Adventure, food and fun are all to be found in the Central American country of Belize… at least according to today’s interviewees. We speak with Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons and Lebawit Lily Girma about the time they’ve spent in what seems to be a marvelous country.

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Adventure in Belize

Lily Girma set out to try every adventure sport and adventure tour in Belize over three months, and reckon’s she’s failed! That’s a whole lot of adventure for what many people imagine is a small country given over to diving.

It’s true that Belize has one of the world’s largest ocean reefs, and diving abounds, but she also discovered lush forests; caving, canyoning and rapelling treks; and an ability to tie this into Mayan and Garifuna culture.

Into the dark! Adventure in Belize

Hiking in the lush forest of Belize

Food and Cooking in Belize

Cleaning conches to make a conch stew

Grating away for a home-made coconut milk

Yummy conch stew, served with rice.

Beating plaintains in a 'mata'

Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons investigated food and family travel. When we spoke, she had recently arrived in Belize and was exploring restaurants, kitchens, and family homes in a glut of food tourism.

She was surprised at the passion she found for food, with everyday conversations wrapped around the best produce, the perfect recipe, and how that all blended into culture and place.

The new flavours are definitely having their effect. “Once you taste what fresh should be, you’ll never want to go back to your grocery store and get something under cellophane ever again,” she says.

The man, pictured left, is beating plantains in a Garifuna mata or mortar and pestle to make fufu for the traditional fish stew called hudut.

Learn more about all these foods (and the fun Kristin’s had in preparing them!) in the podcast: