History and culture; combined they provide us with our own unique identity. With that in mind this past Friday Corozal residents inaugurated their house of culture. It was a well attended ceremony with over 700 people witnessing the cutting of the ribbon at the same time being the first ones to view the historical exhibits on display. Today, as we toured the house of culture, Debra Wilkes Gray, Visual Arts Coordinator for the Institute of Creative Arts told CTV3 News that the house of culture in Corozal was long overdue.

Debra Wilkes Gray, Visual Arts Coordinator, Institute of Creative Arts (ICA)

“This is to launch the inauguration we selected ten Corozal Artists, people who live and breathe the air here in Corozal daily, so we are looking at wood products, textiles, painting, photography as well as we open with two of eco’s programs, visual arts programs that we are doing one is the developmental art program a year long process that we have twelve students, they come in twice a month with an artist who is also an instructor here and we have at the back we have a village environmental art program that we initiated in November where we go out to the villages, different villages, six classes we are focusing on women teaching them how to use a thrown away items and turning them into art or saleable product.”

But the Corozal House of Culture is not only a museum. It also transforms into a learning center for persons interested in learning more about Belize’s culture and history.

Debra Wilkes Gray, Visual Arts Coordinator, Institute of Creative Arts (ICA)

“It is a home for artists and all of the community really, this building is an exhibit space, it is a learning centre, a training centre, a performing centre that is available to the community.”

Anyone willing to assist the house of culture with a historical picture or art piece can do so by calling Gray at telephone number 620-1572 or visiting the house of culture located by the seaside.