Valid: Friday-Monday, March 9 - 12, 2012

An easterly to east-southeasterly airflow will prevail over the NW Caribbean and Belize this weekend, on the southern periphery of a broad high pressure system over South Carolina and Alabama. This High will drift eastwards into the western Atlantic. The airflow over Belize will become a bit drier and we will see a reduction in shower activity.

A cold front entering the NW Gulf of Mexico during the next 12 hours will become quasi-stationary in that region. A Low pressure system associated with the cold front in the NW Gulf will drift NE along the frontal boundary.

Daily rainfall totals will be ranging from 0.25-0.50 of-an-inch on Friday and Saturday, but mainly over central and southern Belize. Daily rainfall accumulations will decrease on Sunday and Monday, ranging from 0.10-0.25 of-an-inch especially in the elevated terrain and over southern coastal areas.

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The San Pedro Sun

PUP, VIP and Independent Candidates suspect Election Fraud in Belize Rural South/San Pedro Town
A meeting was held this morning, comprising of the committees and candidates of PUP, Independent Candidates and the VIP who contested the general elections for Belize Rural South and the Municipal elections in San Pedro. Concerns over blatant irregularities on election day were identified and discussed. In particular, the VIP reported that in two polling stations, their polling agents reported that ballot books did not follow in number sequence, beginning and ending numbers in some station were not reported and ballots folded in pairs were retrieved from the boxes in the counting room. The PUP and Independents reported similar findings in other polling stations and also noted others irregularities. It was agreed that a tri-partite committee would review all information submitted by the polling agents on elections day. The committees agreed to begin the process this afternoon and work through the weekend to complete a thorough investigation. A detailed report including of irregularities and recommendations will be presented in a joint press conference scheduled for next week.

Prime Minister Deam Barrow Sworn In
The Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow was today sworn in as the Prime Minister of Belize, by His Excellency, the Governor-General of Belize, Sir Colville Young. The brief ceremonies were held at Belize House in Belmopan. This is Mr. Barrow's second consecutive term in office and the second time he has served as Prime Minister. It is expected that the other members of Prime Minister's Cabinet, as well as other key officials, will be appointed and sworn-in next week.

Living Word and Baltimore Church bring Spiritual Enlightening to the Island
A team of nineteen volunteers from the Eastern Assembly Church of Baltimore (EACB), in Maryland, USA, along with volunteers from the Living Word Church were at the San Pedro Lions Den sharing the Ministry of God with children and residents of San Pedro. The four day Community Outreach activities were done under the theme "The Fruit of the Spirit" and took place from Monday March 5th through Thursday March 8th. Lourdes Zaldivar of Living Word Church spoke of the event. "We're doing a Vacation Bible Study (VBS) during the daytime from 3 to 4pm with the kids and then at night we have for the adults from 7:30 to 9pm. Activities include sing-along's, story-telling using puppets, face painting, question and answers sessions during which the kids can win little prizes, and at the end of each day's activities, we raffle off a bicycle."

11 year old Glenford needs your help
11-year-old Glenford Cadle Jr. was diagnosed with a rare genetic kidney malfunction which is now compromising his health. Glenford has been in and out of various hospitals in Belize City. Because the rare kidney disorder cannot be treated in Belize, the family is raising funds to have Glenford taken to a medical facility in the USA. A fundraiser is being planned for Sunday March 11th at the corner of Coconut Drive and Tarpon Street in San Pedro Town. Barbeque will be on sale for only $10 and will be served with a cold fresh juice starting at 11AM. Donations will also be accepted. Come support a worthy cause!


More About My Tuesday: Lunch, Legends and a Look Around Town
I posted a few days ago about my brush with "celebrity" at the Chicken Drop (see: Wahoo's Lounge) but my day started much earlier with a walk into town. A visitor was showing local kids, Mark and Johnny, how to search for hidden treasure on the beach. The sun was definitely coming out after a day of heavy rain. Hurricanes Bar seems to be closed on Tuesdays. And I walked past the Holiday Hotel that is undergoing a full renovation. The inside lobby is gutted. Interesting to do this during the busiest time of year...

Channel 7

New PUP Area Rep. Jose Mai Denies Report of Gun Possession in Chet
PUP Candidate Jose Mai won what many are calling a surprising victory in Orange Walk South two days ago - beating wealthy businessman Rosendo Urbina by more than 300 votes. But two days after winning the election - he got into trouble with Mexican authorities. This afternoon, we received a stream of reports saying that Mai was intercepted at the Chetumal border crossing with a firearm - which is a very serious offence in Mexico because even if the gun is licensed in Belize, once it cross the border it is considered unlicensed. It is a military checkpoint and we have confirmed with the Prime Minister that that no less than the commander of Belize's Army - General Dario Tapia called a General in Mexico and got them to release Mai on the condition that he produces proper documentation for the weapon. But Mai says, no such thing, he was driving a vehicle without license plates.

New/Old Prime Minister Sworn In
And while first time Representative Mai was heading to Chetumal, second term Prime Minister Dean Barrow was heading to Belize House in Belmopan. That's the Governor General's residence where he would be sworn in as Prime Minister for a second time. It was a small event, not attended by any great measure of fanfare - but an important one - and 7News was there:

Chief Elections Officer Explains Why There Was No Recount
TThe elections are done; the Prime Minister has been sworn in, and a new Cabinet will be named by next week Tuesday afternoon. But the PUP has still not conceded - and it says it will wait on the outcome of multiple election petitions. Informed observers agree that there's not a great chance of success for that - and that, at best, it's a measure calculated to set the tone for a militant, unyielding five years in opposition. But, many Belizeans are asking, why didn't they get the recounts in Cayo Northeast and Cayo central. Northeast was decided by 17 votes and Central by 44. That's a difference of less than a percentage point in both areas - and within the margin or rejected ballots. Today, in her first interview after the elections the Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai explained why the returning officers decided against a recount.

The Wrath Of the Aftermath
But looking at those results, it's interesting to note what statisticians would call the outliers - those who did extremely well or exceptionally poorly. For the winning UDP, Mesopotamia Representative Michael Finnegan had the best showing; he increased his margin of victory since 2008 - and garnered an impressive 81.6% of the vote. Party Leader Dean Barrow followed closely behind in Queen Square, also increasing his margin to 78%. The UDP had the biggest swing against it in Toledo West - losing 23% of the support it has in 2008 - with Juan Coy going from 60% of the vote in 2008 down to 36.6%. The PUP had its most comfortable margin of victory in Cayo South where Julius Espat got 65% of the vote. The Port Loyola Area for the UDP also bears watching where the UDP candidate Anthony Martinez experienced a 12% swing against him - going from 74% to a still very dominant 62.2%.

Election Day Craziness: Student Assaults Police Officer
9 year-old Gian McFadzean, a student from Willows Bank Village, has been accused of aggravated assault against a police officer. McFadzean, who was arraigned in Magistrate's Court today, was charged with 1 count of aggravated assault, and 1 count of harm, which he allegedly committed against Police Constable Kevin Broaster. According to police, McFadzean was at the Double Head Cabbage polling area on Election Day at around 3 p.m., where he got into an altercation with another man from the village.

More Double Head Mayhem: "Too-Tall" Stabbed
Almost an hour later, in the same vicinity of the Double Head Cabbage polling area, there was another incident; this time a resident was stabbed. Well-known Belizean basketball star Claude "Too Tall" Jones, was attacked by another young man from the village. 7News spoke to Jones today via telephone, and he told us that he was near the polling area, when he saw 2 young men in an altercation. That's when his girlfriend's nephew got involved and he tried to intervene to stop the things from escalating.

Police Shoot Man; They Say He Pulled A Knife
And from that stabbing incident, we move another which occurred late last night in Belmopan where police reported that they had to shoot a man who pulled a knife at them. According to police, at around 1 a.m. today, Police Constable Godfrey Moreira, attached to the Belmopan Police Station, reported that at around 11:45 p.m. he was buying food from a vendor in the Las Flores Area. He saw two fellow police officers trying to detain David Flores, a man wanted in connection with the attempted arson report made by Kayla Spencer, a Belmopan resident. According to police, Flores attempted to flee, PC Moreira chased behind him, and when Flores realized that he wasn't going to escape, he pulled out a knife.

Red, Red, Red In City
The election may be over - but the carryover of momentum still continues - at least in this newsroom where - we've been going through hours of footage and interviews we conducted on Election Day. Much of it aired during our election coverage - but we've pieced it together for a more complete look at the hurly burly of Election Day politics. Here's a look at some of what was happening in the city:

A Blue Bayou In the North
Earlier on we showed you what the election day energy was like in Belize city - that's the UDP stronghold where it controls eight of ten seats. But in the north - the PUP made a strong resurgence, taking five of eight seats, and three of those five are seats that the UDP formerly held. It is a strong showing - and our team detected that presence when we travelled north on Election Day. Here's what I found in a number of divisions:

"Hype" Rides Cross Country For the Kids
When it comes to (competitive) sports, the annual cross country cycling is at the top of the list as one of the most grueling, with 140 miles of unforgiving terrain. To enter Belize's premier sports competition it requires years of training and top physical and mental shape. But this year, probably for the first time in the history of the race, one Radio Disc Jockey says, he'll ride amongst the professionals, not for the glory or the crown but to raise funds for underprivileged kids. Alfrain Supal works as a DJ at WAVE Radio and he says he's got two children agencies in mind that he plans on donating all the proceeds from his effort. And today Seven News caught up with him at the Heritage Bank where he was officially opening an account for the cause.

Channel 5

Dean Barrow Swears Oath as New Prime Minister

Prime Minister Dean Barrow took the oath this morning for a second term of office. The ceremonies were brief at Belize House in Belmopan where the Governor General Sir Colville Young administered the oath. The GG, in offering congratulations, told the Prime Minister that his victory was not for the party but for Belize. The ...

Political Mischief against newly elected Area Rep., Abelardo Mai

Abelardo Mai handsomely won the Orange Walk South division for the P.U.P. on March seventh. But in less than forty-eight hours, many reports, text messages and calls went across the country with one common message that Mai was locked up in a Chetumal jail because of an illegal weapon. The rumors started when the newly ...

International Report says Belize is Transit Point for Drugs

The 2012 International Control Strategy report has been released by the US State Department. The US Department notes that the security situation is likely continue to deteriorate in Belize, which has become a major drug producing and transit country in 2011. The report notes that the country had no successful prosecutions related to large seizures ...

Effective and Amusing Election Advertisements

The elections are over. There was a relative short campaign on the ground, but the battle was fought fiercely on the television screens. Both major political parties relied on television ads to get their messages out. The duration of the newscast, particularly in the last week of the campaign frustrated some; others kept their eyes ...

Annual Canoe River Challenge begins

Hundreds of spectators turned out early this morning at the banks of the Macal River to witness the launch of the annual Ruta Maya River Challenge that has become a staple of the March ninth activities. At seven this morning, the bugle sounded; more than seventy teams paddled away to Banana Bank, the first stop ...

Wanted man shot by cop

A wanted man was shot on Thursday night while being detained by police in Belmopan. PC Godfrey Moreira reported that shortly before midnight, he was purchasing food near E&L Night Club in the Las Flores area. Not far away, he saw Police Constables Clement Usher and Tedford Augustine attempting to restrain someone. Moreira went over ...

Soldier threatened jurors; will he stay in jail?

A B.D.F. soldier who pleaded guilty to common assault of two counts of threat of death, was sentenced to six months in prison in May 2011. But thirty-eight year old Glenston Bermudez has been out on bail since then because he filed an appeal on the grounds that the sentence was too harsh for the ...

19 year old charged for hitting cop with a bottle

A police constable was injured when he intervened in a fight at a polling station on Wednesday. And now, nineteen year old Willows Bank resident, Gian McFadzean, is facing charges of Aggravated Assault and Harm upon PC Kevin Broaster. According to Broaster, who was on duty in Double Head Cabbage on Election Day, McFadzean and ...

A Month of Activities for Women

The first of March marked the start of Women's Month. This year it is being celebrated under the theme, 'Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures'. For the entire month, the Women's Department is carrying out a series of activities geared towards celebrating the achievements and highlighting the need for inclusion of women. At the start of their ...

Let's go fly a kite!

The annual kite festival dates back as far as 1975, but support for the event has dwindled over the years. It's a Belizean tradition that Bowen and Bowen is hoping to revive through a partnership with Benny's that was formed last year. The two companies have collaborated once again to make the kite fest more ...

Girl with facial tumor hospitalized

On Tuesday, we aired the story of twelve year old Catarina Ishim, who is fighting an enormous tumor, which was detected in October, 2010. Catarina has undergone two surgeries but the abnormal growth has resurfaced for a third time. The child and her family are from the remote village of San Pablo, Toledo and have ...

Dolores Balderamos Garcia; only elected woman representative

There is finally a woman in the House. Three women: Dolores Balderamos Garcia, Patty Arceo and Carolyn Trench Sandiford, entered the race for the general elections. All were fielded by the People's United Party. Attorney Balderamos Garcia, edged out Michael Hutchinson, her contender in Belize Rural Central, to become the only elected woman representative. It ...


PUP Takes Back Town Hall
Yesterday both national and municipal elections were held country wide and while there was much anticipation awaiting the big news of who will form the next Central Government and who will be sent to Town Hall, Orange Walk Town was as vibrant as ever. When the polls opened at 7:00 am voters were already anxiously waiting in line to cast their votes, something not seen during the last Municipal Election. 100 yards away from the polling areas both UDP and PUP supporters stood by raising their flags in confidence. But it was too early to tell who would run the affairs of the town. Throughout the rest of the day voters came out at a steady pace at all four areas. In Orange Walk East the momentum kept building and as the hours went by both the blue team led by Kevin Bernard and the red team headed by Ivan Leiva watched as voters exercised their democratic right. When we spoke to a number of voters off camera the sentiment was that the process was way too slow. At 5:30, half an hour before the polling stations were declared closed, people were still in line waiting to cast their vote and campaigners of both the blue and the red camp scampered to grab hold of last minute voters. At exactly 6:00pm the voting areas were declared closed as police stood behind the last person in line. Here in Orange Walk the counting for the Municipal Elections took place at La Inmaculada School. Results were hard to come by but when they did all indications were that the blue team was ahead. And that is how it stayed, never once did the UDP slate take the lead.

Councillor Ladrick Sheppard Tops The Polls
As mentioned, here in Orange Walk the PUP gained all seven seats in a Town Council that was all red in 2006 and split in 2008 with three P.U.P candidates including Mayor Elect Kevin Bernard. The numbers show that for the P.U.P Team it was a clean sweep as they won the UDP slate led by Ivan Leiva by an overwhelming margin. But there was one candidate in particular on the blue team that received the highest votes. Of course after the last ballot was counted it came as no surprise when the Returning Officer announced that Ladrick Sheppard had gained the highest votes overall. This morning we caught up with Sheppard at Town Hall and asked him how he felt about topping the polls.

The United Democratic Party Returned Office To
The Prime Minister predicted that his United Democratic Party would win 20 seats in yesterday's General Elections, but came up short in an election that saw the PUP more than double the number of seats in the National Assembly and retake the north. Yesterday's election was one where less than 100 seats could have shifted the political balance and resulted in the UDP losing in the North and South of the country. In an election which looks like a tale of Belize City versus the rest of the Nation, the UDP was returned to office for a second term on an election that was almost won exclusively in the Belize District. In Belize City the UDP won 8 of 10 seats, and 2 of the 3 in the Belize Rural constituencies. Of the total 17 seats won by the UDP, 4 seats were won in the West and 3 in the North. For the People's United Party, the big wins came in the north, where the PUP won 3 of 4 seats in Orange Walk and 2 of 4 in the Corozal District. In the South the PUP won all seats and won 2 seats in the West and 3 in the Belize District for a total of 14 seats.

Mayor Kevin Bernard and His Team Take Over Town Hall
As the duly elected Mayor for Orange Walk Town this morning Kevin Bernard and councilor's Rozel Arana, Josue Carballo, Joe Urbina, Ladrick Sheppard, Ian Cal and Neri Ramirez met with employees of the council. Accompanied by a crowd of supporters, John Briceno and Doctor Marco Tulio Mendez the newly elected team made their way into Town Hall. Kevin Bernard- Mayor Elect, Orange Walk Town Council "This morning I came to meet with the current senor members of the council and I met with the town supervisor already brief things I want with some wishes that I want to address, I also met with the administrator and we are going to sit with them to see a smooth transition of the handing over, I also communicated with the former mayor who will come today and officially do the hand over and to discuss and I want to do things differently, that is why I did rushed in here, we did not come in here last night we waited to come in this morning and I did my courtesy visit this morning with the administrator, with the supervisor and the mayor and we spoke and we will be having a meeting with the workers later today and I saying I will be meeting individually with all staff because I have certain guidelines that I want to put in place."

John Briceno Victorious Once Again In Orange Walk Central
In 2008 when John Briceno ran against Rosendo Chendo Urbina he won the Orange Walk Central seat by 310 votes. But for Briceno the 2012 General Election saw a massive increase in voters support. He garnered a total of 3042 votes while his opponent Denny Grijlava received a total of 2006 votes. In polling area number 53, San Francisco School- Briceno received 1422 votes while Grijalva received 957. In polling area 54, La Inmaculada School- Briceno got 1108 votes and Grijalva got 544 votes. And in polling area number 61, San Estevan- Briceno received 511 votes while Grijalva garnered 505 votes. This means that Briceno won in all polling areas, something which was not seen in the 2008 General Elections.

PUP Wins 14 Out Of 31 Seats
When it comes to the General Elections, here are the official results coming from the Elections and Boundaries Department.


Bees cause a buzz in Lake I
There is a buzz at the corner of Flamboyant and Mahogany Street. And those responsible for the buzz are no other than a swarm of busy bees, who have built a massive Bee hive in an abandoned building. Residents of the area are very concerned about the hazard these bees pose to their community [VO ENDS], they voiced their concerns to us. The owner of Lina Supermarket that is situated beside the building where the bees are told us that he has had to close his shop because the bees have entered it and his family has also been stung. Love News visited the owner of Pest Control and Environmental Science Consultancy, Ryan F. Swift at his privately owned office on Central American Boulevard. Love News made several calls to the departments of Public Health, and Agriculture but we could not come in contact with those responsible for the control of bees. Hopefully someone in authority will respond to the cries of residents in the area.

Mexican government congratulates Prime Minister Barrow
The Mexican government has extended its congratulations to the People and Government of Belize for the March 7 elections. A release from the Mexican Embassy says it was an exemplary election day, which will contribute to strengthening democracy in Belize and in the region as a whole. The release goes on to say the Mexican government also congratulates Prime Minister Dean Barrow on his election victory and the newly-elected legislators, and hopes that their terms in office are successful. Mexico has reiterated its desire to continue working with and deepening the bilateral relationship with the government of Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

Man shot by police in Belmopan in Crime
A man was shot by a policeman early this morning on the outskirts of Belmopan. Police say the victim was wanted for the attempted arson of a woman's house in Belize City last month. A police report issued today states that Police Constable Godfrey Moreira, who is attached to the Belmopan Police, was purchasing food in front of E and L Sports Club in Las Flores Village on the Hummingbird Highway around one this morning when he observed two more policemen trying to restrain a man. Moreira reported that he realized he knew the man as a fugitive, David Flores, and that when he pursued the individual, he drew a knife and lunged at him. That was when Moreira said he drew his service weapon and shot Flores in the right leg. Flores was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he is under police guard. Police say that they have recovered a black stainless steel knife as well as a point 38 Smith and Wesson revolver and one expended shell from the scene. Police also say that they were looking for Flores in connection with the attempted arson of the home of Kayla Spencer on Antelope Street on February third.

La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge underway
Hundreds of spectators flocked to the banks of the Macal River near the Hawksworth Bridge in San Ignacio for the start of the 15th annual running of the La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge. 72 teams lined up for the start of the race this morning. The first leg of the race ended in Banana Bank. Crossing the finishing line in first position was the Belize Bank Bulldogs, coming in a close second was Oceana while the NICH team rounded up the top three teams. The second leg of the race will leave Banana Bank at six thirty tomorrow morning and will head to Double Head Cabbage. On Sunday the third leg will leave Double Head Cabbage and end up in Burrell Boom Village. On Monday the final leg of the race will make its way to the foot of the Belcan Bridge in Belize City.


Armed men assault and rob Northern Highway family
A family of nine was held at gunpoint for almost an hour by four assailants who gained entry into their 3-storey home, tied up the four men in the house and beat them with a machete and a gun. One of the women of the house, a 19-year-old who is nine months pregnant, begged for her safety and the safety of her unborn child during the home invasion.

UDP almost double PUP in municipal elections, 44-23
Incumbent UDP re-elected for third terms in Belize, Cayo, Corozal Districts; PUP take O/Walk, Griga, P.G. Towns; third parties and independents lose ground

Prince Harry tells Belize, "Tenk yu!"
Following his March 2-3, 2012 official visit to Belize, Prince Harry, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, sent a warm thank you note, in which he expressed his appreciation to the people of Belize.

Why did police arrest Trecia Usher, 26?
She did not live in the house and was not there when police found a prohibited gun... For Andrew Baptist, 25, supervisor at Marion Jones Sports Complex, and his girlfriend Trecia Usher, 26, Bacab Eco Park cashier, both residents of Mile 16 �, Northern Highway, Sandhill Village, March 7 brought more than just political heat; it brought police heat as well.

Claude "Too-Tall" Jones stabbed twice while parting fight
There was no report of political violence countrywide during Belize's double general and municipal elections day, yesterday, Wednesday, March 7, 2012. However, there was the stabbing of a very well-known and well-liked figure, Claude "Too-Tall" Jones, a Belizean basketball star.

Di skin a denh teeth!
Prime Minister-elect Dean Barrow will be sworn in at 10:00 this morning, Friday, in Belmopan, as he prepares to reconstitute a new administration with a maximum of 15 Cabinet ministers, limited by the Constitution to two-thirds of the elected representatives of the ruling party, and four appointed senators who can also act as ministers of government.

A chat with veteran footballer Gerald "Speedy" Henry - Part 6
S: Yea, so I went back, and I was there until '82, when the post of District Officer was abolished. And so I was transferred to Belmopan; specifically, I was transferred to Establishment Department, which is now the Public Service Ministry. And they had a Training Unit within that department, and so, I filled the post as Training Officer. Then, as Training Officer, in 1985 I was identified to take up the position of Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Housing. I served from '85 to '87 at the Ministry of Housing�no, '85� and then around '86, '86 Works and Transport were amalgamated� And so it became the Ministry of Works and Transport; and I served there until '87. And then, '87 I was transferred to Establishment Department; only, this time I was transferred there in the capacity as Permanent Secretary. So, I stayed there from '87 to '90. And then in 1990, I was sent back to the Ministry of Works. And that's where I spent the rest of my public service career - 13 years as Permanent Secretary/C.E.O., Ministry of Works and Transport, Ministry of�

Byron Pope (Elite), Shalini Zabaneh (Female), Oscar Quiroz (Junior) and Kenroy Gladden (Masters) win 1st Tour Du C-Ray
The C-Ray Cycling Club held its first ever "Tour Du C-Ray" over the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, March 3-4, with a total of 61 cyclists registered.

Table Tennis - 2012 1st Bi-Annual RF&G National Ranking Tournament results
The Belize Table Tennis Association (BTTA) held its 2012 1st Bi-Annual RF&G National Ranking Tournament on Sunday, March 4, at the BES Auditorium with some 50 players from the A, B and C categories participating.

La Ruta Maya begins on traditional Baron Bliss Day
We haven't been hearing much from the Harbor Regatta Committee, but the last word was that there will be the traditional Baron Bliss Harbor Regatta on Sunday, March 12, in the waters adjacent to the BTL Park at Newtown Barracks. There should be sailing boat races in various classes, with many young sailors showing their skills in the little Optimist.

Juventus leads North and Police leads South in Week 4 of Premier League
On Saturday night at the MCC Grounds in Belize City, Police United drew 0-0 with visiting San Ignacio United in a keenly contested match that saw a surprising and outstanding appearance in midfield by Over-40 veteran Ismael John Trapp Thompson for San Ignacio United. Police, minus Lennox "Criminal" Castillo who is serving a suspension, as well as sweeper Kashian Pech, had some good solo efforts from Andres Makin, Jr. and Evan Mariano, who certainly deserved a penalty, but referee Josue Rivera refused to call any in the game. Glenford Chimilio was outstanding between the sticks for Police, who are yet to give up a goal in the competition. San Ignacio, who were also without their starting sweeper Everal Trapp and lead striker Amin August, Jr., showed better team cohesion, with solid performances by Windell Trapp in the forward and Rodney Shamir Pacheco Torres in midfield.

Ideas and Opinions - National Service
Sir Winston Churchill had a knack for saying the right thing at the right time. Like when he called upon the British nation to gird up its loins for a desperate struggle against the Third Reich with these words, "I have nothing to offer you but blood, sweat and tears". Then after the heroic members of the Royal Air Force met and overcame the mighty German Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain, he gave them high praise thus: "Never before in the field of human conflict, was so much owed by so many, to so few." What he had to say in regard to the proper attitude that combatants, who have been engaged in a great battle, should take after the fight is over, is most appropriate.

Almost '93 �
"Opposition PUP Leader Francis Fonseca has taken a very big gamble in driving Albert's Mark Espat and Lake Independence's Cordel Hyde out of their constituencies. The very big gamble is that David Craig and Yolanda Schakron will win Albert and Lake I, respectively, areas which were considered sure seats for the PUP with Espat and Hyde.

From The Publisher
"We have chosen in this campaign not to seek to tell the Belizean people where to go. We have our preferences, but we have essentially deferred to the people. In 2012, the people of Belize will tell us where to go on Wednesday, March 7, and we will follow their instructions."

International Sources

Pictures: Explore the natural beauty of Belize
The Globe's Amberly McAteer spent six days island hopping - by kayak - in Belize

OAS: Belize Party Activists Produce "Less Than Conducive" Voting Environment
The active role played by party activists during Belize's general elections Wednesday produced a "less than conducive" voting environment, according to the Organization of American States, which fielded an electoral observation mission in the country this week. "Agents from the two major parties maintained a presence at all of the polling stations observed by the mission," the OAS team said in its report. "The electoral propaganda observed in the vicinity of polling stations and the prevalence of t-shirts bearing candidate names and symbols could be construed as electioneering." One OAS observer witnessed a party activist distributing money immediately outside of a polling centre to a group of people after they had voted. The OAS said it applauded the "dedication and professionalism" of the more than 3,000 polling officials administering the general and municipal elections, ensuring a "smooth process" throughout the day. The organization made a series of recommendations, including promoting female participation on the ballot, and the enactment of campaign finance regulations. "The current framework places no limits on campaign spending and does not require disclosure of campaign contributions or expenditures," the OAS said, repeating a recommendation it made in St Lucia and Guyana after their late 2011 elections. It also called for steps to reduce the role and influence of party activists at voting centres through more uniform enforcement of the 100-yard boundary around polling stations. The OAS will release a more detailed report in the next few weeks.

Belizean Goverment Disappointed about Election Results
Belize's Prime Minister Dean Barrow celebrated his re-election, but admitted to be disappointed about the decrease of United Democratic Party (UDP) seats in the Parliament. ¿We won only 17 seats and I was confident that we would obtain 20, and as a political leader, I must accept a great responsibility for that,¿ said Barrow when addressing reporters about the result of the elections. The prime minister added that he will spend the weekend reshuffling his cabinet which has now to be formed by 15 members, instead of 17 as it was before. The 61-year-old lawyer was re-elected after winning by a slim three-seat margin in the Legislative Power, and will swear in for a second time before General Governor Sir Colville Young in this capital on Friday. The UDP won a majority of 17 seats in the 31-seat parliament to the Francis Fonseca-led People's United Party's 14. Barrow said in his electoral campaign that he will give priority to the renegotiation of a part of the foreign debt.

Belize PM disappointed
Despite being re-elected to the government Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow says he's disappointed with the election victory. The United Democratic Party on Wednesday won 17 of the 31 seats following the general elections. However, Barrow said he is disappointment in himself as political leader of the incumbent party. He said he never expected to win less than 20 seats but accepts responsibility for the results. In the meantime, Barrow said he will spend the weekend planning his cabinet and will present it to the nation on Tuesday, given the party's slender majority and constitutional limits on his ministerial choices. The UDP saw its two-thirds super majority in the 31-seat House of Representatives wither to a slender three-seat margin over the opposition People's United Party led by Francis Fonseca. With the reduced majority, the size of the new cabinet will be reduced to a maximum of 15 ministers.

The best dessert awaits you in Belize
The food my Garifuna friends prepared, over coconut husk fires, was unlike any camp fare I had experienced before. The ocean provided an endless supply of fresh fish, conch (nearly always fried in fritters) and lobster tails. Filling the plates were salty plantain fries, johnny cakes, and the ubiquitous Belizean rice and beans, flavoured with fiery habanero. But my favourite - by far - was the sweet coconut dessert known as tableta. Pappy, slim and dreadlocked, introduced me to the treat early that winter. One afternoon, while our guests dozed in hammocks, he zipped up a tall palm (an incredible feat of athleticism itself) and knocked down three green coconuts. Husking them in a flash with a rusty machete (a skill that evades all northerners, no matter how frequently practised, and one that often leads to grievous injuries), he asked me to grate the soft white meat into a large pot.

The Placencia Marina - Belize's First Super-Yacht Marina Wins a Landmark Lawsuit and Completes Major Construction Milestone
The Placencia proudly announces construction has completed on the breakwater at The Placencia Marina, Belize's first luxury super-yacht marina. Serving as a key component of The Placencia's master-planned development, Placencia Marina is the largest fully permitted, government endorsed, full-service marina in Belize. Opening Winter 2012-13, The Placencia Marina will ultimately consist of up to 293 slips, accommodating boats from 30 feet to over 260 feet in length. Phase 1 of the 27-acre super-yacht marina will include 117 wetslips from 40 feet to 220 feet. Planned marina facilities include a refuelling station, water, sewage, crew-only recreation center and management services. Marina Village at The Placencia will include a VIP Casino, multiple restaurants, retail shops, world-class spa and boutique hotel. "Development is progressing and we anticipate a timely launch in first quarter 2013," said Brent Borland, Principal, The Placencia. "Our team is dedicated to creating a world-class marina offering an experience unlike any other in the Caribbean. We're confident our commitment to deliver the highest level of customer service at our 90-key luxury beachfront The Placencia Hotel, our superior location, and broad set of amenities included in our Sporting Club Membership, combined with the forthcoming opening of the Placencia International Airport, puts The Placencia is a class of its own."

Wheeler lands monster marlin
It was a long fight, but well worth it. Jim Wheeler, his son Gabe, daughter in law Shannon, and friend Al Vesel, teamed to boat a whopping 500-pound, 111-inch blue marlin on Feb. 5 off the coast of San Pedro, Belize. t was a long fight, but well worth it. Jim Wheeler, his son Gabe, daughter in law Shannon, and friend Al Vesel, teamed to boat a whopping 500-pound, 111-inch blue marlin on Feb. 5 off the coast of San Pedro, Belize. The foursome fought the fish for 2 hours and 48 minutes before finally winning the fight. "All four of us reeled on it," Jim Wheeler said. "We gaffed it once it was on the side of the boat." As for the next day, "I was pretty sore," he laughed. He used 40-pound test line with a 200-pound liter, in part because it is not uncommon to hook sharks in the area, although landing such a big marlin this time of year is rare, Wheeler said. They filleted off about 50 pounds in steaks back at shore, but the rest of the fish was left behind for the natives. A replica mount of the fish would cost between $1,300 and $1,400, but Wheeler is unlikely to go that route. "I don't think I have the wall space," he said. "It's a pretty big fish."

Benefit show will help couple overcome trauma
After spending a wonderful honeymoon in Belize last September, a Waynesboro couple didn't want it to end. The warm, blue water of the Caribbean Sea fronting their beach bungalow was so inviting that they decided to take one more swim before packing. It was a decision that would have horrendous repercussions. "We were starting to swim back in after snorkeling when, all of a sudden, we heard this boat," said Dana Shiflett Leonard. "We turned around and saw that it was coming toward us fast. "We tried yelling, screaming and waving our arms. I could tell the boat was coming full speed, because the front of it was completely planed out. I realized there was no way it was seeing us, so I thought I'd dive down as deep as I could. "But we were in shallow water, and I felt and heard the boat hit us. When I came up to the surface, I immediately started screaming for help. I looked at Rob and he was holding up his leg and yelling, 'My leg, my leg.' "His leg was gone, and the water was bloody. My right arm was broken so badly that the bone was sticking out, and I had a laceration on my right palm from the fingers down to my wrist." The boat kept going. Fortunately, another boat was nearby and came to their rescue.

Both amateurs and professionals will compete in the upcoming La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge. The event is an arduous, mulit-day canoe race that will take travelers along a formiddable river route as they wind their way throughout Belize. The river challenge, which will take place March 9-12, coincides with Baron Bliss Day each March and will celebrate its 15th anniversary this year. To help celebrate the milestone, the La Ruta Maya race committee has voted to allow, for the first time, live race tracking via satellite. Each team will receive a waterproof GPS device, which will transmit their location to the event's website. Users will be able to log on and track competitors by team or by division. As in years past, the 170-mile race will begin in San Ignacio on the first day, March 9, and feature three stops along the way before concluding March 12 in Belize City. Participants will compete in eight different divisions: male, female, mixed, masters, dory, intramural, pleasure craft and a Family Adventure Race. Each team will battle for station prizes, as well as cash rewards presented at the end of the race. Even though there's money at stake, the main objective for the competitors it to survive the grueling race...and have fun!

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