailey hands in letter of resignation
News coming out of the social security last week was that the Board of Directors had voted to terminate CEO of SSB ...

Investigations continue into Orange Walk murder
There was a murder in orange Walk Town. 21 year old Abel Arturo Robinson was shot to the head and his body dumped i...

No arrest made in mid-morning stabbing
There was a mid morning stabbing incident in Belize city yesterday.

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Caye Caulker R. C. School makes us all proud by winning the Zone 5 Spelling Bee
The Caye Caulker R. C. School wins the Zone 5 Spelling Bee competition for the first time in 17 years. The two spellers from CCRCS placed first and fourth. The entire school came out to the boat upon their arrival to celebrate their victory. Congratulations to the spellers Blayd Vernon and Chelsey Rodriguez. Great JOB, Team Caye Caulker!!


Merlene Bailey-Martinez: is she in, or out?
The CEO was terminated by the SSB board, but reports are that she nevertheless returned to work on Monday... At press time tonight, the board of directors of the Social Security Board (SSB) was meeting at its Belize City office, amid reports that Chief Executive Officer Merlene Bailey-Martinez, who had been put on administrative leave last month, had returned to work today, despite a board decision last week that she should be terminated.

Andrew Blades, 33, succumbs to jet-ski accident
Blades was not wearing a life jacket, and due to his limited swimming skills, he ingested volumes of salt water, while struggling to stay afloat and alive.

Alexander Montero, 52, found murdered in his taxi
Taxicab operator – one of Belize’s most dangerous occupations... Today, the family of Alexander Montero, 52, a taxi operator and the father of 6 children, is grieving over his murder. Montero was stabbed multiple times on Saturday, February 18, and was found in his vehicle, a Honda, in an empty lot off La Croix Boulevard in the Lake Independence area.

74 nominated for 2012 general elections
A total of 74 nominations were accepted today by the various returning officers for Belize’s 31 constituencies to contest the 2012 general elections called for March 7, 2012.

Aikman poll too “close to call!”
UDP appear to have enough seats for Government, but many still undecided... However, it started at 11:00 a.m. rather than 7:00 a.m. as was scheduled, because voters called Aikman asking him to hold off until the main business of nomination day was completed.

Schakron loses Supreme Court battle to secure nomination for general elections
She vows to continue renunciation of US citizenship... In a landmark ruling on Friday afternoon, February 17, Supreme Court Justice Oswell Legall refused the application of Yolanda Schakron, the Opposition People’s United Party’s aspirant for the Lake I electoral division, and Moses Sulph (one of those who nominated her), seeking an injunction against Lake I Returning Officer Noreen Fairweather, to stop her from rejecting Schakron’s nomination on the basis of her dual nationality.

Premier League Week 2 results, schedule
Police perfect in the South; 3-way tie in the North... In the only Saturday night game over the weekend, in Week 2 of the first Premier League of Belize (PLB) football tournament of 2012, home standing Belize Defence Force grabbed their first victory of the tournament, a 2-0 shutout of Orange Walk’s Juventus at the Norman Broaster Stadium, courtesy of late second half strikes from Marlon “Matador” Meza (85 min) and Richard “Cheety” Jimenez (87 min).

A chat with veteran footballer Gerald “Speedy” Henry
We lost our bag with the recorded interview on January 20, and, praise God and our beautiful Belizean people, we got it back on February 13. There has been a new development since we did the interview. Ruperto Vicente now heads one of the slates challenging Bertie Chimilio, replacing Sergio Chuc, who will contest for a vice-president post. Both Ruperto and Sergio are very familiar to present day footballers; not so Speedy, which is why we did the interview. Some areas of the tape are difficult to decipher because of noise interference, but we have done our best to reproduce our conversation as it happened:-

Lynn Young – friend of whom?
Corporations are a unique and impressive feature of “savage” capitalism, and, in fact, they dominate the Western world’s financial landscape. Corporations are accumulations of investment capital to which millions and millions of individuals can contribute, in order to own shares/equity on a permanent basis and receive dividends from time to time. Corporations are governed by laws which limit the legal responsibility (“limited liability”) of all the people involved with their operations, and, as a result, corporations can afford to be reckless and irresponsible in their profit-driven raids. Corporations, largely because of limited liability, have no heart and no soul. They are like sharks, perfect machines attacking across national borders in order to make money for their shareholders, and the best corporations are the best attackers: they make the most money, and declare the most regular and sizeable dividends, thus always prompting more and more people to invest their money with them.

From The Publisher
Around 1990 or so, I began making inquiries about Glenn Tillett, who had left Amandala around 1983 to migrate to New York City. I thought if I needed to give up the editorship of Amandala, and at the time I was concerned about the fledgling, struggling KREM Radio, then he was the only guy that would be reasonably satisfactory to me.

International Sources

What Fortis brings to the table
Come next year, one of Canada’s largest energy companies may own and operate Poughkeepsie-based utility CH Energy Group, ending a five-year search for a way into the U.S. regulated market. Fortis Inc., based in Newfoundland, has about 2 million customers, $14.5 billion in assets and 7,100 employees, Chief Financial Officer Barry Perry said Tuesday at a news conference. The conference was held in Poughkeepsie to announce the $1.5 billion acquisition deal with CH Energy, which is pending the approval of the Public Service Commission.

OAS to Observe Belize Elections
The Organization of American States has signed an agreement with Belize to monitor the country’s elections March 7, according to OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza. The OAS signed the pact with Belize today that establishes the conditions for the Electoral Observation Mission that will accompany Belize’s general and municipal elections. “Throughout the Americas, indeed throughout the world, it is widely known that the election observer missions of the OAS are a hallmark of this institution, and that the presence of the missions has evolved into an acceptable imprimatur of a free, fair and transparent exercise of democracy in the countries of the Americas,” said Ambassador Nestor Mendez, Belize’s Permanent Representative to the OAS. Mendez called the agreement “an important step in the formalization of the process for the observation mission to take place.”

OAS and Belize Signed Agreement for Mission to Observe General and Municipal Elections
The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, and the Permanent Representative of Belize to the hemispheric organization, Ambassador Nestor Mendez, today signed an agreement that establishes the conditions for the Electoral Observation Mission (EOM) that will accompany the general and municipal elections in the Central-American country on March 7. The Secretary General stressed that this is the first EOM the OAS will deploy in Belize, which "follows the trend of the Caribbean countries to strengthen their electoral systems through electoral observation." He further recalled that 2012 is the fiftieth anniversary of the OAS Electoral Observation Missions and was pleased to "celebrate this important anniversary serving a democracy in the young and vibrant republic that is Belize.” At the ceremony, held at OAS headquarters in Washington, DC, Ambassador Mendez explained that the signing of the agreement on the privileges and immunities "is an important step in the formalization of the process for the observation mission to take place,” and added that it is also “a clear demonstration of Belize’s commitment to full participation in the Inter-American System, and to the values that anchor such a system." "Throughout the Americas, indeed throughout the world, it is widely known that the election observer missions of the OAS are a hallmark of this institution, and that the presence of the missions has evolved into an acceptable imprimatur of a free, fair, and transparent exercise of democracy in the countries of the Americas," Ambassador Mendez affirmed.

Belize real estate and also owning property in Belize even buying homes in Belize
Purchasing a property is always a hard process and can be more stressful when you are planning to buy in the foreign country. Belize is one part of British prosperity with the authorized method that shares the systems with British widespread law like Canada and U.S. You should consider some points when you are thinking to buy house in Belize. Any foreigner can own house in Belize and includes the related rights like a Belizean resident to hold the property possession freely. The alien landholding act was destroyed in the year 2001 there are not permits, licenses, condition or any special permissions for an individual who lives in foreign country to get a title to hold the house in Belize. It is also good to take some experts advice legally when you are buying property.

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