"An infant two student of St. Francis Xavier School in Corozal was abducted yesterday. Six-year-old Dana Hill was taken to school by her cousins shortly after 8 o'clock Wednesday morning. She went into her class room set down her school bag and was lured out of the school's compound before the start of classes at 8:30 a.m. Nanu Hill, the child's guardian, told us that the child's mother had left to the US on Monday and had left specific instructions through a letter written by a justice of the peace that indicated specifically who the child's guardians were. The mother visited the school and informed the class teacher that no other person or persons should be allowed to pick up the child from school. St. Francis Xavier Vice Principal, Yareni Smith says the school had been informed of the situation and explains how the incident unfolded. A 14 year student of Corozal Community College stood for several minutes near the parish walk way leading into the school's compound just before 8:30 a.m. The principal Eloisa Middleton noticed with suspicion and approached the young woman asking if she needed assistance. The young woman queried information about the parish office and was left on the walk way. After doing their investigations, a student told the school's administration that the same girl had asked whereabouts of six-year-old Dana Hill. Smith says no one noticed the child being led out of the compound since the school was getting ready for assembly and the teachers were signing in at the office. It was not until 11:30 when the child's cousin came to pick her up for lunch that anyone noticed that the child had not attended the morning session. The incident was reported to Corozal Police but it was not until 4pm that the investigation truly initiated after the staff of 23 visited the police station demanding that action be taken. Second in Command of Corozal Police, James Morriera says the corporal who was dealing with the case did not understand the dynamics of the case and had referred it to the Department of Human Services. Police investigation later revealed that the student who had lured the child away was in fact the child's paternal cousin who delivered the child to her estranged father, a Mexican national who resides in Cancun. Reports are that yesterday the child's mother received a call from the father informing her that he was taking the child with him. Corozal Police says there is little they could do to get the child back since the child and her father are both Mexican nationals in Mexican territory. While this incident has shaken a community, St. Francis Xavier School prepares to implement new security measures to prevent similar incidents."