After the news tonight, you can see the interview with Prime Minister Dean Barrow - where he also discusses the way forward vis a vis the Ashcroft Alliance.

We asked Barrow if - after three and a half years of more or less sustained warfare - wouldn't he be inclined to settle the matter?

Here's what he told us:

Jules Vasquez
"Would you be inclined to settling it - once and for all settling the dispute over Telemedia?"

Prime Minister Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize
"2 things: the course of governance, like the course of true love, never did run smooth. You can expect to be in government - you can't expect to be governing the state of affairs of a nation given the vicissitudes of life - given the uncertainties, given the challenges that will crop up every day. If it's not in one area, it's in a next. You can't expect that it will ever be smooth sailing. Admittedly, the protracted warfare with respect to the Ashcroft Empire and the Ashcroft Alliance is unusual. I, in a next term, would be perfectly prepared. I would be perfectly capable of summoning up the will and the resources to continue this campaign, to continue the struggle for as long as is necessary as to ultimately vindicate Belizeanism. But, the short answer to your second question is yes, I would be prepared to settle. In fact, I would encourage and welcome a settlement, and I have a feeling, based on certain developments that clearly I am not at liberty to talk about - or certain signals - that once the dust settles, after the election, there may well be a chance to reach a global settlement with the alliance, a settlement in the round with the alliance. But the short answer to your question, I would absolutely be prepared to participate in discussions that would lead to a settlement."

You can see the entire interview with Prime Minister Barrow after the news tonight...

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