An islander was injured after the vessel he was captaining crashed into a pier. The incident occurred on the night of Saturday, March 17th. The injured person is 24-year-old Cesar Daniel Acosta, a resident of San Pedro Town. The accident took place in an area 1 ½ miles north of San Pedro Town sometime around 8PM on the given date.

According to the Belize Port Authority Acosta was the only person on board the vessel namely MV Cristy when he crashed into a pier in the vicinity between Palapa Bar and Boca Del Rio along the eastern coast of San Pedro. According to the Authority’s preliminary report, it indicates that “Captain Acosta may have been operating the vessel under the influence and this may have been the cause for the incident.” For that reason the Belize Port Authority is reminding all mariners of the importance of “Safety of Life at Sea” and a zero tolerance for “Boating under the influence in Belize.”

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