Festival of Arts has become an important part of Belize's educational curriculum. Keeping the Arts alive, the Festival of arts got on the way in Belmopan yesterday. This event marks the beginning of Festival of Arts for this year and today primary schools such as United Evergreen, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Garden City and Shepherds Academy among others participated in presentations. Plus news spoke with Margarita Martinez Vice Principal of Our Lady Primary School and coordinator for this year's festival in the City of Belmopan.

Margarita Martinez, Vice Principal, Our Lady of Guadalupe Primary School
It is something that is used to expose our children's talents in the primary school in the different areas of arts, drama and music. It is something that our children look forward to because that's when we can see their talents and the different arts. It is not just about the academic part, but it is also about their body language that you see being expressed.

The preliminary competitions are held in each district. Winners will be sent to participate at the national level in Belize City. Here's a clip of some presentations from today's lineup.

The Festival at the national level will be held from May 29th to the 2nd of June in Belize City at the Bliss.