Water sports climax on Baron Bliss weekend, Harbor Regatta and the Ruta Maya

The dry season is here, and so are the fresh south-easterly winds, and it is the time of year when all outdoor sports thrive in “my old home, Belize”. Cricket and football and softball are in full swing, and the sailing regattas and river canoe races have been moving to center stage. In the last couple weeks, February 18 and 25, consecutively, the Belize Canoe Association hosted races from Boom to Belize City and then at the lagoon in Spanish Lookout; and the Belize Sailing Association recently held its Buttonwood Bay Regatta on February 12. In fact, next weekend, when we celebrate Baron Bliss Day, or as some have chosen, Benefactors Day, it will be the two biggest water sporting events of the year – the almost century-running Baron Bliss Harbor Regatta, which takes place next Sunday, March 11; and the La Ruta Maya River Challenge, which begins on March 9 and climaxes on March 12 at the Belcan Bridge in Belize City.