Here is an update for conditions for Election Day
The rains will continue on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, concentrated especially over coastal areas of central and northern Belize. The rains will gradually die away on Thursday and Friday. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Valid: Monday, March 5-12, 2012

The feature of interest this week will be a quasi-stationary frontal boundary over the NW Caribbean coupled with a moist, NE'ly airflow through Wednesday. Thereafter, the airflow will swing to the East and East Southeast favouring drier weather.

A cold front will move SE across the Gulf of Mexico as we move into the up- coming weekend, but the southern portion will weaken before it moves into the NW Caribbean.

The weather will be cloudy at first with showers and periods of rain, some heavy at times, especially over the hilly terrain and along the coast today, Tuesday and early Wednesday. Later on Tuesday and most of Wednesday the rains will be concentrated mostly along coastal areas and in the South. The rain will decrease later on Wednesday through Thursday. It will become generally fair on Friday through Monday, although a backing in the wind-flow on Sunday could lead to some showers developing mostly along the coast.

Daily rainfall accumulations over most districts on Monday through Wednesday of this week will range from 0.50-0.75 of-an-inch, with higher rates of 1.75-2.00 inches in the hills and southern districts. Daily rainfall totals will be decreasing after Wednesday, ranging from 0.10-0.25 of-an-inch on Thursday though Monday, particularly along coastal areas.

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The San Pedro Sun

Countrywide Countdown to Elections 2012
Registered voters countrywide will go to the polls on March 7th in a double election; General and Municipal. In some electoral divisions, like Belize Rural South (BRS), some electorates will go to the polls for the General Election only. Such is the case with the electorates of Caye Caulker and Caye Chapel with a total of 811 registered voters, combined. Ambergris Caye electorates, which is 6,289, will vote twice, once in the General and once in the Municipal elections. Combined, all three polling areas in BRS have 7,100 registered voters. Speaking with all the candidates during a meeting on Friday, February 24th, the General Election Returning Officer for BRS Allan Genitty indicated that he expects that the election process will be peaceful. Genitty explained that all political parties and candidates are expected to conduct themselves in a civil manner and abide by the rules agreed upon. No political booth or political banners/signs will be allowed within the 100-yard buffer area. In San Pedro, polling area 37 will be at the San Pedro High School. The 100-yard area extends around the circumference of the high school's property. The buffer area includes the section of Spider Lily street that runs from the beach to the junction of Laguna Drive (all the section in front of the high school entrance). The 100-yard buffer area extends from the entrance of the school grounds midway down on Seagull Street.

Belize attends first meeting of Council of Ministers of Health of Mesoamerica
Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Peter Allen attended the first meeting of the Council of Ministers of Health of Mesoamerica (SMSP) held last week, in Mexico City, Mexico. At its first Board Room meeting, Secretary of Health of Mexico, Solomon Chertorivski Woldenberg announced that a human development component has been formed within the project entitled the Mesoamerican Public Health System (SMPS). This component specifically seeks to improve health conditions for greater development and social welfare in the region. It aims to address and develop successful strategies to strengthen issues of common interest in regional public health such as dengue, maternal health and child immunization. Woldenberg emphasized that the system is a strong forum in which joint solutions will be encouraged for the most pressing needs in this area in the region.

Hicatee - Closed Season
The General Public is hereby advised that the Fisheries Department has increased its enforcement activities to ensure compliance with management and conservation regulations for the Hicatee turtle. A recent national survey indicates that the population of this freshwater turtle has greatly diminished as a result of unsustainable harvest; hence the need for increased compliance. The public is advised that any person who contravenes the Hicatee regulation commits an offence and shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine of two thousand dollars (BZ$2,000) or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or to both such fine and imprisonment.

GOB sells acquired BWSL land for 1% of its estimated value
Today, March 5th, the Ministry of Natural Resources issued lease number 3084/2011 for a parcel lot numbered 01193 in block 7 in the San Pedro Registration Section. The lot in question is registered at the San Pedro Town Council property tax section under the property of the Belize Sewer Authority (BWSL) and was transferred to a resident of Orange Walk Town. The San Pedro Sun received a copy of a Government of Belize issued receipt which shows that Alyssa Tun, a 19 year old of a Juventus Street address in Orange Walk Town, paid $2,530 for the property. On December 15, 2011 the lot was processed and leased-for-purchase the same day. Payment was made on January 9, 2012 as indicated on receipt LSD-OW00047364 for $2,500 and another payment as per receipt number LSD-OW00047365 of $30 for certificate fee. The land in question is located on Laguna Drive in San Pedro Town and is the proposed site for the new BWSL office. The building construction is scheduled to start this year. According to a source within the Ministry of Natural Resources, the land was taken away from BSWL for none compliance. Records at the San Pedro Town Council indicate that BWSL was exempt from paying property tax because it is considered a Government property. According to our source at the San Pedro Town Council, Tun has not visited the office to change the title into her name. According to an employee at the Ministry of Natural Resources, the document which was issued today will not be reflected in the Ministry's computer data base at this time. It will be entered following the elections since the Ministry is currently working on the election process. According to a local real estate agent in San Pedro Town, the land is considered prime property with an estimated value of $250,000.

Ambergris Today

Tons of Seaweed Pile Up on San Pedro Beaches
So what is causing all this seaweed to wash up in masses on our beautiful shore? Recent articles have been mentioning that it all has to do with the current changing weather and temperature patterns. It is anticipated that the masses of seaweeds could increase as more tropical storms are predicted for this hurricane season. Scientists say that it is possible that climate change could be indirectly responsible for the increase of this particular weed which is currently affecting many global coastlines.

Prince Harry is One with Belize
It would be easy to picture HRH Prince Harry as a Belizean - he is very friendly, he loves the outdoors and adventure and he likes to get down at the festivities. Although HRH only had a little over 23 hours in Belize, he showed the country how much fun he is and properly represented his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II on her Royal Jubilee celebrations. Belize was Prince Harry's first stop on his leg of the Royal Jubilee Tour. He arrived on Friday, March 2, 2012. As he made it to the capital city of Belmopan, hundreds of people cheered on, the enthusiastic ladies screamed out his name and people even made it on rooftops to get a glimpse of the young Prince. Once could feel the excitement in the air as people donned the British flag in various ways - on their sunglasses, clothing and posters. Just before departing the archeological site, Prince Harry took another Belikin Beer, but not to drink this time. He used the beer to christen a hand-made canoe that was presented to the team who is being sponsored by the British High Commission and Bowen & Bowen in the Ruta Maya Canoe Race. The Jubilee Canoe was launched off the banks of the Mopan River at the river entrance to the Xunantunich Archeological Site.

The Days Without A Town Council
Twenty NINE years ago there was no Town Board OR Town Council in San Pedro. In fact, the town board is a new baby, only in existence since 1984. In the past the affairs of the village were looked at by a Village Council. A village council had very little authority and cash flow. It could not collect property taxes; it did not collect trade license, or liquor license, or restaurant license, or any kind of taxes. If a village council wanted funds to carry out some community project, it would put on a dance or some kind of fund raising drive to carry out the project. Its job was also to report to the area representative when the main pier, the police station or the clinic needed repairs and also assisted in supervising the repairs.. A village council asked for nurses, a police officer or for streetlights whenever or wherever they were needed, and then waited impatiently for government to do it for the village. Early village council chairmen I knew of were Mr. Fido Nu�ez, Mr. Abel Guerrero Sr. Alfredo Alamilla and Enrique Staines. I first entered public service in 1971 with Chairman, the late Enrique Staines Sr. I was secretary and together we got such things as the first telephone system. There was only one at the home of Mr. Staines, but it was a start. Our annual budget was about three thousand dollars, but we got the San Pedro Action Committee with such people like Norman Eiley, Genaro Nu�ez, Junior Heredia, Tabito Arceo, Dimas Guerrero and I organized to carry out community projects.

"Prince Harry I Love You"
"You are Smart and Sexy, I Love You...Follow me on Twitter" These ladies travelled all the way from Cancun, Mexico to Belize for the Royal Jubilee experience. They were standing on the side of the road in the Capital City of Belmopan waiting to see Prince Harry arrive at the Diamond Jubilee Block Party; charismatic and eager to see, or better yet, meet Prince Harry. Actually the mother wanted to set up her daughter with the Prince. She explained how her father had the opportunity to see Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and now it was her daughter's chance to meet a member of the Royal Family. How fitting that it was the Prince visiting Belize. We spotted them a various spots throughout the weekend screaming amd jumping with joy for Prince Harry!


Belizeans Says NO To Offshore Drilling
On March 2nd, all voting Belizeans were asked to come out and make a choice in a people's referendum regarding offshore drilling for oil. This vote was not organized by the government, but by volunteers. I arrived early with a bunch of other volunteers. Lots were needed. Some to check voters IDs, lot of Justices of the Peace, some to direct voters to the appropriate areas...and we needed to open the polls at 6am. Here is the park at 5:30am. Everyone took their stations. Mel Paz, independent mayoral candidate spent her whole day volunteering.

Chicken Soup, Belize Style!
Yes, it appears that chicken soup is universal. This miracle soup can cure your colds (or at least make u feel better ), warm you up, or simply hit that hunger spot. In the US they use carrots, potatoes and noodles, in China they use ginger, various leafy greens, and many other cultures have their own little variations. from France, Italy, Greece, portugal, Canada, they all have their own versions, but one thing remains common...chicken and chicken broth! Now, today in Belize is a bit cloudy and the temperature has fallen and it's going to start why not chicken soup? It alwyas tastes better when its rainy or cold or when you're sick. Now on to the recipe!

The Story Can Now Be Told - Prince Harry in Belize
Hosting a member of the Royal Family is a responsibility in itself, but for the managers and staff of The Lodge at Chaa Creek one of the most important tasks was keeping Prince Harry's visit under wraps until the royal entourage departed, Chaa Creek owner Lucy Fleming said today. "Although our staff is the most professional in Belize and accustomed to serving celebrities and dignitaries, the royal family is held in very high esteem in Belize. Everyone was excited to hear that Prince Harry would be staying at Chaa Creek, and with 135 employees, we had to impress on everyone that privacy was paramount," Ms Fleming said. "I'm very pleased to say that the secret was well kept, and that the Prince enjoyed a relaxing time away from paparazzi and publicity," she added. Prince Harry was visiting Belize as part of his grandmother's, Queen Elizabeth II diamond jubilee, celebrating 60 years of occupying the throne and as Belize's Head of State.

Prince Harry Visits Mayan Ruins In Belize
Prince Harry receives a warm welcome as he tours the Xunantunich ruins of Belize. Britain's Prince Harry continued his Belize trip on Saturday (March 3) with a visit to the Xunantunich ruins. The Xunantunich - or Maiden of the Rock - ruins are about 80 miles (130 km) from the Belize City, the country's capital. The ruins, which are believed to have been an important ceremonial centre, date from the Maya Classic Era, which lasted from about 200 AD to 900 AD. Tourists and local residents were on hand to watch the Prince walking among the ruins and watching the performance of a local band and dance troupe. The Prince's visit to the ruins is part of a two-day trip of Belize to launch Diamond Jubilee celebrations commemorating the 60-year anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in February 1952. Lady Dixie Bowen lives in Belize and said the importance of the royal visit should be recognised. "I think we should continue to honour royalty and they really mean a lot to our world and he's there doing great things, taking up his mother's charities and doing great things for everyone. And the children up there now are the children that are special needs children and I think that's so honourable on his part," she said.

Price Harry visits Belize monument
The mysteries of Belize's ancient civilisation have been revealed to Prince Harry as he played the tourist and visited a national monument. The royal was taken to the long abandoned city of Xunantunich - home to the sophisticated Maya people as he continued his Diamond Jubilee tour. Harry arrived at the popular tourist attraction by car, and as he emerged from a group of trees, before him was the impressive complex of stone pyramids, palaces and temples rising out of a jungle clearing. The prince was taken on a private guided tour of the site which was home to up to 10,000 people who lived in the surrounding countryside. Archaeologists have been deciphering the history of the city and its inhabitants for decades and have focused on its central piece, the towering Castillo complex. It contained the palaces and private shrines of the rulers before it was abandoned between AD 950-1000. Harry climbed the steep stone steps of the Castillo pausing occasionally to take in the view behind him and when he reached a midway point he disappeared as the steps took him around the side of the monument. He was spotted at the summit high above the jungle canopy and stayed there for around 20 minutes before taking a different path down to ground level. The Prince came down from the top of the monument sweating and with his shirt sticking to his back as the conditions were hot and humid. Waiting for him were a group of traditional dancers who performed a "deer dance" about hunting the animal, which has symbolic significance. Harry chatted with the group's leader as they twirled around him in brightly coloured costumes that represented various characters. Aurelio Sho, who co-ordinated the dance event, said: "Everybody knows this dance, it's very popular and there's a lot of energy that comes with it." Harry then went on to watch a display that was a complete contrast - the uniformed movements of a local marching band. As chart tunes echoed around the ancient ruined city Harry watched the group - complete with cheerleaders - walk across a square with synchronised steps.

VIDEO: Local Corals and Reef Residents
Have a look at local coralc and reef residents just ten minutes from the dock with Belize Diving Adventures, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

Welcome to Armenia, Belize
Just last week I had the privilege of going to a tiny, remote village in Belize called Armenia. To avoid confusion for the geographically inclined, Armenia is named after a place in El Salvador. It was settled by El Salvadorians. The place in El Salvador was long ago settled by Armenians. All confusion is now averted. The discussion began when I met Carlos' roommate for the first time. The conversation quickly turned to food and I began complaining about how I'd like to experience a real Belizian home-cooked meal. Duck (the roommate) immediately offered up his mother's services and invited us to his village. No sooner had the words left my mouth and we were already planning our trip.

Misc Belizean Sources

Front street store for lease in San Pedro
With or without fixtures furnishings etc. $BZ 2000 per month. Email [email protected]


As you make your way around the city, you might notice a group of people wielding bright colored signs with numbers and percentages in what looks to be the latest protest. In approaching the group in the downtown area and talking to their leader Moses Sulph, a member of Cola, who described himself as a regular citizen, we were told that it is not a protest, that it is actually an alert or a way to inform people about the condition of the country before they cast their votes. Moses Sulph "This thing is called Belize Alert; we want the Belizean people to be alert about the situation. Don't get caught up by the political posturing and the political rhetoric, and the distraction of the political partisan politics, be alert of the issues, look at where we are as a country." The group moved to different locations in the city and according to Sulph, they have been received in kind by some, and others have just told them to go home.

Dalila Ical reporting... "A new bus terminal and market extension adjacent the Barracks located in the heart of Orange Walk Town was inaugurated on Saturday morning. The project was undertaken by the Orange Walk Town Council. Incumbent Mayor Phillip de la Fuente says the terminal was a highly prioritized project for the council. Mayor Phillip De La Fuente "If I may say it is a very huge undertaking, but very necessary also for the development of the Town. We didn't want our visitors, our commuters coming in the buses and having to dodge the potholes and the mud holes and so we decided to do this project, this has always been the number one project for the Town. We could have done it with tar but with the heavy buses running over it, it would have worn out very quick; it would have cost a lot in maintenance and so we said we would spend a little bit more and do it the right way, with concrete. It is seven inches of concrete and steel so this should be here for quite some years."

A house was destroyed by fire on Saturday. The building, measuring sixteen feet by eighteen feet belonged to Michael Gordon. Police say the building was being occupied at the time of the incident by a homeless person. No one was injured and the cause of the fire is unknown. Police continue to investigate.

A frightening home invasion was reported in Belize City on Sunday. Businesswoman Shirley Chicas told police that she as at home yesterday when two men, dressed in camouflage arrived and identified themselves as police officers. According to Chicas, the two men claimed that they were conducting an investigation for a robbery and demanded that one of her sons hand over his licensed nine millimeter pistol. Apart from the weapon, which was loaded, the intruders also took three cell phones and one thousand, six hundred and fifty dollars in cash. Police investigations continue.

Last Friday the Ashcroft Rehabilitation Center celebrated its 18th graduation ceremony. Chairman John Woods told Love News the graduates underwent four months of intense work. John Woods - Chairman, Kolbe Foundation "Friday we graduated 70 people after a four month rehabilitation course where they learnt so much about what has gone in their lives and what to do to correct it in the future. There were 104 that signed up for it and 70 completed. It is an intense course, up to 12- 14 hours every day; the 12 step program that the Alcoholic Anonymous uses that we use for Emotions Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, new direction, life skills, how to control your emotions, and that we are in charge and that there is a God up above that loves us and will take care of us, all we have to do is reach out and ask him.

Belize stands to benefit from over a million dollars in grant funding under the Mesoamerica Health Project. This was announced today, following Belize's participation in the first meeting of the Council of Ministers of Health of Mesoamerica. The meeting was held last week in Mexico City, and Belize was represented by the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Health Dr. Peter Allen. According to a government press release, Belize and El Salvador became the first countries to sign a grant agreement under the Mesoamerica Project with the first installment of seven hundred and fifty thousand US dollars now available to the Ministry of Health of Belize. The goal of the Council of Ministers of Health of the Mesoamerican Public Health System, which was set up at the end of last year, is to promote the improvement of health conditions for greater development and social welfare in the region.

Maria Novelo reporting... "The San Pedro Chapter of the Belize Red Cross is being re-energized and reactivated after being dormant for almost ten years. According to Director General , Lily Bowman, the first community information session and volunteer registration took place on Saturday at the Banana Beach Resort. Nine island residents registered to become a Red Cross member and volunteers. With this reactivation Ambergris caye residents in the most vulnerable areas of the community will have an active Red Cross office in San Pedro. Bowman says that the response from the island has been encouraging and their first priority goal is to implement their disaster introduction project which will build the capacity of volunteers to become trained first responders in the event of a disaster. During the meeting, Director General, Lily Bowman her staff and volunteers provided pertinent details about the Belize Red Cross' Constitution, Code of Conduct, and Confidentiality Agreement, programs, strategies and plans. Bowman ended by saying that long standing member Atlantida Eiley has been instrumental in the reactivation of the Red Cross in San Pedro and is pleased to announce that they have been able to secure an office space. The new office is located on the ground floor of the Island Galleria building at the corner of Tarpon Street and Coconut Drive and should be operating now. The Belize Red Cross Headquarters in located in Belize City and 7 Branches throughout the 6 administrative Districts of the country. San Pedro will now make the 8th and the newest reactivated Branch."

As of last week we've been reporting in our newscast that a Belizean team will participate this year in the King James Classic to be held in Akron Ohio in the month of April. After preliminary tryouts in each District, those chosen went into a second phase of tryouts was held at the UB gymnasium where twenty-one players were selected for a last round. That last round of tryouts was held yesterday at the Belize City Center where the fifteen players to travel to the King James Classic were chosen. This morning in a press conference at Roger's Stadium, the names of the lucky fifteen players from all over the country were released. Miley Garcia spoke on behalf of the Ministry and Minister of Sports about the importance of the occasion.

A man from More Tomorrow village in the Cayo district is hospitalized in Belmopan following a shooting incident. Fem Cruz reporting... "On Sunday March 4 sometime 8:30 p.m. Belmopan police visited the Western Regional Hospital where Jose Espino, 36 year old Guatemalan farmer of More Tomorrow Village was seen suffering from apparent gunshot wound to the upper part of his left arm. Initial investigations reveal that sometime around 6 p.m. that same evening Jose Espino was walking through a cannabis plantation in an area of More Tomorrow Village when he was approached by three Hispanic male persons where one of them shot him to the left arm. Espino is presently in the Western Regional Hospital in a stable condition."

Orange Walk police are investigating an apparent fatal hit and run incident on the Santa Cruz road in Orange Walk. Sometime after 10 o'clock yesterday morning police on patrol saw a man lying on the side of the road. The man later identified as 48 year old, Daniel Osgalla of Otro Benque Road Orange Walk Town, was seen with injuries to the right side of his face and body. He was taken to the Northern Regional Hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. So far no one has been detained for questioning and police continues to investigate this incident.

Dr. Carla Barnett has served in various capacities in the civil service in Belize and in the Caribbean. And this week it was revealed that that she is again in a senior leadership position in the Caribbean. According to a statement, the Caribbean Development Bank today announced the appointment of Dr. Barnett as its vice president in charge of operations. Among her primary responsibilities is the formulation of CDB's support program for borrowing member nations as well as the organization of the Bank's portfolio of capital and technical assistance projects. Dr. Barnett brings to the job a wide range of experience. She has served previously at home as the Financial Secretary and as a Chief Executive Officer. Externally Dr, Barnett has served as the Deputy Secretary General of the Caribbean Community, CARICOM.

Channel 7

Skull Turns Up In Downtown OW
This evening, a rumor raced out that a pair of human heads had been found in a plastic bag outside Courts in Orange Walk town. All sorts of crazy speculation started to surface that the ZETAS or some drug gang had struck in that northern town. Well, tonight we can tell you that the rumor is not true; a pair of human heads was not found in front of Courts. But, something similar did happen. 7news has confirmed that a human skull without a jaw was found in a plastic bag in front of Courts Orange Walk. A Courts staffer walked out of work this evening and saw the plastic bag with the skull in front of the store. It is a skull, completely stripped of living tissue. The age of the skull itself, the sex, the cause of death and other details are not known at this time.

Mass Parties Hold Pre-Election Rallies
Both major mass parties held pre-election rallies in multiple constituencies over the weekend. But the PUP's big one was in Belize City at the Pound Yard bridge. Like the UDP a few weeks ago, it was a national event - with candidates from all across the country coming to the city to participate - and bussing in their supporters. The event drew a good crowd - filling up a portion of Cemetery Road. For a national event, It wasn't quite on the par of PUP events we've seen in the party's heyday - but it was enough to pump up Party Leader Francis Fonseca. The PUP also had pre-election rallies in Independence, Benque Viejo and Sandhill. Numbers vary widely on the PUP's city event: our estimates put it at a maximum of two thousand - while the party says it had at least eight thousand people out there. And the UDP is claiming similar numbers for a pre-election rally at the barracks in Orange Walk which was held yesterday evening. The UDP held major multi-divisional rallies in Corozal and Orange Walk Towns - and report strong turnout at both events. According to reliable estimates, the crowd in Orange Walk was in the range of five thousand.

PUP Leader Fonseca: What I Would Do With Telemedia
PUP Leader Francis Fonseca attended his party's weekend pre-election rallies in the City, Benque Viejo and Independence Village. Today he told us that - with all the adversity has party has faced since October - a victory at the polls on Wednesday would be "extraordinary," but he is confident that it will happen. Fonseca shared those comments in an extended interview, which will air separate from the news tomorrow night. Tonight, we'll sample a small part of that interview in which he discusses his party's relationship with the Ashcroft Alliance. It's topical, because the Barrow Administration's war with the Alliance has become one of the defining features of his administration - and to fair extent is why general elections are being called early because the Barrow Administration needs a new mandate- after passing the eighth amendment used up much of its political capital. So what would Fonseca do with the Ashcroft alliance? And to what extent would that be determined by whether or not the Alliance is currently financing the PUP? Fonseca told us that currently the PUP is receiving no financing from Ashcroft.

Barrow Would Consider Settling With The Ashcroft Alliance
We asked Barrow if - after three and a half years of more or less sustained warfare - wouldn't he be inclined to settle the matter? Here's what he told us: Jules Vasquez "Would you be inclined to settling it - once and for all settling the dispute over Telemedia?" Prime Minister Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize "2 things: the course of governance, like the course of true love, never did run smooth. You can expect to be in government - you can't expect to be governing the state of affairs of a nation given the vicissitudes of life - given the uncertainties, given the challenges that will crop up every day. If it's not in one area, it's in a next. You can't expect that it will ever be smooth sailing. Admittedly, the protracted warfare with respect to the Ashcroft Empire and the Ashcroft Alliance is unusual. I, in a next term, would be perfectly prepared. I would be perfectly capable of summoning up the will and the resources to continue this campaign, to continue the struggle for as long as is necessary as to ultimately vindicate Belizeanism. B

Guess Who's Back!? "Friend Glen"
And amidst all this back and forth about Telemedia - there's news tonight about that other phone company, the one that couldn't quite get off the ground - Intelco. A report from out the US says that a new formed Florida company called GDG Acquisitions, - GDG - presumably as in, Glenn D. Godfrey - is suing the Government of Belize for ten million US dollars. The article says that GDG Acquisitions has filed a civil suit against The Government of Belize in U. S. District Court. GDG cites an Agreement was originally entered into on December 18, 2002 and signed by Godfrey, as Chairman of Intelco, and Ralph Fonseca, as "Minister of Budget Management" for the Belize Government. GDG says Government owes it $10.3 million dollars for "failing to pay rent or return telecommunications equipment that the Government allegedly leased from Intelco in 2002-2003."

Man Killed In OW Hit and Run
A man is believed to have been knocked down and killed on Sunday morning in a hit and run accident in Orange Walk town. It happened around 11 yesterday morning, when police found 48 year old Daniel Oscaya lying dead on the side of the San Antonio Road with injuries to his head and body. So far Police cannot say how he was knocked down...

Well Known Artist's Home Burns
There was a small house fire in Belize city on Saturday afternoon. It happened at #77 Plues Street, where a small wooden structure measuring 16ft by 18ft the property of well known street-artist Michael Gordon, engulfed in flames. The house was completely destroyed, no one was injured and the cause and value are unknown. Gordon told us that he was eating when he noticed his machete was missing. He said it is a family dispute...

Police Recover .22 Rifle
Last week Tuesday, the Police found a rifle along with 11 rounds of ammunition in an abandoned house in Belize City. The police searched the building located in East Collet Canal in Belize City, and they uncovered one Mossberg .22 Rifle model #380. Along with it, they found eleven .22 rounds of ammunition. The firearm and ammunition were deposited as "Found Property".

Prince Harry's Happy Time In Belize
Prince Harry's quick tour of Belize ended in Saturday afternoon, 23 hours after it began. But, however short, the trip was memorable and probably most important, it garnered Belize headlines all over the world - most notably for the few cultural dances that the Prince got into. We look back at some of the highlites from his brief tour: Monica Bodden Reporting The prince started out his visit meeting the head of state, the head of government and the leader of the opposition. The prime minister and his wife also had a casual unofficial conversation with him in the VIP room. 01:18 Prince Harry arrived at Belize house on Saturday evening for the formal occasion of reviewing the Diamond Jubilee stamp edition - chronicling his grandmother's 60 year reign.

Police Accused of Home Invasion Style Robbery - In Uniform!
Police says it's a burglary, but if you ask us, we would call it a soft-home invasion, or one daring con-game! Shirley Chicas, a Belizean Businesswoman of Belize City reported to police that on Sunday whilst at home with her two sons- two men came to her house dressed in camouflage uniforms and identified themselves as Police Officers. The two men then told Chicas that they were investigating a robbery and demanded that one of her sons hand over his licensed Glock 9mm pistol with 15 live rounds. They also took 3 cellular phones and $1,650 dollars in cash. Both men then left the house taking all items along with them stating that the items will be placed as exhibit pending the outcome of the robbery investigations. Well, turns out it wasn't a con, and they were indeed police.

Belize's Best Young Ballers Going To King James Tourney In Ohio
15 basketball players from around the country have been chosen to represent Belize at the King James amateur Athletic Union Classic. The tournament is played in April in Ohio and its namesake is NBA Star Lebron James. It features some of the best young talent in the United States. But this time - for the first time - they'll be joined by Belize's finest. The 15 players were selected from a much larger group from around the country who participated in a rigorous tryout process in Belmopan. The Belize Basketball Federation held a press conference this morning at the Rogers Stadium to unveil the selection - and we were there:

Police And Youths: Finding Middle Ground
When police officers are patrolling the streets of Belize City, most of their first interactions with the public begins and ends with the youths they encounter. The relationship between youths and police is one that is rife with distrust and controversy, so it's very rare when these two groups actually cooperate with each other. This was exactly the type of relationship that Restore Belize and its partners tried to foster by implementing a program in Belize that has its roots in the US. It is called the Youth and Police Initiative, and it is funded by the US Embassy. The initiation of the program here in Belize was done last week by a representative of the North American Family Institute, a US Human Services Organization.

Man on cycle Knocked Down Trying To Overtake
There was an accident this evening in Ladyville. Denfield Tillett from Flowers Bank is the victim. It happened around 5:30. As we understand it, Tillett was northbound on a motorbike when he tried to overtake a bus. But when he was already overtaking he realized there was a vehicle in front of the bus and traffic was approaching from the other direction. He tried to squeeze between the vehicle in front of the bus and an oncoming pickup - but could not make it. He hit the vehicle in front of the bus and then careened into the oncoming pickup. He only received a few abrasions.

Prince Harry Impressed With Belize
Earlier on in the news - we showed you some of Prince Harry's whirlwind tour of Belize. IT has garnered major international headline - and the BTB is hoping to seize upon that by putting an interview with the Prince front and center in their marketing of the event. Interviews with Royalty are rare but our colleague Janelle Chanona - working on behalf of the BTB - got a chance to have a brief one on one with him - where he spoke about his impressions of Belize:.. Janelle Chanona "Your Highness, has Belize Lived up to your expectations?" Prince Henry of Wales "Definitely, this is my first visit. I heard a few things from my grandmother on her last visit; she said how amazing it is. It really has, completely, the scenery that this place has to offer, and the location here is absolutely fantastic. So yeah, it's outdone it's expectations as far as I'm concerned."

Channel 5

Leader of Opposition on Dickie Bradley Special
It's a day away from the double elections. This station and Love FM are teaming up for full coverage. Reporters will be stationed at all thirty-one constituencies to bring you the latest information as electors go to the polls. There are a hundred and seventy-eight thousand registered voters for the general election and for the ...

Human remains found in Orange Walk
There is breaking news tonight from Orange Walk. Early reports are that police are processing a scene in the downtown area near the courts on Queen Victoria Avenue. It is believed that human remains have been found in a plastic bag, but information at this time is hard to come by because police are busy ...

Did somebody swipe BWSL Land?
We have reported on a number of cases of land fraud or land grab. One report coming out late this evening from San Pedro is that a parcel of prime property has changed hands for what documents show is a pittance. It involves Parcel Number 1193 previously held by the Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL). ...

Single Mother gets write-off; but not home from S.S.B.
Caren Robinson had been in the first set of persons to move to Fresh Pond, a small community on the Boom Road. But she was struggling financially, and did not feel it was safe to leave her young daughter alone in an area with few people while she was working. So she decided to move ...

Barrow's large cash deposit in US Bank
The opposition People's United Party has been attacking the Prime Minister in ads for depositing cheques of US twenty-five thousand dollars to his account at Wachovia Bank and another for thirty-two thousand with Bank of America. The trust of the ad is that the PM has no confidence in the economy and has been making ...

International Women's Day
This Thursday will be celebrated as International Women's Day. There are interesting statistics that are coming out in anticipation of the one hundred and first women's day; some of the results by London's Independent Newspaper show that the jewel is way behind in two aspects but generally conditions for women have improved in eighty-five percent ...

Motorcycle accident in Ladyville
This evening in Ladyville, a motorcycle collided into a pickup that was heading toward Belize City. The motorcycle had just overtaken a passenger bus travelling north when the driver saw the oncoming pickup owned by Jose Alexander Daras. The cyclist attempted to avoid a head on collision with Daras and swerved toward the right hand ...

Politricks Time Again: Campaign workers fired or hired?
When elections draw near, politicians are always eager to be in front of the cameras. News Five has had its share of calls about the generosity of politicians who wish to have their small acts of goodness televised for the evening news. Those politicians are also very keen to speak about the injustices that occur ...

Moses' Alert Protest
Moses Sulph, the former president of Citizens Organized for Liberty Through Action, has been a vocal force advocating for meaningful social and political reform to improve the lives of Belizeans. Sulph has been on the forefront of numerous protests, spanning the tenure of both major political parties over the past nine years. Most recently he ...

Witnesses, including doctor, testify at Attempted Murder Trial
On February twenty-seventh, Attorney Rodwell Williams took the stand for the first time and gave an account of how he was shot on May thirty-first, 2010. Williams told the court that around seven-twenty that night, he left his office on Albert Street and was heading to his car, when two men rode up on bicycles, ...

On the Official Visit to Belize: Prince Harry now Prince of the Jewel
Prince Harry is now the Prince of the Jewel. In his twenty-three hour visit, he won the hearts of many. The Prince arrived on Friday on his first official visit as grandson of the queen. In that relatively short time, he wooed Belizeans as he mingled in the capital with the crowd that waited to ...

On official Visit to Belize: Prince Harry at Xunantunich
On Saturday morning, Prince Harry, the third in line to the British throne, headed to the Adjacency Zone near the Belize/Guatemala border. After an explanation on the work of the OAS, he was treated to a cultural presentation by both Belizean and Guatemalan primary school students. The Prince's next stop was Xunantunich. Here's News Five's ...

Restore Belize and US Organizations training sessions to help youths
The Belize Police Department has had a rocky relationship with at risk youths in certain areas, particularly in the city. But that may soon change, with the help of a partnership between Restore Belize and two US organizations; Partners for Democratic Change and the North American Family Institute. Together they are implementing a program that ...

Talented Belizean youths headed to Lebron James AAU Tournament
The National Sports Council and Belize Basketball Federation earlier today announced the names of the contingent of junior basketball players who are heading to the King James Classic AAU Tournament being held by famous NBA player, Lebron James, in Ohio, USA. The ultimate prize is securing a scholarship. News Five's Delahnie Bain reports. Delahnie Bain, ...

James Adderley's Sports Update
Good evening, I'm James Adderley and you're most welcome to this fresh dish of Sports Monday. We head immediately to the MCC Grounds where week 4 in the Premier League of Belize brought the B.D.F. face to face with FC Belize in a zone A matchup that could provide front runner status for either ball ...


Tracking the elections online
Total Business Solution Limited late last week announced it will be using the Geographic Information Systems and Global Positioning System to provide live tracking of the La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge. Today, the same organization announced it will also be providing live tracking for Wednesday's general and municipal elections. Loretta Palacio is the Managing Director of Total Business Solutions Limited. A presentation on how to use the new tracking system was given by Belizean GIS specialist, Marion Cayetano. The live tracking can be done via the internet at:

Group raises "alert" in downtown Belize City
Commuters making their way around the city this morning could not help but notice a group of people around town carrying brightly coloured signs adorned with messages in numbers. It looked like a protect; but the leader of the impromptu group Moses Sulph, told Love News that it was not. Sulph, who is a member of the group Citizens Organized for Liberty Through Action, says that it is actually a way to inform people about the condition of the country before they cast their votes on Wednesday. The group braved the chilly weather and persistent drizzle to get their message out. A member of the group told Love News that he is one of those in the percentage of unemployed.

Belizean gets top CDB job
Dr. Carla Barnett has served in various capacities in the civil service in Belize and in the Caribbean. And this week it was revealed that that she is again in a senior leadership position in the Caribbean. According to a statement, the Caribbean Development Bank today announced the appointment of Dr. Barnett as its vice president in charge of operations. Among her primary responsibilities is the formulation of CDB's support program for borrowing member nations as well as the organization of the Bank's portfolio of capital and technical assistance projects. Dr. Barnett brings to the job a wide range of experience. She has served previously at home as the Financial Secretary and as a Chief Executive Officer. Externally Dr, Barnett has served as the Deputy Secretary General of the Caribbean Community, CARICOM.

Belize qualifies for health grant from Mesoamerica
Belize stands to benefit from over a million dollars in grant funding under the Mesoamerica Health Project. This was announced today, following Belize's participation in the first meeting of the Council of Ministers of Health of Mesoamerica. The meeting was held last week in Mexico City, and Belize was represented by the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Health Dr. Peter Allen. According to a government press release, Belize and El Salvador became the first countries to sign a grant agreement under the Mesoamerica Project with the first installment of seven hundred and fifty thousand US dollars now available to the Ministry of Health of Belize. The goal of the Council of Ministers of Health of the Mesoamerican Public Health System, which was set up at the end of last year, is to promote the improvement of health conditions for greater development and social welfare n the region.


Prince Harry of Wales' enchanting weekend in the jewel
Prince Harry of Wales made his grand debut in Belize and was well received by Belizeans. Prince Harry attended a pr...

Present and former Mayors of Belmopan clash on City Council's audited financials
Rise and shine featured guests this morning were Florencio Marin Jr. and Former Mayor of Belmopan Anthony Chanona. ...

Prince Harry lunches with special needs children
Prince Harry also made special time for twenty-two children with special needs along with parents and chaperones. M...

Real time tracking GPS added to La Ruta Maya river challenge
March 9 to the 12 will mark the 15th running of the La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge. As usual, teams will start...

Fatal traffic accident in San Antonio
A man is dead as a result of a fatal traffic accident. On Sunday March 4th , 48 year old Daniel Oscaya was found de...

Police remind public of liquor and firearm prohibition for elections
The general public is informed that under the Belize City and Town Council Regulations Chapter 85, all persons who ...

Police release official report on First Caribbean bank robbery
Last week Thursday we reported on the bank robbery which occurred at First Caribbean bank in Belize City. Police ha...

Thieves make off with $15k in home invasion
In a previous newscast we told you about a home invasion that took place last week Saturday night in the outskirts ...

Forty plus participants attend Christian media seminar
The Belize Christian Media Fellowship (BCMF) held a media seminar this weekend. BCMF is comprised of Christian medi...

Men posing as police rob home
A local businesswoman's home was burglarized over the weekend. Shirley Chicas, of Belize City reported that on Sund...

The Reporter

Cops kill bank robber, but three escape!
A brazen bank robbery at First Caribbean International Bank's San Cas Plaza branch on Thursday morning, March 1st, proved fatal for one of the four fleeing robbers, whom police officers shot and killed. The Police Department briefed the media about the robbery at a press conference Thursday afternoon. They claimed they were simply returning fire when the robber was shot. The other three assailants, one of whom the police believe had also sustained a gunshot wound, escaped by swimming across the Haulouver Creek to the Gungulung area of Lake Independence, near LaCroix Boulevard.

People's Referendum says "No"
Ninety six percent of the 29,235 voters, or more than 28,000 of those who participated in Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage's nation-wide People's Referendum, held on Wednesday, February 29th, have voted "no" to offshore oil exploration. BTIA President Jim Scott, and Oceana Belize vice-president Audrey Matura-Shepherd announced the results at the offices of Oceana Belize in Belize City on Thursday, March 1st. The Belize district had the largest voter turnout with 9,463 votes, of which 97% said "no" to offshore drilling.

Victim lives to confront gunman
Akeem Thurton, accused of the attempted murder of prominent attorney Rodwell Williams S.C., appeared alone and unrepresented when Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin began hearing the first criminal trial without a jury in the Belize Supreme Court on Monday, February 27. The Director of Public Prosecutions, Cheryl-Lynn Vidal, called Williams, who is Prime Minister Dean Barrow's law partner, to the witness stand.

PUP CitCo candidates offer 46 solutions
The People's United Party's 11 candidates for the Belize City Council and Mayor presented a list of 46 basic needs and services which they say the UDP City Council is not adequately servicing, but which the PUP will provide. PUP Mayoral candidate Karen Bodden and her team presented their 46 solutions when the PUP launched its City Council campaign manifesto at a press conference at Independence Hall in Belize City on Monday, February 20.

COLA takes issue with Barrow over superbond statement and senate reform
Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow's statements on the super bond were "irresponsible," said the Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) at their press conference at the Belize Best Western Biltmore Plaza Hotel on Tuesday, February 28. The United Democratic Party (UDP) released its 2012-2017 manifesto on Wednesday, February 22, and UDP party leader Barrow said: "This 8 1/2% interest rate we will not suffer. ... We won't lie down so that anybody can take chance on us, and the bottom line is, Mr. Bond Holder, Mr. Bad Creditor, come to the table and re-negotiate with Belizeans. "You are obliged to give us a fairer deal, and the people of this country will accept no less." COLA's President, Geovanni Brackett said that statement is not only "irresponsible", but could be detrimental if the perceived possibilities were to come to fruition.

Barranco will host 2012 National Garifuna Convention March 9 9th.
The seaside village of Barranco in the deep south is opening its doors in celebration of the 28th Annual Convention of National Garifuna Council which will also coincide with the launching of the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the village. Barranco was also the birthpalce of Garifuna cultural icon and UNESCO cultural Ambassdor for Peace, Andy Palacio. The two day celebrations will begin from March 9. The Annual National Garifuna Council convention is the highest authority of the organization. At the convention, the Board of Directors will present their annual report which highlights the organization's activities for the past year. Other activities include the promotion of educational discussions among the 11 branches of the NGC; to consider and adopt resolutions moved by the membership and the formulation of plans for the ensuing year.

Westrac wins Spanish Lookout canoe race
The Westrac team of Jerry Cante, Elmer Cruz and Adrian Waight paddled their canoe into first place to win first ever Spanish Lookout Expo canoe race, completing 12 laps around the lagoon in 58 minutes and 10 seconds on Saturday, February 25. They took home a $100 first prize and a trophy, and another $100 first prize as the first male team. The race was the last dress rehearsal organized by the Belize Canoe Association in preparation for the upcoming Ruta Maya River Challenge on March 9-12. But this race was very different from the run -of- the- river races most of the paddlers were accustomed to.

Belize Telemedia wins softball marathon
Telemedia's Blackberry softball team won an all-day softball marathon fund-raiser organized by the BTL women's softball team at the Roger's Stadium on Sunday, February 26, in preparation for the upcoming Central American women's championships in Costa Rica in June. Telemedia won the final game 12-2 over Kitkat Babba Shop.

Election Day 2012 looks like it's going to be a game-changing experience for candidates who won or lost by 50 votes or less the last time around. There are only two of these, and the candidate who appears to be the most vulnerable is the candidate for the Freetown Division. On March 2, 2008 Mr. Francis Fonseca received 1369 votes. His adversary, Mr. Michael Peyrefitte, received 1353. In a constituency of that size 16 votes are considered a slim lead. In 2008 the electoral register for Freetown numbered 3681. This year the voters in Freetown are 4,230 strong. Even so, Mr. Fonseca has his work cut out in view of the fact that he is facing a formidable opponent, Mr. Lee Mark, who has a strong, well-lubricated election machine working for him.

International Sources

Interview with Francis Fonseca, Candidate for Prime Minister of Belize
BELIZEANS HEAD TO THE POLLS Wednesday to choose their next government - deciding between Prime Minister Dean Barrow's ruling United Democratic Party and the Opposition People's United Party, led by Francis Fonseca, which is looking to return to power after leading Belize from 1998 to 2008. An economist and lawyer, Fonseca, who was elected as PUP leader in October, is a former Education Minister and Attorney General. In 2001, he served as Chief of Staff for former Prime Minister Said Musa. Fonseca, who is vying to be the Area Representative for the Freetown Electoral Division, would become the country's next Prime Minister if the PUP were to win the election.

Waves Break Coral Embryo into Identical Twins
Ever wanted an identical twin? A clone to do your chores? If you were a coral embryo, you could just break in two and make yourself a body double, new research suggests.

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