Police are reporting today on the abduction and the robbery of a Mexican diplomat. Domingo Rodriguez Semerena escaped with his life but his robbery was not swift; it became a laborious and nerve-wracking kidnapping. The Mexican Embassy would not comment on the situation since it is a police matter and neither would the police provide an interview. But according to a police release, fifty year old Rodriguez, who is in-charge of the Cultural and Educational Section at the Mexican Institute, reported that on Tuesday, at about six-forty-five p.m. he was assisting a person to a friend's house on an unknown street in Belize City. When he reached the house, the person exited the vehicle and a short while after; two male persons approached him. One person had a hand gun and told Rodriquez to sit in the back of the vehicle. They then took the Mexican diplomat to a house where they tied up his hands and feet. Rodriquez claims he was robbed of his cell phone, gold chain, cash and other personal documents. He then says that he was held hostage by a guard until seven the following morning when he was taken and abandoned at a swampy area on the Northern Highway. His black 2007 Audi SUV bearing diplomatic license plate was also stolen. Police investigations continue.

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