It has been a week of interesting weather. A week ago, the wind was so blustery, our Saturday Ak'Bol yoga class had to be held in the small palapa off the beach and without mats, lest everything blow away. Late Sunday through Monday, a cold front came through bringing quite a bit of rain (especially for "dry season") and leaving lots of muddy puddles in the road north of the bridge. We've also had extremely high tides this week (from the full moon?) bringing boatloads of sargasso and other sea grass up onto the beach. This is the highest we can remember the water coming on our beach since last fall, when Hurricane Rina came within 100 miles of the island. As a result of all this weather, both the beach and the road have been messy to ride bikes or run on. By mid-week the weather was back to the norm -- moderate east winds, sunny, and very warm. The changeable weather here continues to surprise me!

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