Yesterday in Punta Gorda Town, the municipal development project was launched.

This project will target the refurbishment of the administrative offices of the Punta Gorda town council, improved traffic management, improvement of revenue as well as increased employment rates.

Now, it is a government project, but a newly elected PUP council will benefit.

At the launching yesterday morning, PUP Mayor Anthony Fuentes explained the goals of the project.

Anthony Fuentes, PG Mayor
"The Belize Municipal Development Project is both important and significant to us here in Punta Gorda Town as it will improve the administrative building, thus improving and enhancing the working conditions and services offered to the citizens of Punta Gorda Town."

"Through this project we will also see the improvement of the pavement of 3 streets along with drainage. This project cost about $425,000.00 and Thurton and Associates are the consultant."

"At the end of the day our town and citizens will continue to work for you the people. This project, the facility will be designed to withstand up to a category 5 wind hurricane. Again, documents and material from our town council will be able to be stored right here in this building."

Daniel Cano, Director - Social Investment Fund
"Today marks the signing of the contract to start the renovation works here at the council offices today. These works are being financed through a loan that the government of Belize has made for a Belize Municipal Development Project."

"This 30 million dollar loan from the World Bank is to finance infrastructural development in all cities and towns in Belize with the exception of Belize City and San Pedro which are being address separately."

"The Belize Municipal Development Project is being managed by the Social Investment Fund. Today we are happy to add to that history with the launch of this first project under the Belize Municipal Development Project in Punta Gorda."

The launching of the municipal development project is a first of a series of municipal development projects.

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