And while the all-important tourism portfolio is in transition, today the City Council announced the assignment of their significantly less hefty portfolios.

Notable assignments include, Mayor Darrell Bradley who is in charge of Finance, Revenue, and Human Resource, and Councilor Dion Leslie who is Deputy Mayor and in charge of Sanitation.

  • Mayor Darrell Bradley - Finance, Revenue, Human Resource
  • Councilor Alifa Elrington-Hyde - Public Relations, Court, Special Events and Culture
  • Councilor Dion Leslie - Sanitation and Sister City Relations
  • Councilor Eric Chang - Works (North side), Zoning & Planning
  • Councilor Phillip Willoughby - Security and CEMO
  • Councilor Dean Samuels - Works (South side)
  • Councilor Kevin Singh - Market, Public Spaces and Beautification
  • Councilor Bernard Pitts Jr. - MIS, Youths and Sports
  • Councilor Alain Gonzalez - Public Health and After School Programs
  • Councilor Roger Espejo - Economic Development, Investment, Tourism and Small Business Initiative
  • Councilor Michael Theus - Traffic

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