Kaprie Marie Dawson, Vice President for the Student Government at the University of Belize, Belmopan Campus, reported to police that on March 5, she visited Scotia Bank, Belmopan Branch, to conduct a money transaction for the student Government account. She noticed that the balance was inaccurate. She inquired with the bank personnel and was informed that a cheque totalling $4,200.00 had been cashed on February 28/2012. She stated that she did not authorize the cheque nor did she have any knowledge of it. She requested a copy of the cheque and on inspection recognized her own signature on it. According to Dawson the cheque was forged. It was written to Noe GUERRA and dated February 25/12. She also reported that sometime in the Month of December 2011 it was brought to her attention that a cheque, dated November 09/11 was also made out to Noe GUERRA in the sum of $750.00. Her signature also appeared on that cheque which she states she did not sign or authorize. The matter is with the police who are looking for Noe GUERRA pending investigation. University authorities have indicated that they have implemented security measures to ensure there is no repeat of the situation.