Here is an update for conditions for Election Day
The rains will continue on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, concentrated especially over coastal areas of central and northern Belize. The rains will gradually die away on Thursday and Friday. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

The San Pedro Sun

Public Notices from Elections and Boundaries Department
The Elections and Boundaries Department issues the following Notices to the General Public in preparation of Election Day

Tropic Air Late Evening Flights Return
Tropic Air announced today that it will recommence its extra seasonal late evening flights between Belize City Municipal and San Pedro on Thursday, March 15th. The new service is a direct response to input from its valued customers, and is made possible by the additional daylight conditions (longer days) that occur March through September. "This late evening flight allows our customers to get the most out of their day in Belize City or San Pedro" said John Greif III, President of Tropic Air. "It was immensely popular with our business pasengers when we started it last year, so we brought it back as soon as we could this year. We hope to make this flight permanent, year-round, and even have additional evening flights between the two airports as soon as the Municipal Airport Upgrade project is complete. This will include lights on the airstrip" The schedule for the flight is as follows:

Prince Harry sends message of Thanks for his visit to Belize
After a short but exciting trip to Belize that took him from the streets of Belmopan at the Diamond Jubilee Block Party to the top of the ancient Mayan Ruins on Xunantunich, Prince Harry to the time to write a message of thanks to the Governor General and the people of Belize. The Prince wrote this letter personally while en route to The Bahamas Message from Prince Harry: "Thank you for such a warm and friendly welcome to such a beautiful country. In only 23 hours, I feel as though I have seen so much of Belize through the thousands of people who lined the way. I am hugely grateful for the very happy memories, and I'm very sad to leave. I will pass on your good wishes to my grandmother, our Queen, on her Diamond Jubilee. Tenk yu, ['Thank you' in Kriol] Harry."

Ambergris Today

The Belize Red Cross San Pedro Branch
The Belize Red Cross Society is a member of the International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Their goal is to alleviate human suffering wherever it is found by mobilizing the power of humanity. And now the Belize Red Cross will have a branch here in San Pedro. On Saturday, March 3, 2012, Director General of the Belize Red Cross Lily Bowman, along with a group of members of the BRC, were in San Pedro for the first community information session and volunteer registration which took place at the Banana Beach Resort.

SPHS Softball Team is Northern Regional Champions!
San Pedro High School and the community of San Pedro have another victory to celebrate as the male softball team of the San Pedro High School made us proud by becoming the Northern Regional Softball Champions. The San Pedro High School male softball team traveled to Burrell Boom Village on Saturday, March 3, 2012, to participate in the Northern Regional Softball Tournament which was hosted by Belize Rural High School. At the end of the tournament San Pedro's Jeffrey Cole Ray was awarded Most Valuable Player of the tournament. The San Pedro High School will represent the Northern Region at the National Tournament scheduled for March 16th and 17th in Belmopan City hosted by Belmopan Baptist High School.

Are You On the Voters' List? Check Online!
Are you on the voters' list for tomorrow's double election in Belize? Not sure?? Well, you can either make checks at the Elections and Boundaries Office or online at the Elections and Boundaries website. That's right, you can check online. Simply enter your first name, last name and date of birth and if you are on the voters' list your information will appear, including the division you are registered in, the polling area and polling station name. Don't wait if you are doubtful of your voting status and constituency you are registered in. Check if you can cast your vote in tomorrow's general and municipal elections! Click Here!

Prince Harry's Personal Message to Belize
Prince Harry has sent a message to the Governor-General of Belize to thank him and those he met. The Prince penned the message personally en route to The Bahamas: (Pictured above is Prince Harry along with Rowan Garel, a blind Belizean boy who accomplished the climb of Victoria Peak - Belize's highest point at 3,000 ft)


Rainy Season Comes Early to San Pedro? hasn't but it certainly feels that way. Yesterday was chilly, drizzly and grey. Today we woke to pouring rain and temperatures in the upper 60s. This is so unlike March and seriously depressing after countless days of warm sunshine. I guess the weather can't always be perfect, right? The forecast is for scattered showers for the rest of the week...let's hope for all of the vacationers it's wrong!

Tiny Town - Belmopan, Belize
With a population of around 20,000, Belmopan is one of the smallest national capital cities in the world. Its name is a mash up of "Belize" and Mopan (the name of the area's main river) and it's home to Guanacaste National Park, the nation's first and smallest national park at just 250,000 square yards. A trail winding through the park's patch of jungle can be walked in less than 20 minutes. You can extend your visa in Belmopan and get a delicious and affordable typical meal at Caladium Restaurant which is a great place to see the amazing cultural diversity in Belize come together as Mennonites, Garufinas, Ladinos and expats from all walks of life come together for a meal. You can also get a good cup of coffee and some world class wings (and other international foods you might be craving) at Perk Up Coffee and Wine Bar, along with the requisite java house Wi-Fi.

Misc Belizean Sources

VIDEO: Michael O'Farrell, Gabe & Blair Russel get scuba certified in Belize
My son, Michael and his 2 friends get certified to dive, from Eddie at Amigos Delmar in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize- Our home. Both of my kids are now divers. Life is good!!

Best Belize Map Ever
Reference: the maps page at

BOOK: Management of Eco-tourism and its Perception: A Case Study of Belize.
by Kevin Griffiths with Dr Kapil Kathuria: 'Ecotourism' plays a significant role in the economic sustainability of the Belizean economy. It is the understanding and perceptions of the tourist and tourism service providers towards 'Ecotourism' that will facilitate the continuation of the successful expansion of this market sector. This paper shows that there is a distinct lack of understanding regarding the definition of the term 'Ecotourism" and the variance in perceptions between service user and service provider. This variance and differing understanding stems from a wide range of definitions around the term 'Ecotourism' and the 'greening' of operations that would not readily fit into the ethos of 'Ecotourism' but use its messages to help promote commercial gains. This 'greenwashing' clouds the perceptions of the service user and fosters mistrust in operations that claim to offer 'Ecotourism' experiences. The consumer requires clear boundaries in terms of definition in order to make decisions as to which destination and experience to choose. This book shows the wide range of understanding of the terminology and shows that attitudes to the sector are acceptable but in need of development and enhancement to fully capitalise on the potential of this market. Messages by service providers need to encourage education and awareness of the facilities and benefits of 'Ecotourism'. This awareness promotion should be matched with a system of independent verification of published standards. Without clearly defining the ethos of 'Ecotourism' the consumer will find it harder to accept messages that are not measurable and independently verifiable. The research here has identified areas of harmonisation between service users and service providers, it has also established areas for further development in order to sustain effective management of the sectors promotion and development. This book will help you understand your market and potential clients needs.

Channel 7

To Stream the Verdict 2012 Live Click Here: mms:�.32.198.190TheVerdict2012 Tonight election fever is at a furious pitch all across the country - as the polls for a double municipal and general election open in a matter of hours. In the general election, 178,054 (one-hundred and seventy-eight thousand and fifty-four) voters are eligible to vote for 74 PUP, UDP, VIP, Belize Unity Alliance and Independent Candidates in 31 constituencies at 320 polling stations. In the municipal elections, 97,979 of those voters are eligible to vote for 170 candidates at 168 of those polling stations. The center of all the action today was the Headquarters of the elections and boundaries department where about two hundred thousand ballots were distributed to 40 returning officers - under armed guard. Those ballots will be stored overnight at secure locations for the opening of polls at 7:00 am. This evening, the Chief Elections Officer - who is at the center of a well-tuned machine right now, told us how it's going and what her only concern is:

22 OAS observers will be monitoring the elections tomorrow. The head of delegation arrived in Belize last week - and the team has been filled out with 25 staff and administrative personnel. They've toured the country - received training in the elections process and the head, Frank Almaguer today told us that so far he is impressed with how things are run: Ambassador Frank Almaguer - Head of OAS Observer Team To Belize "We are, in the first place, very impressed with the quiet approach to managing an election that we've seen here in Belize. All of the information, in terms of the mechanics, they are all in place, or are getting in place. We know that the voting places are ready to be opened tomorrow morning, as we understand it. We will have - tomorrow - 22 OAS election observers, and those observers will hopefully manage to cover 100% of the voting places in the country.

And though he's not known as the excitable type - we'd venture to say that opposition leader Francis Fonseca might have a hard time sleeping tonight. If his Party wins, Fonseca - who'll be 45 next week - would become the country's youngest Prime Minister in its history. But, there's some who argue that Fonseca might not get to realize that dream because first he has to win his own division, Freetown. Some pundits say he faces a formidable challenge from Lee Mark Chang, even after winning two elections in that division. Surely, he's a strong incumbent who even survived - if only just barely - the UDP tsunami of 2008 - but we wouldn't say he's a sure seat for the PUP - like Fort George or Orange Walk Central - where the two previous party leaders are based. Nonetheless, Fonseca told us he's sure he'll win:

There was a terrifying home invasion in a residential area on the northside of the city last night. It happened in Driftwood bay - which is a small community near the Haulover Bridge. But, three masked men went on a clear mission to the Donaire residence - and wreaked havoc when they got there. "This happened around 10:30, and everybody was sleeping. I was in my bed. Then we heard my brother start screaming. He was shouting for my boyfriend, and we got up - because we thought they were trying to steal the cars. When we got up, my boyfriend came up and pulled the machete at them. He charged with the machete after them. And they then held him and my mom at gunpoint in that corner. So by the time I saw that happened, I ran back into my room and lock myself in. During that time, it looked like they cut all wires that they could find. We had DVD players up there, the fan, the wires for the hammock that we installed for baby, and they took all of them, and they tied them on the ground."

22 year-old Guishany Wagner, and 27 year-old Alfredo Petillo have both been remanded to Belize Central Prison for allegedly robbing Profile Jewelry Store of over $150,000 dollars' worth of jewelry. According to police, at around 11:30 a.m. on February 27, Wagner, a CYDP employee residing on Estell Street in the Lake I area; and Petillo, a barber of Progress Street in Orange Walk, allegedly walked into the Profile Jewelry Store in the Commercial Center and robbed the establishment and its occupants of all available valuables. One of the men was armed with a knife and the other a firearm. They held up the salesman and robbed him of 691 pieces of gold and silver jewelry, valued at $155,503, and $130 in cash which belongs to the establishment's owner, Jacqueline Gutierrez. The men also stole a bunch of cell phones. Both men were arraigned jointly on 2 counts of robbery when they appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer.

26 year-old Dario Cruickshank, a baby-sitter of Banak Street, was remanded into custody for allegedly robbing a doctor at gunpoint of $7,500 worth of valuables. Doctor Inez Moguel reported that on November 17 of last year at around 4:15 p.m., a dark complexioned man held her up at gunpoint while she was trying to enter her clinic on Blue Marlin Avenue. The assailant then escorted her to the cash register, where he stole $2,000 in cash. The robber also forced her to hand over her 2 gold wedding bands, each with a sapphire and a diamond stone, valued at $2,500, and her $3,000 IPhone 4, after which, he escaped. After several months of investigation, police arrested Cruickshank and charged him with one count of robbery. He pleaded not guilty, but due to nature of the offense, Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer could not grant him bail. He has been remanded until April 18.

On Thursday, Belize's first trial without jury may come to a close. The defendant, 20 year-old Akeem Thurton, who is accused of the attempted murder of Attorney Rodwell Williams, must return to court and provide Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin a valid reason why he should be acquitted of the charge against him. He gets one last chance to address the court in his defense. Last week Tuesday, 7News gave you a detailed account of Williams' testimony when he took the stand. Well today, Thurton had his chance present a case in his own defense. This afternoon, the Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryl Taitt - Vidal, recalled Williams to the stand and asked him if the man he identified in September 2010 identification parade was the man was the accused. He responded with a confident yes, and gave a dock identification of Thurton as the man who shot him on May 31, 2010. With that, Williams stepped down, and Vidal closed her case.

Last night, we told you the story of Police Constable Brandon Hertular who was detained by police for allegedly stealing a 9mm pistol and 3 cellular phones while conducting a search at the residence of Shirley Chicas. Well, police report today that Hertular has been formally arrested and charged with the offense of burglary. Hertular was scheduled to be arraigned in Magistrate's Court today, but a decision to close court at 2:30 p.m. prevented him from being brought before a magistrate to be read his charge - which likely means that he'll be detained through the election-day holiday. Chicas reported to police that on Sunday whilst at home with her two sons, two men came and said that they were police officers. She said that they were dressed in camouflage, and they identified themselves as police officers. After the search, the men seized the firearm, the cellphones, and $1,650 in cash; they claimed that they were going to take it to the police exhibit room pending the outcome of some unknown robberies.

You've heard all about mortgage forgiveness, well how about mortgage punishment!? That's what Sam and Diana Bonilla have been going through for the past four months. As we told you in January - the couple bought a house auction by Social Security in November. They had to take out a commercial loan to do it - and they've been making payments on that loan, but they still could not take possession of the house! And that's because the previous homeowner, who did not pay his social security loan just wouldn't leave and Social Security gave up on evicting him. That left the eviction to the Bonilla's who today reported to us - that they think they've finally gotten a break - four months after the bought the house! Today in Magistrate's Court - the magistrate gave the man occupying the house, Frank Mendez until the end of April to come out of the house. If he does not do so by then, the magistrate will sign an eviction order forcing him out. Mendez did not appear in court today.

Tonight - it's like Christmas in March for those who love politics - everyone has a guess, but no one's quite sure what tomorrow's going to be - whether it's deliverance at the polls, or always for the people. Whatever the case - the important thing s that you exercise your democratic right and go out and vote. Today our intern Robin Schaffer took to the streets to find out how strong the feeling is to take it to the polls tomorrow: Robin Schaffer "Tomorrow is Elections Day, will you go out and exercise your right to vote?"

Channel 5

Election 2012; Forgiveness or Trust?
The decision for the 2012 elections is a breath away. In less than twelve hours the polls will open for voting in these critical elections. There are seventy candidates vying for thirty-one seats in the general elections and one hundred and seventy for the municipal elections. Both major political parties released their manifestos two weeks ...

Pundits prediction for the seventh
Our broadcast of the general and municipal elections starts at six in the morning with reporters covering all thirty-one constituencies and nine municipalities. Inside our studios, to crunch the numbers and provide commentary and analysis, a team of experienced pundits will be on air from the start to finish. News Five spoke to two of ...

U.D.P. Party Chairman says organ is ready
Wednesday's dual elections will be the culmination of weeks and in some cases months of vigorous door to door campaigning. While electioneering will not be allowed on the day the U.D.P. and the P.U.P. are tonight busy making last-minute preparations in order to mobilize their supporters to come out to vote. It is expected that ...

P.U.P. Party Chairman says machinery in high gear
In the blue corner, the P.U.P. has been persistently covering ground in all reaches of the country since the date for General Elections was set for March seventh. Despite recent poll results which indicate that the P.U.P. will be returned to office, the party isn't taking any chances. According to Chairman Henry Charles Usher, the ...

Libelous Campaign Ad attacks Channel 5
In the heat of the campaign, a last minute political ad has been aired in other media houses alleging that this station has been instructed to provide free political advertising for the opposition People's United Party. That's an allegation that we dismiss as an outright lie and believe there is mischief afoot to embroil us ...

P.U.P. says it's not financed by Ashcroft
In the last minute pitch to electors, Leader of the Opposition, Francis Fonseca appeared this morning on Open Your Eyes. Fonseca touched on a wide range of issues and we asked him about relations with Lord Michael Ashcroft. The U.D.P., in one of its latest political ads, claims that Ashcroft has stepped in at the ...

Leader of Opposition on Nationalizations
Those legal problems Fonseca is referring to, includes the lawsuits that resulted from the takeover of Belize Telemedia Limited and Belize Electricity. So we asked for his take on the nationalizations and if elected, would he reverse them? Francis Fonseca "On nationalization, I've made it absolutely clear and I’m very happy to make it clear ...

What would a P.U.P. Government bring?
And with just a matter of hours before the polls open, we also asked Fonseca what Belizeans can expect going forward under his leadership, if the People's United Party is to clinch the elections. Francis Fonseca "I think we can expect a government that is moving with a sense of urgency. I want people to ...

Independent Mayoral Candidate ready
Now, it would be safe to say that the municipal elections have been eclipsed by the general elections and independent candidates have had insignificant political advertising. Independent mayoral candidate Stephen Okeke was still working the streets of downtown Belize City at midday this afternoon where he was distributing copies of his manifesto. Okeke is a ...

U.D.P. Mayoral Candidate ready
At City Hall, it was Mayor Zenaida Moya's last day and this afternoon mayoral hopeful Darrel Bradley told News Five that all systems are a go with his U.D.P. City Council team. After several weeks on the campaign trail Bradley says the reception from the electorate has been very warm. Darrel Bradley, Mayoral Candidate, U.D.P. ...

The Prince's Message to Belize
Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales, or Prince Harry as he is commonly known, is now in Jamaica, the third stop in his first solo tour representing the Royal family. His journey started on Friday, with a whirlwind visit to Belize for a packed itinerary. He was only here for twenty-three hours, but it ...

Dangriga Musicians play to P.U.P. tune
They say every vote counts. Well, the opposition has picked up an endorsement from a group of artists from Dangriga. Nineteen musicians from the culture capital have signed off support to the P.U.P. According to their release they "consider the P.U.P. to be best party to advance the agenda to develop the music industry." Says ...

Holiday for schools during election
In Wednesday's elections, many of the polling stations across the country will be school buildings. Today a joint release was issued by the Ministry of Education and the Election and Boundaries Department, reminding the public that there will be no classes on Wednesday for all schools. Schools being used as polling or counting stations were ...

Mixed Martial Arts and Taekwondo
Aside from the politics, there’s sporting events. The House of Shotokan on Princess Margaret Drive has been very active in the past few months in its relations with neighboring karate schools in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Over the weekend, a delegation from Belize was in Chetumal to participate in a Taekwondo competition. The delegation took their ...

Profile jewelry robbed of fifty grand
There were two robbery cases before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer today and in both instances, the victims lost thousands of dollars in cash and valuables. The bigger heist was last Wednesday at Profile Jewelry inside the Commercial Center in downtown Belize City. The culprits got away with over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in ...

He denies he robbed a medical clinic
The second case before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer this morning, was in relation to a robbery which occurred at a clinic on November seventeenth, 2011. Twenty-six year old Darios Cruickshank is accused of robbing Dr. Inez Moguel at her clinic on Blue Marlin Avenue in Belize City. Dr. Moguel says that the robber met her ...

Cop busted on Burglary charges
A Belizean businesswoman reported on Monday that a licensed firearm, three cell phones as well as one thousand, six hundred and fifty dollars in cash were taken from her house by two men claiming to be police officers. It turns out that at least one of them was not just pretending to be a cop. ...

Family copes with child's dangerous tumor
The following story will leave you and your loved ones with a heavy heart. It's a touching situation that has affected a Mayan family that lives in the south. Twelve year old Catarina Ishim is afflicted with an abnormal tumor that has her disfigured. It is preventing her from a normal childhood and the story ...


Police Constable charged with burglary.
Police have charged one of their own with burglary. On Sunday, businesswoman, Shirley Chicas told police that he was at home when two men dressed in camouflage arrived and identified themselves as police officers. According to Chicas, the two men claimed that they were conducting an investigation for a robbery and demanded that one of her sons hand over his licensed nine millimeter pistol. apart from the weapon, which was loaded, the intruders also took three cell phones and one thousand six hundred and fifty dollars in cash. Police have since arrested and charged Police Constable Brandon Hertular with burglary.

Winning Boledo # for March 6th is 12.

Dr. Carla Barnett gets senior position with Caribbean Development Bank.
Dr. Carla Barnett has served in various capacities in the civil service in Belize and in the Caribbean. And this week it was revealed that she is again in a senior leadership position in the Caribbean. According to a statement, the Caribbean Development Bank announced the appointment of Dr. Barnett as its Vice President in charge of operations. Among her primary responsibilites is the formulation of CDB's support program for borrowing member nations as well as the organization of the Bank's portfolio of capital and technical assistance projects. Dr. Barnett brings to the job a wide range of experience. She has served previously at home as the Financial Secretary and as a Chief Executive Officer. Externally, Dr. Barnett has served as the Deputy Secretary General of the Caribbean Community, CARICOM.

Belize prepares for double elections.
On the eve of the General and Municipal elections, all systems are 'go' for the joint polls. Thirty one seats are up for grabs in the House of Representatives, while at the municipal level contenders are vying for sixty seven seats at stake. And with the polls set to open at seven in the morning, both major political parties are rallying their supporters for tomorrow's big vote. There are one hundred and seventy eight thousand and fifty four persons eligible to vote in the general elections. Polling stations will be opened at seven o'clock on Wednesday morning at designated schools and public buildings around the country to allow every Belizean, eighteen years and older to go out and cast their ballot. Love FM, Love Television and Channel 5 will once again be teaming up to provide the most comprehensive coverage of the joint elections. The joint coverage is set to start from six in the morning and continuing until all the results have been announced.

Allen Stanford found guilty of vast fraud
Allen Stanford was convicted on Tuesday of running a $7-billion Ponzi scheme, a verdict that caps a riches-to-rags trajectory for the former Texas financier and Caribbean playboy. It was a vindication for the U.S. government, which closed down Stanford's financial empire in February 2009 but had failed for years to address signs that the business was built on air. The Stanford case was the biggest investment fraud since Bernard Madoff's. Stanford was found guilty on 13 counts of a 14-count criminal indictment, including fraud, conspiracy and obstructing an investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. He was found not guilty on one count of wire fraud. The charges carry a possible prison sentence of nearly 20 years. At trial, prosecutors told how Stanford repeatedly raided the bank he owned in Antigua, Stanford International Bank, using it as his "personal ATM." He bought a castle in Florida for one of his girlfriends and his oldest daughter lived in a million-dollar condominium in Houston. He wore custom-made suits, lived in luxury homes and on a yacht in the Caribbean and bankrolled a $20-million prize for an international cricket tournament. The government's star witness, former Stanford aide James Davis, testified that he and Stanford faked documents and made up financial reports to calm investors and fool regulators. They funnelled millions of dollars from Stanford International Bank to a secret Swiss bank account that Stanford tapped for his personal use, Davis testified. Davis, 63, has pleaded guilty to three criminal counts. While in jail awaiting trial, Stanford was beaten by another inmate, leaving him with a brain injury and broken bones in his face. He then became addicted to an anti-anxiety medication. His lawyers argued that those events caused him to lose his memory, making him incompetent to stand trial.


Human Skull found in Orange Walk
News ran like wild fire this afternoon, human remains had been found inside a black plastic bag in front of Courts located on Queen Victoria Avenue. CTV3 News understands that around 4:00pm the Manager of Courts saw a peculiar looking black plastic bag in front of the establishment. After a while one of the employees became curious, went outside and looked in the bag. To his surprise the plastic bag contained a human skull with no bottom jaw. The manager was notified after which the Orange Walk Police Department was alerted. Police arrived at the area minutes after, processed the scene and then left with the bag and its contents. Several persons we spoke with off camera told us they did not see who left the bag in front of the establishment. We will have more on this story in tomorrow's newscast.

Land Scandal in Orange Walk
If there is one promise that Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the UDP have kept since coming into office more than four years ago, it is the promise to QUITAR - to take away land from Belizeans. They have made good on that promise all over the country, and certainly here in Orange Walk where land has been arbitrarily grabbed for redistribution to UDP families and friends. Tonight there is another such case to report. Back in July 2009 Gilberto Baeza received a call from Government informing him that they were interested in purchasing a portion of his 70.59 acres of land situated in the Ann Gabourel Section of Orange Walk Town. In a letter dated July 22nd 2009, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment officially informs Baeza about Governments intentions to purchase not only a portion of his land but the entire 70.59 acres. At that time Baeza informed the Ministry via phone that he was willing to sell them 60.59 acres of land because he wanted 10 acres for his children. That conversation took place in July. But to Baeza's surprise, without and transactions ever been made, on October 16th 2009 he received a letter from the Ministry of Natural Resources informing him that his land, for which he has a title had been acquired by the Government of Belize.

Hit and Run Accident Claims the Life of One Man
There was a deadly hit and run accident in the Orange Walk District over the weekend. Around 10:00 yesterday morning police were on mobile patrol along the Santa Cruz Road when they spotted the body of a male individual lying on the right hand side of the road suffering from injuries to the right side of the face and body. The male individual was later identified as 48 year old Daniel Osgalla, a resident of Otro Benque Road. Today when we spoke to the victim's mother, Modesta Osgalla, she told us that the last time she saw her son alive was yesterday morning when he left home for work. Osgalla was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. And while police have no clue as to who knocked down Osgalla his family is searching for answers.

Ramiro Ramirez and Florencio Marin Jr. Close Off Campaign With Huge Rally
The People's United Party has picked up the momentum for the upcoming elections country wide over the past few weeks. And proof of that are the recent polls which indicate that the wind of change is blowing in the direction of the People's United Party. With elections only hours away we can practically say that the race is over and all that is left is for the people to decide who will be sent to Belmopan and in some cases to Town Hall. But for the PUP the work towards elections continues until the last vote has been counted and on Sunday the party's Standard Bearers for Corozal Southwest and Southeast once again took to the podium and addressed residents of their constituency. CTV 3's Janine Ayuso reports.

Prince Harry Enjoys Visit To The Jewel
Prince Harry giving the speech.. "What a wonderful gathering, the Queen has spoken this year of the power of togetherness and the convening strength of family, friendship and this party says it all, Obviously I bring you the warmest greetings from the Queen of Belize whose Diamond Jubilee we're celebrating here tonight. Her majesty has asked me to send her good wishes to you all. She remembers so fondly her visits to this beautiful realm and speaks of the warmth and welcome she received in her most recent visit in 1994. I am only sorry that she can't make it and you are stuck with me. Looking around me tonight, I can see exactly what she means about this legendary Belizean welcome. When it became clear that I was to represent y grandmother in Belize my heart leapt-for a good reason. Because of the long association and friendship between Belize and Britain and particularly the arm forces of our two countries, I've heard so much about this beautiful place. Thank you very much for inviting me here this evening for celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in such vigorous Belizean style. Though I am her grandson, I know I speak for everyone when I say, your majesty you are an inspiration to us all and it therefore just remains for me to name this street; Her majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second Boulevard. Unu come, make we go party."

Land Scandal in San Pedro
Tonight we bring you another land scandal well worth over BZE$700,000. Documents show that on December 15th 2011 parcel number 1193 located on Laguna Drive in the center of San Pedro Town, previously held by Belize Water Services Limited was transferred to 19 year old Alyssa Tun whose address is listed as San Pedro Town but from what we have found out lives in Orange Walk Town. Documents show that Tun purchased the land valued at more that $700,000 for a mere $2,500. The land we understand was a proposed site for a BWSL Office. The property we understand was cancelled from BWSL last year November and converted into a 7 year lease. But on December 15th the property was sold Alyssa Tun for $2,500. Reports are that the man who sold the land to Tun is one David Alamilla, Tun's uncle who works for the Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment Gaspar Vega. Today when we visited Tun's residence located on Juventus Street there was no one at home so we paid her mother a visit at the NRH. But all that we found out from Evangelina Alamilla is that her daughter owns a parcel of land in San Pedro. After that she refused to answer any of our questions. When we got in contact with 19 year old Alyssa Tun, she told CTV3 that she doesn't know anything about any land and simply hung up.


PM Barrow makes appearance on Rise and Shine 24 hrs before elections
PM Barrow highlighted the issue escalating fuel prices when he was on Rise and Shine this morning. He had made a co...

Hon. Dean Barrow on superbond
As is customary around this time, political candidates visit the various talk shows as a part of their campaign. Ho...

Moses Sulph's eleventh hour demonstration
Former President of COLA Moses Sulph along with a group of supporters is on a campaign he is calling Belize Alert. ...

Christian group undertakes free hearing care in Belmopan
A free hearing care program is underway at the Step of Faith Church here in Belmopan. The program is to offer heari...

PlusTV kicking off countrywide Election Coverage 2012
Tomorrow is Elections Day and you can tune in to PlusTv 'Belize Decides 2012', for updates throughout the entire da...

Man shot, injured during shootout with police
Another suspected criminal was shot after a shoot out with police. On Monday of this week around 10:30pm Police vis...

Prince Harry extends thank you to Belize in letter to the G.G.
Prince Harry while on his way to the Bahamas wrote a letter to the Governor-General of Belize to thank him and thos...

Belize City police officer arrested on burglary charge
Police have arrested one of their own for burglary. Shirley Chicas, of Belize City reported that on Sunday March 4t...

Results of latest Aikman poll released
Meanwhile, the latest Aikman poll has brought out some new results regarding tomorrow's elections. The UDP accordin...

Two men arraigned for robbing Profile Jewelry shop Two men were arraigned in court for the robbery of Profile Jewelry shop. The jewellery shop was robbed some 6 days ...


Human skull found in plastic bag in downtown Orange Walk
Just before six this evening, police recovered in a plastic bag, human remains, specifically, what appears to be a human skull, from in front of Courts Belize Limited Superstore on Queen Victoria Avenue, the name of the section of the Northern Highway that runs through the center of Orange Walk Town.

Glenn D. Godfrey sues GOB in Miami for US$10 mil: PM Barrow
Prime Minister Dean Barrow told Amandala Monday that Juan C. Basombrio, attorney of Dorsey & Whitney LLP in the US, is representing the Government of Belize in a recently filed multi-million-dollar lawsuit lodged last month against the Government by Belizean attorney and former PUP Attorney General, Glenn D. Godfrey, over agreements that the Government, under the People's United Party administration of Said Musa, had with the defunct Godfrey company, Intelco, or International Telecommunications Limited.

Near-fatal traffic accident in Ladyville
At the peak of the rush hour this evening, a little before 6:00 p.m. in Ladyville, at the junction of the Shell Gas Station and the old Philip Goldson International Airport Road at Mile 8� on the Northern Highway, Denfield Tillett, a motorcyclist, almost lost his life after he was flung from his bike unto the road. He fortunately sustained only scrapes and cut wounds to his body.

Belize rolls out the red carpet for Prince Harry
The balance of local political power may well change after general and municipal elections to be held in just a few days, but what will remain unchanged-at least for the time being-is that Queen Elizabeth II, whose head still appears on Belizean currency, will remain the Head of State.

Second Aikman poll sees PUP narrow gap; electorate still undecided
With less than 48 hours to go before polls open on Wednesday, voters are still undecided in a majority of divisions as to whom to send to the House of Representatives, but the United Democratic Party (UDP) are narrowly favored even though more are now inclined to vote for the Opposition People's United Party (PUP), a new poll has revealed.

"...and down the stretch they come!!"
In the last few hours before polls open on Wednesday, March 7, 2012, five political parties and associations are working hard to convince 178,054 registered electors-among them 97,979 registered to also vote in simultaneous municipal elections-to cast "x's" in their favor, as 170 municipal candidates and 75 general election candidates try to make it down the last stretch of the mile in this year's electoral race.

Juventus leads North and Police leads South in Week 4 of Premier League
On Saturday night at the MCC Grounds in Belize City, Police United drew 0-0 with visiting San Ignacio United in a keenly contested match that saw a surprising and outstanding appearance in midfield by Over-40 veteran Ismael John Trapp Thompson for San Ignacio United. Police, minus Lennox "Criminal" Castillo who is serving a suspension, as well as sweeper Kashian Pech, had some good solo efforts from Andres Makin, Jr. and Evan Mariano, who certainly deserved a penalty, but referee Josue Rivera refused to call any in the game. Glenford Chimilio was outstanding between the sticks for Police, who are yet to give up a goal in the competition. San Ignacio, who were also without their starting sweeper Everal Trapp and lead striker Amin August, Jr., showed better team cohesion, with solid performances by Windell Trapp in the forward and Rodney Shamir Pacheco Torres in midfield.

A chat with veteran footballer Gerald "Speedy" Henry - Part 5
S: Yea. So� just to complete the one with Rodwell. Rodwell went and he said, "Bwai," you know� so and so da di case� and game� and I said, "Bwai, a no wahn� a no di eat good, Rod." So he said, "Man," he said, "But I done gaan and say.." "So, anyway," I said, "yo done gaan and�," I said, "alright, a gweyn out� a gweyn out go play lee bit," you know. And so, I did go out� And afterwards� afterwards, I think they recognized the, you know� perhaps, the talent that I had. To such an extent that, every free kick dehn wahn mek I kick� because di first one weh I kick, I scored� and then, on the other occasions I would set up my partners dem, and so on� because I decided I would play� they asked me weh position a waahn play� a tell dem ah waahn play midfield�

Cash flow problems delay rice payments to Toledo farmers
Toledo rice farmers have been complaining that the Belize Marketing and Development Corporation (BMBC) failed last week to pay the mechanized farmers the other half of their rice payment, as they had been promised, and they have not gotten any definitive word on when they will received their payments.

Ideas and Opinions - Two big promises: one Red - one Blue
We don't know if they will or, can keep these promises. All we can do is make judgments about them. There is one thing we can decide on, based on what we know. We can decide on which of the major political parties should form the next government.

Editorial: Homestretch 2012 �
On more than one occasion, we have pointed out to you in these pages the similarities and the potential similarities between the present general election campaign and that of June 1993. At this point, we can now remark on an important difference between the two campaigns, and that difference is that the incumbent United Democratic Party (UDP) are probably conscious of the fact that their lead/advantage has been reduced. This did not appear to be the case with the People's United Party (PUP) in 1993: at the top they were not aware of what the UDP's free education and free land promises were doing to damage them, the PUP, on the ground.

From The Publisher
In the deep colonial days before Radio Belize, there was BHBS - the British Honduras Broadcasting Service. I guess the best thing on BHBS was the comedy team of George McKesey and Gwen Murillo, but the quiz contests among the city primary schools organized by the Education Department were also exciting radio back then in the 1950's.

International Sources

Smithsonian Magazine's Annual Photo Contest
The editors of Smithsonian magazine have just announced the 50 finalists in their 9th annual photo contest. They've kindly allowed me to share several of the final contenders below, including some amazing images from each of the competition's five categories: Americana, The Natural World, People, Altered Images, and Travel. Be sure to visit the contest page at to see all the finalists and to vote for this year's Reader's Choice winner. [25 photos]

How to Localize Your Retire Overseas Search
On Ambergris Caye you will find clear turquoise waters lapping gently against soft white sand, palm trees rustling in the warm breeze, and fishing boats bobbing on the horizon. San Pedro town, a former fishing village, is the center of activity and home to a growing expatriate community of North Americans and Europeans. There are dozens of restaurants, shops, art galleries, and community organizations. And you could settle in here quickly and easily because the language (like everywhere in Belize) is English. The real estate market offers options at many price points for both buying and renting. You can buy a condo for as little as $100,000 or invest up to $1 million or more, and you can rent for as little as $600 to $700 per month or pay several thousand monthly. Life on Ambergris is relaxed, friendly, carefree, and sunny. Adopt this island as your home, and you will enjoy almost all the services and comforts of home. And you'd certainly never want for like-minded company. Back on the mainland, life in Belize is very different. Inland, in the Cayo District, Belize is a land of mountains, Mayan ruins, rivers, and waterfalls. This is Belize's frontier, a land where a person comes to stake a claim and make his or her own way.
Belize is gearing up for national and municipal elections Wednesday, the first in the country since 2008, in a race pitting Prime Minister Dean Barrow's United Democratic Party against the Francis-Fonseca-led People's United Party, which led the country from 1998 to 2008. The vote will occur in a so-called "double election" format, meaning voters will first cast ballots in the general election and then in municipal elections. The major issues in the vote are led by the economy, which was projected to have grown 2.5 percent in 2011 by the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America. Also on voters' minds is the question of debt service on Belize's $546.8 million bond locally called the "superbond." Statements made by Barrow in February indicated that the country might be consider defaulting on the loan led US rating agency Standard & Poor's to downgrade the country's credit. As of January, there were a total of 178,054 registered electors in Belize's 31 voting districts, according to data from Belize's Elections and Boundaries Department. The vote will be monitored by an Organization of American States team headed by former US Ambassador to Honduras Frank Almaguer.

Belize Seeks to Export Cattle to Mexico
(Prensa Latina) Belize pursues the health standards required to export cattle to neighboring Mexico. According to media reports, both countries organize meetings to set the guidelines for joint cooperation in this matter. An obstacle to boost the initiative is the impossibility, so far, of the Belizean Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to eradicate four of the main diseases that affect animals. Last December, Belize created a database of its domestic livestock with technical support from the Latin American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture. The recorded information allows the identification of farms and producers, and the number of cattle and their movement in this country.

New Assessment Finds Management Efforts are Insufficient to Protect Mesoamerican Reef
The first-ever Eco-Audit of the Mesoamerican Reef (MAR) countries finds that despite some positive management efforts, more needs to be done to protect the region's coral reefs. The evaluation, entitled "2011 Eco-Audit of the Mesoamerican Reef Countries," was carried out by the Healthy Reefs Initiative (HRI), in collaboration with the World Resources Institute (WRI), and nearly 40 local organizations, government agencies and companies. The results are being launched simultaneously in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico.

A New Push For Renewable Energy In Belize
Central America is an economically and ecologically diverse region with growing energy needs and unique vulnerabilities to climate change. Boosting investment in renewable energy is a key way that the region can protect its ecologically sensitive areas while achieving reliable access to clean energy for its population. In Central America, the top four renewable energy sources are geothermal, hydroelectricity, biomass, and wind. The relative importance of each renewable resource is different for each country depending on the geographical and geological situation. The Worldwatch Institute has recently begun work aimed at creating a favorable policy and investment environment for renewable energy in Central America.

Belize votes in election key to financial future
SAN PEDRO, Belize, March 7 (Reuters) - Belize's centrist government seeks a second term on Wednesday in elections which could seriously affect scope for borrowing in the tiny Central American nation, best known for its pristine beaches and the world's second-longest coral reef. Prime Minister Dean Barrow has turned repayments on a $550 million bond into a campaign issue and said if re-elected, his first act will be to renegotiate the terms of a bond which accounts for half the country's debt and 40 percent of its economic output. Belize, about the same size as Massachusetts and the 13th most indebted country in the world, is locked into a bruising schedule of rising interest rates which will cost the government $46 million over the next 12 months - 12 percent of revenues. Ratings agencies have already pushed the country's credit rating well into 'junk' territory and a painful debt restructuring could risk fresh downgrades and hurt Belize's ability to raise funds in capital markets in the future. Barrow has not given details of his restructuring plans, and Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca said he would meet obligations by growing the $1.25 billion, tourism-dependent economy. Jobs and the economy are the top concerns for Belize's 313,000-strong population - a mix of Creoles, Spanish-speaking Mestizos, Maya Indians, African-descended Garifuna and German-speaking Mennonites - along with security and oil exploration. The United Democratic Party (UDP) goes into the election with a strong lead, controlling 25 of 31 seats in parliament, with the remaining six held by the opposition People's United Power (PUP), voted out in 2008 after 10 years in power. Informal opinion polls showed many voters undecided in the run-up to the vote, and many said they were disillusioned with both major parties, which have alternated in power since Belize's independence from Britain in 1981. For the first time, minor parties have joined forces to run under the banner of the Belize Unity Alliance and are fielding nine candidates. In San Pedro, the biggest town on Ambergris Caye off the country's northern coast, flags sported the UDP's red, white and blue colors. But there were also flyers for an independent candidate, while a convoy of golf carts cruised the island's few paved roads exhorting voters to vote for the Alliance. "I think the UDP will win but they won't win like four years ago, maybe they will have a majority but not the same (size)," said bartender Raul Delgado, 49. Offshore drilling is also a hot topic locally because the Belize Barrier Reef passes just east of the island. A recent poll organized by activists showed widespread opposition to further exploration. Belize has exported oil since 2006, although output is low at around 4,000 barrels per day. "If petroleum spreads through the sea, local people will suffer; the island lives from tourists," said Daisy Santos, 21, who manages a souvenir shop on San Pedro's main tourist strip. Barrow has promised to hold a formal referendum on offshore drilling and PUP leader Fonseca, who has been in the job for just over four months, has pledged a moratorium.

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