The election may be over - but the carryover of momentum still continues - at least in this newsroom where - we've been going through hours of footage and interviews we conducted on Election Day.

Much of it aired during our election coverage - but we've pieced it together for a more complete look at the hurly burly of Election Day politics.

Here's a look at some of what was happening in the city:

Jules Vasquez Reporting

Prime Minister Dean Barrow was the first to vote - he cast his ballots for both general and municipal elections in the Caribbean Shores division

Janelle Chanona
"Talk to me about your personal strategy for today. Are you coming in to vote early?"

Dean Barrow - Party Leader, UDP
"Absolutely, so that I can get Kim back home, and then get into my own constituency."

In Freetown, the voters were lined up very early - pushing Lee Mark Chang to an early lead

Jules Vasquez
"How many have you brought out right now?"

Lee Mark Chang - UDP Candidate, Freetown
"400 between the polling stations."

Janelle Chanona
"Looking at the lines, are you - you've been at this game, this is not your first rodeo - are you able to read as far as - I know you're oponent came out strong with his people initially, but looking at the lines, are people in Freetown coming out to vote, and do you think this will keep up all day?"

Francis Fonseca - Party Leader, PUP/ Freetown Candidate
"It's slow but steady, but our people are coming out. We're keeping very close track of our people. They are coming out to vote, so we feel very good. We are meeting all of our objectives. We approaching 9 and we'll look at where we are at 9. So we feel very good; there are no surprises very far, and that's always good on Election Day."

In Collet, there was also a big crowd early on for the UDP

Patrick Faber - UDP Candidate, Collet
"The turnout, as you know Jules, is not a high percentage turn out, and I don't have a problem with that because I know that the majority of those who have come out belong to Patrick Faber and the United Democratic Party. I can honestly and safely tell you that."

Jules Vasquez
"The presence of red shirts in this area, all day, has been formidable. Is that something that has intimidated you?"

Carolyn Trench - Sandiford - PUP Candidate, Collet
"Absolutely not, I like to tell people that you should not worry about the noise in the market, you check the change."

Jules Vasquez
"Has your plan worked the way you expected it? Have you mobilized?"

Carolyn Trench - Sandiford
"Yes, we did have some glitches, but more than most, yes."

And in the city, the UDP machine didn't show many glitches even getting out older persons in wheel chairs in Pickstock:

Wilfred Elrington - UDP Candidate, Pickstock
"We have an army of voters who are also workers, and they know exactly where our pledged voters, and how to go an get them. So, we have an army of workers, and we have a fleet of vehicles. We lack nothing."

Jules Vasquez
"What is involved in your machinery? How many people, how many vehicles, how many moving parts are there?"

Anthony "Boots" Martinez - UDP Candidate, Port Loyola
"Well, what is involved is about 400 people, who are voters."

Jules Vasquez
"But they are working with your campaign?"

Anthony "Boots" Martinez
"I would say about 150."

Jules Vasquez
"Now I know, historically, that you have been a candidate that likes to get out the vote early. I suppose because it give you a psychological advantage."

Anthony "Boots" Martinez
"Well, it's not a feel like; if you get out the vote early, it is yours. Like for example, if I vote, and I tumble down dead, you can't take it back."

Jules Vasquez
"Your Election Day expense must be huge having all these people out here. I count dozens."

Michael Finnegan - UDP Candidate, Mesopotamia
"Dozens, what you mean you count dozens? Give a correct number, Jules, It's not dozens. I have 600 workers working for me here on Election Day, and furthermore, if I give you a story, you will laugh. You know that man who is running against me, hasn't showed up - now it 4 o'clock - he hasn't showed up one day yet at none of those 3 polling station, Jules?"

Jules Vasquez
"During the course of the day?"

Michael Finnegan
"Do you hear what I am telling you?"

Jules Vasquez
"Maybe you haven't seen him."

Michael Finnegan
"I am telling you that he hasn't showed up."

Jules Vasquez
"What do your chances depend on today?"

Herman Longsworth - UDP Candidate, Albert
"My chances depend only on the people coming out. I differ from you in your opinion. Albert wasn't PUP. Albert was Mark Espat."

For the PUP, seasoned veterans like Said Musa had nothing to worry about:

Rt. Hon. Said Musa - PUP Candidate, Fort George
"The main thing that I have found on Election Day is that everybody is so nervous, So, I've and to maintain my calm and keep the campaigners in a state of readiness, rather than running around like chickens without heads that is the problem with Election Day. But on a whole, this are going well."

Jules Vasquez
"What do you all see as the major ingredient to your success today?"

Swami Babani - PUP Belize City Council Candidate
"The major ingredient today is the machinery. We have excellent machinery. As you heard from the George Price candidate, elections are won on Election Day. The machinery is very pivotal in gaining us the victory today."

Jules Vasquez
"Is this the new campaign strategy guys, stand up on street-sides and greet people?"

Dorla Vaugh - PUP Belize City Council Candidate
"Exactly, we are on our last two-minute strategy."

Jules Vasquez
"How has it been going so far for you Mr. Ayuso? This is your first involvement in full-contact politics."

Gary Ayuso - PUP Belize City Council Candidate
"It has been going great, Jules, I have been getting a lot of support, amazingly. A lot of red shirts have come shaking my hand and said, 'I got you, Gary.' That's amazing to me. Even the Red is coming out for me."

And one former PUP gone independent had a dim view of the proceedings:

Jules Vasquez
"While this might look as loyalty -"

Carlos Diaz - Lake I Independent Candidate
"It's money-making."

Jules Vasquez
How do you answer the criticism that you are a spoiler that you are undermining the PUP success, because you are a PUP and you are running as an independent?"

Carlos Daiz
"I have made a straight claim; there is nothing to guess about. I am saying that I will win this division."

He didn't win but he made sure the PUP candidate Martin Galvez didn't either.

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