In 1950 the PUP was born under such leaders as George Price, Philip Goldson, and Leigh Richardson. People began to question what colonialism had done for Belize. They began to wonder why a country with so many resources, with such wealthy landowners and merchants, had so many poor people. The poor economic and social conditions in the 1950's also helped them begin to think about self-government and independence.

The People's Committee formed the very night the Belize dollar was devalued. What started as a protest against devaluation became a general assault against the entire colonial system. On September 29, 1950 the People's Committee became the People's United Party (PUP). Its objective was "to gain for the people of this country political independence and economic independence."

It was after self government that political awareness came to San Pedro. With nine ministerial posts in George Price's Government, Louis "Cuz"Sylvestre came to San Pedro and set up the electoral process to become the first Area Representative of Belize Rural South. There must have been perhaps less than 100 voters and I do not even know who the opposition candidate was but if he got five votes, that was plenty.

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