We have definitely entered the next season in Belize (well...at least in my opinion). I wrote a post last year about the different seasons in San Pedro (see: Are There Seasons?) After cooler, dryer winter (January - March), the temperature begins to rise a bit and the "Easter winds" kick in.

The weather is still warm and clear but the breeze is stiff (yesterday it was about 25mph for most of the afternoon) and the sea can turn a bit milkier as it gets churned by higher waves.

Kids don't seem to mind that the water is darker by the shore.

Same thing this morning, 20mph winds, blue, blue skies and a nice full body sand exfoliation when you walk on the beach.

A great day for sailing or kite surfing. And an added bonus, it is blowing down most of the old election signs that were hung all over town.

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