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The San Pedro Sun

Canary Cove donates to SPTGA
On Tuesday March 20th the San Pedro Tourist Guide Association (SPTGA) received the donation of a brand new Dell Vostro Desktop computer. The donation came as a result of a working relationship between Canary Cove and the SPTGA. Presenting the donation on behalf of Canary Cove was Gilberto "Gil" Nu�ez. Accepting on behalf of the SPTGA were President Phillip "Billy" Leslie and member, Robert Gonzalez. According to Gil, the donation came as a "Thank You" for the invaluable work that the SPTGA has been doing with Canary Cove in the placing and maintaining of the buoys along the beach in front of Ambergris Caye. n speaking of the donation, Billy stated, "The owners saw the need of assisting us with a more updated computer so we can store our information and keep our files in tact. The association is greatly appreciative for the gift of which we will use very wisely. I know the owner personally and I know the activities director personally and I know that we will do many more ventures together." Earlier this year, the SPTGA and Canary Cove teamed up to place and maintain several mooring buoys along the reef in Northern Ambergris Caye around the Mexico Rocks area and in the outer side of the reef.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro Library Needs Sponsor For Children Easter Program
The San Pedro Town Library hosts several programs throughout the year for the children of San Pedro to be involved during the holidays. This year the Library is being faced with an unfortunate dilemma, lack of funds to operate this year's holiday programs. The Library has lost one of its greatest benefactors for these programs, the skydivers from Boogie in Belize. In the past, Mr. Rich Grimm and his crew would team up with Pedro's Inn and host a poker tournament which generated a generous donation that allowed the library to cover expenses for its yearly programs. These programs included Easter, Christmas, Summer and other activities such as movie nights, to mention a few.

New Belize Government Officially Underway
It's been two weeks since elections were held and after the naming of the cabinet and assigning of CEO's the work of the new Government in officially underway and the first ceremonial sitting of the House and Senate took place on Wednesday, March 21, 2012. Among the formalities was the swearing in of a new president of the senate, Mr. Mark Pech; New government senetors, Charles Gibson, Lisel Alamilla, for the PUP, Karen Bodden and Collet Montejo, Marconi Sosa, Mark Lizarraga for business sector; for the churches Fr. Noel Leslie; for labor, Ray Davis; two re-appointed, Juliet Thimbriel and Lisa Shoman and the leader of the Government Business in the senate, Godwin Hulse.

Misc Belizean Sources

TAS Belize's Tell A Story Thursday, Episode 3
"If you owe the Bank for your BUSINESS, that means the Bank owns your business." We agree! Mrs. Shelly Usher, the owner of Builder's Hardware, has some good business information. She talks about professionalism too. 85% of New Business fails which meand only 15% succeed. Shelly Usher of Builder's Hardware shares her insite on how to succeed in your business. "If you owe the Bank for your BUSINESS, that means the Bank owns your business." Tune in every Thursday on PlusTV for a new epidode and also visit for all episodes of Tell A Story Thursday.

Doug Karl explains wireless security at SHJC
Doug Karl, the creator of the first access point stopped by SHJC to explain wireless security to students and the Belize Linux Users Group. He described the ins and outs of wireless routers, the new CDMA BTL router, and why it works like it does, and had a question and answer session afterwards.

Vernal Equinox at Caracol picture album
Pictures of the Caracol camping trip for the Vernal Equinox. Many great pictures. Caracol's Observatory lit up with tiki torches just before dawn looks really cool.

Recipes: Cole Slaw
Cole slaw is common in many countries. Most recipe uses mayonnaise and mustard as the dressing, but this recipe uses Heinz Salad Dressing only. Cabbage is the only thing that does not change in the making of cole slaw.

Channel 7

Tonight, the Gang Suppression Unit is again under extreme scrutiny - after members of a City Gang are alleging that the Unit systematically brutalized them last night. Last night at around nine, the GSU descended on Taylor's Alley - which is off Orange Street. No one knows what was their mission, but in the process - residents say - the Unit rained down on them with vicious brutality. Our Daniel Ortiz was out there after the attack last night and went back this morning. Here's what some of the victims told him:.. Taylor's Alley, seen here, was the scene of the latest reported attack by officers of the GSU. According to residents, the officers ambushed 6 men who usually hang out in the Alley and brutalized them without any cause for provocation and without declaring that this was a police-sanctioned raid in the area.

And so while their complaints are pending with police, for a political directorate already impatient with the GSU - the pattern of behavior is a headache that's turned into a migraine. You'll recall that before the election, both the Prime Minister and the Mesop Area Representative Michael Finnegan publicly criticized the GSU for their tactics. Now with this latest action - the gang truce managers are concerned that the GSU's actions threaten to undermine a truce that is more fragile than ever. That has forced some crisis meetings at the political and truce-keeping levels where the question has been: "What are we going to do about the GSU?" It's relevant now, because the unit no longer has protection from Minister Doug Singh - who was unelected. The minister is now John Saldivar, who is keenly aware and responsive to political pressures - and he has decided to investigate the incident. Saldivar granted us an interview just a few minutes ago. First thing he said is that maybe the GSU is not solely to blame, since it was a joint operation. Since we got the interview just minutes before newstime, we air it uneditted:..

With grenades, assault rifles and even rocket launchers available, Belize City's streets have become a battleground - and today some of the weapons of war were destroyed. It happened at the BDF Firing range off the Boom Road where a cache of grenades and heavy artillery were blown to bits. Inexplicably, no media house was invited, but the Government Press Office was and they provided us with this footage:.. Lt. Col. James Requena - Acting Chief of Staff, BDF "What we have here this morning is 12 - 40 mm rounds and 6 hand grenades that were recovered at different incidents in Belize City. The reason why we are destroying is because they are no longer of any interest to the court and we have gotten permission from the Belize Police Department to go ahead and destroy it rather than keep it in our arsenal."

The PUP today filed the election petition for Yolanda Schakron. As we've reported, Schakron was disqualified as a candidate on nomination day when Returning Officer, Noreen Fairweather, ruled that she was ineligible to run because she holds dual nationality. Well, the PUP's position is that only a Supreme Court Judge could have decided that so they want the result of the election overturned. The Party's Communication Director Lisa Shoman - doing double duty as its attorney - made the filing this morning and 7news was at the registry when she finished. Here's what she told us:.. Jules Vasquez "What was filed this morning?" Senator Lisa Shoman "The election petition for and on behalf of Yolanda Schakron for the Lake Independence division."

On Tuesday - 60 Mayans from the Toledo district staged a demonstration on Independence Hill in Belmopan - demanding that the moratorium on Rosewood be lifted. Their argument was that they have all their money tied up in Rosewood on the ground - and the moratorium has turned their valuable commodity into a wasting asset. They brought heat on the new Forestry Minister Lisel Alamilla - and last night on the Lik Road Talk Show - she put that heat right back on them. She said the majority of the communities and the Alcaldes support a moratorium - and that the protest was the product of a few very wealthy folks pushing buttons. Here are her remarks:.. Minister Lisel Alamilla "If you know who is leading this you would understand what the agenda is. This is being led by the agents who are the buyers. They are the ones who are paying $4 a board foot to the Mayan villagers who are doing all the hard work."

Regrettably, we've grown too accustomed to hearing about home invasions in Belize City - and other densely populated municipalities. But our next story is about an invasion that happened in the small village of Crooked Tree. The armed robbers preyed upon an old man - who had just come up - from selling a few heads of cattle. Monica Bodden went to Crooked Tree today to find out how they roughed up and robbed the senior citizen:... The home invasion happened here at the residence of 72 year old Wilbert Tillett -a retired Belizean American living in Crooked Tree. He was assaulted with a gun and a knife inside his home by 2 men who he considers to be strangers to the Village. It happened on Tuesday at around 8:30 in the evening. Tillett who was home alone at the time of the incident told us he first saw the men pass his house when he was sitting outside on his verandah. By the time he got up and went inside, in a spilt second, a gun was pointed at his head. "I was sitting right here in this chair and some of the other guys were over there, but before that I saw two guys pass by, strangers, I didn't think anything about it. So about 8:30 the guys that were standing over the street moved off and so got up out this chair and open this door and went inside to sit to watch TV. When I sat down I heard the door open. I thought it was my grandson. When I look around I saw the same two strangers; one with a red cap."

The Police Department along with the Belize Coast Guard are still investigating the pirate attack on Sunday, March 18, 2012,on the seas in Southern Belize. Eight tourists were on the vessel that was boarded by four men. Two of them were badly injured. Our investigation revealed that two of the tourists, a husband and wife were stabbed, the husband in his neck and the wife in her abdomen. A report to us is that one of the women was also raped. And while marauding gangs on the sea are a legitimate public safety concern, police have not released a single shred of information - officially or otherwise - though we have requested this over a dozen times. We first reported on Monday that pirates attacked tourists on board a boat that the tourist had been anchoring out in the Pelican Cayes area since Saturday, March 17, 2012. The tourists charted the boat from the Mooring Charter Company in Placencia for a week-long stay on the seas. In an email sent to us by someone claiming to be a family member, during the attack the other tourists managed to hide in their cabins; they were not assaulted. The email reports that a third man quickly called in "mayday". Our further investigations today revealed that the victims were rushed to the Dangriga Southern Regional Hospital. The husband was released on Tuesday, while his wife was just discharged today. All of the tourists have since checked out of their resort in Placencia.

Today the Women's Department held its 7th annual Women's Summit - just one of the many highlights of Women's month. Women from urban and rural communities from around the country gathered where they all joined in a dialog to share their experiences as women. Director of the Women's Department, Icilda Humes who told us why the summit is more than just a talk shop: Icilda Humes, Director of the Women's Department "This year we really wanted to ensure that we are being true to the theme " Connecting Girls Inspiring Futures" and for that reason we made a very special effort to ensure that we had a large population of young women participating in this event because we really do need to engage in more inter-generation dialogue; women to girl - girl to women, so that we can understand the different perspectives that we have, so that we can understanding the perspectives of young women, the perspectives of girls and so that they can understand our perspective in a mutually respectfully manner."

And while they were at the Radisson, over at the Princess - the observance was for World Water Day. We may take it for granted in water-rich Belize, but all over the world water is a scarce resource and that's why world water day focuses attention on the importance of the sustainable management of freshwater resources. To spread this idea, a Forum and a Fair were held today the Princess Hotel. The Forum included technical paper presentations by various individuals from several Government and non-Government Organizations and Agencies, while the fair had display booths by other Businesses, Organizations and Departments. Anthony Flowers, Water Analyst - MOH "Today we are celebrating "World Water Day" under the theme "Water and Food Security." We are having different events to commemorate the day. We have a forum where technical presentations will be made on different topics relating to water and then we are also having a fair, where all the different agencies; government and non-governmental organizations have their different display booths showcasing the work that they do in the field of water."

Last year, 13 women from the Q'eqchi Mayan Village of Midway, designed and made a quilt to portray wildlife that is threatened by oil companies. This year, their quilt along with 10 others are being featured in an exhibit at the UN headquarters in New York. The event entitled "Women Are the Fabric"was launched on International women's day on March 8th. The quilts give a voice to disempowered women, and the exhibit is a joint effort by the Advocacy Project which helps marginalized communities to tell their story. According to the write-up, the Mayan women's visual narrative explores the rich wildlife in their area being threatened by oil exploration.

Ephraim Hendy, the man charged with the August 2009 rape of a 28 year-old woman was acquitted today in the court room of Justice Adolph Lucas, and allowed to walk out a free man. This morning, Hendy got the good news that the charges of rape and use of deadly means of harm with intent to cause grievous harm were being withdrawn by the prosecution at the request of the victim. In the woman's initial statement, she told police that on August 30, 2009, at about 11:00 p.m., Hendy entered her house without invitation, but he was someone she knew for two years prior to the incident.

38 year-old Lincoln Miguel, a taxi driver of Mahogany Street Extension, is behind bars tonight after he was arraigned for allegedly holding a 23 year-old woman against her will. He was read the charge of unlawful imprisonment when he appeared before Magistrate Hettie May Stuart today, who could not take any plea from him because it will be tried on indictment. She did offer him bail of $6,000 with the condition he stays away from the victim. He couldn't meet bail and was escorted to prison. According to the victim, when she caught his taxi on Tuesday morning, he began questioning her about how much she makes a day.

The subject of tonight's profile is a young mechanic named Michael Young. He grew up on the streets of southside Belize city and by the age of 15 he was out of school and making a living by hustling on the streets. IT seemed like a way to survive, but he had a flash of inspiration and another chance, and he is featured on tonight's profile as he highlights life's ever present opportunities just waiting to be found.

Channel 5

Taylor's Alley Gang Truce Supervisor attacked by who?
The Gang Suppression Unit was in open conflict on Wednesday night with residents of Taylor's Alley. Shortly after seven, six residents of the area say that the GSU descended in the alley where the well known street figure, Arthur Young was hanging out with a group of young men from the Conscious Youth Development Programme. ...

Other Alley resident say GSU 'bruk' his jaw
According to the men, they all had to get medical attention for varying injuries after the GSU brutalized them. Among the group is Tulio Caseres, he suffered a broken jaw. Caseres says the actions of the GSU weren't warranted and he is expecting continued harassment from the GSU.   Tulio Caseres, Alleges GSU Brutality "Deh ...

Witness to beating speaks on camera
Residents of the area say they witnessed the GSU overstep their bounds in an abusive manner. Many of them fear further brutality, but one woman says she is willing to speak out because in all her years in Taylor's Alley, this is the first time she has witnessed such brutal incidents. She says they have ...

P.U.P. files Election Petition for U.S. Citizen Schakron
From the high seas to the court, an application for leave to present an Election Petition was filed with the Supreme Court by Yolanda Schakron. Schakron was rejected on nomination day to contest the general elections in Lake Independence. Schakron would have been on the P.U.P. ticket and was considered a sure winner, but it ...

City Council investigates possible misappropriation
City Hall has had its fair share of controversies over the past decade. Two previous mayors have been questioned about financial transactions that did not have wise business sense or were carried out using irregular accounting practices. To make sure that his term as Mayor is beyond reproach, Darrell Bradley says he immediately launched an ...

Mayor orders audits of CitCo Departments
Since the municipal elections, Mayor Darrell Bradley hired a team of professionals to examine and straighten out the mechanics of city hall. Everything from financial practices to the health of the working environment are under review. Bradley told News Five that audits of most of the departments of city hall are being carried out to ...

Rio Dulce Mariners concerned about attacks on foreigners
The news of attacks on visitors in tourist destinations and on the high seas has traveled down the southern coast all the way to Rio Dulce, Guatemala. The cruising community is moored by hundreds of mariners who can easily navigate to Honduras, Panama and Belize. The violence against foreign nationals is picking up waves. News ...

Victim gives up allegedly violent rape case
A Belize City woman was brutally raped and stabbed inside her home in August 2009, allegedly by Ephraim Hendy, a man she knew well. The twenty-eight year old victim barely survived the incident and had no doubts about the identity of the person who attacked her, but today she chose not to testify against him. ...

3 illegal women, different nationalities, busted
The Immigration Department has been cracking down on illegal immigrants. So far this week, two women-a Guatemalan and a Salvadoran national-have already been charged and are awaiting expulsion from Belize. They were joined today by a third woman, originally from Honduras, who is also in the country illegally. Thirty-seven year old Eli Yanira Aretha Vicente ...

Solstice at the Caracol Maya Site
"Where Will You Be When The World Begins Anew?" That's the theme for the calendar of activities that the Belize Tourism Board have planned to celebrate the end of the Mayan calendar in December 2012. The equinoxes and solstices are central to the calendar so the BTB is holding activities at various Mayan sites. On ...

New Business Community Senator ready
The business community has elected Mark Lizarraga as its senator. Lizarraga was in Belmopan on Wednesday to be sworn in along with eleven other senators. A shrewd businessman, Lizarraga is expected to successfully maneuver the interests of the private sector on the senate floor. Some pieces of legislation he will see for the first time ...

Senator Lizarraga talks Economy
The senator of the business community also spoke of the economic situation. With a high unemployment rate, investment is critical to job creation, and Lizarraga believes that honoring the foreign debt sends a good signal internationally.   Mark Lizarraga, Senator, Private Sector "Well, first of all we start on the principle that the creators of ...

The Dawn of the Women's Summit
The entire month of March is dedicated to the advancement of the women's agenda. A summit this morning at the Radisson organized by the Women's Department discussed how the information highway affects empowerment and development of women. The organizers feel that socialization begins at birth and that early exposure is the key to making informed ...

Healthy Living with Friends of Pediatrics
Friends of Pediatrics and volunteer doctors from Virginia have been working around the clock in rural communities. About half of the population is under eighteen so the lines have been steady with patients that require medical check-ups. According to the visiting physicians over a hundred children are screened a day. Healthy Living this week looks ...


BDF destroy's grenades and high-powered ammo
A cache of dangerous ammunition was destroyed this morning in Hattieville village. According to the Chief of Staff for the Belize Defence Force Lt. Col. James Reque�a, the decision to dispose of the ammunition came after court processes were completed and in consultation with the police. The ammunition was destroyed under the unblinking lens of the cameras for the Government Press Office. Lt. Col. James Reque�a has confirmed that all of the ammunition were destroyed.


Yolanda Schakron's attorney files election petition at the Supreme Court
Yolanda Schakron, the PUP candidate for the Lake Independence division was disqualified as a candidate on Nominatio...

Women in Politics 2012 graduation ceremony
Women in politics held its graduation ceremony yesterday (March 21). The National Women's Commission had sent out a...

Belmopan Senior Steppers prep for 2nd Annual Variety Show
The Senior Steppers of Belmopan are once again taking to the stage in their 2nd Annual Variety Show. This group of ...

7th annual Women's Summit held in Belize City
As part of women's month the Women's department held its annual women's summit. The event was held at the Radisson ...

World Water Day observed, the PUC celebrates Belize's water affluence
Today is being celebrated as World Water Day. There are 7 billion people to feed on the planet today and another 2 ...

Farmer of Rock Stone Pond charged with aggravated assault
A farmer of Rock Stone Pond appeared before Magistrate Sherigne Rodriguez on charges of aggravated assault. 40 year...

The Guardian

PUP Fires More People
The People's United Party continues to fire hard-working people in town councils that they control. Last week, we revealed the PUP's plan to get rid of over 30 employees of

Super Team to Review Belize's Foreign Debt
Belize's foreign debt is in the neighbourhood of three billion dollars. The PUP government borrowed almost all of it. We must never forget that because those were PUP loans yesterday but Belizean debt today. The People's United Party enjoyed spending ...

A new FFB Executive
In early December 2010 Hon. John Saldivar started off the process of ensuring free and fair elections for the football community with the basic stance being that, "My objective over the next few weeks is to determine whether or not ...

Address by Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow at the Ceremonial Opening of the National Assembly of Belize
Mr. Speaker, Two Wednesdays ago on March 7, 2012, Belizeans again discharged the most important of all our duties, and exercised the most fundamental of all our rights. In what is for this region a very high voter turnout, we freely, fairly and peacefully chose the Members of the House of Representatives and of the City and Town Councils countrywide. The tributes have been pouring in, Mr. Speaker, for what has been yet another demonstration of the abiding integrity and the inexhaustible vitality of Belizean democracy. And, indeed, congratulations are due all round: to you, Mr. Speaker, and to every Member of Parliament and the Local Government Bodies. But most of all to the Belizean people, whose devotion to freedom, whose demand for freedom, and whose defense of freedom, are what make our country great. Belize: rich, enduring land of our earliest days; Belize: rich, enduring land whose worth we rave.

Government Speech - Delivered By His Excellency The Governor
Mr. Speaker and Mr. President of the Senate, Honourable Members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, My Lord, the President of the Court of Appeal and other Justices of Appeal, My Lord the Chief Justice and other Justices ...

Ladyville Technical Girls and San Pedro High Boys are National Softball Champs
The National Secondary Schools Softball Competition was played over the last weekend at the Dembigh Fuller Softball Stadium in Camalote Village. The championship was hostd by Our Lady of Guadalupe High School in Belmopan. On Saturday March 17, in the female championship game, Ladyville Technical High School defeated Belize Rural High School by the score of 19-6 to capture the national title for the very first time. The winning pitcher was Rebecca Nicholson and the losing pitcher was Sabrina Campos. In the consolation game, Independence High School won over Belmopan Comprehensive School by the score of 15-3. The winning pitcher was Shanea Garcia and the losing pitcher was Alea Gomez. On Friday March 16, in the first female game of the championship, Ladyville Technical High School, representing the Central Region, won over Independence High School representing the Southern Region by the score of 13-11. The winning pitcher was Rebecca Nicholson and the losing pitcher was Myra Torres. In the second game played, Belize Rural High School, representing the Northern Region, won over Belmopan Comprehensive School representing the Western Region by the score of 24-13. The winning pitcher was Sabrina Campos and the losing pitcher was Alea Gomez. At the end of the championship Mardy Nicholson of Ladyville Technical High School was named the Most Valuable Player. In the male championship game, San Pedro High School captured its very first high school title when it edged St. John's College by the score of 10-9. The winning pitcher was Charles Richards and the losing pitcher was Myric Marin. In the male consolation game, Independence High School defeated Belmopan Baptist High School by the score of 11-3. The winning pitcher was Ashton Torres and the losing pitcher was J. Lamb.

Three charged for kidnapping Mexican diplomat
A Mexican Diplomat, who was in Belize, had a very frightening experience after being kidnapped on Monday March 13th. Police have since caught the alleged kidnappers and they appeared in Magistrate's Court on Monday March 19th.

Akeem Thurton convicted of attempted murder of SC, Rodwell Williams
On Thursday March 15th, 19 year-old Akeem Thurton became the first Belizean to be convicted since the implementation of the trial by judge system in Belize came into effect. His trial was the first to be tried under such circumstances and at the conclusion of Chief Justice Kenneth A. Benjamin's 56 minute sum up, he found him guilty of the charge of attempted murder.

Chinese businessman remanded to prison for excess bullets
On Monday March 19th, 2012 businessman, Ming Pei Chen, 28, a resident of the Lord's Bank area, was remanded to prison after being busted with 6 rounds in excess of what his gun license allows. Ming appeared in Court #1 before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith where he was read a single charge of keeping a greater number of ammunitions without a license. Chen, who speaks little English, was provided with a translator. When the charge was read to him in his language, Chen pleaded not guilty to the charge. Due to the nature of the offense, Chen was denied bail and remanded into custody at the Belize Central Prison until April 25.After he was told that he was remanded into custody at the Belize Central Prison, Ming Chen was informed of his right to apply for bail at the Supreme Court with the assistance of an attorney.

Charged for murder
On Friday March 16th, Lincoln Hemsley, 21, was charged for the murder of David Alberto Hernandez, who was gunned down on the night of Sunday March 11th whilst riding a bicycle on Racecourse Street in Belize City. Hemsley appeared in Magistrate's Court before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith where he was formally charged with murder. Due to the nature of the offense, no plea was taken. He was then remanded to prison. David Alberto Hernandez was gunned down on Sunday, March 11, shortly before 9:00 p.m., on Racecourse Street not too far from where his father lives. In 2010, Hemsley and Brandon Taylor along with 29-year-old Shamir Medina got off from the 2009 murder of Glenford Williams, a Security guard, who was murdered during a robbery attempted at the Western Union.

Man killed and woman injured in Belize City
In a very senseless shooting on Monday night, March 19, 2012, a woman was shot and injured by a lone gunman; while a mechanic was killed just seconds after that first shooting, by the same gunman.

City Council Charts its course
The Belize City Council was sworn in to office on Friday March 16th; on the 19th portfolios were issued (see Insert 3). With the swearing in, the council officially took up office at City Hall and there are great expectations for the group of councilors and the new Mayor. The Guardian spoke to Mayor Darrell Bradley, who explained what the plans are for the council in the upcoming 3 years. Bradley told the Guardian that immediately upon taking office, the council has identified three priority areas. Among those is the establishment of proper controls so that there are no improprieties with public funds. He added that those funds should be used to maximize the interest of Belize City residents in particular to improve the city's infrastructure and conditions of the streets and drains.

More Women in Politics
There was much to celebrate on Wednesday, March 21, 2012, as 16 women from the Women in Politics WIP Program (WIP) were awarded certificates during their graduation ceremony, held at the Belize Best Western Biltmore Plaza.

Rosewood Moratorium to Implement Sustainability Measures
In the last leg of Prime Minister Barrow's first administration, the environmentalists condemned the government for not being able to adequately regulate the rosewood industry. Upon being reelected, the Prime Minister decided to put the entire forestry industry under the control of a celebrated environmentalist, Lisel Alamilla. It is now her team's job to introduce measures to ensure the sustainability of rosewood harvesting. Her first act as Minister was to order a moratorium on rosewood harvesting and trade. That decision was praised by NGOs across the country but those benefitting from the trade believe that the decision was too extreme.

Mayor Bradley Getting Rid of a Culture of corruption
Shirlene Sabal was recently dismissed by the Belize City Council for her alleged role in the misappropriation of thousands of dollars. She was the pay clerk of the Council and is being accused of engineering a scam in which thousands of dollars was issued in bogus overtime payments. The Council will make a decision on pursuing criminal charges after an internal audit is completed. Hustling will not be tolerated under Mayor Darrell Bradley's watch. Everyone will be held accountable for their actions, especially the councilors.

Framework for Transition to Chlorofluorocarbons Strenghtens
The National Ozone Unit within the Department of the Environment has been executing the Ozone Layer Protection Programme in Belize since the year 2000.

Government of Belize initiates external Public Sector Debt Review
Following the appointment of the new Cabinet last week, the Government of Belize announces the commencement of a comprehensive review of external public sector debt and contingent liabilities.

More Allegations against Johnny Briceno
The Guardian has received land documents showing that Johnny Briceno was involved in shady land distribution practices. Several allegations have been presented to us and so far at least one source has provided proof.

Murder, on a Sunday afternoon
Jovanni Saldano, 26, an employee of the Housing and Planning Department, was gunned down in his family yard on West Street as he returned from a nearby shop. Saldano was shot about 12 times; the shots caught him in the chest, neck, back and arm.

Tourists robbed and stabbed at sea
According to the information we gathered, eight tourists, visiting the Placencia area, were robbed and stabbed while they anchored out at sea in the Pelican Beach area on the night of Sunday, March 18, 2012. The group of tourists chartered a boat from a company in Placencia on Saturday, March 17, 2012; they are reported to have been planning a week long adventure out at sea for recreational activities such as snorkeling. The sea adventure quickly turned into a nightmare for these tourists as four armed pirates boarded their boat and robbed the crew, stabbing two of the tourists and reportedly assaulting one of the females. Police have since confirmed the robbing and stabbing but have declined answering to the assault of the female victim. Police have also refused to divulge any other information regarding the incident; they say once their investigation is complete they will release all known details. We requested interviews from the victims but they have declined also; the resort where they are staying, until the investigation is complete, told us that the tourists are only accepting calls from friends and family. Sources told us that one of the stabbing victims remains at a hospital recovering while all others remain at their resort.

Hankook Verdes win first game in football campaign
The Premier League of Belize Football Competition continued over the last week of play with six (6) games across the country. On Saturday March 17, at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio Town, FC Belize blanked World FC by the score of 2-0. The goal scorers for FC Belize were Jeromy James in the 57th minute of play, and David Ramos in the 80th minute of play. In the second game played on that day, out at the Marshalleck Stadium. In Benque Viejo Del Carmen, the host team won its first game of the 2012 campaign when it edged the Belmopan Bandits by the score of 2-1. The visiting Belmopan Bandits got on the scoreboard first when Floyd Jones scored his team's only goal of the game in the 20th minute of play to give his team a temporary lead. The Belmopan Bandits took that lead well into the second half of the game before the offence of its opponents came alive. The home team, Hankook Verdes, finally got on the scoreboard when Julian Maldonado scored the equalizing goal in the 80th minute of play. A couple minutes later. Jaime Lozano scored his team's 2nd goal of the game that gave the Hankook Verdes its first win of the football campaign.

3th Annual Junior Cross Country Classic this Sunday
The Belize Cycling Association is announces that the 13th Annual Junior Cross Country Classic is scheduled for Sunday March 25th, 2012. The race will start at the Ferry in Succotz Village at 9:00 am travels the entire length of the Western Highway for the conclusion at the Leslie's Imports at Mile 2 on the Western Highway. The entire race will cover a total distance of 70 miles. The Technical Meeting for this event is scheduled for Thursday March 22, at 7:00 pm at UWI Open Campus on Princess Margaret Drive.

78th Belize City Female Softball Competition to opens on Sunday
The 78th Belize City Senior Female Competition is set to open on Sunday, March 25th, 2012 at Rogers Stadium (the home of softball) in Belize with the traditional one-day show case marathon competition. The marathon is scheduled to commence at 10:00 am and will utilize the double elimination format. This year's competition will feature four teams in the senior division, and will consist of eight rounds of exciting competition. The teams that will participate in this year's competition are Telemedia (defending champions), Mirage Lady Rebels, Orchid Blazers and Hurricanes. The games will be played on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with back matches scheduled to be played on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

13th Annual Junior Cross Country Classic this Sunday
The Belize Cycling Association is announces that the 13th Annual Junior Cross Country Classic is scheduled for Sunday March 25th, 2012. The race will start at the Ferry in Succotz Village at 9:00 am travels the entire length of the Western Highway for the conclusion at the Leslie's Imports at Mile 2 on the Western Highway. The entire race will cover a total distance of 70 miles. The Technical Meeting for this event is scheduled for Thursday March 22, at 7:00 pm at UWI Open Campus on Princess Margaret Drive.

Junior Girls' competition to continue at Rogers Stadium
The 2012 Belize City Junior Girls' competition will continue on Saturday March 24th, at Rogers Stadium with two more games on the schedule. The first game is scheduled to commence at 2:00 pm with Avengers going up against Blazers Junior Girls, and in the night-cap it will be Avengers against Hurricanes Juniors. Avengers the defending champions, are currently leading in the competition with a perfect 2-0 record, followed by Blazers Junior Girls at 2-1, and Hurricanes Juniors at 0-3.

National Sports Council calls Boxing Enthusiasts to meeting
The National Sports Council is inviting all boxing officials and enthusiasts to a very important meeting on Tuesday April 10, 2012 at 6:30 pm at the National Sports Council Office at Rogers Stadium. The goals of the meeting is to discuss the way forward for the re-organisation of the discipline of Boxing in Belize and to set a date for new elections for the Boxing Association.

Ron Vasquez captures Ariel Rosado Memorial Cycling Classic
The Belize Cycling Association sponsored the 31st Annual Ariel Rosado Memorial Cycling Classic on Sunday March 18, 2012. In the Elite category, 58 riders started out on the 99.5-mile event with 23 riders concluding the historic event. At the end of 4:24:41, it was Ron Vasquez of Western Spirit Cycling that captured first place and a place in the history books. The second rider to cross the finish line was Darnell Barrow of Santino's Belize Elite in a time of 4:25:32. Third place went to Brandon Cattouse of C-Ray Cycling Club; fourth place went to Austin Armstrong of D&D Cycling Team and fifth place went to Byron Pope of Benny's Megabytes Elites to round out the top five. The other top riders in this category includes Robert Liam Stewart of M&M Engineering; Geovanni Choto of Western Spirit Cycling, Shane Vasquez of Western Spirit Cycling; Quinton Hamilton of Santino's Belize Elite; and Edward Reyes of D&D Cycling Team rounded out the top 10 finishers.

Celebrating Women
It is fitting that during March, a month in which we traditionally highlight the accomplishments of women, two women have been appointed to serve as ministers in the new government. Congratulations to Hon Liselle Alamilla and Hon. Joy Grant. In an ideal world, women of their calibre would have sought and won election but this is not an ideal world and their appointment is a cause for celebration. A few organizations and individuals have already started to raise questions and in a democracy, this is their right. It is therefore important to be realistic about what can be expected from these and the other appointed senators, Hon. Godwin Hulse and Hon. Charles Gibson. Under our parliamentary system, members of Cabinet must support decisions taken by the cabinet. They can lobby and try to persuade fellow members of the cabinet before a decision is taken but should their opinion not prevail they must either support the collective decision or resign. Undoubtedly, there will be areas of disagreement along the way between all members of cabinet but a decision to resign should only be taken if the issue is of such import that a Minister cannot in conscience support the collective decision.


In 1996, Belize joined the globe in celebrating "World Water Day" and since then the campaign to use our water resources wisely has been an increasing one. Today, on the occasion of World Water Day, that campaign took the front burner. Water analysts say that wh...

The seventh annual Women's Summit was held at the Radisson Fort George Hotel. Guest speaker at the event was CEO in the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, Judith Alpuche. Judith Alpuche - CEO, Ministry of Human...

Former Belize City Mayor Zenaida Moya has taken issue with a statement made on this newscast earlier this week. In an interview with Mayor Darrel Bradley, Love News stated that he took over from Moya who had come under heavy criticism for introducing what we called her unique system of...

We have received no official information from the Police Department but reports to Love News Center are that a traffic accident has left a Police Officer injured. We understand sometime around 6:30 last night Police Constable Artemio Ical who is attached to the Orange Walk Police...

Harry Arzu reporting� "A two bedroom wooden house was completely destroyed by fire in the Wagierele area of Dangriga. The incident occurred about 2:45 p.m. Mindy Reid is one of the occupants of the house and she told Love News that she and her family lost e...

Manuela Ayuso Cantun reporting� "An infant two student of St. Francis Xavier School in Corozal was abducted yesterday. Six-year-old Dana Hill was taken to school by her cousins shortly after 8 o'clock Wednesday morning. She went into her class room set down...


Questions I Get Every Day: What's the Weather Going to Be Like? Caye Caulker or Ambergris Caye? Can I Eat Gluten-Free?
I get quite a few questions emailed to me each day. I get ones specific to me like "what is it like as a single woman in Belize" or "how did you find a job" to broader questions like where to stay or eat to even broader ones like "Why visit Belize?". I thought I'd go through a few of the most popular questions that I get and my answers. If anyone who lives here or visits frequently has anything to add or disagrees with me, definitely let me know. I know it's hard to believe (for you and me alike), but I am not always right. (Be forewarned: I seem to have lots to say this morning.) What is the weather going to be like when I visit? People usually ask this if they are visiting in the summer or fall (typically the rainy and hurricane seasons). Will it rain while I am there? What are the odds that there will be a hurricane?

Hudut and Cheating Evolution in Belize
If there's one thing we can say about Belize after having spent a little more than a week there, it's that the people are, as a whole, some of the happiest and friendliest we've come across in our travels thus far. When we arrived in the coastal town of Placencia on our second day, we asked a group of locals where we might find a camping spot. "Yeah mon! You could prob'y camp in ya van at my gromma's house! Hey Priscilla, take these two ova to my gromma's house and ask if dey can camp ova der. When ya get ya van situated, come on back an' we can drink an' smoke togetha!" When we were unable to navigate Nacho into the guy's grandmother's yard due to low tree branches we tried two other locals. One said we could camp in his front yard for free, although we kindly declined because it didn't offer much privacy, and another engaged us in an hour long conversation about Belizean national pride, although he didn't have a place for us to camp. In the end we opted to stay closer to the town of Seine Bight where we had seen an actual campground. All the while, everyone we passed on the roadside flashed a huge grin at us and waved.

What Makes Belize a Backpacker's Paradise
Belize has long been a hotspot for eco-tourists, snorkelers, and young travelers, and is exceptionally well known amongst backpackers. The little country in Central America is full of life, and has numerous opportunities for site-seeing and flora and fauna spotting that are off the beaten path. A few of the best reasons to visit Belize with only a backpack in tow include: Belize has one of the best bus systems in Central America, and it is incredibly cheap. Backpackers can get to nearly every corner of the country via the Hummingbird, Coastal, or Southern Highway for around 7 USD.

International Sources

Green luxury in the rainforest: Award-winning eco-lodge evolved from farm on Belize's Macal River
Was an enormous lion howling outside my thatched cottage? It sounded more like a T-Rex. I might have been worried if I hadn't been told earlier there was a family of howler monkeys nesting in the nearby treetops. I was in a rainforest in Belize, where I would not only see black howlers in the wild, I'd also come face to face with a live tarantula, witness a Blue Morpho butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, discover secrets of Mayan shamans, stumble upon a pair of toads mating and devour the most delicious pancakes I'd ever enjoyed. The Lodge at Chaa Creek was Belize's first eco-lodge, and for more than 10 years has been earning awards such as Cond� Nast Traveler Magazine's "Best Green Hotels of the Americas" and National Geographic Adventure Magazine's "Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth." It was not surprising to hear that Ted and Mrs. Danson had been recent guests. The owners, Mick and Lucy Fleming, didn't set out to build the best ecolodge in the Caribbean. In 1977, they were young, low on funds and adventurous enough to try reviving an overgrown farm on the Macal River.

Maya Spring Equinox Celebrations at Belize's Caracol
This year's Maya Spring Equinox celebrations at Caracol, Belize's premier Maya archaeological site were a fitting kick-off to the 2012 equinox and solstice calendar, Chaa Creek's Larry Waight said. Mr Waight was among 60 participants in a special tour led by Dr Jaime Awe, director of the Belize Institute of Archaeology and one of the world's foremost authorities on Maya civilisation. "Work on the Caracol site has come a long way in recent years, and it now rivals Tikal and Chitzen Itza as a major Maya cultural destination," Mr Waight said. One of the ancient Maya world's largest and most important city-states, Caracol sprawled across 65 square miles (168 km�) and contained an estimated population of between 120,000 to 180,000 inhabitants at its peak around 700 AD. Over 20 miles of broad causeways radiated out of its centre like spokes of a wheel, linking a vast network of ceremonial, administrative and trade centres with farms, aquaculture ponds and habitations fed by one of the ancient world's most impressive irrigation systems. Dr Awe referred to Caracol as the Crown Jewel of Belize's Maya sites, and said that today it is certainly one of the most impressive Maya archaeological sites to be found anywhere. Covering 30 square miles of the 25,000 acre Caracol Archaeological Reserve established in Belize's vast Chiquibul National Forest, the site contains five plazas, an astronomic observatory, ball courts and over 35,000 structures. The main building, Caana, Mayan for Sky Place, rises over 140 feet above the main plaza, making it the tallest manmade structure in Belize

Belize Buoys Expat Spirits
In 2007, after years working as an electrical engineer all over the U.S., my wife Jamie and I decided we'd like to move to a warmer climate and chose Florida. I was still working at the time and could continue over the Internet. Times were good until the economy began its downturn, crashing the real estate market. We were concerned that our retirement savings wouldn't see us through, so we began looking overseas for a place where our ever-shrinking nest egg might last longer. We had always been intrigued by the idea of living somewhere "beachy" and exotic. And with the kids all grown-the youngest is 23-it seemed a good time to make the leap. So we began looking at Belize as a possibility, and took an exploratory trip in early 2010 to see Corozal, Placencia, and Ambergris Caye. Corozal is close to Chetumal, a good-sized city in Mexico, and it just seemed to feel right. We purchased a half-acre lot close to the water and built a house for about $125 per square foot.

Honduras Ratifies Cluster Bomb Ban
Honduras ratified the Convention on Cluster Munitions on March 21, becoming the 70th State Party to the treaty. The ratification comes in advance of the Convention on Cluster Munitions Intersessional Meetings that will take place in Geneva during April 16-19. At this meeting governments will take stock of the progress made so far in implementing the Convention on Cluster Munition using the Vientiane Action Plan as a roadmap. "Honduras' ratification brings us one step closer to full adherence to the ban treaty by Central America. Belize is the only remaining country in the sub-region yet to reject cluster bombs by acceding to the Convention on Cluster Munitions" said Amy Little, Campaign Manager for the Cluster Muniition Coalition. "We hope that Belize will follow the rest of the region and join without delay".

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