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Mojitos hosts SAGA's "Appetizer" Cook Off
Mojito's Bar was the venue for the SAGA Humane Society's monthly cook-off, on Wednesday, March 14th. On the menu�appetizers! Individuals and businesses joined force for yet another very successful SAGA fundraiser. Dishes included: scotch eggs by Mesa Caf�; vegetarian Mediterranean quinoa by Cindy Ayala; ham and cheese roll-ups by Gail Pencoff; fish pate by Joanne Frei and crab puffs by Nancy Scott. Sharon Metcalfe created her Asian Explosion - honey garlic drumettes and pork stuffed chicken wings with gyoza sauce. Pineapples Restaurant entered their stuffed wonton with sweet and sour sauce while Letti Hernandez entered chipotle chicken salad and Laura Sutton entered her cream cheese sandwich among others. Special guests for the night were a group of fourteen professionals from World Vets who were here providing the community with a three-day, free spay and neuter clinic. All present were treated to marvelous entries by some of Ambergris Caye's best restaurants and home chefs.

Annual Open Day at San Pedro High School
The San Pedro High School hosted its annual open day; Friday, March 23rd. It started at 9AM and ran throughout the day. High school students from all classes displayed their work from various subject areas. The main purpose of the open day was to showcase to the public what the students have learned so far in the school year. Projects ranged from food preparation, to cultural performances to displays of scientific experiments. According to the various teachers, the students have been preparing for the open day for several weeks. They were divided into groups to work together on several projects. After the students were educated about the various subject areas, they were put to task to display what they have learned during the different classes. The students displayed strong knowledge in various areas such as the culture in various countries, local traditional food, science experiments, food preparation and even a banner competition.

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VIDEO: Caribbean Villas Hotel - Lofted Suite Villa 4

PHOTOS: Early Birding at San Ignacio Resort Hotel
The San Ignacio Resort Hotel gets some nice birds. Great picture of an aracari.


$80,000 Skiff Stolen In Corozal
In Corozal foreigners continue to be the modus operandi for criminals looking for easy prey. For the past few days we have been reporting on a number of burglaries in that district where the victims have all been of foreign nationality. And today there is another burglary to report and the victim is yet another foreigner. Sixty three year old Robert Carpenter, an American retiree of #425 Bay Shore Drive Corozal Town, reported to police that on March 21st he was awaken by his employee Wayne Williams who informed him that his 32' Twin Vee Weekender Fiberglass Boat along with (2) 250 HP Suzuki outboard engines were being stolen. According to Carpenter when he ran out to his backyard he noticed that his boat valued at $80,000 along with the two outboard engines were being towed out into open sea by another skiff. So far police have made no arrest and investigations continue.

OW Football Association Seeks New Chairman
Last week Thursday the Football Federation of Belize elected a new National Executive. Long time President of the Federation, Bertie Chimillio was ejected from his seat which is now occupied by newly elected president Ruperto Vicente. Orange Walk's Rawell Pelayo was elected for the position of second vice president while Cruz Gamez and Marlon Kuylen ascended to committee members. Today Pelayo told us how his new position in the National Executive will impact the football scene for Orange Walk. With Pelayo now forming part of the National Executive, it leaves the Chairman position for the Orange Walk District Football Association vacant. So, who will take over the helm of the district association? Rafael Avila, Acting Chairman of O/W District Football Association "Since Mr. Pelayo had to resign to become a candidate for the elections for the FFB then the executive, the status says that the executive decides or appoints who will be the acting chairman until the next ordinary congress is called where an election will be held for that place to be filled in. If the team so desire all the clubs who form the congress for the Orange Walk football Association, it takes 25% of them to call an extra ordinary congress and then that election could be held upon their request."

OWTHS Cleans Up Orange Walk
Drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, taking illegal drugs, and sniffing glue can all cause serious damages to the human body. Some drugs severely impair a person's ability to make healthy choices and decisions. Teens that drink, for example, are more likely to get involved in dangerous situations, such as driving under the influence or having unprotected sex. Each drug use has different physical and psychological effects. However, one harmful effect that is common in all drugs and addictive substances' is that they take full control of the brain's normal activity. Every year Orange Walk Technical High School dedicates an entire week to promote awareness on drugs and their negative effects. And today the week officially kicked off with a clean up campaign in Orange Walk Town. Janine Ayuso reports. Today hundreds of students from the Orange Walk Technical High School gathered at different locations in town to assist in cleaning up the community. As part of the schools Drug Awareness Program teachers introduced students to a completely different alternative to drug usage by providing them with a sense of civic pride and responsibility.

OWTC Upgrades the Street Of Orange Walk
On Wednesday we told you about the financial discrepancies met by the newly elected Orange Walk Town Council when they took over town hall on March 8th. As mentioned the Town Council met an Over Draft Facility that was maxed at $111,000 and was not being serviced since last year November. The council also found out that Social Security payments in the tune of almost $31,099, was not paid in for employee contributions that were deducted from their salaries for 2009, 2010 and 2011. And to make matters worse the $31,099 does not include a new assessment that was due for employee contributions which were not paid in for January and February of 2012. This included deductions for the almost 100 employees that were hired by the UDP just before the elections for the work program which ended upon the council entering office. The council is also faced with the fact that most of the Administration staff and Transport staff had signed contracts with the former Mayor which took effect on February 1st, 2012. But those problems have not impeded the municipal body from carrying out their mandate.

New Trends To Be Featured At Fashion Show
In an effort to create a greener Belize Orange Walk Technical High School has organized a fashion show to be held this Saturday as part of an awareness campaign. Putting a twist on the awareness approach, the fashion show will be highlighting reusable waste material to implement an alternative to recycle garbage. While the dress designs and unusual ensembles might be far from the common fashion shows held in Orange Walk, it serves as a fundamental part of the schools development. Silvia Aban, OWTHS Teacher "This fashion show has three purposes the main one is part of the list campaign in which Love Fm has been embarking on, it is a competition that has been open to all high schools around the country of Belize and the purpose of it is to make the public conscious about the garbage disposal and keeping liter free in the country of Belize, the third is also on the development of the high school specially in the vocational department. The proceeds will be used for the refurbishing and the infrastructural development of some of the vocational rooms, we have had these rooms since the school open its doors so we want to make it more presentable and more conducive to learning."

Muffles High School Champion Of Math League
Mathematics is considered one of the most complicated subjects in all academic areas and in efforts of assisting students, three high schools of the Orange Walk District organized a Math League competition after the Social Security Board cancelled this year's Math Olympiad. The competition which was aired by Fiesta F.M 106.7 and channel 53 of Centaur Cable Network took place today at the Multi Purpose Complex Building. With pens and tons of paper on hand the fast thinking minds were ready to solve math problems ranging from geometry to algebra. Pure mathematics is, in its own way, the poetry of logical ideas- Albert Einstein said that. Today Orange Walk's young mathematical Einstein's turned the Multi Purpose Complex into a war zone as they took part in the first ever math league. The competition consisted of a junior and senior level. The Math League was organized by Bishop Martin High School in replacement of SSB's Math Olympiad which was cancelled for this year.

La Immaculada School To Hold Business Expo
We often hear about high schools and other organizations holding business expos but never primary schools. But that's about to change because on Monday March 26th La Inmaculada Roman Catholic School will be hosting their first ever business expo at the school grounds. The expo forms part of the activities for Child Stimulation Month and according to organizer Oneydi Carillo it will expose students to the business world. Oneydi Carillo, Teacher "It is part of our calendar of activities for stimulation month and the purpose of it is for our pre-schools students and also for student of all the other levels in our school to get to know the businesses here in Orange Walk Town. It is part of child stimulation month because children can be aware to learn of the different businesses here in town and what all the products are that these businesses offer." The expo will highlight 12 businesses from the Orange Walk community which will be providing their services and products at special prices for all those hunting for good deals.


Women in art fair to be held in Benque Viejo del Carmen
An art fair that will take place tomorrow in Benque Viejo del Carmen will showcase the work of women. The event is being organized by the benque Viejo del Carmen House of Culture. Nayelli Trujillo is the Coordinator. The event is a part of activities in connection with Women's month.

Health project to benefit children
The World Pediatric Project is on another mission to help children with medical setbacks. This time, the project will host a pediatric orthopedic surgeon that will set up shop and start screening this Sunday. Project Manager, Khandice Tillett, explains the scope of the clinic and surgical procedures. Sunday's clinic will start at eight in the morning and end at five in the evening. Anyone with a child who has orthopedic challenges can take your child to the clinic at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for screening.

Fire victims appeal for help
A fire in Dangriga this week left over a dozen people homeless. One of the victims Therese Bermudez is appealing for assistance. No one was physically harmed in the fire.

Citrus farmers face delayed payment
Citrus farmers in the Stann Creek district were today informed that they would not be receiving payment for orange deductions for the month of February. Over three million dollars in payments was to have been made today; but the Citrus Products of Belize Limited informed its parent company, the CGA late yesterday that it would not be able to meet today's payment deadlines. Chief Executive Office for the Citrus Growers Association Henry Anderson told Love News today that the late notice of the inability to meet the payment deadline has greatly inconvenienced citrus farmers. Citrus Products of Belize Limited had offered to make full payment to the growers in two phases at the end of the month and again the middle of next month. But at an emergency meeting of the Committee of Management this morning, it was agreed that farmers will be paid all amounts, totaling one point nine million dollars plus seven percent interest on Tuesday of next week. That will represent payment for deductions made during the period of February Seventh to February fourteenth. The second payment, of one point eight million dollars, plus a thirteen percent interest, will be paid out just before the Easter break, on April third. In a release sent out today, the Citrus Growers Association informed growers that the second payment for grapefruit will not be affected and that the farmers will be paid on time. Also during this morning's meeting, CPBL reportedly informed that growers can expect an increase in estimated final price for orange at the time of the next price submission.


PLUSNEWS EXCLUSIVE: Land controversy brewing in Xaibe
In last nights newscast we featured the land controversy in Ranchito Village Corozal District. Tonite we tell you the story of another land controversy brewing in the north; this time in the village of Xaibe, just a short distance away from Ranchito. Louis Wade filed his report. Louis Wade Jr. Plus TV Journalist I was invited to Xaibe village, a beautiful and scenic rural community in the Corozal District; specifically Corozal North Constituency, to see another Land controversy that was brewing in the North. I sat down with Mr. Daniel Tzul, Chairman of Xaibe, to find out firsthand, what was happening. According to Tzul, On the 10th December of last year residents came to the Chairman of the village stating that surveyors were cutting lines in land that the village had identified and set apart for future expansion. Daniel Tzul, Chairman, Xiabe Village Some villagers came to me about what is happening in the expansion area and they were asking me if I was aware of what was happening, because they have observed surveyors in the area doing surveying. I told them no, that I am not aware of it and no one has informed me. It doesn't matter who it is, the Lands Department or whatever, they should have come to me so that we can deal with the problem, but I wasn't informed. So I told the people that I would go into the area and investigate. When I went there, I didn't see any surveyors, but I saw that survey had been done.

Little girl with facial tumor in desperate need of assistance
11 year old Katarina Ishim of San Pablo Village is in need of your help due to a tumor which continues to grow rapidly on her face. Her grandfather Juan Ishim is asking for both support and prayers tonight as his granddaughter continue to battle this tumor that has almost grown to the size of her face. Mr. Ishim says that what started to grow as pimple and was operated on quickly grew back and became even bigger. Juan Ishim, Grandfather It started just like a mosquito bite on the nose and then from there it started to get bigger, like the size of a marble, then it got like the size of an egg. I then took her to the Dangriga Hospital and Dr. Patt did the removal and it was okay. She went back to the same as how she was born, her nose was okay. It was okay in December, January and February, however, at the ending of March it started to grow back again and then it grew back the same way it started, with a small sore and then it started to get bigger and then in August of 2011, I took her to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital and it was to be removed. It was the okay again, but suddenly after the ending of September, it started to grow back again and up to today, it was big.

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Beach reclamation in Caye Caulker underway
Since early this year, the announcement was made that Caye Caulker would be having yet another beach reclamation after one that was done 12 years ago. Here is a report from Maria Novelo of Love TV/News:

The Reporter

Villagers protest!
The government's moratorium on rosewood has left those dependent on the industry jobless. Approximate 150 disgruntled protesters demonstrated outside the National Assembly building on Tuesday, March 20th. On Friday, March 23, the newly appointed Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Hon. Senator Lisell Alamilla, issued the order to ban all cutting and exporting of rosewood until a complete national assessment of rosewood stocks can be made. While the decision was aimed at ensuring the sustainable use of the hardwood, the protesters, some of whom travelled from as far south as San Benito Poite, Indian Creek and Otoxha, say they have too much to lose and are literally watching their investments deteriorate.

Legislators sworn in
The ceremonial opening of Belize's Parliament began shortly after 9:00 Wednesday morning, March 21st, in the National Assembly chambers with the swearing of senators and the appointment of the President of the Senate, Senator Mark Pech. The government's senators: Charles Gibson, Lisel Alamilla, Juliet Thimbriel, Marconi Sosa and Godwin Hulse, who is the Leader of Government Business, were all sworn in. Senator Joy Grant, who is currently in Brussels, will be sworn in when she returns. The Opposition People's United Party's senators are Lisa Shoman, who has been re-appointed, and newcomers Karen Bodden and Collet Montejo.

Chimilio out Vicente in
Former football referee and sports commentator Ruperto Vicente, elected new president of the Football Federation of Belize was shocked to find that the Football Federation is broke, despite annual contributions of US $250,000 from FIFA. The newly elected Executive committee held its first meeting on Monday, March 19, and was shocked to discover that Federation has about $1,000 in its Scotiabank account, President-elect Ruperto Vicente told The Reporter on Thursday.

Women In Politics graduate 3rd cohort
Fifteen novice women leaders who represent the third cohort of the Women in Politics Training Programme received their certificates of completion at a graduation ceremony at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel on Wednesday, March 21. In Mexico where women outnumber the men in total demographics, the law sets a quota requiring all political parties to have 30% women candidates, but Belize has not yet reached that point. Even though women are 50% of the electorate, there is only one woman elected to the House of Representatives. The ratio gets better in the Senate where five of the 12 Senators are women and two are Cabinet Ministers. The National Women's Commission is working actively to address this disparity through the Women In Politics programme. The latest participants have completed 13 weeks of training, and their graduation happily coincided with Women's Month.

Belize Citco sworn in
The newly elected Belize City Council and its new Mayor, Darrell Bradley, were sworn in at a ceremony attended by Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow and Minister of Local Government, Senator Hon. Godwin Hulse, in front of City Hall last Friday afternoon, March 16. Councilor Dion Leslie welcomed all to the proceedings, and Mayor Bradley, in his keynote address, promised an inclusive policy that would incorporate any good ideas put forward by others, even if they were not from the members of the United Democratic Party. Mayor Darrell Bradley promised transparency in the management of public funds and that his administration would deliver value for money. To this end, he said they would be implementing an innovative auditing model, with three components: an independent external auditor; a strong and vibrant auditing committee that he himself would chair; and a strengthened internal audit department at City Hall, so that the staff would develop a culture of respecting the city's funds.

YMCA launches book on 56th anniversary
The Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) is celebrating its 56th anniversary of serving Belize, and launched its new Character Education Activity Book on YWCA Day on Monday, March 19. The launch coincides with Women's Month, for which the theme this year is Connecting Girls and Inspiring Women. The book was prepared with fundinging from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). It is designed to educate young women in an interactive way, about issues such as career training, self-esteem, the perils of drug use and abuse, HIV/AIDS, and how to deal with depression and thoughts of suicide.

In solidarity with cancer victims Baldmiration seizes UB campus
Several prominent Belizean citizens joined seven students in shaving their heads to launch a public awareness campaign entitled "Baldmiration"! The students and lecturer are from the Communication Skills Class of the University of Belize at the UB Faculty of Education (Teachers' College) in West Landivar. They were joined by Radisson's General Manager James Scott, cancer survivor Sr. Caritas Lawrence, UB lecturer Sylvaana Udz and UB public relations director Selwyn King, another cancer survivor.

Mark Espat to head GOB's Super bond re-negotiating team
Mr. Mark Espat, former executive member and standard bearer for the People's United Party, has been tapped by Prime Minister Dean Barrow to head the country's Debt Review Team, a government press release announced Monday, March 19. The release also identified the team's other five members: Minister of Local Government Hon. Godwin Hulse, Financial Secretary Joseph Waight, Central Bank Governor Glenford Ysaguirre, Central Bank's Deputy Governor Christine Vellos, and Advisor in the Ministry of Finance Alan Slusher. With focus on the Superbond re-negotiation , Espat and his new colleagues are to conduct an "urgent review" of Belize's external public sector debt and her contingent liabilities. "A pre-eminent priority of our recently re-elected Government is to examine thoroughly our country's debt dynamics, with a resolute view to placing the nation's medium and long-term finances on a sustainable footing," Prime Minister Barrow declared.

West Street murder punctuates new outbreak of gang violence
Belize City police are still investigating the bold and brutal slaying of Giovanni Saldano, 26, on Sunday afternoon, March 18. Giovanni's older brother, Leroy "Miki Nice" Gillett, recounted how Giovani had gone to West Street to visit his mother and to eat Sunday dinner with her. Gillett told the Reporter that when his mother told Saldano that dinner was not ready yet, he decided to go to a nearby Chinese shop to buy a soft drink. Gillett related that the gunman apparently saw his brother when he was returning to the house. He chased him all the way to his mother's yard, and fired a barrage of shots. Giovanni was hit eight times, police say. He died on the spot.

Ron Vasquez, Kira Eiley & Oscar Quiros win 31st annual Ariel Rosado Belmopan Classic
Ron Vasquez of the Western Spirits Team, Kira Eiley of the C-Ray cycling team and Oscar Quiros riding unattached won their respective divisions in the 31st annual Ariel Rosado Belmopan Cycling Classic on Sunday, March 18. Vasquez broke away from the lead group of 11 riders, after his brother Shane Vasquez, the last Belizean to win the Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic, won a station prize at Mile 25. Ron Vasquez opened up a two-mile lead on this lead group, so that even when the group made a concerted effort to catch him, they were still 51 seconds behind. Ron Vasquez crossed the finish line solo, completing the 100-mile ride from Leslie's Imports to Belmopan, around the Ring Road and back to the city in four hours 24 minutes and 41 seconds to win the $400 first prize, four 'Red Bull' energy drinks and a trophy. Darnell Barrow of Santino's team led the chase group in four hours 25 minutes and 32 seconds to win the $300 second prize, a trophy and some Red Bull. Brandon Cattouse of the C-ray team was third to win a $200 prize and a trophy. Austin Armstrong of the D&D team has moved up from the Juniors and is now riding as a senior.He finished fourth to win a $100 prize and trophy, while Byron Pope of Benny's Megabytes team was fifth to claim a $50 prize and trophy. Liam Stewart of the M&M Engineering team was sixth, while Vasquez's teammates Geovanni Choto and Shane Vasquez were seventh and eighth. Quinton Hamilton of the Santino's team was ninth, and Edwardo Reyes of the D&D team rounded out the top 10.

Ladyville Tech girls win National Softball Championships
The girls of Ladyville Technical High School, the Central Regional Champions, blew away the Northern Regional Champions, the girls of Belize Rural High School, 19-6 by mercy rule in the championship finals of the National Softball Championships. These were hosted by Our Lady of Guadalupe High School under the auspices of the National Secondary School Sports Association (NSSSA) at the Denbigh Fuller field in Camalote on Friday and Saturday, March 16-17. The Ladyville girls led 7-2 after Kristen Fuentes, Sherrie Gillett, Rebecca Nicholson, Mardy Nicholson, Devonie Reyes, Elisha Thompson and Chelsea Young scored seven runs in the first inning, and only pitcher Sabrina Campos and K. Staine scored for Belize Rural in the bottom of the first. The Ladyville girls extended their lead to 12-2 when Fuentes, Mardy, Reyes, Francine Milligan and Chelsea Young scored five more runs in the top of the second, while the Belize Rural girls trailed 6-12 after Campos, Staine, S. Rowland and S. Sutherland scored also in the second.

San Pedro High School boys win National Softball Championship!
The boys of San Pedro High School triumphed 10-9 over the Central Regional champions, the boys of St John's College, to win the championship finals of the National Softball Tournament hosted by Our Lady of Guadalupe High School under the auspices of the National Secondary School Sports Association (NSSSA) at the Denbigh Fuller Field in Camalote on Friday and Saturday, March 16-17. The St John's boys hammered out a 3-0 lead when Kenton Young scored in the top of the first inning and catcher Nick Chang and pitcher Myric Marin scored in the top of the third, while Marin allowed the San Pedro boys no runs in the first two innings. The San Pedro boys took over the lead 4-3 when J. Jones, J. Gomez, Ray Cole and MVP pitcher Charles Richards scored in the bottom of the third. Richards' pitching certainly had power - he struck out six batters, but he started to lose control and hit four batters with wild pitches, allowing the St John's boys to regain the lead 8-4 as Taryn Thompson, Christian Najera, Javier Williams, Kenton Young and Nick Chang scored five runs in the top of the fourth.

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Hidden Valley Falls
They are not exactly the epitome of the Niagra Falls, but the Hidden Valley Falls make up in beauty. The flowing and graceful way the water just cascades down the rock face into the valley bellow, is a sight for sore eyes and soothing to the soul. They are also called the 1000 ft Falls, but do you know, they actually plunge a sheer 1500 ft drop from the ridge to the valley floor! We had a long drive from the main entrance at the forest station, San Ignacio to the falls. About 1 - 1 � hours. What is so amazing was that we were not supposed to be there. We didn`t know that and nobody told us. We were visiting at the end of the rainy season and by rights, nobody is allowed to drive up. The yellowish, clay roads become quite slippery and dangerous. Our faithful Suzuki got us there. It was a bumpy ride, but an exciting and peaceful drive through the pine forest. We had the place totally to ourselves.

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