The 2012 International Control Strategy report has been released by the US State Department. The US Department notes that the security situation is likely continue to deteriorate in Belize, which has become a major drug producing and transit country in 2011. The report notes that the country had no successful prosecutions related to large seizures of illicit drugs last year and that along with El Salvador, we will be facing serious security challenges. Seventy-nine percent of all cocaine smuggling flights from South America now pass through Honduras while fifteen percent of the cocaine which enters the US passes through Guatemala. The state department also notes that there is an upward trend in drug related violence in the Caribbean, citing Jamaica where drugs are frequently traded for guns. The report is highly complimentary of anti-drug efforts in Colombia which is described as a partner in exporting security and stability throughout the Western Hemisphere. But it classifies Colombia as one of the world’s largest producers of cocaine.

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