Miguel Guzman

The highly anticipated royal visit is upon us; this Friday, Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales, fondly called Prince Harry, will be arriving in Belize. There is a media frenzy by the international press to cover the royal visit. This station will be bringing you live coverage of his arrival at the PGIA, followed by official ceremonies in Belmopan on Friday night, where the Prince will make a brief statement after visiting with the Queen's representative, Governor General Sir Colville Young. On Saturday, Channel Five will also be broadcasting live from the Adjacency Zone at the Belize/Guatemala Border where Prince Harry will enjoy an array of cultural presentations before heading to Xunantunich. There is tight security and extensive logistical planning for the visit. At today's press conference, the Deputy Officer Commanding the Easter Division, Senior Superintendent Miguel Guzman asked for the public's patience as the road blocks will create some inconvenience.

Sr. Supt. Miguel Guzman, Deputy O.C., Eastern Division

"On his arrival, half an hour prior to him moving to the airport, we'll lock off a portion of the Northern Highway; that is from the area of Manatee Drive to the Northern Highway. We'll still allow traffic to proceed into Manatee Drive; those people living in the vista Del Mar Area in the event they want to go to their homes but the area from that junction onto the Airport Junction will be locked off. Likewise all the main streets in Ladyville will be locked off so it will create some inconvenience. Friday is usually a busy day for commuters because people are trying to reach back home after work so it will create some inconvenience. So we are asking the public to bear patience with us. After the prince leaves the airport and gets onto Burrell Boom and the Western Highway, again that portion of road will be locked off and at this point in time we will open the Northern Highway so the traffic will continue. So we are looking at something like between twenty minutes to half an hour where we will create some inconvenience to the general public and the road users. Once it arrives on the Western Highway, again the same thing will apply going into Hattieville. We'll lock off the area from the roundabout, the entrance into Hattieville from Belize side and all the other streets within Hattieville. Once the motorcade passes through Hattieville, again we'll open the highway and traffic will continue as per normal. The motorcade is expected to arrive in Belmopan sometime around five where some official ceremonies will be taking place and after those ceremonies the prince will move into san Ignacio. Basically, the policing in the Cayo District will be done by the police in Benque, San Ignacio and Belmopan. It will not be affecting Belize City so the prince will not be coming into Belize City per se. So it won’t cause much interruption in Belize City, mostly on the Northern Highway."

Before departing for Jamaica, Prince Harry will also visit the B.D.F. and remaining BATSUB officers at Price Barracks in Ladyville.

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