Chicken Ė itís whatís on most dinner tables most days of the week. And today, those in the poultry industry sat down to discuss the successes and challenges in the industry. Poultry garnered in excess of seventy million dollars for Belize in the last year, but to keep the vibrancy going, representatives from the poultry industries in Central America, the Dominican Republic and Cuba are gathered over the next day to outline a plan for the future. And according to the Manager of the Belize Poultry Association, Orlando Habet, there are some must-doís and doníts.

Habet says that while the poultry industry is performing up to expectations in Belize, the cost of feed makes it difficult to institute a decrease in poultry prices. But the same cannot be said for eggs, at least not in the near future, because shortly, there will be price options for shoppers.

Habet says that because packaging also plays a key role in how sales are determined, that is also up on the discussion table with a view to improving the product.