PlusTV is gearing up for another live debate for the Capital City. Earlier this month, PlusTV hosted and aired a mayoral debate for the city of Belmopan. All five mayoral candidates participated in that debate and viewers have been asking for another debate, this time with standard bearers for Belmopan. Well, that is in the pipelines for next week Tuesday night. All three standard bearers for the capital city will be participating in that debate. They are incumbent UDP standard bearer John Saldivar, PUP standard bearer Dr. Amin Hegar, and BUA independent candidate Richard Smith. The format for the debate will be the same as with the mayoral debate, where residents get the chance to submit questions to the standard bearers. If you have any questions you would like answered by those seeking elections for Belmopan's area representative, send them in to [email protected] or Friday is the deadline for those questions to come in.