A number of activities will be taking place around the country in observance of Women's month. The activities started today. Cynthia Williams is the Human Development coordinator at the women's Department.

Cynthia Williams - Human Development Coordinator, Women's Department
"We have activities throughout the country since we have one officer in each district. One of the first activities for us is a women's fitness session that will begin today in partnership with Body 2000, these sessions will be held from Monday to Friday with the exception of March 7, 8, 12. It will be a variety of sessions including spinning, Latin dance workout, core strengthening and stepping, introduction to weights and flexibility, that is our very first activity and we are inviting all women to be a part of it and since the month is being celebrated under the theme "Connecting girls, inspiring futures, we are ensuring that we include girls throughout the different activities that we are organizing and many of the agencies are also doing it. On Saturday we will be having a girl to woman value session. We will be looking at what are the values that girls have today, what is the value that women have and how can we begin to understand each other so we would be able to continue in the preparation of our girls. We have realized that in order for our women to be empowered we also must begin with our girls ensuring that they have things that they need, ensuring that they have the support and role models for them to be able to be inspired for their future."

Belize is one of few countries with an entire month of actives. Williams says the observation is planned around international women's day on March eight to ensure maximum focus on women's contribution to their communities.

Cynthia Williams - Human Development Coordinator, Women's Department
"And so around the world women's group and agencies are putting women and women's right on the global agenda so this day is really looking at contributions that women have made to their countries and for Belize as well so it is really an important month where we celebrate the contribution and everything that women have done for Belize. Throughout all the activities we try to emphasize that, to remember those who have walked ahead of us in order for us to also prepare the girls and that is why we decided to focus on the theme, Connecting girls, inspiring futures which is a worldwide theme. Usually the department selects an individual theme because it does not go with the global theme that was selected but this year we felt it was very important for us to focus on girls, so we have continued to ensure that this is done throughout the month. Another activity we are organizing is a poetry competition and we have had several submissions and they will be reciting their poems on March 10 at Bird's Isle and they have to create these poems under the theme."

The activities for Women's month are organized by the Women's department and other agencies. Williams says this month is a significant observation.