Valid: Friday - Monday, March 16 - 19, 2012

An easterly to east-northeasterly airflow will prevail over the NW Caribbean on Friday and Saturday under the influence of a persistent ridge of high pressure from the western Atlantic. The high pressure ridge will weaken by Sunday. Lows will develop over the Texas Gulf coast and north-eastern Mexico, favouring a drier south-easterly airflow pattern to develop across the NW Caribbean and Belize during Sunday.

We can therefore expect fair and sunny weather to persist this weekend with only brief, isolated showers developing mostly along the coast in the morning, and inland during the afternoon hours.

Daily rainfall totals will be minimal, ranging from 0.10-0.25 of-an-inch on Friday and Saturday, but diminishing on Sunday and Monday, when daily accumulations will be in the range of 0.01-0.10 of-an-inch. The 2012 Dry Season is here but is being tempered or moderated by brief showers developing in the conditionally unstable ENE'ly airstream across the NW Caribbean region, which has been persisting for the last couple of days. The major heat lows are yet to begin develop over Mexico and across Central America. Let's wait and see how this unfolds!

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The San Pedro Sun

Newly elected Mayor to manage SPTC "differently"
There is a newly elected town council in San Pedro and according to Mayor Daniel "Danny" Guerrero there will be a "different" way of running the affairs of the council. Mayor Guerrero made this bold statement as Mayor on Wednesday March 14th after meeting individually with several journalists on the island. Not only will there be a different approach to the management of the Town's affairs but Mayor Guerrero explained that his council will be an "opened door" council. Guerrero's new management style is something that many would say was lacking under the latter part of the past town council under the leadership of former mayor Elsa Paz. According to Mayor Guerrero the first order of business will be to restructure the staff at the administrative level of the council. "We promised the people open administration and that's what we are moving forward with so there will be restructuring," said Mayor Guerrero. The first major project the council will be engaged in upon assuming full duties on Monday March 19th will be to address the issue over the saturation of cemetery space. According to Mayor Guerrero, the new cemetery space will be identified by the end of March since it is an urgent matter that needs addressing at the earliest.

SPRCS moving ahead with Quality Child Friendly School Initiative Pilot Program
The San Pedro Roman Catholic School is moving ahead with the Quality Child Friendly School Initiative (QCFSI) pilot project that was adopted earlier during the start of the school year. The initiative is geared towards encouraging the community, and most importantly the parents, to attend school sessions with their children. Such activities give parents an appreciation for their children's work as well as the learning institution. As such, the school held their second session on Wednesday, March 14th where the upper division students invited their parents to participate in one of their class lessons. The standard six students were involved in two separate class lessons. One group focused on healthy living, with a hands-on approach geared towards the students learning about the basic food groups, their nutritional values and the components of a food pyramid. The students worked along with their parents to create examples of a balanced breakfast, lunch, dinner and even healthy drinks.

San Pedro Sailing Club dominates at Barron Bliss Harbor Regatta 2012
The Baron Bliss Harbor Regatta (BBHR) 2012 was held on Sunday March 11th and San Pedro Sailing Club dominated, bringing home the top three places. Held annually in respect of the traditional 9th of March Baron Bliss Day holiday, the BBHR commemorates Belize's greatest benefactors. San Pedro's sailors commenced their journey leaving the island around 7AM for competition at 10AM. Some 35 participants, ages 8 to 14 competed in four heats of sailing at Belize City in the area of the BTL Park to the Baron Bliss Harbor, leading to the final heat. San Pedro sailors competed in four heats, winning the top three spots in each. Members of the San Pedro Sailing Club competed against other participants from Sea Scouts based in Belize City, Liberty Home Foundation in Ladyville and a wider selection of other individual teams based in Belize City. In the final heat, all competitors were from the San Pedro Sailing Club. In the end, third place went to 13 year old David Puc, second went to 13 year old Jorge Olivarez and 10 year old Kevin Velasquez took the coveted first place trophy. 2011′s BBHR champion, Alexander Rhaburn took fourth place.

Noche de Estrellas 2012 - don't miss it!!
The San Pedro HIV/AIDS Commission has confirmed the date for its 2012 "Noche de Estrellas", one of the Commission's biggest yearly fundraiser. The Gala event is scheduled for April 7th at the Rafael Angel Nu�ez Auditorium to commence at 9PM. Doors will open at 8PM. Providing intermission entertainment will be San Pedro's Rompe Raja. This year, the commission has added a second act to the night, with their spin off of one of Mexico's very popular TV series "Mujeres Asesinas", "Travestis Asesinas". This second act is expected to provide a comedic addition to the many performances and is guaranteed to keep everyone at the edge of their seats. There will be a full bar and food available throughout the night. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door, and will be on sale by March 23rd with all members of the Commission as well as at JoSe's Salon, office located on Ambergris St. For further information, contact President, Felix Ayuso at 663-9922.

Emergency First Responders starting up in San Pedro
With the ever growing population of Ambergris Caye and the reported continuous increase in tourist arrivals, NFAT (National First Aid Team) is a welcoming addition to the Ambergris Caye Community. The team, in its organizational phase, is looking to the community for membership as well as assistance to be able to effectively bring this very much needed service to the island. NFAT was established on September 16, 2006 and has branches in various locations within the country. The concept emerged as a result of an incident resulting in a student's injury that occurred during a high school after class activity in which N.F.A.T. founder and director, Darwin Slusher saw the need for better trained students, initially, to respond to emergencies. Services offered by NFAT include water rescue, 24 hour on call medics, first aid training, stand-bys at public events, stand-bys at sport events, on call for school events and even home health care services.

The March 15th, 2012 issue of The Capital Weekly is online HERE

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Misc Belizean Sources

Green is not always good... Chlorophyll A levels: Sea Surface Temperature & Chlorophyll
While the Chicago River may be turning green today (Saturday, March 17th) at 10:45am, our Belize River and coastal zone have remained green with morass for the past 4 years. NASA supported testing have shown from satellite imagery that Belize has chlorophyll A levels that are abnormally high. Lets hope we can get the cruise ships and others to stop dumping raw sewerage and other waste into our beautiful Caribbean Sea on this blessed St Patrick's Day.

Channel 7

Mark Espat will head government's Superbond Renegotiation Team. That's the news coming out of a meeting held this morning in Belize City. It had been rumoured for a few days - and this morning the Amandala reported that Espat had been asked to serve as a key finance advisor for the Government of Belize, to help renegotiate the billion-dollar super bond. The Amandala reported that Espat and the Prime Minister would meet today to discuss the proposal - and so we went to wait outside that meeting at the Prime Minister's Belize City Office on Coney Drive. Here's what we saw:..

The six suspect containers imported by Vernon Cuthkelvin remain in customs tonight. That's because according to our sources - the tests taken by the Forensic Department show that the sacks do not contain AMMONIUM SULFATE - which are the declared contents. According to our information, they have tested positive for trace quantities of ephedrine - which is a chemical precursor used to make meta-amphetamines, known as Meth. Now we stress, this is information we have received, because the importer, Vernon Cuthkelvin, owner of Belize Garden Consortium today told us that the tests are not finished - and that next week - he will conduct his own tests - which he is confident will vindicate him. Cuthkelvin has not been detained - as the containers remain under suspicion but nothing has been confirmed at this time. We note that the DEA has taken an active interest in the case along with the Customs and Police Department.

Minister with responsibility for the Forestry Department, Lisel Alamilla has already made her first bold move: she's declared a moratorium on the Rosewood trade in Belize. A release from the government this afternoon says that quote, "a moratorium on the harvesting and exportation of rosewood is being declared with immediate effect until further notice." The release notes that "increased rosewood logging has led to a near depletion of the specie in national lands (and that) private lands and protected areas are now being targeted to meet this insatiable demand." Well, no more and the Ministry will now carry out quote, "an orderly assessment of the situation on the ground to institute a rigorous regulatory framework throughout the country."

On Tuesday, we told you about the Sunday night slaying of 21 year-old David Hernandez, who was shot to death near to his Berkeley Street home. Today, his alleged assailant, 21 year-old Lincoln Hemsley, was arraigned for his murder and remanded to Belize Central Prison. Because of the nature of the offense, Hemsley could not give a plea, and neither could he be offered bail. After Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith informed him of this, he told the court that the police did not conduct a proper identification parade. He said that the witness was given photographs of him before actually putting him in the identification line-up.

For much of last year, there was an epic power struggle between the Ministry of Sports on one side and the Football Federation of Belize on the other. The Ministry played hardball with the unflappable FFB President Bertie Chimilio - at one point threatening to decertify the most powerful Federation in the land, even saying that it could not outfit a legitimate National Football Selection. It got so bad that a World Cup Qualifier on Belizean soil had to be cancelled - after the visiting team had already arrived - because the government would not allow the police to be used for security. That caused an international incident - which is just what the Ministry wanted - to get the attention of the FIFA Bosses in Switzerland. And they did, with FIFA agreeing to a new election and laying out a precise road map which would certify a legitimate, democratic election. And after many months of jostling, the big event was held last night: Elections for the Executive Committee of the Football Federation of Belize at an Ordinary Congress - all strictly supervised by FIFA officials - and the most important element being that district delegates got to vote by secret ballot. Our news team went to Belmopan to chronicle this event; yes they were made to wait outside until midnight - and yes, they didn't get back to the City until 1:30 am - but to be near to history, it was all worth it. Here's the story:..

And while the FFB has a new executive, the City Council has a new mayor for the first time in 6 years. Darrell Bradley and his team of councilors were sworn in at ceremonies this afternoon. And while it is one UDP council replacing another, the tone today was very different. Here's what Bradley had to say for his term as mayor:.. Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City "I Darell Silvian Bradley duly elected as a member of the Belize City Council." Jules Vasquez reporting It was a familiar scene - the swearing of a UDP City Council - it's the third in six years - but the new Mayor Darrell Bradley was determined to change the tone of governance for his administration: Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City "I also propose putting in place legislation and we intend to work with the Ministry of Local Government, for there to be a recall mechanism for Mayor and for City Councilors and for enshrining in the law tough penalties for those who misuse any public funds.

Last week, we told you about the home invasion at Driftwood Bay, the small community at mile 4 and a half on the Northern Highway. 20 year-old Chris Reyes, who was shot by police while he was fleeing from the home invasion, was arraigned and remanded yesterday. Reyes, a resident of King Street, was discharged from the KHMH on Wednesday and handed into police custody where he was charged with 1 count of aggravated burglary. In court, Reyes pleaded not guilty to the charge, and he wa

One of the first things Darrell Bradley had to do when he became mayor was suspend pay mistress Shirlene Sabal. You'll may remember her; she made the news in late 2010 when the owner of First Stop Pawn Stop alleged that she had been shorting his company of thousands of dollars. At the time she defended herself and so did the council, but right now - she stands alone, accused of engineering a daring scheme that cost the council tens of thousands of dollars in bogus overtime payments. We can only give the outline of the scheme at this time sicne it is under investigation, but it is a priority for new Mayor Darrell Bradley - who spoke to us about it today:.. Darrell Bradley, Mayor "Immediately as I got into office I was told about what had transpired, and first thing we took a decision to send her on suspension and we are conducting an investigation. We think that, that investigation would be finish by next week Friday and base on that investigation, we are going to take a tough decision in terms of her and also putting in place mechanisms. This is why we need the auditing team right now and we are also looking at putting in place financial provisions in the finance department to ensure that things like this don't happen."

In November of last year, Godfrey Smith launched his authorized biography of National Hero George Price. Now, Smith's book has been shortlisted as 1 of 3 books eligible for the 2012 OCM Bocas Prize which is sponsored One Caribbean Media, the largest media house in Trinidad and Tobago. "George Price, A Life Revealed" has won first place in its own respective category in the competition, and Smith's book is now competing against "Is Just a Movie" by Earl Lovelace, a Trinidadian Writing Titan, who has been publishing since the 1960's. The third book shortlisted for the overall winner is The Twelve-Foot Neon Woman, Loretta Collins Klobah, a Puerto Rican writer and professor. If Smith's book is chosen as the overall winner for the 12 OCM Bocas Prize, he will be awarded with $10,000 US in cash. All proceeds from sales of the Books have gone to the George Price Center.

Channel 5

Mark Espat to renegotiate Superbond
Speculation was aplenty before the March seventh elections that former Area Representative, Mark Espat, was involved with the U.D.P. campaign and in the Albert Division U.D.P. machinery. The reports suggested that if the governing party was re-elected he would have been given a senior appointment in the Barrow Administration. This morning another media house reported ...

Football Federation elects New Executive
There is a wind of change at the field of the Football Federation of Belize. On Thursday night Dr. Bertie Chimilio said he was blown by that wind of change. The fourteen-year president of the F.F.B. lost his bid for number fifteen. He went up against Gerald Henry Senior and Ruperto Vicente; Vicente won. Chimilio's ...

14 career years of football with Dr. Bertie Chimilio
Chimilio's fourteen years came at a price. In his late night interview, he told News Five that he dedicated his life to the game at the expense of his family. His accolades were also lauded by the outgoing Sports Administrator Miley Garcia. And for those who criticized him over the years, Chimilio brushed them off ...

New Minister's swift Rosewood Moratorium
Environmentalists and villagers of Mayan communities in southern Belize affected by the extraction of Rosewood can breathe easier tonight. The Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development has placed a moratorium on the harvesting and exportation of rosewood with immediate effect. The swift action by this new ministry in less than a week after its ...

New Belize City Council Sworn in Office
The U.D.P. won all seats in the Belize City Council by a big margin last week. Mayor Darrell Bradley and the ten councilors were sworn in today in a public ceremony in front of City Hall. Mayor Bradley has vowed that his approach will be inclusive of all city residents. News Five's Andrea Polanco reports. ...

George Price Biography shortlisted for Award
It was announced a month ago that the book "George Price: A Life Revealed" had made it onto the long-list of ten titles in the region being considered for the prestigious 2012 One Caribbean Media Bocas Prize. Well, there's good news tonight for Godfrey Smith, who authored the autobiography on the father of the nation. ...

Friday afternoon bank bomb threat
For the second time in two weeks CIBC First Caribbean International Bank has been the target of criminals. This afternoon shortly after two o'clock employees of the local office at the San Cas Plaza spilled out to the parking lot when a call was received that a bomb had been planted inside the building. Not ...

Suspect charged for Murder of David Hernandez
The most recent murder in Belize City occurred on Sunday night when twenty year old David Hernandez was gunned down on Racecourse Street. Less than a week later, police believe they've captured the killer. The suspect is twenty-one year old Lincoln Hemsley, who lives on Kut Avenue, just around the lane from where Hernandez was ...

B.D.F. soldier jailed for Threatening Jurors
Thirty-eight year old Glenston Bermudez, a career Belize Defense Force officer, is tonight serving a three-month sentence at the Hattieville Prison after pleading guilty to two counts of threat of death and one count of common assault. In April 2011, Bermudez was initially sentenced to six months in jail for threatening two jurors who found ...

Win Belize Community Service Expo
An assortment of items, including handicrafts and artwork were displayed today at the YWCA basketball court. The expo was organized by the Women's Issues Network Belize to promote the work of its member agencies and to promote the empowerment of women. Also on hand were a number of government agencies involved in the advancement of ...

Let's hear it for the YWCA at 56
Women's Month is not the only celebration taking place; the Young Women's Christian Association turns fifty-six on Saturday and the festivities kick off early in the morning. But it's no one-day birthday bash; an entire week of activities is planned to include both young and older members as well as the general public in the ...

Musician's New Album, '2 Sides of Positive Vibz'
A Belizean artist has released a brand new album with sixteen tracks. Twenty-five year old, Positive Vibz says that his latest work, "Two sides of Positive Vibz" is his masterpiece and has been in the making for the last four years. The album, which is a mixture of Punta Rock and Reggae, and features big ...


19 Year Old Charged For The Murder Of Cristobal Santos
Today 19 year old Trinidad Pineda was charged by Orange Walk Police for the murder of 24 year old Cristobal Santos. Pineda is accused of stabbing Santos on the abdomen and right arm during a fight on Friday night. According to witnesses both men were under the influence of alcohol when they started arguing with each other right in front of Santos' house located on San Antonio Road. The argument soon turned into a brawl which ended with Santos being stabbed with a knife and Pineda making good his escape. Santos was taken to the Northern Regional Hospital and later transferred to the KHMH where he succumbed to his injuries on Monday morning. That same morning Pineda visited the police station where he handed himself over to authorities. Pineda is expected to appear before the Orange Walk Magistrates Court tomorrow.

Orange Walk Resident Charged For Attempted Murder
It went under the radar and tonight details are still sketchy but CTV3 News understands that there was another stabbing incident here in Orange Walk over the weekend. Thirty six year old Wilfredo Jimenez of Palm Street in the Village of Trail Farm reported to police that on Saturday March 10th, he was attacked and stabbed five times by 22 year old Enrique Rodriquez of a San Francisco Street. Jimenez, who also received minor cuts and bruises, was stabbed on the shoulder, chest and other parts of his body. We understand he was taken to the NRH where he was treated for his injuries and later released. Today when we visited Jimenez at his home he declined an interview. As for Rodriguez, we understand he was detained by police and charged for attempted murder. Rodriguez appeared before the Orange Walk Magistrates Court on March 13th and was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until his next court date scheduled for 12th April 2012.

Recognizing The Women Of Our Community
Women's month is celebrated every year in the month of March and is dedicated to women all over the world giving them recognition for their contribution to the community. This year Women's Month is geared towards young women and is being celebrated under the theme "Connecting girls, inspiring futures". With all the activities geared towards the empowerment of women CTV3 News decided to honor the month by recognizing women from the Orange Walk community who have actively participated in the development of the town and livelihood of others. One of those women is Guadalupe Ack affectionately known as Nurse Lupe. Guadalupe Ack, Nurse "I started in 1981 at San Narciso health center and in 1983 I went to nursing school and in 1997 I did the earth program and I have been at the hospital in the operating theatre up to 2009 when I went off medically unfit with heart problems and since then I have been doing voluntary work at the hospital and I coordinate the visiting groups that come into the hospital and we do also the villages. It is something that has I always like and admired when I use to go to the hospital, people showing that love to the people in caring and that is how I started and I got to like it and I stayed there."

Pre-Schoolers Take Part In Festival Of Arts
Child stimulation month is celebrated every year in the month of March and is aimed at promoting early education in young children. The entire month is celebrated with activities that cater to the development and improvement of preschooler's countrywide. As part of the celebrations, today preschoolers of the Corozal District held their Preschool Festival of Arts. The annual Preschool Festival of Arts was held at the Corozal Civic Center in honor of Child Stimulation Month. This year the Festival of arts was celebrated under the theme "Art is Expression; Art is Education, Let's Keep It Alive". There were a total of seventeen captivating presentations displayed by fourteen of the 34 preschools in the Corozal District. The preschoolers expressed art in the form of dance, music and drama while joyfully displaying their colorful outfits.

Corozal House Of Culture Honors Women
In early February Corozal Town witnessed the inauguration of their very own House of Culture which was opened to display historical and modern pieces of art. The House of Culture paves the way for local artists to demonstrate their personal forms of art and expression. And tomorrow night ten female artists from the Corozal District will be showcasing their artwork at the house of culture in honor of Women's Month. Debra Wilkes Gray, Visual Arts Coordinator Corozal "This is our second annual Art and we started it last year and we wanted to showcase more or women in Arts tends to lean towards men so we wanted an opportunity to showcase the women and this year we have some new comers, we are very excited with the, I guess the depths of the art here we have textiles, we have jewelry, we have wood work, photography, sculpture and paintings. These women actually most of them are held at Art in the Park which is a monthly event here and so through that we are able to pull artist to put together this exhibit."

MLA Not In Agreement With Government's New Ministry Of Indigenous Peoples
Tonight all indications are that the newly elected Dean Barrow Administration is in the hot seat just days after being sworn into office. On Tuesday the Prime Minister announced his new cabinet along with 15 Ministries. Several newly hatched portfolios where among the ministries, one of them being the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries, Sustainable Development and Indigenous Peoples. The Prime Minister however, upon forming his new Ministry, did not have in mind the Maya Leaders Alliance and the Toledo Alcalde Association who today fired off a press release expressing their dissatisfaction at the Ministry which is overseen by Minister Liselle Alamilla. In the press release the Maya Leaders Alliance expresses their disappointment that the Government made no effort to consult with them or the National Garifuna Council before forming the new portfolio. The Alliance clearly states that under the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which Belize voted to adopt in the United Nations, requires government to consult and cooperate in good faith with the Indigenous Peoples concerns through their own representative institutions before adopting and implementing administrative measures that may affect them.

BHOC To Hold Eco-Friendly Workshop
You've probably noticed that green is everywhere these days--in the news, politics, fashion, and even technology and you can hardly escape it on the Internet. As globalization makes the world become smaller, it becomes increasingly easy to see how the lives of people, plants, animals and ecosystems everywhere are closely synced up with one another. But embracing a greener lifestyle isn't just about helping to preserve equatorial rain forests, it can also mean improving your health, padding your bank account, and, ultimately, improving your overall quality of life. In celebration of Women's Month the Baquitas House of Culture here in Orange Walk will be hosting a two hour Eco-friendly candle making workshop tomorrow afternoon. The event is in collaboration with JICA, the Japanese International Corporation Agency. Even though the workshop is being held in honor of women, Coordinator of the Banquitas House of Culture, Yvette Torres, says anyone can take part in the eco-friendly workshop.

Polaris Ultralight Aircraft Suffered Mechanical Failure Says Civil Aviation
On Sunday March 11th a tragic plane accident claimed the life of 22 year old Christopher Reimer, a rice farmer of Blue Creek. As a result of the mishap, the Civil Aviation Department launched an investigation into the incident and has released their findings. The small aircraft that Reimer was flying was a Polaris Ultralight which according to international reports is not up to par for air worthiness. The Civil Aviation Department, we understand, knew of the aircraft's presence in Belize but no official document was received on their end. The department understood however, that the small aircraft was used for recreational purposes only. So what caused the aircraft to malfunction? According the Civil Aviation it was a mechanical failure- not concerning the engine, but with the wing structure itself. The wings collapsed and the aircraft plummeted to the ground ending the life of the 22 year old. CTV3 understands that Reimer was flying about 500 feet from the ground. Christopher Reimer was laid to rest yesterday.

FFB To Hold Elections For New Executive
As we speak a FIFA Representative and the National Sports Council is overseeing the elections for the new Executive of the Football Federation of Belize which is taking place at the FFB Headquarters in Belmopan. With the all district executives set in place the elections for programmed for today with three candidates vying for the post of President- Incumbent Doctor Bertie Chimillio who despite a number of controversies has been at the helm of the FFB for more than 10 years, Gerald Henry Sr. and Ruperto Vicente. The candidates for the post of Senior Vice President are Bernaldino Pech, Daniel Fabro and Sergio Chuc while Rowell Pelayo, John Moody and Darlene Padron are running for Vice President. Two persons will be elected as members of the executive. Contesting those two seats are Michael Peyrefitte, Alejandro Alex Palacio, Marlon Kuylen, Chris Gamez, David Jones and Hilberto Muschamp. A total of 20 votes will be casted. Two from each of the seven district executives and six votes will be casted by the Premier League of Belize.


Child stimulation month activities continue in Education
Activities in connection with child stimulation month continue across the country. Earlier this week we shared with you activities in Punta Gorda, today reporter Maria Novelo takes a look at activities on La Isla Bonita.

Women to shave their head for cancer awareness
Cancer has impacted thousands of Belizeans and agencies involved in the fight against the disease have emphasized the importance of early detection. One group of University students have taken a bold new approach to bring awareness to the deadly disease. Reporter Natalie Novelo has the details.

New Belize City Council sworn in
The newly elected Belize City Council was sworn in this afternoon at a ceremony at City Hall. Reporter Marion Ali and videographer Myles Gillette were a part of the gathering and filed this report.

New boss at Football Federation of Belize
Over the years, critics of Bertie Chimilio, President of the Football Federation of Belize have been many and numerous attempts have been made to unseat him and on Thursday night it was accomplished. The Football Federation of Belize held its election and a new president emerged. Fresh off his win against Chimilio, new president Ruperto Vicente sat down with Love FM's sportscaster Ruben Morales Iglesias this morning. Vicente said that officials from FIFA and UNCAF, who supervised the elections, met with him after the elections and extended an invitation to the FFB for training for administrators, referees, coaches and physiotherapists. The first training coming up in April is for coaches. But aside from training, Vicente said that FIFA also supports the promotion of female football in Belize.


Chairman of Teakettle says Area Representative is fuelling political hostility
In yesterday's newscast we told you about a Bus Stop project in Arizona which is located in the Village of Teakettl...

FFB has a new mandate and a new leader
It's a new day for football in Belize. The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) has elected as the new man at the he...

Residents of Cayo municipality protest against the closing of stores on Sundays
Residents are upset in the municipality of San Ignacio/Santa Elena. Over the long holiday weekend shops were closed...

Phone clienteles line up for mandatory registration of SIM cards
Long lines could be seen at BTL and Smart offices across the country yesterday. Word was out that the deadline for ...

Suspect containers raised red flags at the customs dock
Police, Customs Enforcement and DEA officials were present as six forty foot containers were emptied, inspected and...

Woman walks away unharmed from brush with gunman
Avril Bennet of a Belize City address reported to police that on Thursday, 15th March about 6am she was at the Yabr...

Maya Leaders Alliance outraged by ministerial portfolio of 'Indigenous People'
The Maya Leaders Alliance (MLA) and the Toledo Alcaldes Association (TAA) are saying they are surprised and dismaye...

Police make arrest in weekend murder of David Alberto
At the start of the week we had reported on the shooting death of 21 year old David Alberto Hernandez on Racecourse...

Moratorium issued on the harvesting of Rosewood
The Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development has announced a moratorium on the harvesting and ex...

PNP congratulates the UDP on winning General Elections
The People's National Party headed by Wil Maheia sent out a press release yesterday congratulating Prime Minister B...

Thieves burglarize car on West Collet canal
A Belize City Salesman looses documents and dollars from his vehicle. Osvaldo Antonio Zetina reported that on Thurs...

Father accused of raping daughter twice
A minor along with her sister and a Social Worker, made a report to the police on Thursday March 15. She reported t...


Barrow offers Mark Espat super bond job
PUP cut off Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde - for life! The Opposition People's United Party (PUP) issued a statement on Tuesday, March 13, declaring that Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde, who stepped down as standard bearers in Albert and Lake I, respectively-two of the key divisions lost by the PUP in last week's general elections -- have effectively resigned from the party, for life!

Peter "Ducho" Thomas dies at 85
Peter "Ducho" Thomas, 85, well-known boxing coach and a People's United Party loyalist, is dead. He died in his home on Partridge Street Extension in Belize City around 8:00 a.m. today, Thursday, March 15.

Customs, on suspicion, seize 7 containers
Businessman Vernon Cuthkelvin rages: "This is costing me my energy, my time, my money; it is not fair and it is not right�" Late this evening Amandala learned that the Customs and Excise Department continues to hold a total of seven "suspicious" imported containers while it checks samples taken today to determine if the chemicals the containers are said to hold are in fact what they are said to be.

Akeem Thurton guilty in first trial without jury!
Chief Justice convicts 20-year-old of attempting to murder Rodwell Williams; sentencing March 30... Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin today concluded the first criminal trial without jury in Belize's legal history with the conviction of Akeem Thurton, 20, for the attempted murder of Rodwell Williams, Senior Counsel, 54, on May 31, 2010.

Barrow grabs Godwin, Lisel, Joy and Charles
At the National Emergency Management Organization's conference room on Tuesday afternoon, two-time Prime Minister Dean Barrow entered the room to a loud applause from party supporters and friends in the public service, shortly after the 2:30 p.m. time scheduled for the grand announcement of who his new Cabinet members would be.

FFB apologizes for late Electoral Committee press release
Elections for the Executive Committee of the Football Federation of Belize will be held at the Ordinary Congress which has been convened for Thursday, March 15, at 6:00 p.m. at the FFB Headquarters in Belmopan.

Premier League 1st round ends, 2nd round begins
There were no major surprises or upsets in Week 5 of Premier League tournament games played over the weekend to end the 1st round of competition. The 2nd round begins this weekend, at the end of which the top 2 teams from each zone go on to the playoffs.

A chat with veteran footballer Gerald "Speedy" Henry - Part 7
We no have nobody who sits down and, like we deh da school� and we look pahn wahn blackboard, and we say, "Bwai, dis da di way how tings when show� if you see wahn opening, yo wahn push it through; rather than give yo partner wahn direct pass, yo wahn push it through, and hihn know dat hihn fi move�

Free at last!! Bertie gone! Ruperto new FFB president!
Reliable reports just received from our contacts at the FFB headquarters in Belmopan, where elections were held earlier tonight for the FFB executive, are that the incumbents, led by Dr. Bertie Chimilio, who has been president since 1998, have all been voted out.

$227,000 in arrears to Toledo rice farmers paid; $250,000 pending
Manager cites cash flow problems, but optimistic about improvement in sales due to lower prices... Gerald Bardalez, manager of the Toledo arm of the Belize Marketing and Development Corporation (BMDC), informed Amandala today that they have finally completed payment of $227,000 to 48 of 69 mechanized rice farmers, but a partial payment of $250,000 is still due to 21 more mechanized rice farmers.

OAS highlights Belize election concerns: Barrow responds
"They want to tell us to desist from our time-honored tradition of people campaigning vigorously...when the voters are approaching the polling station? Man, that's a pipe dream. That's a pipe dream."

All 17 UDP House members get ministerial portfolios
Barrow says this is "an effort to harness all of the skills available to the UDP in order to produce the best government possible"... Elvin Penner gets demotion from Minister to Minister of State

Ray Davis to replace Paul Perriott as NTUCB Senator
Chamber yet to decide on Godwin Hulse replacement... The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) has yet to decide who will be their new Senate representative, to replace Senator Godwin Hulse-the former private sector senator who will now sit in the Senate as a UDP appointee and more than that, the Leader of Government Business in the Senate.

Ideas and Opinions - A New Order
Have you observed the House of Representatives in session? This is where the Honorable men and women sit, chosen by the people to consider and debate proposals for action to be taken by Parliament in the service of the nation. The title of "Honorable" is conferred on them, because the nature of the mission on which they are engaged is such that they should be referred to and treated with civility and respect. Would you agree with me that the behavior of our representatives does not always measure up to our expectations?

"Even among colonial horror stories, the atrocities of King Leopold II's rule in the Congo stand out. Studies like Adam Hochschild's 'King Leopold's Ghost' (1999) have shown in vivid detail the venal cruelty that rendered life for the Congolese so wretched that they might have envied the Africans sold into overseas slavery in previous centuries.

From The Publisher
I need to congratulate the Prime Minister on his United Democratic Party's second consecutive general election victory. I think it's been a rough ride for Mr. Barrow, having to fight the likes of the billionaire Lord Ashcroft and Fortis' Stan Marshall, and so on and so forth. The now Right Honorable Dean Barrow has handled the heat with a certain amount of aplomb, in my opinion, although now and then he makes bombastic remarks which are propaganda fodder for his critics/opponents.


Belize Trivia...It's Back
I had quite a run of trivia last fall and thought I ran out of material. Not much more nitpicking to do. See how high you can score with these random questions.

My 2 favorite seamstresses
My 2 favorite seamstresses in town Sew What - they do fantastic custom work and cushion covers. Our pool side lounge chair cushions and couch seat both came from there and I know many resorts use Kate for her high quality durable products. Recently I took my float belt and Mexican bulsa bag to Kate. She did a new strap for the belt and new handles on my bag, keeping it out of the dump and making it useful to me once again for a pool bag. She did such a great job I am taking my Guadalupe bulsa [souvenir from Mexico] in today to get it re-handled as well. Elsa - I have been getting clothing altered by her got 6 years now, ever since she lived beside us in our first apartment in town. She has changed locations a few times and has now come full circle and ended up in our old apartment.

St. Patrick's Day in San Pedro
San Pedro embraces all holidays whole heartedly. Particularly the ones that involve parties and Guinness. If you are looking to go out this weekend, here are some of the festivities on the island. Friday Night: Pedro's Inn 8th Annual St Patrick's Day Party. Gino and the Shackshakers performing. Black Velvets (Guinness and Champagne) being served. Good knows what kind of swill champagne that will be. Saturday Day & Night: Kama Lounge Beach Party. Picture lots of this... Stunning that sort of costume even exists. It's titled "Luscious Leprachaun Adult". Saturday Night: Molly Malone's at The Hotel. 1/2 mile north of the bridge. The only Guinness on the island on tap. And that's all I know off...please send me an email with the parties that I am missing. And may the luck of the Irish be with you.

Belize Vision
iPhone Imagery from Belize

10 Reasons the Belize Zoo is a Must Do
Yes! The animals make the zoo what it is, and they are in their natural habitat. The best article ever about the Belize Zoo. This is a must read. Long live TBZ! "The Zoo has a Tropical Education Center (TEC) that has dorms, cabins and pond houses. The different style lodging is connected together with trails and we felt like we were camping. We stayed in a pond house, a fully screened-in, raised cabin situated in a private setting among beautiful pine and palm trees. Our cabin had 2 queen beds, a little kitchenette and a bathroom with hot and cold water. It also had a huge screened in deck that wrapped around 2 sides of the house. The cost of staying here ($60-80 US for 2 people) includes a delicious dinner and breakfast, so you don't have to worry about leaving this forest paradise. It is about a 3 minute ride to the zoo which they will provide."

Cayo's Event Calendar for St. Patrick's Day
Happy early St. Patrick's Day! There are a ton of things on the Cayo Event Calendar for tomorrow! Rotary is doing their Spaghetti day at the market, along with a rummage sale. The ATLIB football regionals will be at Broaster and SHC. Paint Up A Storm will be at Columbus Park. Tonight, Mr. Greedy's is doing their 3rd annual St. Patrick's Day party. They'll have cash prizes for the best green costumes. Meluchi's and Club Next will also be having parties.

VIDEO: Prince Harry with former British Soldiers in Belize
Former British soldiers were present during Prince Harry's arrival at BATSUB.

VIDEO: TAS Belize's Tell A Story Thursday
Interview with Mr. Adrian Perez of Casa Pan Dulce

Women in Art Exhbition at the Benque House of Culture
The Benque House of Culture is uploading pictures from the Women in Art Exhibit last night. Looks like they were packed! And they gave out edible gifts to everyone too. Perfect. The exhibit is highly recommended.

VIDEO: Ashanti 'Airbender' Garcia at Chaya Garden Ashram 'Yoga-A-Thon'
Ashanti 'Airbender' Garcia at Chaya Garden Ashram 'Yoga-A-Thon' March 11th 2012.

PHOTOS: Hope Preschool visits San Ignacio Public Library
The San Ignacio Public Library is getting the word out that reading is fun. They hosted Hope preschool for Children's month.

VIDEO: Belizean Stewed Beef & Okra/Okro
Beef and okra tastes good on a cold day. The okra or okro as we know in Belize is nutritious, but also tasty, soft and slippery. It is a wonderful compliment to the beef. Dish entree goes well over white rice.

International Sources

Photos from the Ghost Hunters International Cahal Pech episode
Link to photos from the GHI Cahal Pech episode. The video isn't up yet.

Caribbean Mobilises Funds for Ten-Year Climate Plan
Failure to adapt to climate change will derail the development aspirations of the 15-member Caribbean Community (Caricom), researchers warn, siphoning off an average of five percent of 2004 gross domestic product regionwide by 2025.The predicted costs could rise to as much as 75 percent by 2100 for smaller nations, says the Belize-based Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC). Meeting in Suriname last week, Caricom leaders acknowledged the severity of the threat, adopting a common strategy dubbed the "Implementation Plan for the Regional Framework for Achieving Development Resilient to Climate Change". The problem now is how to pay for it.

Earthwatch: Shark Conservation in Belize
Shark populations worldwide are collapsing. But now you can help establish protected areas for sharks along Belize's magnificent Mesoamerican Reef. "...Though the Caribbean nation of Belize was once a haven for sharks because its Mesoamerican Reef barrier reef, the second largest on earth, and a network of marine reserves provide the ideal shark habitat, an increase in shark fishing means that population collapses may occur even here..."

Rising ocean temperatures harm protected coral reefs
Special conservation zones known as marine protected areas provide many direct benefits to fisheries and coral reefs. However, such zones appear to offer limited help to corals in their battle against global warming, according to a new study done in Belize. To protect coral reefs from climate change, marine protected areas need to be complemented with policies that can meaningfully reduce greenhouse gas emissions, researchers said. The new study, published online recently in the journal Global Change Biology, was conducted by scientists from Conservation International, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. To determine whether coral deaths caused by ocean warming were lower inside marine protected areas, researchers combined more than 8,000 coral reef surveys performed by divers with satellite measurements of ocean surface temperatures. "Although marine protected areas could help coral populations recover from temperature-induced mortality in particular situations, this does not appear to be an effective general solution," said study author John Bruno, Ph.D., associate professor of biology in the UNC College of Arts and Sciences. Elizabeth Selig, Ph.D., conservation scientist with Conservation International and the study's lead author, said corals living in marine protected areas can be just as susceptible to ocean warming as their unprotected neighbors.

Ghost Hunters International Recap Episode 3.10: Sacrificed Mayan Spirits
CASE #1: Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins, San Ignacio. Belize. We are shown violent blood rituals and human sacrifices via wall animation. THE SLAUGHTER is rocking the matching purple shirt and eye shadow. The purpose of the car segment is to give the team the question of whether or not the spirits are attached to the temple or the dude who called them in. And to get shots of THE SLAUGHTER and Kris, because sex sells -- and there has to be a certain amount of the audience that has car seat fetishes.

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