It is traditional that the winner of a general election would make a victory speech. This time around however, it was different, as the prime minister elect, Dean Barrow, chose not to address the nation on Election night when his United Democratic Party was first past the post and won a back to back term in Belmopan. That victory speech was made this afternoon at the press conference which was held at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Hotel. Before he pressed on with his plans to govern the country for the next five years, Mr. Barrow lamented that he was still disappointed in himself as leader over the elections results.

Barrow, who is now serving his second stint as Prime Minister said that he intends to extend a hand of cooperation to the PUP and the wider society. And in that same vein, he assured that there would not be any victimization.

And if you were wondering when he will name a new Cabinet, Mr Barrow explained that based on the seventeen seats that they garnered, by law, it would be impossible to name more than eleven of the elected representatives as Ministers of Government.

Mr Barrow said that he will spend the weekend on planning his Cabinet and will present it to the nation next Tuesday. As to his first plans on his party's list of manifesto pledges, Mr Barrow said first off will be the issue of fuel prices.

Mr Barrow said that the oil refinery that he promised in his manifesto will also be a project for his party's term of government.