We were in San Pedro in early Nov. 2011 (3rd time, wonderful place). I prepaid for water service from San Pedro to Chetumal with San Pedro Water Jets. I also prepaid for ADO bus service from Chetumal to Cancun for a total of $170 US. The water service to Chetumal was canceled for the day of our trip and the receipt we were given for ADO was not accepted by ADO when we arrived in Chetumal.

Prior to our San Pedro departure, we made 3 visits to the Water Jets office regarding a credit for the canceled water service. I provided them with a credit card statement of the charges and we were told a credit would be issued with the bank. We did not find out about the ADO problem until we arrived in Chetumal. I have sent numerous e-mails requesting the status of the refunds and have never heard back from them. At this point I probably never will.

I am very disappointed with this company. I want to alert other travelers to be very cautious especially if they use Water Jets for any ADO travel.