Valid: Monday, Feb. 27, 2012 until Monday, Mar. 5, 2012
Issued: 3:00 pm, Monday, February 27, 2012

The feature of interest this working week will be a persistent ridge of high pressure extending from the north-western Atlantic to the western Caribbean. This feature will keep a fresh and relatively unstable easterly airflow prevailing through Thursday, and will favour some showers, mostly over the sea and coast during the morning and inland during the afternoon hours.

A cold front will move SE across the Gulf of Mexico as we move into the weekend, but the models are predicting that the frontal boundary will become quasi-stationary over the SE Gulf and the Bay of Campeche by late Sunday and early Monday. The proximity of the frontal boundary to the NW Caribbean will result in a backing in the low level flow, with the winds shifting to the N and NE, and favouring some pre-frontal showers later on Sunday and Monday over Belize.

The weather will be seasonally fair with cloudy spells on Monday through Thursday. We can expect some showers mostly over the coastal zone during the morning hours and over some inland places during the afternoon and evening. Conditions will become drier and warmer on Friday through most of Sunday with little rainfall. Showers will increase once again during the afternoon and night on Sunday through Monday due to the proximity of the next frontal zone near the Yucatan peninsula.

Daily rainfall accumulations from Monday through Thursday of this week will range from 0.10-0.25 of-an-inch, decreasing later on Thursday through most of Sunday. Daily rainfall totals will increase later on Sunday through Monday, with totals ranging from 0.25-0.50 of-an-inch over central and northern coastal areas and over the sea. Elsewhere, rainfall totals on Sunday through Monday will be in the range of 0.10-0.25 of-an-inch.

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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro resident remains hospitalized following a stabbing
The San Pedro Police is investigating a stabbing incident that has left a man hospitalized and the alleged culprit on the run. The victim has been identified as 32-year-old Dean Staines of a Coconut Drive address in San Pedro Town. The incident occurred sometime before 4:45AM on Sunday February 26th. According to Police, sometime around 4:45AM, Staines was in the company of a female friend of the same address inside their premises when they were approached by male person. The person, who is known to police as Nolan Haylock also of a San Pedro Town address, allegedly walked up to Staines and proceeded to stab him in the neck. As a result of the incident, Staines was taken to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez Poly-Clinic II. According to Dr. Javier Zuniga, Staines received a deep wound which cut his jugular vein located on the left side of his neck. The injury cause massive bleeding since the vessel is one of two main blood vessels. According to Dr. Zuniga, although Staines was still conscious he lost about two to three liters of blood. Staines was subsequently rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) via an air ambulance where he remains in critical but stable condition.

Prime Minister to travel to Miami, Florida
rime Minister, the Hon. Dean O. Barrow, will leave the country tomorrow, Tuesday, 28th February. He is accompanying his wife, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow, to Miami, Florida, U.S.A., where Mrs. Barrow will receive medical treatment. Prime Minister Barrow is scheduled to return to Belize on Thursday, 1st March. Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon. Gaspar Vega, will act as Prime Minister while the Prime Minister is out of the country.

Ambergris Today

Belize Prepares to Vote on Offshore Oil Exploration
Friday, February 25, 2012, the Belize Coalition and Oceana Belize held a conference in Belize City inviting all the nation’s media and councils in a training conference for voting day - “No to Offshore Drilling in Belize” to be held on Wednesday, February 29, 2012. Many invited guests and media gathered at the Radisson’s Hotel for a very important training conference to learn all the rules and regulations that every team from different district’s in Belize should follow to carry out on voting day; in order for all votes to be legal and fair. Mr. Danny Madrid, National President of Justice of the Peace & Association of the Supreme Court took the podium to explain all the rules and regulations that are supposed to be followed at every voting station around the country of Belize.

FLASHBACK: San Pedro Airstrip in the 80's
Everything in San Pedro has indeed come a long way and what we have today barely compares to what we had 50 years ago or even 25 years. Such is the case with sea transportation, land transportation and air transportation as well as with hotels, restaurants, shops and stores, residential buildings, business establishments, types of businesses, population, to mention a few. But one thing that has not changed is the casual and friendly atmosphere of the island. This flashback photo speaks for itself. Check the Tropic Air terminal building. Check the size of Tropic’s aircrafts, the residences, the street, the airstrip, the signs, the amount of luggage and the hustle and bustle on the street. It is living proof that San Pedro has come a long way.

25 Years Ago: Politics Comes To San Pedro
The people who founded San Pedro in 1848, Mestizos for the most part, lived on this island quite unaware of British rule for just over 100 years up to about 1950. At that time the people of Belize on a whole were poor, hungry, and depressed by their economic situation. However, San Pedro enjoyed a vibrant Mestizo community with sufficient jobs in the coconut industry and a vibrant subsistence fishing industry. But countrywide the question persisted: “Why should Britain get richer and the colony poorer?” was the general sentiment. The struggle of the workers led by Soberanis played an important part in the birth to the spirit that Belize should be governed by Belizeans. This gave rise to the Nationalist Movement and Belizeans began to question colonialism and think about their own rights. In 1950 the PUP was born under such leaders as George Price, Philip Goldson, and Leigh Richardson. People began to question what colonialism had done for Belize. They began to wonder why a country with so many resources, with such wealthy landowners and merchants, had so many poor people. The poor economic and social conditions in the 1950's also helped them begin to think about self-government and independence.

SIB Explains Unemployment Rates
The Statistical Institute of Belize, as the only official source of unemployment statistics for Belize, wishes to explain the difference in the last two unemployment rates that it has published which show a 12.5% rate in 2009 and a 23.2% rate in 2010. The reason for the difference is that labor force surveys provide only a snapshot of the unemployment situation at the time the survey is taken. As further explained below, the 12.5% rate was based on a labor force survey taken in September 2009 while the 23.2% rate was based on data collected during the 2010 Population & Housing Census. While the two studies asked the same questions to determine who was employed or unemployed, the difference in the time the surveys were taken accounts for much of the variation between the two rates. This result is similar to 2000 when the census produced a national unemployment rate of 20.3% while the two labor force surveys done in April of the two years preceding the census year, showed rates of 14.3% and 12.8%.


Guatemala Cruise Day 3, Part 1: A long day in Rio Dulce
Due to the large number of photos, this day is divided into two parts. Part 1 includes up through our morning trip to the Castillo de San Felipe, and Part 2 will cover our trip to town, lunch, and dinner. We got up early(ish) on this beautiful, bright Monday morning so that we could have breakfast, wash dishes, and be off the boat by 7 am as Simon had requested. It turned out that our space on the dock was a great place to watch the local boats come and go in the morning at the complex of buildings and boat ramp next door to the boat yard.

The Garifuna Collective Performs in San Pedro for the First Time Ever!
The late Andy Palacio's world famous group, the Garifuna Collective, played on Ambergris Caye for the first time yesterday at the re-opening of Sundiver. Sundiver is a resort about 5 miles north that closed a few years ago, was rented to a group for the years after and is now reopening as a resort. It's a pretty cool looking place. I've seen these guys once before at the Bliss Center fundraiser for Haiti. But...this close? It was fantastic. I've never seen a group having so much fun performing. Here is the crowd watching the amazing show.

CRITICAL Peoples' Referendum on February 29: Say NO To Offshore Drilling can say "yes" if that is your choice (I guess...) but get out and vote. Not only is it critical to have your opinion heard but we, in San Pedro and Caye Caulker, need to let the central Belize government know that it matters, REALLY matters, to all of the residents on this island. That this is one of the MOST important issues for island residents. We need to protect our barrier reef. You only need your voters ID card, your ID card and you can vote in the polling stations. You DO NOT need to be registered in San Pedro. YOU CAN BE ANY REGISTERED VOTER IN BELIZE. The polling station in San Pedro will be at Central Park. This is even important for non-voters to understand. Encourage your co-workers, employees, friends, parents and neighbors who are voters to GET TO THE POLLS on Wednesday, March 29th.

After an hour long drive and a forty minute hike we arrived at a place that might have been Eden. The entrance to Belize’s Actun Tunichil Muknal cave is submerged in a pool of water made ice blue by dissolved minerals. The morning sun flickered through the trees, illuminating the vibrant greens of the jungle trees and moss covered rocks. It was peaceful, lovely and alive. Appearances are deceiving, though. This wasn’t the entrance to paradise. It was the opening to Xibalba (”shi-ball-bah”), the underworld of the ancient Mayan people. The story told here is not one of creation, but of sadness, desperation, and decline. We went to Actun Tunichil Muknal to simply explore another cave system, the fifth of our recent travels. What we found instead was something unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Our descent into Xibalba began with a short swim, away from the leafy jungle and into diminishing light. From inside, the view was perhaps even more striking; the bright colors of the outside world rendered more vivid by the interior darkness.

Catamaran Beach Bar Sunday BBQ
Catamaran Beach Bar Weekly BBQ, Live Music, Ice Cold Belikin, Fun with Family and Friends. Best Sunday BBQ on the island; ribs, chicken, burgers. Caribbean Villas Hotel, Ambergris Caye, Belize, CA

Catamaran Bar Sunday BBQ (Part 2 of 2)
Catamaran Bar Weekly BBQ, Live Music, Ice Cold Belikin. Join us for fun on the beach at Caribbean Villas Hotel, Ambergris Caye, Belize, CA

Channel 5

Blackout in Belize City!
At about ten minutes to five o’clock this evening, the city lost power. According to the state owned Belize Electricity Limited, faulty equipment at the Magazine Road substation was the cause for the outage. At this time, electricity has not been restored and we have learnt that lights will not be turned on until after [...]

Construction worker killed in Belize City
Two men were killed today; one in the city and the other in Belmopan. In the city, a construction worker was found dead outside a small shop on Mahogany Street. It has not yet been determined if it is a case of murder or, alternatively manslaughter. But John Myers is believed to have died from [...]

Another Murder in the West; 29 year old Reggie Martinez found stabbed to death
In the capital, police are investigating a gruesome murder that took place in the outskirts of Belmopan. Police say they have little to go by and the family of twenty-nine year old Reggie Martinez, a resident of Maya Mopan, was too shocked to appear on camera. Shortly before two-thirty this morning a team of officers [...]

Was stolen vehicle linked in murder of Benito Mendoza in Belmopan?
The police department has busted two of its own members with a stolen vehicle, which may be linked to a murder in Belmopan. On February twenty-sixth 2012, while patrolling the Caribbean Investors Road in Belmopan City, they stopped a green Toyota Hilux, being driven by Police Constable Virgil Perez and Constable Dwayne Salgaro. Perez, thirty [...]

2 security guards stabbed over old beef in Benque
Further west, in Benque Viejo del Carmen, two men were hospitalized and are in stable condition. The two were involved in a brawl at Otis Night Club early on Sunday morning. The injured men are security guards at the club who were assaulted by a group of five men reportedly over an old beef. According [...]

Fatal Traffic Accident takes the life of retired woman
An elderly Biscayne woman was knocked down and killed as she rode a bicycle on the Northern Highway on Saturday evening. The driver, forty-five year old David Zetina, was heading towards Belize City and claims that he was blinded by the high beam of a vehicle heading in the opposite direction. When he spotted sixty-seven [...]

Belize Poultry Association incensed over license give to import Poultry
There is a report tonight that a license has been issued for the importation of a huge amount of poultry. It has the Belize Poultry Association up in arms because of the health risks involved in the importation of the poultry from Mexico. The license was issued by the Belize Agricultural Health Authority to a [...]

Trial begins for Attempted Murder of Rodwell Williams
With the murder of Ricky Valencia last Wednesday, Akeem Thurton now stands alone on trial for the Attempted Murder of Attorney Rodwell Williams, the law partner of the prime minister. It’s the first trial without jury and after delays over legal representation, it finally started today before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. Williams was called to [...]

Man sentenced to 38 years for Carnal Knowledge Conviction
Late Friday evening a forty year old man was convicted of sexually abusing an eight year old girl. Dangriga resident, Newellyn Nicholas, was on trial for three counts of Carnal Knowledge and one count of Aggravated Assault of an Indecent Nature for having sex with the child on three occasions between 2009 and 2010 as [...]

People’s Referendum set and ready for Wednesday
Voting takes place this Wednesday on offshore drilling. Across the country, forty-six polling stations are being set up for the People’s Referendum which will determine whether registered voters support or reject drilling in Belize’s waters. B.T.I.A. and the Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage are involved in the national referendum, which is being organized after [...]

All that’s good in Sports with James Adderley
Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday. Week three in the PLB brought a monster showdown inside the Isidro Beaton Stadium Saturday night as the Belmopan Bandits hosted the front running team in Zone B, Police United in what promised to be a keen contest. The Bandits came in ready fort the [...]


Belize was in the spotlight recently when an international game of Poker featured a well known Belizean showing his talent at an otherwise overlooked sport. This time Darts, a sport that has been somewhat dormant in the country will be in the spotlight as Belize hosts an international Dart competition. Jose Mora is the president of the Belize Dart Federation. Jose Mora – President, Belize Dart Foundation “Every two years the Caribbean games are held and last year we were in Bahamas and we were blessed with the countries voting for Belize to host this tournament. It is the 19th Caribbean Cup and the 6th Americas Cup. The Biltmore has been very helpful in getting the arena set; Mr. Spicer is visiting us to sanction the tournament, to see the location and to get the media involved to let them know it is a big tournament, it can bring about 200 to 300 players out of the Caribbean.” Acting President of the Caribbean Dart Organization, Malcolm Spicer, is in Belize inspecting the venue and making sure everything works out as plans for this grand tournament. The competition will take place in the month of July.

The Bar Association of Belize held its annual general meeting last Thursday. Elections were held for a new Executive to serve a one year period. President is E. Andrew Marschalleck Senior Counsel, Vice President Magali Marin Young, Treasurer Edwin Flowers Senior Counsel, Secretary Agnes Segura Gillett and Committee members Denys Barrow Senior Council, Darlene Vernon and Andrew Bennett.

Two policemen have been detained on suspicion of stealing a motor vehicle. Authorities say they were on patrol on Caribbean Investors Road in Belmopan on Sunday when they stopped a green Toyota Hilux pickup truck. Driving the vehicle at the time was thirty year old constable Virgil Perez who is currently attached to the Patrol Branch. Perez’ passenger was twenty three year old Dwayne Salguero who is attached to the Mahogany police substation. Police say that when officers inspected the pickup truck, they observed that the right rear passenger side glass window was completely shattered. Officers also noticed that the ignition was damaged and parts of the ignition were scattered on the floor of the vehicle. Both policemen were detained pending the outcome of an official investigation.

Belize City police are looking for a man who is reported to have assaulted a woman with a gun on Friday. Denya Oviedo says her attacker first punched her in the face as she walked on Racoon Street on Friday. Later the same day, the man, described as being of dark complexion, accosted Oviedo as she walked with her three children on Neal Pen road. The man reported pointed a handgun in her face. The woman says that she told her children to run into the nearby bushes and that she saw her attacked riding up Neal Pen Road. Police say they are now looking for thirty year old Denroy Williams who they believe will be able to assist them in their investigation.

The Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage is preparing to hold its people referendum on Wednesday. Last week the organization held a press conference to update the public on their progress and over the weekend a training session was conducted. Francis Gegg is the national campaign coordinator. Francis Gegg – National campaign coordinator “We’re having a meeting of the entire national network of team leaders who have come from all over the country; we have been able to put together a national team to the point where we will be having polling stations in actually 50 locations across the country. We have brought the team leader and part of their team into Belize to go through a training process because some of them have experience in conducting elections and others do not so we’re bring them up to steam very quickly on the process of a plebiscite or an election. We are trying to have people who are respected throughout this country be present at the polling booth to monitor the whole process, to validate the whole process so we can avoid any chance or opportunity that someone might want to indict the process.”

Police in Belize City are investigating three separate cases of robbery over the weekend. In the first incident, Winston Lord and Melanie Cruz were robbed at gunpoint as the stood at the talking at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Vernon Street. The duo told police that they were approached by a couple of dark complexion men, one of who carried a handgun. Cruz was robbed of her cell phone while Lord was relieved of his wallet containing cash and other personal documents. After the armed robbery, the assailants made good their escape by running across the street into a nearby yard. The second incident happened on Cemetery Road. Bedalia Lopez was robbed of her purse as she walked with her brother and his wife. As in the case of the first incident, the victims describe their attackers as two men of dark complexion, one of whom pointed a black handgun at them. The men escaped with Lopez’ wallet containing her passport and personal documents. The third robbery happened on Friday at the Black Pearl/Harley Davidson Store on Cemetery Road. Shannon Martinez told police that while at her workplace, she was accosted by a man of dark complexion who carried a firearm. The gunman reportedly robbed Martinez of her laptop computer and cell phone. Before making good his escape, police say the gunman tied up Martinez in one of the rooms at the back of the building. Police investigation of all three robberies continues.

One Peruvian and two Salvadorans who entered Belize illegally from its western border with Guatemala, were charged with failure to produce their visitor’s permit when they appeared in Court today. They are forty-four year old Peruvian painter Miguel Angel Oviedo, thirty one year old Salvadoran National, Manuel de Jesus Arevalo Gonzalez and twenty two year old Salvadoran National Melvin Omar Gonzalez Ramos. They pleaded not guilty to the charge. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser fined each of them one thousand dollars. If they default on payment, they will serve six months. Senior Magistrate Fraser also ordered that they be deported to their country of origin after they have paid the fine or served the time. The incident occurred on February 25. The trio was travelling in a passenger bus heading for Belize City when the bus was stopped at a police check point on Mile four on the Western Highway. When the police checked the trio was unable to produce their visitor’s permit.

A jury of six women and three men deliberated for about three hours today in the court of Justice Herbert Lord before it found twenty six year old Cecil Castillo a.k.a “Sadiki”, not guilty of the attempted murder of twenty three year old Darwin Phillips a.k.a “Hamu” who was stabbed seven to eight times on December 22, 2009. Another man, Michael “Ham” Young, was charged jointly with Castillo, but Young was shot during a robbery in Belmopan last year. Phillips was unable to testify because he was fatally stabbed on February 13, 2011, but a statement he gave to the police in which he said that it was Castillo and Young who stabbed him was admitted as evidence. One witness for the prosecution, Leon Soberanis, was treated as a hostile witness because he gave testimony that was contrary to a statement he gave to the police. Castillo testified and said that at the time of the incident, he was with his girlfriend, Leonora Rhaburn at their house on Rectory Lane. Rhaburn testified and corroborated his alibi testimony. Castillo was not represented by an attorney. Crown Counsel Christopher Rodriguez represented the prosecution.

An elderly woman was knocked down and killed on Saturday night on the Northern Highway in Biscayne village. The victim has been identified as sixty seven year old Constance Andrewin. Andrewin was knocked down as she rode her bicycle on the road just after six o’clock on Saturday night by a pickup truck, driven at the time by forty five year old David Zetina. According to police reports, Zetina was heading towards Belize City and claims that he was blinded by the high beams of a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction. Zetina says that he saw Andrewin riding her bicycle and applied brakes but could not avoid a collision with the cyclist. Andrewin was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Police say they have taken a urine sample from Zetina and have issued him with a notice of intended prosecution. Investigations continue.

Meanwhile in Belize City, a man is dead and Police are looking for answers. Reports are that sometime after nine o’clock this morning Police were called out to an area on Mahogany Street. Fifty two year old resident of Oleander Street, John Myers known to many as “Lamb” was seen in a sitting position, apparently dead in front of S&S fast food. His sister Ivonne Little told Love News Myers frequented the area and she has seen him earlier in the morning. According to a witness, Myers was arguing with another male person. During the argument the younger man reportedly punched Myers causing him to fall on the ground and apparently knock his head on the sidewalk. The witness says that a man and his son who reside in the upstairs part of a nearby shop moved Myers and threw some water on him to try and revive him, but to no avail. His family is at a loss as to who might have committed the act. John Myers leaves to mourn his family including his two sons and four daughters.

Belmopan Police are investigating what appears to be yet another murder which occurred early this morning. Fem Cruz reporting... “Sometime around 2:20 a.m. acting upon information received of a fight in progress where four male persons were beating up on another male person at a football field in the Maya Mopan area of Belmopan, Belmopan Police visited the area where a feet away from the main street by the field, the motionless body of an unknown Hispanic male person was seen lying on his back with multiple stab wounds on his chin, throat and chest which was covered in blood. The person was dressed in a red tee shirt, red short pants and not too far, a black slippers and a beach cruiser bicycle was seen. The body was later transported to the Western Regional Hospital where it was pronounced dead on arrival. The body was later identified by a family member as 31-year-old Eduardo David Martinez better known as Wallo of Maya Mopan.”


Aikman Academy to conduct second poll on March 7th elections
Derek Aikman of Aikman and Aikman conducted a telephone poll two weeks ago and released the findings indicating a w...

The Coalition's mock referendum slated for Wednesday
This Wednesday, the Belize Coalition will be hosting a mock referendum giving voters the opportunity to vote on whe...

State of the art tennis table donated to St. Joseph Primary School
The Belize table tennis donated a professional table tennis table to St. Joseph Primary School. Since February 2008...

Man stabbed to death in Maya Mopan
On Friday we reported on the murder of Benito Mendoza who was shot and killed at the Junction in the city of Belmop...

Belize City man found dead in a sitting position
This morning, a crowd of people swarmed the Mahogany Street police station area. Police responded to the scene wher...

Vehicle stolen in Belmopan then set on fire
We have yet another incident to report on from the City of Belmopan. A Belmopan business was burglarized over the w...

Shooting in Roaring Creek Village, one year old injured
There was a shooting in Roaring Creek on Friday night and a one year old was injured by shattered glass. Reginald R...

Officers arrested in connection to vehicle theft
Again in Belmopan, two police officers were arrested in connection to a stolen vehicle. Belmopan Police were doing ...

Road accident claims the life 67 year old woman
A traffic accident over the weekend has claimed the life of one person. It happened on Saturday in Biscayne Village...

Belize prepares for Prince Harry's visit
Preparations are on the way for the visit of Prince Henry of Wales. In four days, the Prince will visit Belize on b...

International Sources

Stolen Ancient Mayan Artifacts Being Returned To Guatemala
It didn’t take Indiana Jones to crack the case, but what federal agents recovered would have been right up his alley. Alex DeMetrick reports ancient Mayan artifacts were returned Friday to their rightful owner. Some go back a thousand years, all fashioned by Mayan craftsmen well before Columbus. All are going home. “We are eager to take these artifacts back to Guatemala and display them properly in our nation, and through them provide a glimpse into the Mayan civilization,” Harold Caballeros, the Guatemalan foreign minister, said. The eight artifacts were recovered by U.S. immigrations and customs agents. Six of the artifacts were discovered after they were flown into Houston, Texas and then abandoned when customs agents started asking questions. The other two made their way to an auction house in Boston, Mass. that cooperated with agents after import documents were not found. Friday, they made their way to the Guatemalan Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Prince Harry's Caribbean getaway
Globe-trotting Prince Harry was the ace of nightclubs in Vegas, and what happened there didn't stay there. The party-loving prince hit hotspots at Encore and Wynn Las Vegas and flirted with local lovelies. This week, he's headed for another party destination: the Caribbean and Bahamas. He is due in Belize Friday, where stops include the Mayan pyramid of Xunatunic, and then he'll visit Nassau. He's due for a longer stay (March 5-8) in Jamaica, but not for reggae or romance. Harry is on official business commemorating the 6oth anniversary of grandmother Queen Elizabeth's coronation.

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