This is the last editorial in The San Pedro Sun before the Municipal and General Elections are held on Wednesday, March 7th. We have heard the candidates, we have had our barstool debates, we have argued with our neighbors, challenged our friends and defended our chosen candidates with fervor, but have we asked ourselves, "What sort of voter am I?"

Are you a color blind voter, simply casting all confidence to who ever the candidate is just because of the color they wear? Are you an absent minded voter, forgetting the indiscretions that certain candidates have been found guilty of? Are you a deaf voter, not hearing the false promises and empty political babble some of them may spout? Are you a mute voter, not speaking your mind when you are pressured by family and friends to vote the way they SAY you should? Are you an educated voter, taking the time to listen to each and every candidate? Are you a smart voter, using what you have learned about the candidates to make a wise choice? Are you a fearless voter, choosing your candidates based on your own decision and not on what friends and family may dictate?

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