A Belize City Sales Accountant thought she had bought a new 2010 SUV only to find out that the man she had bought it from did not own it.
25 year old Mark Rosales, a resident of San Ignacio Town, was selling a 2010 Kia Sportage SUV - a vehicle he was renting from Euphrates Auto Rental and Sales Limited.

He managed to find a customer, and she paid Rosales $7,000.00 upfront then signed an agreement to pay the balance of $18,000.00 in monthly installments of $280.00, but it was short lived since the buyer was informed on Tuesday by the Rental company that Rosales had no authority to sell it.

The vehicle was then returned to its rightful owner, and Mark Rosales was detained by the police who are investigating the matter.

The jilted owner, who asked that her name not be disclosed, has still not been refunded her seven thousand dollar down payment...

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